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Young Bung

Young Bung

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Young Bung:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Young Bung overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Young Bung Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Young Bung Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Young Bung Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Young Bung Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Young Bung DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young Bung A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/24/2005
For those of you who are supertitious I have come to review #666 and well that might not mean anything but for such a unique number I thought I'd save a special title and there isn't a more special title to me anyway than one directed by and starring the multitalented Ariana Jollee. I know of only one other title she's directed so this will be a treat to see how if she does anything different with this one. Judging by the opening credits it seems like a tour de force assault on several pretty young girls and their asses! It looks like Ariana will be in on each scene like in the other title she helmed and I think that could be cool seeing how she injects herself in each scene whether it be during the opening tease, in the middle, or at the end to help with the cum play. I have a feeling she will be doing a bit of all that and perhaps some ways I haven't even thought of. Mayhem has done some aggressive titles and they couldn't have picked a more balls to the wall woman to direct this title than Ariana. So let's get rolling as they say. Before we hit the first scene Ariana comes on and gives us the lowdown on what's about to unfold. Our first scene will be starring a young "schoolgirl."

Ariana Jollee & Staci Thorn:

We get a nice intro for Staci courtesy of our director and panning over there's a nice hello from Staci and she indeed fills out the schoolgirl outfit nicely. You have blond hair in pigtails, a skimpy white shirt already opened up to accentuate the cleavage, there are white stockings, and what schoolgirl outfit would be complete without a checkered skirt and she has a red/ black one. Ariana intends to be fucked very hard and she's going to have her protege's watch and learn. Ariana gives some helpful dirty talk tips to Staci and you get some good close up on each girls face. You then see Ariana make up a folder for Staci to take notes on, yes a girl could learn a lot from Miss Jollee in the hard fucking dept. The cocks are then brought in and Ariana gives us one of those evil/ fun laughs she does so well and the men are all over her hot body with her tits getting freed early on, then her ass and pussy. Ariana is already playing with her pussy before the cocks are thrust deep inside her mouth and there's a fine side view showing her engulfing the cocks. You get a shot of Staci at one point and she's very impressed at what she is seeing as evidenced by her facial expression and she writes something down. I liked the looks of amazement we saw cross Staci's face and you can see Ariana is doing some amazing dick sucking which should make one look on in appreciation. As for sex they start the fucking in a standing doggie and Ariana is quick with the dirty talk. There is also a nice view from the floor where they turn her around while still fucking from behind, you see Ariana getting to taste her pussy, then they have a seat for some good hard cowgirl fucking. They move then to some ass fucking in doggie and more notes are seen being taken by Staci who gets to witness some good A2M by Ariana who then hops on for some RCA so those tits get to do a little bouncing for us. There is also some dp loving shot in this position and you see Staci is really getting into learning as much as she can, such a good teacher too! There is also some dp action cowgirl style and this scene closes with two good loads fired all over Ariana's face and mouth with some nice cleanup also. I think you can call Staci impressed so now it's her turn!! We get a nice shot of her outside near some swings and she does some great tease showing off her ass. The shot then goes inside where Ariana gets to watch as Rick Masters gets to play with this blond babe and more tease from outside is mixed in. You see the girls are wearing matching checkered skirts too. Staci exudes a nice playful sexuality in her tease segment. I think she's ready to apply what she's learned from watching Master Jollee! I like the interaction we get with Ariana, Staci and Rick is just being quiet feeling over Staci's body. Staci's scene then gets going with some breast sucking and Ariana is close by playing with herself and giving a few verbal assists. But she just can't resist not getting a closer look as Rick does some wet pussy licking and of course our director gets a taste as well from Rick's fingers. Next up you get a brief bj from Staci then they start fucking in mish with some good skull fucking P2M, then it's a fine floor level reverse cowgirl, some mish, then RCA with Ariana doing some pussy stroking and Rick then gets a lick at her ass. The sex also features anal for Staci in mish with some pussy licking by Ariana then the two of them tag team Staci's pussy/ ass with their tongues, very hot. Ariana does some A2OGM, then we move to doggie anal and Staci is now doing a pretty good job with the dirty talk as you also see a good squirting orgasm from Ariana! Staci then gets to taste her own ass plus she leans back to try and catch Ariana's lovejuice but alas nothing reaches her face but I loved the attempt. Rick leaves a good load for Staci to taste and I'd say she did a pretty good job of duplicating what she saw from Ariana. Wow that was just one scene,lol.

Ariana Jollee & Tyla Wynn:

We have two must see gonzo babes in this one, not sure what Ariana could teach Tyla but I am just stoked to see these two in the same scene, kinda! Well Tyla introduces herself and you see she's clad in some sexy see thru lingerie. Ariana gets her to show off her ass and during this you also see Tyla by herself giving us some good looks at her young body. Like Ariana I think Tyla has a very aggressive style in her scenes. You get some interview questions for Tyla and she handles them easily. The two girls have good chemistry when they interact, almost wish it was just them in the scene! Ok the action picks up a bit when Ariana gets to play with Tyla's big tits and her hands roam over Tyla's inviting body. Well you get a knock at the door and we get a funny Van Damage and Mr. Knight both entering and they just happen to be naked, how fortunate!! The humor here was funny and you see both girls get to hold a cock and they also suck one each to start. Neither girl has anything to learn so far as sucking cock, they excel in this area. The close side shot was nice for Tyla and she creatively uses her tongue to lick under the shaft as the cock is thrusting inside her mouth. Ariana isn't going as hard as Tyla but she starts to pick it up as they tweek her tits. Then both cocks are there for Tyla and again she's great at pleasing one and even better when you up the number! The views for this double bj were very good, some overhead, some straight on and then some up close with Tyla doing some great double stuffing also. Ariana then does some directing getting Tyla in a piledriver position and the guys skull fuck her but good. You also see Ariana do a little more cock sucking of her own and this is really a nice treat seeing both these ladies doing what they do so well. Tyla is also fucked in this scene with some highlights being the mish position where she was also skull fucked and Ariana is there for some P2OGM. Tyla is also very anal friendly so her ass gets some love starting in mish with some great close views, then it's on to reverse cowgirl anal and a very good floor shot leading to the boys doing a dp with some A2M also. Tyla is also ass fucked doggiestyle with Ariana hovering close by with some good tips like shoving Tyla's head down harder on the cock she's sucking plus there is some ass spanking by Van Damage. Moving on you get cowgirl anal for Miss Wynn and you see Ariana is getting some action also being fucked from behind. The dirty talk is flowing nonstop now from Ariana. Going back to regular cowgirl you get Ariana playing with her stars ass, then it's back to the dp and there is also some toy dp action when Ariana uses a dildo. The scene then concludes with Tyla taking the loads while Ariana cheers her on then she stuffs Tyla's g-string in to make sure Tyla gets it all. Not a bad scene, wish there had been more interaction between the girls but still some good action.

Ariana & Candi Apple:

As this next scene opens you have a smiling Ariana sitting on the couch wearing a white tank top with the word Slut emblazoned on it. She motions to her right and we get the lovely new girl Candi Apple who introduces herself. Like Staci's scene we get some tease with Candi mixed in with her sitting with Ariana and you get her name explained, her porn one that is. Seems back in 4th grade someone made the comment that she was sweet as candy so there you have it. This 19yr. old sure does a nice job showing us her tits, ass, and pussy. Candi is quite flexible too as she demonstrates. Candi says she is not necessarily a bad girl but she is more an adventurous girl! I like how she played with her pussy while swinging. Ariana offers to help out during her scene and this young girl readily accepts her offer. I like the playful spirit both girls have going into the scene proper. It begins with some foot play on Candi's foot by Alex Sanders and he nicely moves up to her young ass and finally her breasts are freed for some sucking. Ariana then shows hre how to properly show off one's ass and Candi follows suit doing a fine job peeling her skirt off with some assistance by our director. Alex even gives a tip telling Candi to bend over and it works as her nice ass comes into view. You are then treated to a lot of hands roaming over ass cheeks and even some spanking is done to Candi's tush. Next up Candi gets to show Ariana how good a cock sucker she is and Ariana sees her top is still on so it gets taken off and a few quick titty sucks, then it's back to Candi sucking dick. Ariana then starts to do a little pussy play to her own kittie while Candi is busy engulfing Alex's schlong and she just can't resist giving a little shove to Candi's head making sure she takes in all of this cock. Now on to the sex and for some reason I thought Candi said she didn't like anal but for this scene we go right to the bootie as Alex slides in slowly doggiestyle. The dirty talk is going strong by Ariana and even Candi gets in a few good choice words and we get some A2OGM by our director. Still being assfucked in doggie you also see our young bung do some pussy licking to her director and there is also a long snake like dildo used on Ariana's pussy. You also get some good skull fucking done to Ariana's throat. Moving on you see Candi get in mish and there is some fingering done and Ariana has her lick her juices from those fingers and damn they both get around 8-10 fingers in this girls pussy. Alex then moves in for a little mish fucking before they spread Candi's pussy open wide and it gapes good. Ariana then wants some cock in her and Alex obliges with some spoon love with Candi doing P2OGM. The action then moves to piledriver for Miss Apple and Alex tries her pussy at first but then into her ass with the long black dildo used to fill her pussy. As Ariana gives her words of encouragement Candi sucks/ jerks Alex to a good pop in her mouth with some cleanup also. Not a bad scene for this young one, she can definitely come back for more!

Ariana & Tiffany:

Up next we see Ariana dressed in a smoking hot pink outfit complete with glasses and they just make her look even sexier than she already does if that's possible. Ariana tells us about a rating's system she's come up with for her proteges and on cue she's holding it up with all four girl's names listed along with several categories for Ariana to rate them in. They are taste, attitude, oral, poundage, anal, and finally cum! Ariana gives a very thorough explanation for how she'll rate these young ladies. Then we get to meet Tiffany who is standing behind the board to start but then it's removed leaving her cute body to check out. She's in pigtails, a tight pink tank top, and of course a checkered skirt. Then we get the good tease mixed in with Tiffany showing off her body along with more conversation with Ariana. I've seen Tiffany do some really hot scenes so this one should be good, as luck would have it Tiffany is from the Big Apple just like our director. Tiffany even does a little nipple licking while teasing us and she also does some good pussy stroking. Tiffany let's it be known she's loves to be the teachers pet!! Ariana then calls in the cocksman and Tiffany is right there to take in his rigid cock when it pops out from his pants. Some good sucking with some assistance to Tiffany's head. Ariana hovers over also giving some dirty talk/ coaching! Tiffany gets a little more naked with Ariana doing some fun stuff to her starlet's ass and damn you get an excellent underneath shot of Tiffany gagging on his cock. Ariana also is losing her clothes as the scene progresses. We see a very good piledriver shot with Tiffany and Ariana has stuffed those panties into Tiff's mouth which was interesting. Staying in piledriver you see some play to Miss Holiday's ass and it's followed by some good anal loving with some A2M. Tiffany then moves to cowgirl where she's dp'd with Ariana using a strap on to fill her ass. You also get a huge toy to fill her pooper while Tiffany is giving T2M to Ariana's cock! Next up is some cowgirl anal with A2OGM for our director, then it's on to a RCDP, a good 69 with Tiffany on top giving some A2M, then it's just the strapon fucking Tiff in mish anal while Ariana gets skull fucked. The two then try and dp Tiffany in piledriver but it doesn't quite work out. After riding Ariana in cowgirl it's our director's turn to get fucked and she gets nailed in mish with the added pleasure of Tiffany riding the strapon facing back towards our cocksman. It's hard to describe but it looks great-- basically it's RC for Tiffany and mish for Ariana!! We then see Ariana ride in RCA while Tiffany rides the strapon in cowgirl, some cool uses for the strapon being utilized. The scene closes with a facial for Tiffany and she shares the spoils with a cumkiss for Ariana. Very good effort by everyone here.

Ariana Jollee:

Now that all four young bungs have done their scenes it's time for their grades and Ariana is candid with her assessment and it was interesting to hear her comments about each girl. I won't go in depth here just recommend you listen to all of it. I came away thinking she was most impressed by Tiffany followed by Tyla and Staci and she thinks Candi was good but she's a young bung who still has some things to learn about her sexuality. I liked the honesty displayed and again I'd watch this, never really seen the director rate the performers scenes like this before and I thought it was a bold choice. So there you have it, thought we might get a scene just with Ariana but this rating's scene was most interesting to watch.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I have to say Ariana has greatly improved over her first foray into directing with this dvd. She was hands on in every scene and I mean that literally. She was willing to do everything she was asking her girls to do and it all was captured well using some great close ups along with overheard, some underneath and also some side shots utilized. Now the extras are on a separate disc so let me pause to put it in. I will say I agree with Ariana's assessment totally that Tyla, Staci and Tiffany were the best girls with Candi doing some good things but she can get better. Now for extras you have a gallery for the girls, biographies where some info about each girl is laid out along with some questions-- I liked this. Also there are interviews with Ariana, Tyla, and Staci which I urge you to check out and finally there are behind the scenes and again be sure and check it out for some laughs and insight into this well done dvd. I can't recommend it highly enough, Ariana has definitely done herself proud with this one!!

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