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Yasmine and the Sex Models

Yasmine and the Sex Models

Studio: Marc Dorcel
Category:  Feature film , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Comet Man's ratings for Yasmine and the Sex Models:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Yasmine and the Sex Models overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Yasmine and the Sex Models Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Yasmine and the Sex Models Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Yasmine and the Sex Models Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Yasmine and the Sex Models Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Yasmine and the Sex Models DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Yasmine and the Sex Models A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Comet Man  on  7/21/2008
The theme of the movie is photographers having sex with their models, done in the Dorcel style with lots of nice costumes and sets. As with all Dorcel films, condoms are used. All audio is in french except for some bad english in some parts of it.

Scene 1
After a photoshoot, Yasmine (the makeup artist who is brazilian looking w/ a nice body but ok face and breast implants) is in the getting pounded on a table anal doggy as only Yasmine can take it. Yasmine is only wearing a garter belt, black stockings, a necklace, and black high heels. They switch to RCG, then CG with the guy's fingers in her anus, then she jerks him off on a glass table and licks up his sperm. Yasmine is late for work.

Scene 2
In the next scene Yasmine's photographer boss is taking sex pictures of a blond girl (Lea Lazur) and guy having sex on a couch. She's sucking on him wearing only thigh high stockings, red high heels, a belt necklace, and black necklaces; she has a tattoo on her right lower back and has a nice looking body w/ fake boobs but ok face. The photographer is disappointed in the way she's sucking on him and whips his penis out so he can show her how to suck while he takes pictures of her. The guy on the couch switches to high speed spoon as the photographer takes photos. The photographer gets excited and joins the action by putting her up doggy on the couch to take pictures as the guy is forced sit it out and play w/ himself. She sucks on the guy on the couch while the photographer strips down while doing doggy. She gets CG then CG anal while sucking on the photographer, then gets DP CG w/ the photographer on the bottom, then does a standing DP, then the guys jerk off on her back and breasts.

Scene 3
In the next scene a brunette female (Candy Cat) photographer (wearing underwear and blue jeans) is taking bridal studio photos of the bride/groom stripping and having sex. After the bride/groom start stripping (only the blond bride w/ shoulder/arm tattoos is wearing a veil, garter belt, stockings, bra, and part of the petticoat), the photographer takes off her jeans to show her thigh high fishnet stockings. The photographer yanks on the guy and sucks on the guy to get him stiff enough for pictures while he fingers the bride (Nicol Wonder). She continues taking photos and licks the bride as the bride sucks on the guy. The photographer has the guy put on a condom before mounting him in CG and tells the bride to take photos as she stretches her butt open to show it better (the photographer is hotter looking than the bride and rides better). The groom fingers the bride hard then she gets on to ride CG pretty hard. The photographer tells the guy to do her doggy anal as the bride takes photos and the guy fingers the photographer's ass pretty hard, then the bride gets spoon anal as the photographer kisses her and her breasts. The photographer finally jerks him off on the bride's breasts.

Scene 4
In the next scene, the sex photographer from scene 2 is having a casting call for models by posting a sign in his window (must be an LA thing :-). He's checking out his photo slide collection and sniffing his souvenir underwear (pretty creepy). Four girls show up and he fondles all their breasts after he makes them show him. Then he makes them take off their underwear so he can take photos of their butts. The asian looking one (Mai Lynne) with the weirdly dyed hair stays for some special "casting"' she's only wearing a red necklace and white high heels. He pulls off his pants so she can show her oral skills. THen he puts her on the table for some missionary while he takes photos, then goes to one legged doggy on the table, then RCG on the floor, then anal doggy on a chair, then anal CG, then anal missionary, then he jerks off on her face and take a photo of her.

Scene 5
A cute blond girl (natalli Diangelo) is the "top model" and her photos are being taken by the brunette photographer (wearing stockings and a miniskirt and tank top) from Scene 3. They're in the countryside with an old car and the blond is wearing a revealing evening gown with thigh high stockings and black heels; the blond is wearing no underwear but she's wearing a jewelled butt plug which has the photographer excited. They end up in the back seat of the car with the photographer playing with the butt plug and the blond fingering both of the photographer's holes. They 69 a bit before the photographer pulls out a glass dildo and uses it on the blond who is now only in black stockings. The blond returns the favor by doing the brunette in doggy anal with the dildo; the brunette also has a tongue ring that isn't that noticeable.

Scene 6
The female photographer also does the next scene wearing open-crotched body tights and a necklace belt. She's photographing a guy (the one who played a groom in a previous scene) who's supposed to look like atlas with holding the globe. He gets flacid, so she has to yank on him to get it back up so she can take photos of it. It gets flaccid again and she uses her mouth to get it back up and takes photos of herself doing it. He rips open her stockings a bit further and does her one leg up doggy pretty hard until she rips off the rest of her body stocking. She then rides him CG hard, then he picks her up and does her missionary, then fingers her really hard as she takes pictures of it, then does missionary anal (she has to rub her pussy because he rams her so hard), then anal doggy, then anal CG. She jerks him off with her stockinged feet (odd since this isn't a foot fetish movie).

Scene 7
In the last scene, the top model Natalli Diangelo ( w/ fabulous breasts (even if they don't quite look real) comes over to do an army girl pinup (no underwear but wearing nude stockings w/ a garter belt) photo shoot with the guy photographer. Yasmine is there to do makeup. Yasmine dusts her nipples/pussy and she gets turned on. During the photo shoot, Yasmine fingers the blond, then Yasmine starts sucking off the photographer. Yasmine helps the blond over to suck on the photographer as well while Yasmine licks the blond's pussy. Yasmine takes her dress off to show that she's wearing a garter belt, stockings, and lace bra. The blond gets it in doggy while 69'ing Yasmine, then goes to RCG while Yasmine kisses her. The blond is then put sideways on the chair and done in sideways doggy while Yasmine (no bra) kisses her and lets her lick Yasmine while the photographer takes photos of her. The blond then gets it in CG anal while Yasmine grabs the guy's penis and rams it in, then it's Yasmine's turn to get doggy anal while kissing the blond. The photographer finally jerks off on Yasmine's butt and take a few photos of the blond licking it off.

Strip tease scenes w/ the same brunette on all Dorcel movies (champagne on couch, and in front of dresser), Making Of, photo gallery, pro-condom scenes (Vulve Fiction, Erection Fatal), trailers (French Connexion, Mafia Girls, Dorcel Airlines, Russion Institute 9, Bimbo Club Bib Boops, Fuck VIP Extasy, La Libertine, Pornochic 15).

Other Comments:
It's pretty funny that they decide to use a Cyber-Shot viewfinder for the lead-in...I'm surprised Sony doesn't sue them.

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