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Wife-O-Rama 7: Wives In Heat

Wife-O-Rama 7: Wives In Heat

Studio: Avalon
Category:  MILF
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MD James's ratings for Wife-O-Rama 7: Wives In Heat:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Wife-O-Rama 7: Wives In Heat overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Wife-O-Rama 7: Wives In Heat Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Wife-O-Rama 7: Wives In Heat Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Wife-O-Rama 7: Wives In Heat Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Wife-O-Rama 7: Wives In Heat Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Wife-O-Rama 7: Wives In Heat DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Wife-O-Rama 7: Wives In Heat A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by MD James  on  1/27/2007
MD James - A mystery wrapped inside an enigma

Title: Wife-O-Rama #7 – Wives In Heat
Released by: Avalon (FYA Independent)
Reviewed by MD James

The first thing that this reviewer noticed when the disc was put into the player was the sudden lack of any kind of usual disclaimers or forced trailers. That’s good. You go directly to the main menu, which is about as simplistic as you can get. It’s just a simple menu screen with the choices and some soft rock music in the background. You don’t even see the usual required disclaimers until after you start up the main feature.

Once we get past that stuff, then we get to the main feature, which apparently consists of a series of sexual “interviews” featuring married women (and one married man) needing and getting fucked.

Scene 1: Bethany Sweet

Bethany shows up at the “Wife-O-Rama” studio and goes through a little interview with the director. She’s not really happy with her sex life. She wants passion and romance. She watches porno, but keeps it to herself. She wants to really let go and have the kind of sex she needs, but she’s nervous about this. He talks her into showing a little skin, and as she’s slowly unbuttoning her blouse, Rod Fontana shows up quickly to get a few things. Bethany exclaims that she knows who he is and that she’s masturbated to him several times. Rod walks back into the room and the director introduces him to Bethany. He instantly drops the stuff in his hands when he hears she want to know all about “kink”. She’s led to the dressing room to get changed, then she’s led into the set where she’s left alone with Rod.

The dress comes off, then her panties… and then he’s licking her ass, much to her shock and surprise. He tells her to take off her bra and has her show off her naked body to the camera. He gets her on the bed and starts licking and finger-fucking her pussy and suck on her toes. His pants come off and soon she’s sucking his huge cock. Then she rides him in cowgirl position, reverse-cowgirl, spoon, doggie, missionary (with some toe-sucking), and then he jerks off all over her feet.

This was a pretty hot and heavy way to start the video. It certainly started things off right.

Scene 2: De De Bloom

The director is talking with Kyle Stone on the set when De De comes storming in wearing a wedding dress and ready to fuck right on the spot. They ask her if she just got married and she exclaimed that she ALMOST got married until she heard the words “love, honor, and obey” and she said she WILL NOT “obey”!

She climbs out of her dress, tosses her ring away, and gets on top of Kyle wearing just a pair of panties. She tells him to take off his clothes as she strips off her panties and smothers him with her pussy. After licking her pussy and ass, it’s her turn to suck him. She even tit-fucks him with her huge breasts before he leans back and fucks her in missionary position. She climbs on top and rides him in reverse-cowgirl position, then cowgirl position, spoon, doggie, and then finally kneels down on the floor as he jerks off all around her mouth. She exclaims THAT’S why she didn’t want to get married.

This was an even hotter scene than the first one. De De may carry a few extra pounds than your average starlet, but she’s still very easy on the eyes. Well, at least once she takes off that ugly wedding dress. (You sure that wasn’t the real reason why she didn’t want to get married?)

Scene 3: Envy Mi

Envy is meeting with the director when the one of the husbands (Brad) from a previous Wife-O-Rama shows up. He’s frustrated because after he and his wife appeared in that video, their sex life has gone downhill. Envy, of course, is more than willing to help him out.

Once they go from the office to the set, it’s pretty much on. He takes his pants off and she quickly goes down on him. He helps her get undressed and then she rides him in cowgirl position. From there it’s missionary, spoon, doggie, a little oral sex from him, reverse-cowgirl, and then she goes down on him until he cums inside her mouth and she swallows it all.

This is certainly the best scene so far. The spontaneity of the scene looks very natural and the participants certainly make the scene hot.

Scene 4: Michelle Honey

Michelle shows up at the studio looking to get some action, because she’s not getting any at home. She didn’t even wear any underwear because she’s ready to go right there. Unfortunately the director doesn’t have any dudes available. It’s just him and the cameraman. But he tells her to come back tomorrow and he’ll have someone there to fuck her. As she’s leaving, she sees some dude (Swiss “Eric” Balls) working on his car in the parking lot. She brings him back inside and they go right to the set.

She pulls down his pants and works on his cock. The miniskirt comes off and she’s riding him in reverse-cowgirl position on the couch. Then they go to doggie for a bit, but she’s complaining about him not doing her right, so she pushes him off and kicks him out. Fortunately someone’s got a toy for her to play with, so she masturbates with it for a few minutes until she finally gets the satisfaction she’s looking for.

While it was nice to see Michelle get herself off, the scene itself was really weak.

Scene 5: Luccia

Lovely Brazilian Luccia shows up in the studio because she’s pissed. Her husband just left her and she wants to show what he’s missing. So while she’s in the dressing room getting ready for the scene, the director opens the door and shows what she’s doing in there.

She comes back to the set and shows off her body. She plays with herself a little bit and then says she wants to get FUCKED. The only guys there, though, are the director and the two cameramen. So she points to the OTHER cameraman (Jay Crew) and says she wants him right now. She pulls off his pants and sucks on his cock. Then she gets naked and it’s her turn to get satisfied by his mouth. She gets on top of him and rides him in reverse-cowgirl position. Then they go to doggie position, cowgirl, then takes a break and shows off her body before sucking him, then going into missionary position for a minute before kneeling down so he can blow his load on her breasts and wedding ring.

The scene was certainly better than the previous one, although if she really was married, wouldn’t the wedding ring be on the OTHER hand? Nice “revenge” story, though.

Scene 6: Monet Staxxy

Monet walks into the office and tells her sad story. It seems she found her husband of twelve years was screwing the cleaning lady, and now she’s ready to get back at him by getting fucked by someone else. She’s led to the dressing room, then once she’s changed into her lingerie, she’s led to the set.

She starts by telling her husband that she bought the outfit just for him, but he’ll never appreciate it in person, and he’ll never appreciate her extra-extra-large breasts in person ever again. She slowly strips off her clothes as she talks about what she likes in sex. She plays with herself for a bit, even using a toy to get herself off, but she needs a MAN. Fortunately, JR Langdon is right there and ready to please her. He gets naked and she sucks on his cock. He enters her in missionary position, then does her in doggie, and then she takes his cock into her mouth and swallows his cum. She wraps up the whole video by exclaiming “Fuck you”, and then we go right to the credits.

The scene was certainly interesting from this reviewer’s perspective. This is the first BBW scene I have ever watched, and I’m normally not a fan of women that generous. Obviously there weren’t as many positions, but still to have her take the pop in her mouth and swallow it says something.

In terms of extras we have an interesting mix. First we have the slideshow, which is done without any music. Then we have the “Vagi-Vision” feature, which is really just several minutes of the ladies rubbing their pussies all over a glass top with the camera underneath. I have to say “WTF??” on that. Then we have the trailers… and here we seem to hit the MOTHERLOAD of previews! Fourteen individual clickable trailers! The only downside is that they’re not really separate trailers. You can go to the place in the trailers where each one begins, but once that trailer is done you go right to the next trailer. Still, it’s better than what some other studios do by running a gangbang of trailers one after the other.

All-in-all this is a better-than-average video. Some of the scenes are really very good. The women range in looks from average to good, but then again they really DO look like housewives, and not trophy wives. The editing could have used a little more work, and the cheesy sound effects to replace knocking on the door could have been replaced, but the sex was still very good, and I certainly have to give the studio credit for NOT shoving trailers down our throats! If you can get this video for slightly over $15, then I’d say you’d be getting your money’s worth. Anything over $20 would be paying way too much.

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