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Women on Top Of Men

Women on Top Of Men

Studio: Venus Girls
Category:  All Sex , Fetish
Directed by: , ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Bob's ratings for Women on Top Of Men:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Women on Top Of Men overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Women on Top Of Men Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Women on Top Of Men Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Women on Top Of Men Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Women on Top Of Men Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Women on Top Of Men DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Women on Top Of Men A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Bob  on  10/30/2005

This is the first in a new line of videos from Venus Girls Productions. The premise -- sexually aggressive women using men as fuck-toys -- is novel and intriguing. The movie was co-directed by Tall Goddess, a neophyte, and Henri Pachard, an old hand.


The box cover is classy looking, with a nice design for the title, beautiful photography and visual composition, and clearly and prominently displayed cast credits. The back cover offers a nice mix of symmetrically arranged screen shots from the movie.

Scene One: Mika Tan and Kris Slater

The set-up is that Mika is Kris's employee and he calls her in to chew her out for her less-than-stellar work. You can tell he's an asshole, but Mika seems to have a bit of a crush on him anyway. Mika is dressed in a formal business suit and is wearing black-rimmed glasses.

While Kris is yammering away, Mika begins to tease the tip of her pen with her lips and tongue in a very sexy way. Then she drifts off into a fantasy in which she takes charge of him sexually. She pushes him back on his desk and strips away her jacket and skirt to reveal a black bustier, a black garter belt, and black silk stockings. She dominates him from above, grinding her pussy first into his face and then onto his cock.

Mika is incredibly sexy during the scene (and, as we learn in the behind-the-scenes footage, she's bright, charming, and funny, too). She's talking nasty and trying to have fun. Unfortunately, Kris is very passive. He says little and gives no impression that he's enjoying himself. She's generating all the heat, but it isn't enough to put the scene over. After the fantasy sequence ends, Mika falls back into her mousy role. Her fantasy has not been empowering or transformative for her in any way, which was a "dramatic" disappointment to me. Also, as attractive as Mika's attire was during the scene, I wanted to see more of her luscious body.

The scene also posed a number of technical problems for me. The camera never seemed to be in exactly the right place. Some of the editing was choppy. The sound wasn't great, and much of the looping was clumsy. The visual quality was inconsistent; in places, the performers look bleached-out.

Scene Two: Jenaveve Jolie, Nicki Hunter, and James Deen

The scene begins at the very end of a sex session on an ottoman among Jenaveve, Nicki, and James. After Jenaveve has an orgasm, the ladies move away to the dining table to talk by themselves, while James lies abandoned on the ottoman on the other side of the room -- naked, nonplussed, and limp-dicked. The ladies look as if they have just returned from a fancy brunch; they're wearing their Sunday best: black suits, garters, panties, and stockings, high heels, and elegant, broad-brimmed hats. They ignore James, chatting away about going shopping and getting their nails done.

Finally, they return their attention to James, coaxing him into a hard-on. They proceed to fuck in a variety of positions. As always, Nicki gave an enthusiastic and vocal performance. Jenaveve, although gorgeous to look at, displayed very little verbal or physical energy. Worst of all was James, who seemed hapless and checked out.

The women's clothing really got in the way for me during this scene. Jenaveve remained much too covered up, which was frustrating. It was difficult to see her beautiful ass, not to mention the penetration, during a cowgirl segment. Even worse, those Sunday hats stayed on the girls' heads the entire time. I'm sure this was intended as a stylistic touch, but I thought it back-fired. The gals seemed much less focused on fucking than on keeping their outfits intact. I would have liked it better if the ladies had started off all dolled-up and then torn off every stitch of clothing in the heat of passion. (Tough on the wardrobe budget no doubt, but art has its price.)

This scene, too, had technical problems. The camera-work was static, the lighting was inconsistent, and the bleaching effect was again in evidence.

Scene Three: Shy Love and James Deen

The scene begins with Shy and James in the shower. The shower has a bath spigot, too, and Shy is crouching above it fingering her pussy while the water trickles out (why she wasn't under the stream of water, letting it dance on her clit, is a mystery to me). Eventually, she and James go at it. Shy dominates James unconvincingly; he submits listlessly. The scene goes absolutely nowhere.

This scene had perhaps the worst technical problems of all. The lighting was too dark and both performers' skin had a brown-green hue. The water ran from the faucet during the entire scene, ruining the sound of the performers' voices and generally grating on my nerves. The scene was shot with a limited number of static camera set-ups that didn't show-off Shy very well or communicate any flow of action. The editing was jerky.

Scene Four: Felix Vicious and Nic Lanchey

This one was THE SHIT! It came close to making up for the rest of the film's shortcomings. The entire scene was photographed in flattering sepia tones, which lent to its dreamy, nostalgic quality. It opens with Felix Vicious reclining on a couch, decked out in pearls, silk gloves, and retro lingerie, including a pillbox hat with a fishnet veil. She's so sexy looking, with her slender, soft-looking body, and her natural, C-cup boobs topped with those pink, creamy nipples. As Felix lies there, she's fantasizing and masturbating. Along comes Nic. She tells him to eat her pussy; she commands him to fuck her; she calls him a horny bitch. She's a horny bitch, too. Her pussy is glistening with juice.

The chemistry between the two performers is great; they are both really into it. Felix is aggressive without being dominating, an important difference. Her goal isn't to mind-fuck him; it's to get him to fuck her brains out and make her cum hard. He does his job with evident enthusiasm.

This scene was also technically masterful. Color and lighting were fabulous. The camera work was consistently fluid and interesting; the camera was always shooting exactly what I wanted to see. Editing was seamless and the sound was great.


Scene Five: Brittney Skye, Alexis Amore, and Seth Dickens

Seth is a real estate agent and Brittney and Alexis are prospective buyers to whom he's showing a house. The first half of this scene is incredibly choppy. First, Alexis, Brittney, and Seth are sitting on the sofa talking. Cut to Seth showing Alexis the large walk-in shower. Cut back to the three of them on the sofa talking. Cut to Alexis masturbating on the floor of the shower. Cut back to the three on sofa; cut back to Alexis in the shower, etc. Next, the three start to go at it. Cut to Brittney watching and masturbating. Cut back to the threesome. Cut to Brittney watching and masturbating. Cut back to the threesome, cut back to Brittney, etc. You get the idea. The constant cutting between unrelated sequences ruined the sexual “narrative” and thus the heat of this part of the scene.

To make matters worse, Brittney and Alexis are not performers I particularly like to watch. Both have unpleasantly hard-looking bodies. Both have fake-looking boob jobs; in fact, Alexis's breasts are so large relative to her petite frame that they look almost comical. Both have faces that are striking rather than pretty, and they both have too much tattooing for my taste.

Nonetheless, the women save the second half of the scene with really good sexual energy. The three all end up in the shower together, where Brittney and Alexis make Nick into the meat for a rousing fuck-sandwich. As in the Felix/James scene, the dynamic here between the performers is not one of domination/submission but of vocal and aggressive sexual sharing. The three fondle, fuck, and suck in shifting and stimulating combinations. Although there is a lot of cutting in this part of the scene, too, it's done more deftly to communicate the variety and feverishness of the sex. In this scene (as contrasted with Scene 3, the lighting in the shower was good and very flattering to the women. The images were nicely sharp in focus, and the sound was fine.


Behind-the-Scenes Footage, Behind-the-Scenes Slide Show, Photo Gallery, and Trailers.

The BTS footage was mostly focused on Tall Goddess interacting with Mika Tan in preparation for the first scene. Both women are smart and charming - a pleasure to watch and get to know a bit, albeit vicariously.

The BTS slide-show was pleasant simply because it showed what a beautiful woman Tall Goddess is even when she's not made-up and dressed-up for a film shoot.

Final Thoughts:

Although this movie was wildly uneven, I'm impressed by Tall Goddess's ambition to create sex films with a different dynamic. I like watching women who are aggressive during sex; I like to see them take charge. But I prefer a fluid power exchange among all participants, male and female. As I noted above, there is a huge distinction for me between a female dominant/male submissive scenario (which bores me) and an energized, aggressive, and bilaterally nasty pairing (which excites me). This movie is weakest when it depicts the former, strongest when it depicts the latter. A movie like this demands really good performances to bring it off. The next time around, I'd like to see more attention paid to casting the right guys for these kinds of roles and maybe having them rehearse a bit with the ladies beforehand. Finally, there were no internal chapter stops, which I would have liked.

I look forward to seeing future volumes in the series, when Tall Goddess's ideas will be honed more keenly and her technical chops will be stronger. I feel confident that these improvements will be forthcoming.

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