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World Sex Tour 18

World Sex Tour 18

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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NuTTy BuDDy's ratings for World Sex Tour 18:
Overall Rating 3 stars
World Sex Tour 18 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks World Sex Tour 18 Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks World Sex Tour 18 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex World Sex Tour 18 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting World Sex Tour 18 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras World Sex Tour 18 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality World Sex Tour 18 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by NuTTy BuDDy  on  4/3/2002
Ah yes, On the Everlasting Quest to Quench my Thirst for European Women.(Condoms were used for All Vaginal & Anal Sex)
Vince & Mark visit Prague

Scene 1/Laura Angel, Mark Davis & Vince Voyeur: We rightfully Start Off with the World Reknown, Laura Angel. We're in a Room on a Couch, Where Beautiful Laura is wearing A Brown Sun Dress & a Pair of High Heels she doesn't Take off throughout the Scene. Mark & Vince Chat with Laura as she sits Between them, Jerking their Cocks. Laura then gets Fucked, Big Time, By Vince Doggystyle while she Blows Mark. Laura rolls over to her Side to get Spoon Fucked, Still Vigorously Sucking Off Mark. Mark then Fucks Laura Doggystyle while she Blows Vince. If you didn't Know, Laura Angel is a Pro Cocksucker. Any Fan of Porn should Love this Girl, haha. Anyway, Laura hops on Marks Cock for some Anal, Reverse Cowgirl Style, as she Blows Vince. Vince Fucks Beautiful Laura Anally in the Missionary Position & She really likes it, But I'm not sure as much as the Fantastic DP she recieves shortly after. Laura basically FUCKS THEM, Completely Driving this Scene over the Edge with Her DP. She's still so Very eager as Mark & Vince Drop Huge Loads on her Tounge, Chin & Tits. She Sucks their Cocks afterwords. *My Take 1-5* =5

Scene 2/Andrea & Vince Voyeur: Andrea is definitly a Step Down from Beautiful Laura Angel in the Look Department, But she's a Cute Blonde, Kind of Chubby though. She does have on a Pair of High Heels that don't come Off throughout the Scene. The Translator behind the Camera talks to Andrea as she strokes Vince's Cock. This Girl Looks so Confused for whatever Reason. Anyway, Andrea gives Vince some Okay Brains before being Fucked Missionary. They Fuck Cowgirl then Doggystyle before Andrea gets Spooned anally. She Fucks Cowgirl(Anal) for a lil Bit before Receiving a Cum Swab all over her Mouth & Chin. To me this Scene was Mechanical & Andrea, Frankly, Wasn't Attractive. *My Take 1-5" = 1.5

Scene 3/ Jeane, Mark Davis & Vince Voyeur: This Scene was Borderline irritating. Vince kind of gave that Inuendo while Introducing the Scene so I won't Rant too Much. 1st of all, Jeane is Pretty & has a Nice Body. 2nd of All, The Girl speaks No English, Yet Vince & Mark decide to have a Long & Confusing "Interview" with this Girl & her Translator. After about 10 minutes of Complete & Utter Jargon, They get Jeane to Suck their Cocks. She gives them Okay Blowjobs & for whatever Reason leaves the Room & her Average Looking, Blonde Translator ends up Sucking Vince's Cock. Jeane comes back, out of the Woodworks, And the Translator Leaves. Vince then Starts fucking Jeane Doggystyle while she sucks Off Mark. Mark Fucks Jeane Reverse Cowgirl while she sucks off Vince. Then Vince does the Same while she Sucks Off Mark. Then she fucks Vince Cowgirl while she Blows Vince. During this, The Dense Blonde Translator starts talking to them while their fucking, Completly ruining this Scene. Jeane seems Distracted throughout Most of this Scene. Anyway, Vince then fucks her Missionary while she Blows Mark. Both End Up Cumming on her Tounge, Chin & Neck, But No Post Cum Head. *My Take 1-5*= 3

Scene 4/ Jennifer, Mark Davis & Vince Voyeur: Jennifer is a Dark haired, Pale Skinned, Exceptionally Pretty girl from Prague. She's wearing a Black See-through Shirt, Black Panties & a Pair of High Heels she doesn't Take off Throughout the Scene. We Start with Jennifer Sucking Vince's Cock while Mark eats her Pussy. She then sits on the Couch Between them, Going Back & forth, Sucking Both their Cocks. She's defnitly a Great Cocksucker. We then get to see Jennifer get Royally Fucked by Vince Voyeur, Doggystyle, While She sucks Off Mark. The Doggystyle Segment is a Scorcher. She then Sits on Mark's Cock, Reverse Cowgirl & Sucks Off Vince. Then Mark gets his Turn Doggystyle with her. They then Fuck Her Missionary, Doggystyle(Anal), Reverse Cowgirl(Anal) & give her a Nice Anabolic DP. Surely not better than the Laura Angel DP but it does Justice. Jennifer then Takes 2 Great facials from Mark & Vince & Gives them greaaaat Post Cum Head. *My take 1-5*= 4 1/2

Scene 5/ Marina, Mark Davis & Vince Voyeur: Marina is a Fairly attractive Redhead wearing absolutely nothing on a Bed. She Blows both Guys & Gets her Pussy eat out by Mark. Mark then fucks her Missionary Style while She sucks Vince's Cock. Vince takes her Doggystyle & This Guy must be the Doggystyle Champ because he makes Mark's Performances Pale in Comparison. Anyway, She Fucks Mark Reverse Cowgirl & Gets Fucked Up the Ass, Missionary by Mark as well. She then Takes a DP, where in my opinion, Looks like she doens't even Enjoy. After a pretty akward DP she takes one Facial from Mark & A Pretty Akward Facial as Vince Sprinkles his Condom Contents on Her Face(????), Why. *My Take 1-5"= 2 1/2

Scene 6/ Olivia De Treville, Mark Davis & Vince Voyeur: I've seen Olivia in Dirty Deals and she was Super Hot. No Exception here either as Vince & Mark Eagerly await To Fuck her. Olivia is a Skinny Brunette with Big Tits & a Nice ass. Her Beautiful Face is her Maine Advantage. Anyway, Olivia gives Vince a Fucking Excellent Blow Job while Mark is Behind Him, Servicing Himself(Couldn't get it Up). But he does, And Starts Fucking Olvia from Behind while she keeps giving her Fantastic head to Vince. Olivia then gets Fucked Reverse Cowgirl by Vince & Blows Mark. Mark then Fucks Beautiful Olivia, Missionary, Then Doggy again, Before Both men give her a Breath taking Double Facial. WHAT A FACIAL!. She Sucks their Cocks eagerly Afterwords. Excellent Scene. *My Take 1-5*= 5

Sum it Up: As a Whole, You'd probably just Want to Rent this Film. It's Not Bad but it's Not Good. Laura Angel & Olivia really Deliver Excellent Performances. Jennifer was Up there too but the Other 3 Girls were either Average or just Plain Ugly(eghm, Andrea). If your a True Laura Angel or Olivia De Treville Fan, You'll Enjoy both Scenes, A LOT. The Lighting & Camera Work wasn't Amateur But the Overall Product isn't even close to Anabolic/Voyeur/Davis Standards. I've seen other "World Sex Tour" Installments & this one just doesn't Cut it.

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