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Women Seeking Women 57

Women Seeking Women 57

Studio: Girlfriends Films
Category:  All Girl
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Captain Tight Pants's ratings for Women Seeking Women 57:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Women Seeking Women 57 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Women Seeking Women 57 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Women Seeking Women 57 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Women Seeking Women 57 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Women Seeking Women 57 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Women Seeking Women 57 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Women Seeking Women 57 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Captain Tight Pants  on  12/3/2009

Women Seeking Women 57

Brief Synopsis

Women Seeking Women is a really good series. The films are all about seduction. This installment is above average compared to other WSW and better than average compared to most all-girl movies. The lead-ins are better and shorter than the typical WSW. I also liked the looks of the cast better than the average WSW. The sex scenes had a lot of kissing and were long and passionate. There were toys used in only one scene. There were just four scenes, which is typical of most WSW.

Overall: A-


The films in the Women Seeking Women series are about seduction. The women are usually beautiful, many of them only appear in all-girl movies, and some of them are older. Iíve seen about ten of the movies from this series and Iíve liked every single one of them. In 2008 and 2009 this series won the AVN award for best all-girl series. However, Itís rare that I like every scene in a WSW movie. Iím not a fan of older women, and they sometimes use older women in their scenes. Finally, The lead-ins can be pretty bad. I like lead-ins; I like it when they can lay a foundation for the sex part of the scene. But sometimes WSW scenes have a 10-minute lead-in, and only the last minute actually contributes to the scene.


Like most Girlfriends Films the settings are some really nice houses. The audio and video quality is top notch. Lighting is very good: Its just a little soft. The menus are very easy to navigate. There are plenty of chapter markers for each scene. The scene selection menu includes the girlís names and animated clips. Music is played at the beginning of each scene. Itís basically background music that fades out as the action begins. The music isnít bad and maybe a notch above the stuff in typical porn.

Running Time: 2:30


All the sex scenes are very long. The sex is pretty passionate and authentic looking. There is nothing abusive or any over the top acting and screaming.

Although some of these girls are in their late twenties or early thirties they are all very pretty with nice (or very nice) bodies. I mention this because sometimes I donít like the looks of the ďolderĒ women Girlfriends uses.

Scene 1 - Claire Adams and Ezanni Solei

I havenít seen Clair Adams before in a movie but she isnít new. According to IMDB, she has been performing since 2005 and has already made over thirty titles. Girlfriends Films must really like her Ė she has been in five of their movies this year. She must be in her late twenties and is beautiful with pale skin and red hair.

I havenít seen Ezanni before either. But thatís because she is brand new. She has been in only three movies so far. She is a black woman with big double D breasts.

This scene is about 34 minutes long. The lead-in is very short compared to most WSW scenes; itís about 2 minutes long. Claire and Ezzani are both in silky red dresses.

In this scene Claire is taking on boarders. Ezanni comes by to look at the place and is seduced by Claire. Claire first tries to kiss and fondle her. Ezanni is reluctant but doesnít object too strongly. Pretty soon Ezzani is partly undressed and Claire is sucking on her huge breasts. Slowly Ezanni warms up to Claire. From there, Claire finishes undressing her, then caresses her and kisses her.Claire rubs and eats Ezanniís pussy. Claire takes out her magic wand and uses it on Ezzaniís pussy. Then Claire dons a strap on and fucks Ezzani in mish, cowgirl and then mish again. Finally Claire gets her pussy eaten by Ezanni. Claire uses the magic wand on Ezanni some more. The women kiss and cuddle at the end of the scene.

After seeing this scene Iím going to become a big fan of Claireís. Her performance was really hot Ė she was very seductive and passionate.

Scene 2 - Jessica Bangkok and Wenona

Iíve seen Jessica in a number of movies. Although she has only been in the business for a couple of years she has already been in 70 movies. She performs in all kinds of movies but I think this is her first Girlfriends Film. Jessica is a very pretty Asian woman with a voluptuous figure.

Wenona is almost brand new. According to IMDB she made a couple of movies in 2004 and this is her first one since. Wenona has a pretty face and a very athletic body.

This scene is about 50 minutes long. The lead-in is about 6 minutes long. I sometimes complain about the long pointless lead-ins that WSW uses but this one isnít bad. The girlsí chatting is really natural. Plus they look really good. Jessica is in a tight clingy pink dress and Wenona is dressed in a tank top and shorts.

Jessica has invited her new coworker, Wenona, home to get acquainted. They talk about work and the conversation drifts into personal things. It turns out Wenona visits S&M clubs and that Jessica has a bunch of toys. Jessica shows off her toys to Wenona. Jessica wants to see what Wenona is in to so Wenona ties her up. Strangely enough with that beginning the scene never gets very kinky. Wenona unties Jessica after a little while and the toys never get used.

While Jessica is tied up, Wenono kisses and caresses her to turn her on. After Jessica is turned on she gets untied and both girls undress. Then there is lots of pussy rubbing, fingering, and pussy eating. The girls work on each other till they have orgasms more times than I could keep count. Throughout the scene the girls are very passionate. This is a very hot scene.

Scene 3 - Dana DeArmond and Juliana Jolene

Dana is one of my favorite girls. She must also be a favorite of Girlfriends Films Ė she has been in over twenty of their movies. In this scene she has braces. Iíve seen her in braces in another movie just recently but I donít remember her needing them before. Anyway, she still is plenty hot.

I have never seen Juliana before but she has been in eight Girlfriends films. She is a voluptuous blonde. She has a cute spattering of freckles on her nose and some really big breasts.

This scene is 35 minutes long. Like the first scene the lead in is very short, just 4 minutes. In this scene Dana is applying to become Julianaís boarder. To seal the deal, Dana is looking for some ďextrasĒ.

The girls start kissing. Then they mutually appreciate each otherís breasts. After that there is lots of pussy rubbing, fingering, and pussy eating. The girls really seem to be turned on. This is another excellent scene.

Scene 4 - Justine Joli and ZoŽ Britton

Justine is another one of my favorites. She is a real beauty. She has been in the business for 9 years and has changed her hairstyle and the shade of her red hair at least that many times. Now she has a very sophisticated short haircut and a natural appearing shade of red hair. She has also added a nose ring that I had to avoid looking at through the scene.

ZoŽ must be Girlfriends Filmís latest favorite. She has appeared in eight of their movies. She is a pretty brunette with a semi-voluptuous body.

This scene starts off with Justine and ZoŽ catching up. They are in Justineís backyard. ZoŽ is in a pretty dress and Justine is in a tank top, skirt and tights. Then ZoŽ leaves. Later that night Justine dreams of her. I donít think Iíve ever seen a dream sequence in a Women Seeking Women scene before.

This scene is 27 minutes long and the dream sequence starts just 3 minutes into the scene. It starts with Justine in her bed alone and masturbating. Then both girls are in bed together and just in their panties. After a little kissing and caressing, Justine goes to work on ZoŽís pussy. The rest of the scene is the girls taking turns pleasing each other with kisses, caresses, rubbing, fingering and pussy eating. I have yet to see a scene with Justine in it that I didnít like, this was no exception.


There are eight trailers and another eight promo reels. There is just a promo reel that is about 8 minutes long. There is also a photo gallery containing 28 pictures that are scene sized. In the slide show mode it lasts 2 minutes and has some nice background music.


This installment is above average compared to other WSW and way above average compared to most all-girl movies. If you like lead-ins, beautiful women, and long passionate sex scenes, you should like any of the movies in this series. The lead-ins in this movie really work and are shorter than average. There are toys used in just one scene. I liked every scene in this movie, which is something I canít say about every WSW. I also thought the cast was better looking than the typical WSW. Of course, viewersí ideas of female beauty vary. I sometimes donít like the girls cast in this series. There are some regulars that I donít care to see. However, I liked the looks of all the girls in this movie. And the regular stars they cast in this movie are some of my favorites. I also like to see some fresh new faces and they had a few of those, too.

Some of my favorites in this series are 31, 35, 42, 47 and 48.

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