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X Rated (FusXion)

X Rated (FusXion)

Studio: FusXion
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for X Rated (FusXion):
Overall Rating 4 stars
X Rated (FusXion) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks X Rated (FusXion) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks X Rated (FusXion) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex X Rated (FusXion) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting X Rated (FusXion) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras X Rated (FusXion) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality X Rated (FusXion) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  5/8/2007
Prologue Pat Myne is being given the boxed set treatment by Metro offshoot FusXion. He's been their linchpin since its inception and brings a pervy persona to hardcore shoots, often resulting in some lovely nastiness. The main feature has a bang up cast of Eva Angelina, Alexis Amore, Jada Fire, Sandra Romain, Kelly Wells, Christie Lee and Missy Monroe. The dicks are too numerous to list, but encompasses both studs, mopes and everything in between. The reason for all this hoopla? It's Pat's 100th release for his label.
Opening with some Latina flayva, Alexis Amore and Eva Angelina walking side by side, then sitting and spreading for the camera. Alexis in black bikini and Eva in white open their sweet clams for Pat and a throbbing soundtrack. Some ass tease from these good time girls, and a little friendliness between them. They move in unison to a big, hard dick sticking out of black sweatpants, then over to the couch to suck on said same belonging to Mark Ashley. He licks Eva's tits while Alexis makes a project out of the huge appendage, then sharing with her friend. Pat's calling the shots as they trade, then attempt deepthroat, but I'm not sure he has to, as it seems their predisposition anyway. Eva gets ordered onto the cock and rides Mark CG. It looks like she's trying to burn him down from the outset and he responds by hammering back at her. Alexis sits on his face. Alexis is getting jealous and demands some dick, but before her plumbing gets cleaned out, Mark lays her back to share licks with Eva. He penetrates her in mish, then goes up and over to nail her into the couch. Alexis tells Mark she wants to feel his balls. He and Eva suck some more of her pussy, then more mish letting loose a torrent of dirty Spanish from Alexis. Eva gets another turn, this time in up and over doggy. She muffles her moans in Alexis' pussy while Mark bounces his balls off of her. Cut to Alexis taking a doggy shafting while laying on top of Eva. Mark takes advantage of the stack by sliding into Eva and back to Alexis. P2OGM for Eva, a renewed pounding for Alexis, then a cut to Eva riding RC. P2OGM for Alexis, and a RC ride for her too. She throws her hips into it and does a killer swirl. P2OGM for Eva again. A spin to CG, then a cut to Alexis in a small package getting drilled deep by Mark as a prelude to his ball blast into Eva's waiting mouth. She and Alexis do a couple of snowballs before Eva gets greedy and swallows.
Surprising that Alexis didn't open up her bunghole for Mark, but the lack of anal kept things equal between the two supersluts. And they were super.
Kelly Wells is checking herself out in a mirror and can't resist playing with her pussy. She tugs on it pretty hard and looks to get a little weak in her knees before walking away. Reclining on a sofa with her legs pinned back, Kelly sucks on a monster, black, ribbed dildo that looks to be about a yard in length, and tapered from top to bottom. Her holes are greased and she jams the toy into her juice box, taking in a fair amount. Sucking her drippings off the toy, Kelly's drooling all over her face and chest, then back to the orifice plunging. She jams it in her ass and rubs crop circles on her clit. Four fingers replace the toy in her rectum, which goes back to stuffing her snatch. Toy in the ass again with three fingers providing the technical DP again. Kelly works both holes simultaneously with her hands and switches to a fat butt plug to fill her gaping anus. She goes to double dipping her holes again, rubbing her love button furiously. A hand holding a gun approaches Kelly and the crazy bitch just slobbers and performs fellatio on the barrel. Cut to that same hand punch fucking her bunghole with the plug, then joining the fray with some cunnilingus. LT kisses her, then rims the gaping sphincter. He whips out his soft cock and Kelly devours it, bringing it to life and gagging on the hardening pussy pleaser. After some maniacal head, LT bends Kelly over and digs out her colon. Up and over cock slamming is Kelly's delight. LT checks her gape and feeds her some ass covered cock. He fucks her face and Kelly exclaims "Perfect fit, huh". She climbs on in RCA, then gets rolled into anal spoon. LT tears that ass up and Kelly spanks her own tits. A2M, and back to ball banging spoon. Some choking, and Kelly implores LT to "Rough me up". Mish anal for the raccoon faced psycho, LT wrapping Kelly up tight and banging in an up and over. She gets her head on the floor and supports her body against the bed for piledriver anal. Kelly wants a creampie and LT needs to jack off to get primed, but he buries it in time for the internal discharge. Now Kelly's disappointed there wasn't any for her mouth, so LT calls in some friends. First she eats some jizz out of her ass, then a cut to Kelly sucking another black cock like a whore on a mission. She jerks the load out down her greedy throat. Cut to another cock beating off on her face and leaving a small deposit in her open mouth. She wipes cum off her tits and gargles the creamy delight. One more sperm donor jumps into the fray and Kelly's had enough to eat for the moment.
Grab your box of Crackerjacks, we're off to the circus. Kelly Fuck'n Wells knows no physical boundaries or verbal restraints. I didn't think the added oral was done very well. No context, and too quick. LT fucked her ass harder than I would ever consider pounding a pussy.
Fuck bunny supreme, Christie Lee, has a big, fat, jelly dildo propped on a toilet seat, and her cunt wrapped around it. She's trying to take the whole thing but it's Mandingo-like and she can only short stroke it. She's dressed in her schoolgirl finest, with tartan skirt hiked up, white blouse opened, and a tie matching her skirt dangling around her neck. White knee high socks to complete the ensemble. Christie gags herself with the dong and sits back on it. Pat eggs her on from behind the camera and Christie gets so excited, she drops the toy into the bowl. He has her fish another toy out of the toilet water. A medium sized buttplug. Christie sucks it, then sticks it where the sun don't shine, spanking herself for good measure. Pat teases her with promises of a big dick, then sends in a meat puppet to the appreciative Ms. Lee. Ben English's big horn fucks her pretty face, and he spanks her sweet, plump tits before fucking them too. Great energy from Christie as Ben pulls and prods her. He shows some appreciation for her cute ass before bending Christie over the toilet and spearing her pussy from behind. Ben's relentless and rough, and Christie loves it. Hair pulling and choking as he tries to drive his balls into her womb. P2M, then RC on the bathroom floor. The plug is still planted in her rectum as Christie drives her body down hard on Ben's meatstick. P2M again, then CG. Christie's ass is bright red from spanking, and her body has a nice sheen of perspiration. Cut to spoon anal, Christie working her clit and spanking her pussy. She seems almost overcome by the sensations and almost cries when Ben takes it out for a moment. He's drilling her littlest hole and Christie's getting dreamy. A2M leading to RCA. She shoves four fingers in her twat as Ben bangs away, then another A2M. Pat calls for doggy and Christie goes ass up, face down, Ben mounting in an up and over. Deep into Christie's entrails, A2M, side saddle up and over, A2M skullfuck. Ben stands her over the toilet and reinserts the plug, raises one leg onto the wash basin and drills her pussy. Christie can't get it hard enough and tells Ben to "Tear that cunt up". He's ready to cum and Christie drops to the floor. Dick droppings decorate her face and chest as Christie gives Ben some post pop licking.
This was one of Christie's final scenes before riding off into the sunset and she didn't leave anything in reserve. She demanded everything that Ben could muster, and that's a lot.
Sandra Romain is dressed like an anal commando, wearing a skimpy camouflage bikini. Her apple bottom is too perfect not to grab, and that's exactly what Pat does. She has a couple of buttplugs lined up to play with and licks them while dirty talking. Unfortunately, the music is so loud, I really can't hear what she's saying to the inanimate objects. I'm sure it's pretty arousing, though. I did hear something about balls in her ass and shoving cocks in her face. Pat orders her to strip and Sandra makes a small production about ripping off her bottoms. Meanwhile, he enlists the aid of Sascha and Chris Charming, leading them to Sandra, spread in a cage. She's plunging her holes with the plugs and the guys rattle her cage. Sascha pulls her out and drops Sandra on a mattress. She grabs Chris' cock and jams it in her mouth. Sascha gets some too, then pushes her back to Chris, who she tries to deepthroat. Another go at Sascha and Chris puts her on the spit, reaming Sandra's pussy from behind. Frantic P2M, CG with Chris, then up and over anal with Sascha for the DP. He steps on her head, just like she likes it. Sascha joins Chris in her pussy, then back to the conventional DP. Sandra favors the cunt stretching of the DPP and Sascha gives her what she wants. Sascha pulls out and leaves Chris to the crazed gypsy, who rides him like a maniac. P2M, then RC. More DPP, P2M on Chris, and doggy anal with Sascha, who's competing with a buttplug that's already in there. Chris gets a go at her ass while Sascha receives head. CGDP with Sascha as the anchor. The toy is reintroduced into her bung to join Chris' cock and making it a technical TP. RCA on Sascha, Sandra demanding Chris' cock in the same hole. It's a little difficult, but Chris is soon driving into her rectum for the DAP. A2M, RCA on Chris, Sascha completing the DAP and shoving the plug into her twat. Sandra's daring them to wear her out, but I don't think they can. Double A2M, CG anal on Chris and another DAP as Sascha drops in. They spend an extended amount of time sharing Sandra's rectum, then double up on her pussy again. Sascha keeps two fingers in her cornhole to reserve the space. Double suck for Sandra, then RCA on Chris, Sascha jumping into her cunt for another DP. More double anal with Sandra inviting them to cum in her mouth. She sucks the cocks off, then gets a stainless steel bowl handed to her to catch the jizz bombs. There isn't a hell of a lot and Sandra's afraid it won't be enough, but she mixes the two loads and snowballs them back and forth in the mixer. She pours it over herself and it runs from her mouth, down her body.
The crazy bitch factor goes through the roof here as Sandra caterwauls her way through an intense double plunging that has to have her totally stretched out. It would have been nice to slow it down just a tad for some erotic interlude.
Jada Fire is a vision in blue satin undies. She hefts her tits and sits down on a couch that has some anal beads conveniently laying on it. Jada plays with her meaty pussy through the slick material and pulls it through the crack while Pat whispers to her. Dipping her fingers into the honey pot, Jada really gets into it and flashes her vermillion inner lips. Cut to her naked with the beads embedded in her rectum. She pulls them out and sucks them, then gets held down by a naked stranger. It's Mr. Pete, and he buries the bone in her cunt, doggystyle. Another cock shows up and Jada pulls off and sucks it. Mark Wood is supplying the extra meat and he fucks her face. Jada moves from cock to cock, bestowing her oral favors with her trademark intensity and lots of slobber. She mounts Mark in RC, taking a ferocious slamming, then giving one back. Pete starts to skullfuck her, but she's moving too much. Jada squirts on Mark's cock, then by Pete's hand. He digs her out in doggy again, then turns her over to Mark in an up and over. No need to be gentle with this girl, and Mark isn't. He drives into her ass, picking up speed and depth with each stroke. Pete continues the doggy anal train and steps on Jada's head for good measure, all the while jamming his cock into her colon balls deep. They put her on the spit for a bit, then a cut to RCA, which is a prelude to DP. A2M on Mark when he falls out of her butt, then CG on him, setting Pete up as the assfucker in this reverse Oreo. Jada starts fucking back on the cocks like she's on a mission to spill seed. The guys reload and tear into her a little more, then Jada tries to burn Mark down and squirts all over his cock. She moves onto Pete and drives her hot body down on him, releasing the waterworks big time. Sidesaddle on Pete, and Mark takes her ass for another DP. Cut to the guys spanking over a kneeling Jada. It takes a while to prime the pumps, but they manage to give her a decent open mouth facial. She spits some out onto her tits and plays with them, complaining that Pete came in her eye and giving the camera the finger.
Nice scene with great energy as the guys plowed Jada with force and got the same in return.
Hopping out of a silver Mercedes sportscar, Missy Monroe, dressed in hot pink, net halter, and matching mini-skirt, walks into a house with mope meat lined up against a wall. She checks them out and drops down to start the festivities with Arnold Schwartzenpecker. Missy looks awesome with her blonde locks cut short, and sporty sunglasses. Her sexy body jiggling provocatively. She moves cock to cock, taking on Joe Blow, Barry Scott, Nick East, and Claudio Meloni. Her nipples are peeking through her top and looking aroused. Down the cock line she goes with lots of spit and throat. Even some titty fucking with those soft mammaries. Claudio does a particularly good job of dredging up her phlegm and skullfucking Missy. The guys form a circle around this hot fuck toy, giving her cock to suck on at every turn. Missy's mining for cum and the guns are loading up all around her, the wet sounds of self pleasure serenading her before the dams burst. One at a time they dump their babies into her mouth, splattering her face and tits. Missy plays with the loads and swallows a big gob that was resting on her tongue.
I would have liked to have seen some fucking here. Missy has a body that can't be denied, and it's a shame to waste it, but she puts on a great blowbang, albeit short. Like Christie, Missy left nothing in the tank on her way out of town.
Epilogue This was a fairly strong production with a few issues. For one thing, Pat Myne is known for his tease segments, and quite proud of it. Part of what usually sets them apart is his soft pervy conversation with the women as he suggests what he'd like to see from them. For this video he overlayed some very loud and thumping music during the introductions and obliterated his signature. Pat might want to rethink that approach. Also, I'm all for breaking down the fourth wall and having the cameraman/director interact with the performers, but not the way Pat was doing it here. He was calling out position changes and saying things like "Get back into character". That just seems like bad editing. But I guess my biggest problem here has nothing to do with direction, but that I've grown weary of the hysteria attached to scenes by Kelly Wells and Sandra Romain. They go so far into the verbal stratosphere that I've disconnected from them. Hitters in baseball sometimes say they have to trust their hands. These women should trust their bodies. As sexy and willing as they naturally are, they don't need to put everything into the "big top". I would be so much happier if they would just let the game come to them. Of course, their legion of fans will be happy to hear that they perform just the way they want and expect them to. Having said all that, there are still some smokin' performances by some scintillating babes. The Latina bombshells, Alexis and Eva, opened the proceedings with energy to spare. Christie Lee, in what was probably one of her last scenes before riding off into the Canadian sunset, went out with a bang, not a whimper. Jada Fire clocked in with another scorching scene, as well as her new party trick. Missy Monroe had me alternately enthralled and disappointed, if only because I wanted to see her encounter escalate beyond oral escapades.

The Disk Here's where things get interesting. I'm reviewing the Director's Cut, 3 Disc Collector's Edition. On the feature disc, there's a BTS and slideshow. Another jewelcase contains one disc of interviews and discussion with Pat, interspersed with BTS segments from his various productions. Trailers and advertisements are also present here. The third disc is the one that sets this package apart. Enclosed here are eight AVN nominated scenes from Pat's Metro library:

1. Terrible Teens AVN Best Gonzo
Little Bit More being a very bad girl with Ben Brat. Deep ass fucking.

2. Early Entries AVN Best Pro-Am Release
Trinity and Lee Stone. Who's the Am?

3. Terrible Teens AVN Best Gonzo
Katrina w/Lee Stone. I draw a blank on this girl, but Lee does his he-man act on her, and she looks pretty damned good.

4. Early Entries AVN Best Pro-Am Release
Marie Lou getting a porn lesson from Mark Davis. I guess it didn't stick because she seems like a one and done type performer.

5. Ass Slaves #2 AVN Best Anal Themed Feature
Here's where things really start to cook. Dana Vespoli getting a taste of the paddle from Mark Ashley before taking an erotic anal reaming that will make you feel like your shorts are on fire.

6. Pat Myne is an Ass Assassin AVN Best Solo Scene
I'm thinking that someone made a grave mistake here. Nothing solo about this scene, unless you're counting Mandy Bright working alone and taking on three cocks in her inimitable fashion. Not for the faint of heart, but a real barn burner.

7. Myne Tease #2 AVN Best Gonzo
Everyone's favorite dyke, Judy Star, giving Mark Davis all he can handle. Black hair pulled back severely to match her gaunt frame and hardcore attitude.

8. Early Entries #4 AVN Best Pro-Am Release
An absolutely stunning Ellen Saint with a couple of very friendly cocks. DP's, A2M's, the whole nine yards. Dillon Day and JJ get deep into that gorgeous kitchen.

Recommendation I would be lukewarm on just the main feature here, but checking the prices for the 3 disc package, I find that a few outlets are selling this between $20 and $25 dollars, making it a great buy and worthy addition to any smut hound's collection.

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