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Young As They Cum (Digital Sin)

Young As They Cum (Digital Sin)

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Barely Legal
Starring: , , , , ,
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Draken's ratings for Young As They Cum (Digital Sin):
Overall Rating 2 stars
Young As They Cum (Digital Sin) overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Young As They Cum (Digital Sin) Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Young As They Cum (Digital Sin) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Young As They Cum (Digital Sin) Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Young As They Cum (Digital Sin) Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Young As They Cum (Digital Sin) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young As They Cum (Digital Sin) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Draken  on  6/1/2002
Young as they Cum

Studio: New Sensations/Digital Sin
Date of Production: 11-2001

Before Viewing Expectations:
The cover art shows five young looking females, two sporting the typical school-girl ponytails. The action thumbnail photos on the back show a lot of cowgirl and blowjob action. There is even one photo showing her stuffing her pussy with four fingers while a guy is stuffs her ass with four more. This is on the explicit side of the cover insert. The other side is the tame side, which is visable inside the case as the plastic used is transparent. For the front photo of Jenna, it looks like her shirt was airbrushed in for the tame version as everything else, down to her expression and hair placement is identical.

The Main Event:
After the short Digital Sin website ad, we have a scene with Jenna. It opens with a guy outside working, and getting overheated. He knocks on the door asking for water. Of course, Jenna is home alone (except when he first enters the house, we see another girl in the background sitting at the table...oops) and wearing only underwear. She tells him if he's hot, he can take off his shirt. Then she decides she's hot also and asks if he minds if she takes off her shirt. And so it goes. First a bit of tit rubbing and sucking, then starts to rub her pussy through her panties. He soon goes behind the elastic barrier, but we can't see anything as her panties are in the way of the camera. He then starts some oral action through her panties, then persuades her to remove them. With the cotton out of the way, he goes to town, but now his big head is blocking the view, we don't get a closeup of the action. She switches gears by asking "Can I see your tool?", none too convincingly, I might add. She gives him a blow job, using lots of hand action. She uses her free hand to finger herself. Then they do some traditional vaginal entry, followed by cowgirl then doggie. She's a screamer, so watch those volume levels. Back to a BJ, climaxed by both of them bringing him off manually into her mouth.

Up next is Sunshine who calls up a guy and asks "Can you come over and help me study?". After getting off the phone, she starts to masturbate and almost falls asleep. He arives, and she jumps up to get the door while tugging her skirt back into place. He enters, and as the camera pans around, we see someone enter through the back door, oops again. Apparently he doesn't know the subject and can't help her, so she starts to rub his crotch to which he does the same to her. There's some oral, some fingering and some minor tit worship. He gets a BJ, with a lot of hand action before entering her vaginally, cowgirl and doggie follow. Some of the expressions on her face give away the fact that she isn't too much into this, and it shows, this is a pretty lifeless scene. He ends it manually on her tits.

Annmarie is next, caressing herself before she "falls asleep". In her dream, she is being caressed by a nude guy who helps her out of her clothes. He sucks her tits, then other regions, before entering her. They do some doggie and some cowgirl. Just when I thought, here we go again, repeat of the first two scenes, he hefts her up into his arms and does a standing fuck where he fully supports her. A few more positions and way too much time later, he comes manually on her face, and she does everything she can to keep his load away from her mouth. Guess that explains why he didn't get a blowjob. And when she wakes up, (big surprise here) she wakes up nude.

The oral fetish Cheryl is up next. She starts off caressing herself, then goes into full finger fuck mode. She licks her fingers, up to four at a time. The guy gives her a three finger fuck then orals her through her thong. Off with the thong for full contact oral action and a bit of rimming. She starts to finger her ass, and he slides in a finger next to hers. She pulls out, he adds a finger, then two. She gives him a BJ, gagging a few times when she tries to deep throat him. He enters her, while sucking on her toes, then goes into an anal cowgirl. She does ass to mouth a few times and he orgasms anally, shooting most of his load into her mouth.

Audio, Video, and Extras:
The audio wasn't bad, the only complaint is the music volume was too loud, over riding the dialogue. Not that the dialogue was important or anything, it still would have been nice to be able to hear it without straining. The video was crisp and clear, but the camerawork needs attention. Many times the shot was blocked by various body parts, or panties or whatnot. At times, it almost felt like a cable version of the movie as they weren't showing anything. The extras list was a bit skimpy, with the typical photo gallery, website ad, and company info screen. On side B of the disc, there were some trailers and interviews (which looked like they were ripped from a "first time" video).

Usually, I'm a fan of the barely legal type videos, but this one just didn't have much energy at all. The setups were typical and unimaginative, and the dialogue that was there was flat and forced. Unless you are a particular fan of one of the girls, I'd give this one a pass recommendation.

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