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Young Bung 3

Young Bung 3

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Anal
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bono-ONE's ratings for Young Bung 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Young Bung 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Young Bung 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Young Bung 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Young Bung 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Young Bung 3 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Young Bung 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young Bung 3 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/9/2006
Well folks you ever wonder what really happens at Summer Camp, well Ariana Jollee has finally shown what we all know goes on but your parents were never told, SEX, SEX, and more SEX!! The best part of it too is that these young bungers like to take the cock in all their holes and with the head Bunger-- that's Ariana, looking on we see each potential girl show their stuff to Ariana who in the end will grade their efforts, that is she did this in the first two volumes so I'm assuming she does it this time. I did watch the BTS and it was fun, there are interviews too with all the talent save for Ariana and I think that is a mistake. I want to hear from the director on this title and perhaps when she grades the girls that can be sorta her interview/ take on the whole dvd so again let's wait until after the last scene. The cast for this one features a couple girls I'm well versed in writing about, Jamie Elle and Bailey plus you have Ariana and the final two girls are Monique and Sasha Knox. So if you've got your bags packed let's take a trip up to the Young Bung Academy, I can just hear it now, this one time at Young Bung Camp.....

Jamie Elle:

Ok we start off with the sexy director welcoming us to her young bung academy and we're told other things go on at camp besides butt fucking and then Jamie comes running up all giggly and the girls proceed to spray some kind of substance in their hair, clothes, it's not foam but more stringy. Well Ariana then brings Jamie over to one of the male counselors and there is soon some good cock sucking going on with AJ right there to offer tips on what she wants to see and the guy also gives his take. The outdoor location wasn't to bad and the sunlight was never much of a hindrance in enjoying the scene. There is plenty of dirty talk given by Ariana but not much from Jamie. AJ at least gets nude, like a director being dedicated to their craft and Jamie does good riding the cock in a variety of positions ranging from cowgirl with some P2OGM by AJ and lots of encouragement too. This will surely serve Jamie well when she goes out into the world as a fully developed bunger! Well you want some anal they aim to please at this camp and our guy soon plugs away at her ass in a standing style. Very nice our director gets underneath Jamie in a 69 position and does some A2OGM while still offering up her support. You do get a few shadows across Jamie's body when they go to mish anal but in close all you see is cock fucking ass so no problems there and finally Jamie gets a little vocal here. We pause in the fucking so Ariana can get in there to play some with Jamie's pussy but they soon resume the anal pounding. The reverse anal was very nice with Jamie even sucking some on Ariana's lovely titties. Well our director decides to get some and she's right on the cock in cowgirl anal with Jamie very attentive nearby doing A2OGM. A little reverse anal for Ariana and then we go to the pop which is right into Jamie's mouth with some cleanup afterwards. Not a bad start, she was a little passive I thought but she looked good taking a cock in her bum.


Off we go to a different outdoor location and Ariana is looking good in her yellow bikini top and blue jacket. She quickly brings in Monique and the two have some playful banter back and forth with the young lady showing off her ass to Ariana in short order. A good thorough asspection follows with Kyle Stone then entering in and I'm just wondering if he's going to be wearing Monique's g-string shortly, if she's wearing one! Kyle does some nice pussy exploration and we get a very nice shot of him tonguing her twat and then it's on to her ass when she turns around, love the shot of a guy or girl for that matter with their face buried deep in a great ass. Soon we have Kyle's dong out and using a good side shot we watch as Monique pleasures him and they mix in some POV shots too. Ariana has pretty much removes herself from this scene and Kyle does most of the talking that AJ did in the previous scene and Monique for her part is more vocal than Jamie was. Well the sex features Kyle boning Monique in mish both vag and anal. There is some A2M shot and then it is back to fucking her ass this time from behind. The view was ok but you get way to much man ass in the shot for my taste, sorry Kyle! Monique then does some impressive deep throat A2M and we go on to reverse anal, doggie anal and finally a good pop which she takes mostly in her mouth with some cleanup too. A much better scene than the first I think, the pairing went much more smoothly and Ariana then comes back at the end when Kyle gives his glowing assessment of Monique's performance.

Sasha Knox:

On we go to the next scene and it begins with a military attired Ariana happening upon Sasha and her man as they engage in some "unapproved" activities on camp grounds! Ariana doesn't seem to mad and we soon have Sasha introduced and AJ notices her counselor is doing some good work licking Sasha's pussy. The audio was a bit off here but when we get in closer on Sasha we hear them better, you had some running water in the background making it harder to hear them. AJ looks very hot in her clothes but that's nothing new. I wonder if all the scenes will be outdoors as this is the third one in a row. The shade here was ok but the scene kinda just went along until Sasha starts sucking cock POV style and that brought me back to being interested as she had good energy while taking the dick into her mouth. As for the sex you see Miss Knox boned in cowgirl with some great up close ass shots, some titty fucking, then it's doggie, reverse anal with A2M and then our potential bunger gets analized in spoon. I don't know it might be just me but this scene isn't really taking off like I hoped it would, nothing really bad but nothing really exiting me either. There was a small fly buzzing around sometimes in the shot which can be a problem in an outdoor shoot. The scene does get a little better when she's sucking cock especially when it's right out of her ass, there's a pretty good view looking down as they shoot doggie anal but that darn fly keeps getting in the shot, lol. They wrap up with some spoon anal and our man leaves a pretty good load on her face and tongue. Like I said nothing really bad here but I just never really got into the scene, the shade kinda dragged the mood down a bit for me I think.


Ok on to the next scene and we have Ariana going to meet another potential camper, time for a cabin check and to see if Bailey had been doing her "exercises", not sure what they are but I'm sure it involves butt work! AJ and Bailey then have a sit down and discuss Bailey's time there at camp and how much she's been enjoying herself. On we go and AJ has a seat as Bailey begins revealing that big phat body first with some shared nipple licking by Bailey and her man and I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for this!!! Gotta love the boob play and they do a very nice job here of working those titties into the scene. You then get some very up close and personal footage of Bailey's pussy as fingers and spit are used to get this pink hole ready for action. We get a shot of AJ looking impressed as her fingers are doing some serious work on her wet pussy. Back to Bailey who does a pretty good job gaggin on the cock and we keep AJ in the shot too as she keeps fingering herself. I can already feel this is going to be the best scene so far. As for the sex you see mish, doggie anal, reverse cowgirl anal and I liked too how the nightime just kinda worked itself into the scene and the view got much better as they fucked in the dark with the artificial light being most adequate. There was some nice stroking done in mish anal causing some fine tit movement and closing out Bailey takes a very good pop to her face with a little getting in one eye which is a no-no in porn isn't it.

Ariana Jollee:

We come to a fun bit with AJ and her counselors and they literally get her wet before heading in by the fire and everyone's naked so we don't have to wait. The guys do some sucking on those great boobs of hers and then it's AJ's turn and with the fire roaring behind you have her delivering a smoking double bj to the two cocks with lots of gaggin and yes soem double stuffing too by our head Bunger. You get a little ass eating done to Ariana before the fucking gets underway with a standing position and both guys get to fuck her doggiestyle. We then get some very nice reverse anal-- loved the floor shot and you see just how wet her pussy is. The guys do dp AJ in reverse and in cowgirl too. We all know AJ is more than willing to taste her own ass and so there's some A2M along with some fingering to her pussy and what Ariana scene would be complete without her doing some squirting though it's not a heavy dose here. There was more good fucking in mish shot and this does lead to more wetness scene from her pussy but I didn't like at all the fact one guy had his hand wrapped around her neck, this doesn't turn me on in the slightest. What did turn me on was seeing her ride cock in cowgirl and funny thing we get some roasted marshmellows brought in but hey it's camp right! We have the guys splooge on the marshmellows and Ariana is sure to eat all four jizzmellows. An interesting ending to a pretty good scene.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans we've come to the end of the camp session and it's time for AJ to grade the girls and this time it's more of an overall grade rather than going category by category. As AJ rates the girls we see snippets of their scenes and she was most impressed with Bailey and I would have to agree with that assessment. The nipple licking got that scene off to such a great start and then Bailey and her partner kept it going until she took a nice facial. So there you have it, not the best of the series but Bailey had one of the better scenes shot so far for this Young Bung series and I wouldn't mind seeing her and AJ in a scene at some point together. Like I mentioned to start there are some behind the scenes and talent interviews and while the grading session with Ariana was nice I think we needed a longer interview with her telling us perhaps why she chose these particular girls, what she had hoped to shoot and if that vision was fully realized. I do hope there's a continuance of this series and I only hope we might see the lovely Tiffany Rayne in the next crop of Young Bungers!!

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