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Women Seeking Women 58

Women Seeking Women 58

Studio: Girlfriends Films
Category:  All Girl
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Women Seeking Women 58:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Women Seeking Women 58 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Women Seeking Women 58 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Women Seeking Women 58 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Women Seeking Women 58 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Women Seeking Women 58 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Women Seeking Women 58 DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Women Seeking Women 58 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/14/2010

The Little Details

Running Time: 154 min.

Production Date: 11 / 20 / 2009

Director: Dan O'Connell

Cast: Bobbi Starr, Juliana Jolene, Karlie Montana, Kendra Banx, Sadie West, Sabrina Star (listed here as Sasha Hart), Sunny Lane, and Zoe Britton

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: I've been really liking what I've seen from Girlfriends Films. I'm looking forward to this one.

Initial Reaction: It's a great movie on a DVD that could use a touch more effort overall.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting long all girl scenes focusing on chemistry and sex without toys or nastiness

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting all girl scenes that are about toys or nastiness

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are okay. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I didn't notice any background noises that really interfered with the action. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and is a little weak. The camera work is smooth, but there's a touch of grain to the presentation. The bigger problem is that the lighting is a bit inconsistent with some areas being very nicely lit while others are a bit overlit causing the colors to wash and the picture to get very flat.

Music: There's a little soft music to start each scene that quickly drops to being very quiet in the background as soon as the action starts to build.

Menus: The main menu is a bit bland, and blends a still of the boxcover with a few clips from the movie for a fairly generic first impression. The chapter menu, however, shows a bit of care and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and the names of the women in it.

The Feature

The Women Seeking Women series gives viewers just that. Each scene revolves around one woman setting her sights on another, and she knows just what she wants. There's a bit of a lead-in for each scene, and the scenes are well drawn out without every getting nasty or bringing in any toys.

Scene 1 – Bobbi Starr and Sadie West

When Sadie returns to the town where Bobbi's living from her life in the bigger city, she and Bobbi chat about her big move. Sadie lets Bobbi know that she found an apartment but asks to stay the night at Bobbi's because she can't move in until the next day. Bobbi lets her know that they'll have to share a bed due to somebody else messing up bad. Sadie has Bobbi show her the room, and when she spots a massage table and learns that Bobbi has been studying massage therapy for about six months insists on a massage that Bobbi readily gives as they continue to chat. As they chat Bobbi confesses to being into girls, as well as having her eye on Sadie after giving her many clues. Sadie rolls over and lets Bobbi continue to run her hands around body, as well as to kiss her nipples and neck. She hesitates when Bobbi asks to kiss her, but quickly gets into it when Bobbi leans down to softly kiss her and slide her tongue into her mouth. Bobbi slides a hand down to start playing with Sadie's pussy as they kiss, and mixes in a bit of titty sucking and nibbling. They move to the bed where Bobbi caresses and kisses Sadie's back before moving down to lightly admire her pussy as well. Sadie rolls over so they can grind against each other with both girls partially dressed as she returns Bobbi's caresses and sucks Bobbi's nipples. Bobbi moves down to lick and finger her pussy before coming back up to grind against her a bit more. Bobbi moves up to ride Sadie's tongue before they kiss passionately while holding each other close and looking completely spent.

This is a fantastic scene. At nearly forty five minutes the scene definitely takes its time, but does so in just the right way letting every moment build the chemistry between Bobbi and Sadie. The setup is fairly simple, but it works, and I love how long it takes for the girls to completely strip down. I know some might complain about the lack of toys or how the action is a little limited, and I'll admit that there's a very small part of me that wanted a little more out of Sadie in the scene, but at the same time it works extremely well because of how well the girls do play their roles and how much the chemistry builds between them. This is a smoking hot scene that far exceeded my already high expectations.

Scene 2 – Sunny Lane and Zoe Britton

Extra cute strawberry blonde Sunny heads out of a house and into the neighboring house to let brunette Zoe know how hot it is in the guest house. Zoe has Sunny relax as she cools off with a cool towel and lets her know that she feels so bad about it that she'll take a bit off the rent because of it. They talk about Sunny's school and how Sunny's studying a little about massage therapy now which Zoe used to do. Zoe offers her a massage that Sunny willingly accepts with the hope of learning a few new tricks before Sunny strips down, they spread a few towels out on the bed, and Zoe starts to oil her up and rub her down. Sunny rolls over and helps Zoe out of her dress so she doesn't get the massage oil all over it, and soon after they're kissing passionately. Zoe oils her up for a little more massaging, and makes sure to get in a bit of kissing and titty sucking before Sunny offers to massage her in return. She makes sure to get in a few tastes of Zoe's tits after stripping off her bra, and kisses her way around Zoe's back before oiling her up and giving her a bit of a rub. Sunny makes sure to mix in a few kisses before moving back down to admire Zoe's ass and to eat her pussy from behind with a little finger play mixed in. They taste Sunny's fingers before she lays back to let Zoe eat her in return. After Zoe eats her a bit she grinds against Sunny and then moves down to lick her ass while fingering her pussy. They roll around to kiss and grind against each other a bit more before the scene fades out looking like there might be just a little more to go between the girls.

This is another very hot scene. Yes, the setup is a bit generic, but Zoe and Sunny do make it fun and easy enough to get through and to the action that people really want to see. There's great chemistry between the girls right from the start, and they keep a very fun feeling as well. The addition of a little asslicking was a nice change, and there's no shortage of smiles as the scene goes on. This is another very enjoyable scene.

Scene 3 – Juliana Jolene and Kendra Banx

Bottle blondes Juliana and Kendra check out the view behind the house with younger Kendra telling Juliana that she'll make her go for walks with her down below despite being afraid of things like rattlesnakes. Kendra takes her inside to show Juliana her room, which is very basic and barely even furnished, before taking her around the rest of the house. They decide to go out to a movie and the club before sharing a bed for the night with Kendra playing with Juliana's hair and snuggling close to her as they chat before giving her a few soft kisses. Juliana isn't quite sure how to react, but Kendra knows what she wants and continues to kiss her softly while her hand wanders around Juliana's body. Kendra starts playing with Juliana's pussy and gives it some good fingerplay to get her going before opening up her top to play with her nipples. Juliana resists taking off her pants, but Kendra slides them off for her so she can play with her pussy a little more and give her a nice orgasm. Kendra takes her top off so Juliana can suck her nipples in return before Juliana moves on to play with her pussy as they kiss. They kiss and play back and forth a little more with Juliana even going down to lick and finger Kendra's cunt until she has a nice orgasm. Juliana moves up and kisses Kendra passionately as they gently grind against each other before they bring things to a close with a bit more soft kissing.

Not surprisingly, this is another very hot scene. Once again the action is very well drawn out, and the chemistry is off the charts. I love how Juliana goes from being almost reluctant to get it on with Kendra to being in the more dominant role, and Kendra definitely gives as good as she gets. This is yet another great scene.

Scene 4 – Karlie Montana and Sabrina Star

Auburn haired Karlie shows up at the house to drop off some drapes with brunette Sabrina. Sabrina shows her where she was thinking they'd go, but when Karlie pulls them out Sabrina tells her that the fabric is wrong. Karlie tries to get the check before leaving since they need it to make rent, but when push comes to shove Karlie goes on her back on the bed with Sabrina pinning her down telling her that she's going to have to do certain things to get the check. Karlie isn't quite happy with the arrangement, but agrees to do it and starts to strip down for Sabrina to check her out as she licks her way across Karlie's chest. Sabrina strips off her top and helps Karlie out of her panties before munching away between her thighs, and then lets Karlie return the favor along with a little finger play after stripping off her own panties. The girls take turns worshiping each other from behind as well as working each other over as the other lies on her back. They finish things up with a little passionate kissing as well as a few smiles with Karlie on top and both girls looking completely satisfied.

This is yet another very nicely done scene. The opening is a bit different from the others, and nicely works in some of the darker themes that Girlfriends Films has done so well in some of their other releases. There's a very nice balance between the girls, and the scene moves along at a nice pace. This is a good scene to close the movie with.

Women Seeking Women 58 makes it very easy to see why this series was nominated for the Best Girl / Girl Series for the 2009 XRCO awards. The scenes are never rushed, and there's plenty of focus put into the chemistry between the girls. The action is never nasty, but it works so well that things like nastiness or toy play might almost come off as a crutch and would definitely draw away from the play between the ladies in each scene. I think the opening scene between Bobbi Starr and Sadie West might be my favorite, but there really isn't a bad scene in the entire movie with every scene coming off far above average. Women Seeking Women 58 is a great all girl movie that's definitely worth checking out.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery lasts about a minute and a half with about six seconds per okay looking full screen photo. Trailers are included for Backstage Girls, Field of Schemes 2, Lesbian Seductions 22, Imperfect Angels 6, Twisted Passions 5, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 5, and Lesbian Triangles 14, and Road Queen 8. There's also a bit of promo material.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: All girl and rimming (female > female)

Raincoat Factor: Medium high

Condom Usage: None needed

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Girlfriends Films DVDs can be found online for between about $15 and $24 with a few stores offering them near the low end. If you're a fan of all girl action focusing on chemistry, this one's going to be well worth your money. No, there isn't any effort put into extras and the technical aspects could use a touch more work, but the chemistry between the girls in each scene is off the charts and almost completely makes up for it. There's never any toys or nastiness, but the girls look to be having such a great time that they just aren't needed. Although the overall DVD could use a little more effort, this is still a very nice all girl release.

Note to Girlfriends Films: You're doing a great job with your movies. I wish you'd put a little effort into your extras so the DVD as a whole could stand up against your movies rather than having your DVDs always leaving me wanting a little more even with a great movie.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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