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Women on Top Of Men

Women on Top Of Men

Studio: Venus Girls
Category:  All Sex , Fetish
Directed by: , ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Women on Top Of Men:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Women on Top Of Men overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Women on Top Of Men Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Women on Top Of Men Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Women on Top Of Men Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Women on Top Of Men Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Women on Top Of Men DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Women on Top Of Men A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/20/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: 101 min.

Production Date: 5 / 4 / 2005, 7 / 22 / 2005

Director: Tall Goddess and Henri Pachard

Cast: Shy Love, Jenaveve Jolie. Brittany Skye, Felix Vicious, Mika Tan, Alexis Amore, Nikki Hunter, Kris Slater, James Deen, Seth Dickens, and Nic Lanchey

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: I haven’t seen anything from the Venus girls, but I love the idea behind this one. I’m going into this one with some expectations.

Initial Reaction: There’s a few minor editing and audio problems, but the movie is nicely done and shows some great potential.

Who Should Watch It : Couples and anybody who wants porn with the women in control

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting the typical porn

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are above average but have a few problems. The audio is very well balanced, but it doesn’t quite synch with the video late in the first scene and it has a bit of a hiss in the background during the final scene. The video is pretty well done. It’s very well lit and has only a slight bit of grain. The editing it a bit rough at times and there’s a few drops of water that appear on the camera lens late in the movie. For a small studio, however, this is an impressive looking and sounding movie.

Music: There’s a little music here and there through the movie. It isn’t in every scene, but has a nice style that helps it stand out when it does appear.

Menus: The main menu is nicely done with a good style and some nicely done animation that gives a good first impression. The chapter menu keeps the feel, but gets a little generic by just letting you choose a scene from a small clip of each scene.

The Feature

Believe it or not, there are women out there who don’t want to be submissive little sluts. They want to be in control. They want to be the women on top, and not just physically. Tall Goddess and Henri Pachard have found some of those women, and collected them here.

Scene 1 - Mika Tan and Kris Slater

When secretary Mika is called into her boss Kris’s office, he unloads on her for not doing her job right. She quickly zones out on his ranting as she sucks on the end of her pen, and after a bit comes over and opens up her suitcoat to show her very nice titties hanging out above a sexy black corset. She pulls Kris in and shuts him up with a titty in his mouth before pushing him back on the desk and having him suck her fingers and worship her spike heeled shoes. Soon after Mika breaks open his pants and attacks him orally while commenting on how he’s a big prick in more ways than one. Mika climbs up and pulls her panties aside to ride Kris cowgirl style while maintaining a firm grip on his tie. She talks dirty to him while reminding him who’s in control, and after a bit strips off her panties, wraps them around his head, and stuffs them in his mouth as she continues to ride his cock. Mika moves up to make Kris eat her pussy, and makes sure he licks her ass as well before going back to riding his cock. She pulls him up to kiss and slap his face before leading him to the couch for a reverse cowgirl ride. Mika makes sure that Kris doesn’t miss out on any pussy and ass eating, and gives him a few good slaps on the face to correct him when he thinks he can give her ass a few slaps. She has Kris fuck her from behind next, and finishes things up letting him pop on her ass. Afterwards she gives him a tease as she rubs her ass all over his desk to clean it off before coming back to reality.

This is a very nice scene to start things out. Mika looks fantastic and I love her outfit. She does a very nice job of staying in charge of Kris, and never goes over the top with either her vocals or slapping him to keep him in line. My only complaint here is that the technical side of things was a little rough. The audio was a fraction of a second out of synch when Mika came back to reality. There were a few areas where it looked like there was a camera in front of Mika and a camera behind her, but the footage that was put together wasn’t quite of the same action. It’s still a hot scene, but there was just enough about it off to interfere with things for me.

Scene 2 - Nikki Hunter, Jenaveve Jolie, and a guy

Blonde Nikki and Latino Jenaveve start out the second scene in black stockings, suitcoats, and hats, almost looking like they’re fresh back from a funeral. Nikki works on a guy’s cock while Jenaveve has him eat her pussy. When they’re satisfied, they leave him in the chair to beat his meat as they talk about getting fucked and how they need a good hard cock. They look over to check on him every now and then telling him that he needs to get his cock harder for them before coming over to help. Jenaveve gives him a few inspection strokes as Nikki pinches his nipples. Nikki strokes him a little as well as gives him a lick or two and a bit of spit before climbing up to ride the guy’s tongue as Jenaveve gets him ready down below. She leaves her panties on and has him lick her both around and through her panties as he gets both of her holes with his tongue. Jenaveve climbs up to ride him cowgirl style as Nikki has him squeeze her titties and lick her holes a little more after removing her panties. The girls play with each other a little before Nikki lowers her twat over the cock reverse cowgirl style, and she even lets him have the pleasure of looking at her as they fuck standing up with Nikki’s leg on his shoulder. Jenaveve trades places with Nikki for a standing fuck before they each take a reverse cowgirl ride with the ladies encouraging each other to have orgasms before the guy ruins it by blowing his load. Jenaveve moves up to ride the guy’s tongue after she cums as Nikki sucks and strokes him to a nice pop in the air.

This is a great scene! I love the verbal play between the girls and how they just use the guy for their pleasure. The styles on the ladies is great as well, and the editing of the scene is much, much better. There’s a great balance between Jenaveve and Nikki, and everything about the scene worked very well for me. My only complaint here is not knowing who the heck the guy is, as he does a pretty good job. This is a very hot scene.

Scene 3 - Shy Love and a guy

Brunette Shy starts her scene out in nude stockings and black lingerie, panties, and shoes diddling herself above the bathtub as the water runs. She makes her man watch her please herself before lying back under the spigot so she can run her hand through his hair and the water. She moves down to ride his tongue before letting him up so he can remove her shoes and suck her toes. She has him remove her thong and lick her from behind next as she bounces against his face before he fucks her from behind. Shy has him fuck her from behind standing up next, and they mix in a bit of oral fun for each of them before moving on with a reverse cowgirl ride. They keep it going with a bit of missionary work and some reverse cowgirl action. The guy lets Shy know he’s ready to pop, but she gives him a little oral and lets him know that he can’t yet. She lets him jerk his cock while eating her holes and he also helps by using a sprinkler on her ass. They work on each other a little more before Shy has the guy pop on her feet. Afterwards she has him carry her over to the bathtub spigot and wash her feet off in the running water.

This is a pretty good scene, but it got a little long. As usual, Shy looks fantastic and puts some very nice effort into the scene. I like the washing of the feet as well in addition to the bathtub location. The scene seemed like it went on much longer than it needed, which brought it down a bit for me. It’s still a pretty good scene, but it felt like it was stretched out a bit much.

Scene 4 - Felix Vicious and a guy

Felix starts out in a classy twenties style flapper outfit diddling herself. A voiceover lets you know that she has a fantasy, and soon after a blondish guy is tonguing her twat. She lets him stand up and teases him with her tongue before sucking his cock, and then has him get back down to lick her pussy a little more. Felix lets him fuck her pussy missionary style and take a break or two to eat her pussy before she rolls for the dude to eat her ass and fuck her from behind. After she cums once she has him keep fucking her so she can have two in a row. Felix rides him reverse cowgirl style next, and when he responds that it’s feeling good she decides to stop and ride his tongue instead. She keeps moving back to fuck him, and every time he says it’s feeling good she stops and makes him lick her pussy. Finally, the guy appears to pop in her pussy. Felix stands up and pushes it back out over his cock and stomach before sitting back and having a smoke.

This is a pretty hot scene. The editing had a few of the problems like in the first scene, but not nearly as bad. It also lacked a little bit because the guy seemed much more of a fem than the other guys in the movie. That said, I love how Felix punished the guy by making him lick her pussy when he was having a good time as well as the cream pie ending. I’ll admit to having my doubts about the cream pie due to an editing cut right before Felix squeezes it out, but it looks much better than many other doubtful cream pies. This is a pretty hot scene.

Scene 5 - Brittany Skye, Alexis Amore, and Seth Dickens

When Seth shows Latino Alexis and dirty blonde Brittney a house, they’re quite taken with the large shower. Alexis puts on a solo shower show that’s cut together with the negotiations before Seth tries closing the deal with the girls on a couch. He sits between them as they strip each other down and kiss before eagerly sucking Brittney’s tits. The girls each take a turn in the middle so Seth can eat them while they play with the other before they each take a turn in reverse cowgirl and on his tongue. They move into the shower where Seth fucks Brittney from behind standing up while Alexis slaps his ass before Alexis has Seth fuck her from behind while Brittney pulls her hair and chokes her a little. The girls keep working back and forth riding Seth and letting him fuck them from behind before he fucks Alexis missionary style and pops on her stomach.

This is a pretty hot scene. Once again the editing seemed a little rough, and it also suffered from a bit of background noise. There’s nice chemistry between the girls and some very nice vocals, but the back and forth feeling held the movie back slightly for me. Thankfully the girls get into it quite well and helped the movie to finish things on a high note. This isn’t a bad scene, but it was easily my least favorite in the movie.

Women on Top is a nicely done fuck flick. It does a great job of reversing roles in an adult film and letting the women have control. Unlike so many other movies like this is doesn’t go completely out of control giving the women control and do so in a way that I think almost any couple could watch without feeling uncomfortable. For the most part it also found guys who seemed like normal guys rather than the femmy guys who so often appear in female dominant movies. At the same time it doesn’t get so soft that it can’t be used to really get somebody in the mood who wants something a little different. The setups vary nicely from starting in progress to having a touch of a story, and there’s some great attention paid to the outfits to help give every scene a nicely sexy feel. The only thing that really didn’t work for me was some of the editing. There were a couple times when it seemed like it was editing footage from two cameras with a couple minutes between them, but at least the cameras had some nice angles they were capturing. Tall Goddess and Henri Pachard seem to make a great team here, which is nice to see since from what I’ve seen of Henri’s work he’s very female friendly and it’s always nice to see another woman behind the camera in adult film to bring a little different perspective to things. Yes, Women on Top of Men does have a few minor problems, but it also has a lot going for it and shows some great potential. Give this one a chance.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery is nicely broken down by scene, with the galleries lasting from about thirty to forty seconds each with about five seconds per very good looking snapshot. Trailers are included for Women on Top of Men, The Super Divas Diary, and More Women on Top of Men. The behind the scenes photo gallery lasts nearly two minutes with about five seconds per very nice looking snapshot. There’s also a behind the scenes featurette, contact information, and credits.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about seventeen minutes. Things start out with a quick interview with Mika Tan before you see Tall Goddess working with the stars with a little help from Henri to get things like she wants them. After a little of Tall Goddess between scenes, things move to Nikki and her pet snake during the still photo shoot. Jenaveve Jolie is next, who talks about pets after the shoot. The behind the scenes featurette shows some nice care. It identifies each girl, as well as Tall Goddess and Henri Pachard so you can gasp in awe of the brains behind the operation. It even identifies some of the other people, such as up and coming director Daniel Dakota, but sadly it doesn’t identify the guys. It also has a few problems with the audio balance. It’s a good behind the scenes featurette that’s worth checking out if you enjoyed the movie.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, couple, interracial, fem dom, rimming (male > female), group, and masturbation

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, Venus Girls DVDs can be found online for between about $16 and over $30, with a few stores offering them at the lower end. At the lower end, this is a nice buy. The action is nicely done and has a great feeling. The technical aspects have a few minor problems, but there’s some nice effort put into the extras. This is a very nicely done DVD that shows a lot of potential.

Note to Venus Girls Productions: You have a great start going for you, and I love the direction you’re trying to go here. You might want to try polishing up your authoring a little so that the entire movie is under one title with each scene having about three chapters (foreplay, sex, and pop) rather than making it so each scene has its own title because that makes navigating the DVD much harder for some DVD players. Finally, please give the guys the same respect as the girls in identification. At the very least, give a cast listing by scene.

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