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morbidthoughts Young and Filthy 3.5 starsYoung and Filthy 3.5 starsYoung and Filthy 3.5 stars
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Young and Filthy

Young and Filthy

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Sex , Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Young and Filthy:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Young and Filthy overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Young and Filthy Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Young and Filthy Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Young and Filthy Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Young and Filthy Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Young and Filthy DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Young and Filthy A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  3/21/2005
The Young and the Filthy


Initial Thoughts William H. Has this kind of dark and gritty style of directing, and he seems to like to find a balance between sickness and sweetness. Most of the time I like that approach, but it is a formula that flirts with success and disaster in the same vane. In my view, this one nails the success part of the equation, I really enjoyed this disc, super cute younger starlets, great energy and effort from the girls, and a nice blend of nastyness and softness to keep it interesting. There is something incredibly hot about seeing a super cute girl innocently sucking on a sucker in simple cute clothes, and then being barraged with sperm in some dank foul looking factory or back alley. It's a fun and hot movie. It could have been a little longer, but a nice compliment of hot extras help to still keep the bang for the buck factor up there. It's not really a disc that does anything revolutionary, but it has a bit of unique style that I liked, and I think it's a pretty strong disc.

Technical Considerations: Biggest areas of fault are probably lighting which seems to be too dark and shadowy at times, and editing sometimes cuts and jumps a little more than would have been ideal, it breaks things up just a tad too much. Sound, Camera work and Picture quality are all without any real issues and are just solid. Menu's are stock Elegant Angel, they look fine and get the job done.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown


Scene 1: Christie Lee and Tony T.

Duration: 17:47 Mins

Position Chronology: Teasing, stripping, BJ, spoon vag, choking, facial, spoon vag, reverse cowgirl vag, PTM, missionary vag, PTM, doggy vag, standing sideways vag, PTM, choking, kissing, handjob, doggy vag, facial, spoon vag. Tease.

Scene Thoughts:Christie has on a "Want a Lick?" tee and is sucking on some candy as she gets interviewed and teases us while showing off her body. This is really a hot scene, the guy comes in and they just go at it, great chemistry and great energy all the way through. Christie is just a little vixen here and she gets hammered all the way, he has to pull out and pop on her super cute face twice, both times they go right back to fucking with her mug splattered in ball batter. Man this girl is cute, great job of getting down and dirty in a hurry and the cuteness exudes at the same time.


Scene 2: Roxy Jezel and Tony T.

Duration: 18:22 Mins

Position Chronology: Hot talk, solo masturbation, semi stripping, BJ, gagging, standing doggy vag, hair pulling, PTM, tit play, spoon anal, ATM, reverse cowgirl anal, ATM, missionary anal, facial, BJ cleanup, choking, slapping, reaction.

Scene Thoughts: I thought that first scene was something, but this one was all of that plus some anal. Roxy has on a sexy black top and some panties, and she gives the greatest opening line ever as she teases us and plays with her love muffin. That lucky bastard comes back after nailing Christie and rams his cock down Roxy's throat and they just go off on one another, more great high energy fucking and Roxy gives some hot talk and just urges him on as they keep up the good passionate and intense fuck. He pumps her ass as hard or harder than her pussy and finishs by blasting a good sperm blast to her face and choke holds her to the couch, slaps her ass a little and leaves her. Roxy has this sly and sexy smile on her face and the cum just hangs off her face. Great scene.


Scene 3: Hilary Scott and Brandon Iron

Duration: 22:42 Mins

Position Chronology: Setup, kissing, tit play, stripping, BJ, kissing, pussy licking and fingering, finger PTM, anal fingering, finger ATM, panty play, standing doggy vag, PTM, F - M rimming, dick slapping, kissing, standing face to face vag, doggy vag, doggy anal, ATM, anal fingering, BJ, spoon anal, ATM, facial, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Pop quiz ladies, your alone, walking an empty street at dusk, and Brandon Iron pulls up to you in a lexus, what do you do? What do you do? Well if your the bombshell Ms. Scott, you get in and fuck him of course. She climbs in and has on a sexy kind of Daisy Duke outfit, and has a lengthy chat with Brandon while he drives to some deserted parking lot, and by then Hilary is in the mood, I honestly believe Hilary could be the next big thing if she sticks around long enough, I've heard big things are coming from her, and with performances like this, exciting times. This is probably the best scene on the disc but it's a hard call to make in this one. Brandon and Hilary really get on well and they kiss often and she gives him some really seductive looks as he fucks her tight ass. A great passionate scene and there isn't really a weak spot, great facial that hangs down both cheeks and gives her a bullseye. The oral and anal segments were real highlights. Good show.


Scene 4: Denise K and Tony T.

Duration: 19:28 Mins

Position Chronology: interview, tease, stripping, solo tit play and pussy rubbing, BJ, ass slapping, tit fucking, sidesaddle vag, he cums in her mouth, swallow, sidesaddle vag, reverse cowgirl vagk, spoon vag, cowgirl vag, missionary vag, PTM, doggy vag, facial, reaction.

Scene Thoughts: Tony must be near death by exhaustion by now, but he isn't showing it. Denise is another really cute girl and has yet another sucker to suck on while she plays with a toy and chats with the camera type guy. She struts around and soon Tony comes in and gets a hot BJ, these two have nice chemistry and Denise looks back and has a sexy smile on her face several times as she gets nailed energetically, pretty fast paced action and they again Tony needs to blow off a load in her mouth before continueing and she swallows easily. They get right back to it and finish with a good facial after both are well worked up and sweaty. Nice scene again.


Scene 5: Tiffany and Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Brian Surewood, Joe, Tony T.

Tiffany appears in a office chair in some cruddy looking room, she has on a cute knit weave top, and is another sweetheart, she chats a little with the camera before all four guys come to get a little oral lovin from her. Tiffany stays put right in her chair, and the guys help take off her top and she has a great pair of breasts. Tiffany really gets into the sucking, and she works cocks with both hands and her mouth most of the time, she genuinely seems enthusiastic about it. She moves around the room a bit and spends some time with each guy before coming back to the chair, it's a pretty good gang oral effort from her. She goes from guy to guy to get her facials, and a couple of the guys really plaster her with sperm, she makes an effort to keep her eyes open and tries to keep up a good attitude. She gets well caked with spermand the guys return her to her chair and spin her around to display her. Duration 18:52 mins

Extra Stuff

Behind The Scenes: Christie flashing in public. Roxy screwing around in a factory, a pig gets to nuzzle some fantastic cans, some extra cum angle looks. 15:21 mins

Bonus Scene: Christie Lee has on some candy cane looking stockings and she is sucking on a lolli pop in some crummy looking room she semi strips and chats before two strapping lads join her, she is so friggin cute it out to be a crime, and when two more guys join the party it really gets wild, she puts her sexy mouth and her hands to good work sucking and jerking the guys as they surround her. She really puts on a great show and is really enthusiastic and gives the camera several pop worthy looks. The guys reward her performance by spurting all thier loads right onto her sweet face as she smiles cutely. Great bonus. 14:41 mins.

Photo Gallery: 30 shots or so of the sex and posing from the film.

Previews: "Squirtwoman 2", "Big Black Wet Asses", "Cum Drenched Tits", "Big Wet Asses 4", "Assquake".

Other Extras:Website Info and Phone Sex Adds

In The End

I'm pretty impressed with this disc, the quickie, down and dirty sex routine worked really well, and this super group of cuties pulled it off better than thier experience would lead you to believe. Tony T and Brandon do a fantastic job with thier 1 on 1 scenes, and the two group oral scenes were very well done. I really don't have any complaints on the sex side of this disc. For a gonzo disc, 97 minutes is a little short, but the quality means a lot in this one and some good quality extras help too. Mainly a raincoater disc, but some couples will like it at some level, if your a fan of any of these girls you'll want to check this one out too. Buy or Rent is a good pick depending on your tastes, but give this one a try. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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