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Women Seeking Women 87

Women Seeking Women 87

Studio: Girlfriends Films
Category:  All Girl
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Women Seeking Women 87:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Women Seeking Women 87 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Women Seeking Women 87 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Women Seeking Women 87 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Women Seeking Women 87 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Women Seeking Women 87 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Women Seeking Women 87 DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Women Seeking Women 87 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/22/2013

Running Time: 203 min.

Production Date: None given

Director: None credited

Cast: Cytherea, Dana DeArmond, Julia Ann, Kristen Price, Molly Bennett, Natasha Nice, Sammie Rhodes, and Siri

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very nicely done. The audio is clear and nicely balanced without any background noises to interfere with it. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks good. The lighting is nicely done and realistic, the camera work is steady, and the picture is decently clear.

The Movie: Each installment of the long running and hugely award winning Women Seeking Women series collects four very loosely related scenes focusing on lesbian action, romance, and seduction.

Scene 1 Kirsten Price and Sammie Rhodes

Bottle blonde Sammie starts out under the covers rubbing her nub while thinking of a past love that she's having a very hard time getting over. She's more than surprised when her solo session is interrupted by a call from the object of her affection and gets out of bed and dressed to meet her for a date at her place. Sammie sets things up and lays back to doggie herself a bit more hoping to satisfy one of her fantasies by cumming right as the doorbell is rung. Kirsten arrives and rings the bell just as Sammie rings her own and strips off her panties to go answer the door. They chat in the doorway a bit before Sammie invites her in and they sit down at the table to talk about Kirsten's trip to France over a bottle of red wine. Kirsten tells her about the shopping, food, and wine as well as showing off her new tattoo and telling her the story behind it. Kristen heads to the bathroom to freshen up, and when she returns quicker than Sammie expected finds Sammie masturbating while fantasizing about her. She approaches from behind and lets her hands wander down from Sammie's shoulders to tits before kissing her and grinding on her lap as their hands wander around each other a bit. They continue to kiss after moving to a couch with Kirsten sucking Sammie's tits before laying back for Sammie to kiss her way around her sexy panties and black fishnet-clad legs. Sammie also mixes in a little titty sucking before stripping off Kirsten's pussy to eagerly eat her. She lays back for Kirsten to sit on her face before Kirsten moves down to eat and finger her bald beaver in return. The girls kiss and trib before sixty-nining followed by Sammie moving down to eat Kirsten to one last orgasm. Finally the girls hold each other as they kiss passionately while the camera pans away.

Scene 2 Julia Ann and Molly Bennett

Smoking hot busty bottle blonde MILF Julia wants to be desired, and loves to play with girls rather than to fall in love with them. She flashes back to how she met cute dishwater blonde Molly, starting with earlier the day cleaning house in a white shirt and flowery panties. She slides on a pair of rolled up jeans before giving Molly some direction for the gardening she showed up to do and then heads inside to eye her as she works. After a bit Julia invites Molly in for a glass of water and to chat with Molly telling her about her fashion aspirations and Julia's past in the fashion industry. Julia brings Molly back to the bedroom to show her a few pieces and lets her know she can try them on before also telling Molly she can shower up first when Molly's afraid of being too dirty after working outside. Julia peeps on her a bit and helps her dry off before seducing her into a kiss and then has Molly lay on the bed to give her a bit of a back rub. She strips off her jeans and kisses her way around Molly's back before having Molly lay back so she can eat her bald pussy and work on it with a cordless magic wand vibe. Julia lays back for Molly to grind against her briefly before moving down to eat her pussy. She comes up so they can kiss before Julia plays with her pussy a bit more and then Molly help work the vibe on her pussy as they kiss. They kiss and trib a little more before Julia eats Molly and then close things with a little more tender kissing and caressing before Molly heads out for the day.

Scene 3 Natasha Nice and Siri

Busty bottle blonde Siri wants to be lusted after and somebody's addiction, especially on a day she finds extremely boring until meeting hot busty brunette Natasha. They chat with Natasha telling Siri she writes for a lesbian magazine and would like to interview her along with giving her a kiss before Natasha heads out with a smile. Siri worries about the interview and what to wear before Natasha arrives and they head out to have a picnic as they do the interview. They talk about what she likes about girls and her experiences before the interview turns a bit more conversational as Natasha answers some of Siri's about some of her lesbian explorations. They head back to Natasha's place as the bug seem to be coming out for their picnic and move right to the bedroom where they start to caress and kiss each other. Natasha helps Siri out of her top to worship her big boobies with Siri helping her out of her top in return. They suck each other's nipples, as well as their own, as they play with Natasha leading the way seeming like she can't get enough of Siri's tits. She lays back for Siri to eat her pussy before eagerly eating Siri's holes as she lays back in return. They mix in a little minor foot worship and some tribbing before Siri has Natasha get on all fours so she can eat her holes from behind with plenty of focus on the ass eating. The girls go back to playing with each other's tits as Siri lays back and lets Natasha straddle her before Natasha moves down to eat her again. The girls kiss a little more as the camera fades out.

Scene 4 Cytherea and Dana DeArmond

Brunette Dana wants to be loved rather than desired or lusted after, and more specifically wants it that night with her married friend Cytherea. Things start to fall in place for her when Cytherea's husband is called in to work at the hospital leaving them alone that night. After a couple comments about sex they decide to have some wine and talk about old times where Dana confesses her love for Cytherea only to have Cytherea lean in to kiss her. They head out to a pair of poor chairs where they continue to kiss before Cytherea teases Dana kissing her way from her shoes up to her pussy before Dana rolls her back to kiss her as they play with each other. They roll around to trib before Dana moves in to eat Cytherea's pussy and finger her to a squirt. Dana lays back for Cytherea to eat her in return before they sixty-nine. They go to a purse for Dana to break out a vibe that helps Cytherea to squirt a couple more times before they play with each other and trib with Cytherea continuing to squirt. Dana gets on all fours for Cytherea to fuck her with the toy and bring her more orgasms before they close things out kissing passionately while holding each other in their arms.

Women Seeking Women 87 makes it easy to see why this series has won so many accolades over the years. Not only is the sex hot, but the setups show some very nice effort and do a great job of giving the scenes some actual backbone rather than letting them just be transparent fluff. Sammie's masturbation and infatuation with Kirsten starts things out very nicely, and there's tremendous chemistry between them. I love Julia Ann's seduction of Molly, and the scene moves along very nicely with some good peeping footage as Julia seduces her. Natasha and Siri's scene might be my favorite in the movie, and I love not just how Natasha drives the scene but how into Siri and her big tits she is. Finally there's Dana and Cytherea, which is every bit as solid as I hoped with performers of their stature. Both act very well through the opening, and the squirting helps the scene stand even further apart from the others. That variety might be the most important and impressive thing about Women Seeking Women 87, as every scene seems completely unique and separate rather than feeling like something's being rehashed from scene to scene. There's a nice variety to the sex acts as well as the moods, and it helps Women Seeking Women 87 to be a great all girl release that shows why this series has earned as much attention as it has over time.

The Extras: As usual with Girlfriends' DVDs, you get a few trailers, promos, a replay of the closing credits, and internet information.

Final Thoughts: If you've enjoyed other installments of this series, odds are you'll find plenty more to like here.

Note to Girlfriends Films: You do a great job with the overall movies, but it would be nice to see you put a little effort into your extras as well.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me.

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