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Women on Top Of Men

Women on Top Of Men

Studio: Venus Girls
Category:  All Sex , Fetish
Directed by: , ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Women on Top Of Men:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Women on Top Of Men overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Women on Top Of Men Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Women on Top Of Men Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Women on Top Of Men Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Women on Top Of Men Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Women on Top Of Men DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Women on Top Of Men A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  10/30/2005
Prologue Legendary director Henri Pachard has teamed up with Tall Goddess to bring a themed video that I've always found appealing. Women taking control of their pleasure and using men to facilitate it. No grinning and bearing it here. The cast has a couple of my favorites, Mika Tan and Nicki Hunter. World class beauty Jenavieve Jolie is on hand and veterans Alexis Amore, Brittney Skye, Shy Love and Felix Vicious round out the cast. No ingenues here and all of them should have some idea as to how they like it. As for me, if the ladies enjoy themselves, I'm good.
Kris Slater is furious. He calls in his underling Mika Tan to ream her out about some mistakes she made on a document. He's spewing venom. Mika's just sitting quietly taking notes. She starts to zone him out and starts daydreaming. Her pen is bobbing into her mouth like a little phallus and her thighs start to rub together. Mika's clearly horny. She walks up to Kris, opens her jacket revealing a corset and bare breasts, and puts his head in her cleavage. I know they're enhanced, but damn that looks good. She's all over Kris, pinching his nipples and fingering his mouth. She pulls out his cock to see if he's as big a prick on the inside as he is on the outside. Mika sucks his cock till he's hard enough to give her pleasure, then rides in CG. She holds him by his tie as her ass bobs up and down on his cock. Slapping him a couple of times, Mika trash talks her abusive boss. She moves over to ride his face and makes him lick her ass. Watching her rub her pussy in his face like a bitch in heat is totally hot. Back on the stiff dick, Mika orders Kris to please her. Going back to his tongue for a taste of her pussy juice, then an aggressive kiss before shedding some clothing and sitting on his cock in RC. Mika gets off and sits on Kris' face again, first rubbing her pussy, then smothering him with her ass.She pulls him by his tie to the desk and gets him to fuck her doggy. She's got the corset and seamed stockings with a blue neckerchief that's reminiscent of the Swedish Erotica series. Mika tells Kris to pound her and he drives it home till he explodes a torrent of cum on her ass. She sits on his desk, rubbing the cum all over it, then rubs his head in it. Turns out it was all a dream as Kris dismisses her from his office to fix the mistakes.
You know, I wouldn't want Mika to be mad at me, but if she wanted to fuck me like that, I'm game.
The second scene starts with Nicki Hunter and Jenevieve Jolie teaming up on James Deen. They finish with him quickly and talk about their grooming. Jenavieve orders James to make his dick hard and he masturbates until they think he's ready. They decide to help him get harder and Nicki starts by jacking him. Jenevieve sucks his cock while Nicki sits on James' face, making him suck her through the panties. Jenevieve gets him rock hard with her talented mouth and sits on his cock in CG. Nicki removes her panties and Deen tosses her salad while Jenevieve is getting off on her ride. The girls start to get playful with each other as Jenevieve pulls Nicki's tits out. Nicki rides James in RC and Jen takes some face time. Nicki and James do it standing up with one leg propped on his shoulder and Jen pushing his ass in. P2OGM for Jenevieve and James buries himself on Nicki again. Jen takes a turn in the same position and gets her nut. Nicki rides in RC while Jen strokes her titties and clit. P2OGM for Jen while Nicki sticks her business in James' face. The ladies congregate at his cock to kiss and stroke, then Jenevieve rides in RC. P2OGM for Nicki and Jen does a short face dance, then back on the ride. With Deen pounding from underneath and Nicki working her clit, Jenevieve pops her cookies. Nicki cleans his cock while Jen cools her pussy off on his face. Nicki strokes Deen off onto his belly to finish things off.
Shy Love is sitting on the spout in her bathtub with water running. She's in a black negligee, her panties pushed aside and fingering her pussy. James Deen is on the other side of the tub and Shy orders him on his back and underneath her so she can ride his tongue. James pulls off her shoes so he can suck toe through her flesh colored thigh highs. He pulls her panties down and licks her hot ass. Shy takes his stiff cock in standing doggy and demands it hard. She gets to her knees and gives James a quick deep throat and orders him to fuck her again and harder. He gets down and sucks her juices, then sits for Shy to ride in RC. She fucks hard then sticks her pussy in his face again. At the edge of the tub, Shy lays back and opens, first for his tongue, then his cock in mish. She pushes him back into the tub and rides in RC. James says he needs to cum and Shy makes him beg for release. She hops off and bites his cock, then sits her ass on his face and rubbing her sex on his chin. James tosses Shy's salad and it looks like she has a moment of rapture. He waters her pussy like a flower, then her ass. James buries his head in her ass again and fucks her in doggy. After giving Shy what she needs, she two hands his cock into her mouth, then has him cum on her feet. The scene ends with James bathing Shy's sullied feet.
The fourth scene opens with Felix Vicious masturbating furiously. She's having a fantasy about some blonde spiky haired guy eating out her love tunnel. Fantasy dude is long stroking her slit with his tongue and paying some attention to her clit. She looks like she's truly enjoying herself. His pleasure is obviously part of her fantasy as she mouths his stiff prick alternating with shots of her masturbating. Coming out of the dreamy video, Felix kisses her boy toy with her cock breath and orders him to lick the pussy he's going to fuck while she controls him by holding his tie. Deep penetration coats his cock with Felix's love juices which he then tastes from the source. She gets her tits spanked a little and he raps her clit with his stiffy. More pussy eating from the cradle and then behind. Felix has him lick her bung, then standing doggy. He digs back into her hole with his tongue and back to doggy. She gets her nut and demands another. Greedy slut. Felix rides the cock RC but stops because he's feeling too good, so she sits on his face while he whacks off. Back on the cock in RC and more face dancing when he's feeling too good. Felix demands a creampie that she dribbles back on his cock. She lights a cigarette to fade the scene.
Seth Dickens is a real estate broker trying to sell Alexis Amore and Brittney Skye on a property. There are flashes of Alexis in a shower while Seth is giving his spiel. The ladies are dressed much like Nicki and Jenevieve were in scene two. High society doyens with big hats. They look very hot. They seem to want to close the deal by sharing Seth. Whose fantasy is this anyway? Shots of Alexis masturbating on the shower floor are being interspersed with the budding action on the couch. The clothing comes off and Seth dives between Alexis' legs while Brittney helps with her hand and dangles her tits in her face. There are also shots introduced of Brittney solo on a couch. She's next to get tongue whipped by Seth and then the girls provide some reciprocation and suck his dick hard. Brittney rides him in RC while Alexis sits on his face. The girls trade places and Alexis pops her cookies. Brittney hits the showers and the other two follow. Seth fucks her standing in the stall with Alexis as her cushion. She gets similar treatment in standing doggy, then Brittney again. Alexis gets her hot chocha rammed again in doggy, then CG. Brittney jills over Seth's head and rubs herself on his face occasionally. Mish with Alexis as she lies on Brittney and Seth pops on her belly. The girls decide to pass on the property.
Epilogue There's a lot to like here. The vignettes were well done to set up the circumstances of female dominance. The women were wonderful and had a good time with the concept. And I love it when they just rub their pussies in a guy's face like bitches in heat. That's always hot, whether in video or real life. The one place where I think things fell down a little is in the direction. By that I mean that the sex seemed to be over directed. Once these women were let loose on their hapless prey, nature should have been allowed to take its course. It seemed like Tall Goddess was trying to mirror the conventions of male dominated porn, so instead of endless A2M's and P2M's we had pullouts to get pussy's sucked. It got overused, and in time will become just as disruptive as its counterpart has become. Another small complaint is that the editing was too prevalent. A couple of the scenes didn't flow as well as they could have if they were just more linear and not attempting to create an artistic feel.
I hope that doesn't make it sound like I didn't enjoy this video, because I did, and look forward to more installments. Mika Tan and Nicki Hunter are two women that make my balls boil and did no less here. Mika started things off with a great romp and a nice touch of nastiness, and Nicki teamed up with a stunning looking Jenevieve Jolie to add some decadence to the proceedings. This was a little over edited but remained hot. They played it like they'd been rehearsing for this their whole lives. Shy Love and Felix Vicious enjoyed themselves immensely, which is enough to make me happy. Brittney Skye and Alexis Amore had a scene that was plagued by the attempt at video art. This was probably the most ambitious scene but I think it would have benefitted by being more straightforward. The setup and action alone were enough to carry this one.
The Disk There's a photo gallery, trailers, BTS and a BTS photo slideshow. During the BTS you can get a feel as to how serious Tall Goddess was about getting it right.
Recommendation Anybody who wants to see the worm turn for a change should pick this up. Women in control is sexy and ultimately liberating for all involved, and this video should herald a new and much needed niche in porn.

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