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X-tra Edition: Issue 1

X-tra Edition: Issue 1

Studio: Wildlife
Category:  Straight
Directed by:

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Diville's ratings for X-tra Edition: Issue 1:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
X-tra Edition: Issue 1 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks X-tra Edition: Issue 1 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks X-tra Edition: Issue 1 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex X-tra Edition: Issue 1 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting X-tra Edition: Issue 1 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras X-tra Edition: Issue 1 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality X-tra Edition: Issue 1 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Diville  on  4/8/2001
Staring: Silvia Saint, Jessica Darlin, Katie Gold, Dakota, Kailani, Haccan, Billy Glide, Jonathan Morgan, Guy DiSilva, Sean Rider

Directed By: Ray Anderson

I am hopeful that St. Peter's face will look a lot like Silvia Saint's pussy, and his pearly gates like her magnificent legs swinging wide just for me--deceased and heaven bound me. That's not too much to ask for, is it? Her body is, to be truthful, celestial. Heavenly. In fact, she may be a real saint after all--the patron kind of aching erections and techno savy masturbators. Watch her in action and understand that theology isn't just for the pious, any more.

Unlike my heart, Avena X-tra Edition does not completely belong to Ms. Saint. Her's is only one of five vignettes which make up what is billed an adult video magazine. Actually, it's just a wall-to-wall feature with five separate sex scenes. What makes it a good wall-to-wall movie, though, is the caliber of women who star in it. Of course there's Silvia Saint, but Jessica Darlin and her perfect breasts are also on hand to entertain, and so is Katie Gold. For a discounted DVD, it offers legitimate star power.

Silvia sets the tone with her opening number with Haccan, a gigolo whom she has paid to sodomize her. The day Silvia Saint begins to pay for sodomy is the day I go into the discount ass fucking business. But, logical thought escapes us as we watch her spread those thighs for his eager tongue, and returns his good work with an oral presentation of her own. Soon, she is riding him reverse cowgirl with his cock firmly planted in her ass. Fantasizing that it is you under her writhing body is more of a difficult task than you may think. Just as owning a billion dollars is inconceivable to all but Bill Gates, so is imagining the sensation of your penis massaging her ass from the inside out. That Haccan targets her face for his ejaculate should come as no surprise, so there is no genuine spoiler here when I tell you that is exactly what he does.

Jessica Darlin has wrongly spent the lion's share of her career as a mid-card attraction. That's a shame, because she's always been a top tier woman in my opinion. Blame Extreme Associates, if you want, for dragooning her into their service with an exclusive contract, but there are other outlets for witnessing her talents. And her body. Whether they realize it or not, those among us who cry out for sexy, natural women with do-anything attitudes don't need to look much further than Jessica Darlin. Have you seen her tits? Her ass? You will here as Sean Rider enjoys them both. Shot outdoors, their scene together starts slowly with some quality dick sucking, and progresses to cowgirl gymnastics, and culminates with Darlin not sucking him off so much as she teases him to orgasm. Featuring most any other performer, this would be unspectacular. With Darlin at it's center it's worth watching again in slow motion.

Admittedly, there's nothing on the surface which would make Katie Gold's scene with Jonathan Morgan a must see affair. There is anal and a pop shot to the face, but we see that everywhere nowadays. Once upon a time we ordered one pizza instead of two when we called Dominos and vaginal sex was just fine for getting us off. Those days are behind us. We have since become children of excess--god bless our gluttonous hearts--and we've grown fat on sodomy. So what makes a routine fuck up the ass worth watching? Katie Gold does. Don't expect her to scream and carry on like a colon probed banshee, but you can look forward to watching an extremely cute blonde do things you might just replay in your head when you close your eyes at night. True, her natural tits are of the small and perky variety and her face looks like that of a fifteen-year old. Her legs are long, though, her body is fit, and her attitude is all woman. She's kind of like the Meg Ryan of adult entertainment. I liked watching her limber body roll around in bed from one position to the next, but I'm a Katie Gold mark. I'd watch her quietly flip through a magazine and smile.

In another vignette, Billy Glide plays pool boy to Dakota's horny housewife, but stereotypes are irrelevant. Would it make their poolside fucking any more sexy if she were his good hearted lover trying to right his skewed moral compass? Probably not, but this isn't Dostoevsky. This is porn, and boy does he show some upper body strength eating that pussy. Holding her quivering body over his head with one hand, Glide laps at her cooze for a surprisingly long period of time. I believe this is how they perform cunnilingus at Cirque de Soleil. Dakota is not the waifish type either, which may turn off some people. She has a little of a belly on her, and she hasn't perfected the cover girl porn star look. She is attractive, though, and worth your time to watch her fuck.

The only scene worth skipping is Kailani's pairing with Guy DiSilva. Some may like her black lingerie, but frankly, I found the performance to be like something you'd find on a Leisure Time compilation tape. In fact, it may be on a compilation tape right now. Who can keep track. The intention here isn't to disparage Kailani, it's only to point out that her scene doesn't bring the heat like it should. Certainly not when compared to the others in the cast.

Avena X-tra Edition is a good DVD, but it has its faults. Extras are limited to a single photo gallery, which isn't really a crime. Only when they call themselves a magazine you expect a little more in the way of content. The camera work is done well, and the action is all clearly captured, but the sound sometimes drops out of sync, but only rarely. Still, there's some quality porn making on this disc, and Silvia Saint alone makes A DVD worth buying.

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