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Young Bung 2

Young Bung 2

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Anal , Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Young Bung 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Young Bung 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Young Bung 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Young Bung 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Young Bung 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Young Bung 2 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Young Bung 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young Bung 2 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/14/2005
Welcum fans to a title I've been looking forward to now for about 2 months ever since I learned of one scene being shot for this one and that scene stars the awesome Ariana Jollee along with the equally stunning and nasty Hillary Scott. And for the sake of being fair I did have a small part to play in putting these two wonderful performers together and they graciously thanked me in the tease segment of Hillary's scene and for that I return the thanks. You have in this dvd Ariana running her Young Bung camp and this edition features all blonds save for Ariana who obviously isn't one but she's the director so her hair color can be any she wants! Now these girls are going to be trained in the arts of the Young Bung and what is that you might say, well basically it's an anal slut who takes the hardest ass pounding she can with plenty of encouragement from Coach Jollee who rules with not an iron fist but a rigid rubber strap on! The girls were put to the test with the results coming as I describe them and in the end after the last scene our director returns with a report card on how she felt the ladies did and as any scoring goes your's might be slightly different at home! So as I click on scene 1 I see a laid out menu with a whole laundry list of options and this repeats for every scene so you can jump to a particular section if that fits your needs. Needless to say each and every girl gets her ass reamed in the most serious of ways and you have Ariana along for the ride in each and every scene. Let's hit a few highlights. Before we get started with the first scene our director makes an appearance walking casually down a twirling flight of stairs and upon reaching the floor she spells out for us what's to cum. Ariana is wearing a nice white shirt opened slightly and some frayed jeans which neatly fall down exposing her juicy ass. Seems we get the pleasure of watching Ariana go first, sorta showing the girls what's to be expected of them.

Ariana Jollee:

After spelling out in good detail the lesson plan for the day two guys then come down the stairs and in no time Ariana is deep throating their schlongs. You have plenty of the trademark energy she brings to her scenes. I liked the close shots looking down on her sucking cock and she deep throats with such ease and the look of joy crossing her face is as genuine as can be as is the dirty talk which flows so freely from her mouth when it isn't being stuffed with cock. Ariana's almost frenzied as she devours both their cocks and the facial expressions are very appropriate that she gives to the guys. There is some good skull fucking done as well as Ariana being fucked six ways to Sunday during the duration of the scene. Plenty of faves too, cowgirl, spoon, doggie, reverse cowgirl dp with double cleanup and a big fave of mine besides RC shows up in the piledriver anal position. You also see her pretty pussy get plenty wet and closing out the scene our director does a fine job taking the cum in her mouth. I'd say the students just got schooled in the art of fucking and each will be hard pressed to match their instructwhore!!

Hillary Scott:

Well guys I can say right off I won't be objective watching this scene. I'm predisposed to loving this since I had a hand in getting these two together but I will accurately describe the action, come on both these girls are hot so enjoying oneself should prove to difficult. The girls come on all sexy and sweet. Hillary does the introductions for both girls and Ariana does some talking about what the scenario is and Hillary plays along very well, even Ariana had to laugh a couple times as Hillary did her little innocent girl act which was priceless. Hillary gets extra credit for showing initiative getting to her knees and licking Ariana's pussy. These girls really do look good together. Then we get one of the funniest lines of dialogue I've heard in quite awhile and with Hillary delivering it in such earnest and sincere fashion I had to laugh. She asks if it's time for her to go to the Garden of Anal Tranquility yet and of course it is as we see the girls head off but you will laugh I think when you hear how Hillary says the line, at least I did. So the girls go outside and head down to the garden area where you see a man earnestly working and what he's pulling out aren't flowers but huge dildos. Ariana leads her young bung over to the guy and we soon get some ass play to Hillary's young ass. They start off with some ass stretching and any fan of Hillary's knows her ass can take a lot in it. Here you get a few fingers and a tongue or two. Hillary then gets to suck cock while Ariana continues the ass expansion. You watch and listen as the scene progresses with Hillary's ass and pussy receiving a thorough workout with Ariana also using a strap on for a great deal of ass pounding to Hillary's bunghole. There is some good dp action for Hillary and even Ariana gets in on the fun getting fucked good but this is mostly about Hillary being ass fucked. Both girls work in some dirty talk and fans of the makeup messing up on Hillary's face will notice it doing it again in this scene. I personally don't like to see Hillary pushed this hard but I know she eats this type of sex up like it's candy and her sweet tooth certainly got it's fill in this scene. You even have Ariana standing over Hillary and her juices are soon squirting down into her mouth where she gargles and then swallows. To close out you also get some male cum shot and a makeup smeared Hillary shows off her catch and then it disappaears. Now that's what I call a pretty good scene with two well matched performers who fed off each other quite nicely. I do hope these two work in another scene together some day.

Christie Lee:

Up next we have a girl who's pretty new to the anal segment of gonzo and her scene starts with some piano music which plays along nicely with her ass shaking and you have Alex Sanders beating off in tune on a nearby couch, that was funny to see. You have Ariana introduce the scene as Christie is busy licking Ariana's heels, then Alex walks over and begins some ass play caressing and slapping her tush. The girls do some intense kissing for a bit before Christie gets to suck on Ariana's toes and then she gets to gag on her own panties which have been taken off as Alex is fucking her. The action is also anal early on in spoon progressing to some good deep throating and we learn this was the first time Christie remembers deep throating a guy all the way. Ariana gives a few tips but it's mostly Christie giving a pretty good effort and taking on Alex's cock. Ariana does get in on some cock sucking while Christie gets under to eat out Ariana's pussy/ ass and what a sight that must've been for Christie. Ariana then gets her ass fucked in doggie with the good 69 still going on. You have some good A2OGM then it's back to Christie riding cock in reverse cowgirl anal and in short order Alex has left some seed in her mouth which she swallows. A good scene and for fans of Christie Lee you will like her energy here.


Up next we have a girl who indeed fits that's states motto, she's a Georgia peach all the way!! You learn that Ariana had found this girl the week before at an orgy so we get to watch her now in a smaller setting. They start out in a bathroom with matching outfits, black bra tops and pink shorts which are ass huggin to the max. Ariana is all excited as she checks out her girl's ass and we find it shakes very well plus it assorbs slaps with ease as well. I love watching Ariana get excited as she plays with her "toy" and that ass is really worth the extra time they spend shooting it here. Miss Jollee does the right thing too burying her face deep between those cheeks, then we have Georgia turn over and some hot oral is shot with us receiving a front row seat for the fun. Georgia soon has both a live cock and a big fat toy one to suck on and there's a cock there for Ariana to engulf as well. Soon we are watching some good sex as Georgia is done anally in doggie but I really loved the reverse cowgirl anal shot from floor level, the tits were bouncing tremendously and the energy from Georgia was awesome. To close this well done scene you have our blond babe open up wide to receive the cum in her mouth doing some good cleanup as well.


We get to watch two lovely girls chat a bit to open up this last scene. Saana is very good looking and she's coming all the way over from England we learn. Ariana gets to have some fun turning Saana over to play with her ass, showing off her bunghole and you even get a close up shot of just how wet Saana's pussy is. Ariana also can't resist a few tongue dips inside that ass as well as licking up that juicy pussy. Our director then calls in the troops and Saana gets going engulfing a stiff cock with a very good close view being used. Sexwise you have Saana done in doggie, spoon anal with A2M, reverse cowgirl anal-- very hot stuff here with both girls doing some A2M to our lucky fella's cock. Saana then turns around to show off that ass in some cowgirl anal, then it's another round of spoon anal and finally some mish anal leading to a good facial for Saana.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Ok we now get to watch as Ariana goes through her grading of the Bungs. We have a handy assistant bring in the board showing off the various categories Ariana will rate them in. They are attendance, attitude, performance, initiative, and finally extra credit. I won't spoil the ending but Ariana was very forthcoming in her ratings and assesment for the girls and unlike the first volume the girls here graded out pretty good according to Ariana's scale. I was surprised a little with one rating but I could sorta see where she was coming from but really all the girls did a fabulous job and deserved the A's they all got across the board. Now for extras you have some behind the scenes, a gallery of shots from the movie, the pops are repeated and we have some interviews with the four girls Ariana Bunged in this dvd so give those a look see. I would say this rates up well with the first one, of the girls I'd say Georgia and Hillary impressed me the most along with Ariana's fine opening scene. For fans of Ariana this is must have and for fans of superpower pairings the Ariana/ Hillary scene more than lives up to what I expected from it.

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