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Wicked One, The

Wicked One, The

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film , Straight
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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spetz's ratings for Wicked One, The:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Wicked One, The overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Wicked One, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Wicked One, The Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Wicked One, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Wicked One, The Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Wicked One, The DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Wicked One, The A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by spetz  on  1/28/2002
Okay let us assume that you (and your partner) never watched a porno. You finally decided to watch one but already your facing the next problem. In this wide range of porn-films, which film could be the ideal movie to get a taste of some real sexual excitement and which film would not shock him / her too much when watching other (beautiful) people having sex?

From my own experience I would say:

Donít look any further as you just found it.

Wicked Pictures made a movie which is without doubt one of the best couples movies. The sex is first class, beautifully brought to you by two directors who know what you like to see and sex done by performers who love what they are doing: having sex!

When you see this film for the very first time you will immediately notice the great editing done here as this production can absolutely compete with Penthouse and Playboy. (these soft-sex Mystique / Cameo series etc.)

The music and sound are very good, so is the lighting: intensity and brightness are just right, not too little not too much. However what makes this film really special is the presence of the most beautiful actress in porn, Jenna Jameson, who is making love to men and women in a way you will never forget.

After you have seen her, you will be in her spell too. Regardless if you are male or female, you will become a fan and want to see more of her. Just think of her as some kind of beautiful aphrodisiac. Jenna is a sex stimulating drug! You start with one movie and soon youíll find yourself watching her 24 hours a day, so to speak! A very nice addiction I must say!

The Wicked One is a great porn movie but the cherry on top of the cream is Jenna Jameson. Her looks will amaze you (even when she wears clothes)and the look of her eyes will melt you down. There are thousands of women who do porn, all very gorgeous creatures but this girl does not have sex in front of a camera, she expresses sex! Jenna does not like the others in the industry act her sex-scenes but lives and enjoys her scenes. Somehow her presence always has a major effect on the others as once they are in a scene with her, they too seem to perform better than they usually do. (specially the men! ;-))

Which brings me to a very interesting point:

May be that I am mistaken here but to me it seems that Jenna enjoys sex with girls more than with boys. She seems to be much more relaxed and when you look at the expression in her face when she is with a woman, you see the excitement in her eyes. At least that is what we, my fiance and myself experienced, every-time we were watching the Wicked One.

Nothing but positive words from a critic like Spetz! Sorry but I just could not find anything negative worth to mention. The Wicked One is the most complete erotic film Jenna ever did. (till this date) The other movies she also starred in where good (some bad,] like Phantasm / Wicked Weapon) but so far none of them reached the quality of The Wicked One. Don't get me wrong, the sex in some other films was better but as a whole is The Wicked One the most complete movie.

The Kiss, VR69, Priceless, just to name a few more very good movies come close but they miss...that special touch.

Technical aspects of the DVD:

The DVD offers exactly what you pay for: namely an excellent quality.

The image is very clear and that, while watching sex, is a feast to the eyes. There are a few scenes in this film where this becomes very important as you will see (mixed in) images you would /will hardly be able not see on the VHS version.

The sound is okay and you will love the cool music they used during this film. Especially during the opening- scene, (Jenna sings the title-song) and not to forget the scene with the (too) fast sex action between Jenna, Peter and Mark. One short remark here: Some people claim Jenna could sing? Sorry! I love her voice, which I think is very sensual but when I am really honest, despite of the good intentions: singing is just one of these things she simply does not have the talent for.

Extra features: In one word: SMASHING!

Far out the best I have seen! Better than Conquest, better than Flashpoint, better than Dream Quest! Hoever these movies had behind the scenes footage and that is something I really miss here!

The lay-out, the menu with the moving back-ground, the mixed in blowjob, the music, Jennaís loud scream whenever you touch a button or select a new feature:


More and more fans of porn want background information on the movie they are watching, so Wicked heard their call and integrated an audio feature which lets you choose between feature-audio or director commentary!


The rest of the extras are also great! Besides the standard Wicked company information, you get, behind the scenes photos, audio-bios of the cast and a lot of trailers from more Wicked titles.

Time for a short summary about what to expect in this feature film:

(NO details about the story NOR the sexual positions. At least this should stay a nice surprise as revealing too much of this would only spoil your fun. [;)]

Cast Female: Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly, Patricia Kennedy, Tyffany Million, Chanone

Male: Tony Tedeschi, Tom Byron, Mark Davis, Peter North

Directors: Brad Armstrong & Greg Steel

Wicked Pictures: Production date - 07/15/1995 Jenna Jameson received for this film: AVN Best Actress

Scene 1: Sex scene between the Ice Queen, Jill Kell and Mr. Condom, Tony Tedeschi. Why Ice Queen? Thatís one of her nicks (in Europe)! Unfortunately it is also the way she performs in her sex scenes. I have an idea why Jill has never been able to excite me! I guess it is because she sucks and fucks like a pro and here lies her problem: she is too much of a pro.

Her sex-scenes are very good and she absolutely belongs to be best the American porn industry has to offer but what she does in her scenes is without true emotion! Sex-wise her scene is great but again it did not arouse me. Sorry Jill!

Scene 2: Sex-scene with Jenna, Tyffany and Jon Dough. Cool a threesome? Sorry folks! This is a very clever and original idea of the directors, Armstrong and Steele. One moment we see Jenna sucking Jon and the next moment we see Tyffany pumping his tool. You donít understand this right? it! It will amaze you!

The fucking part is also extremely well shot. For example:

Jenna & Jon are having sex. During the transition from Jenna to Tyffany the camera rotates around the fucking couple and when the camera crosses one of the pillars in the room, we see on the pillar a mixed in shot of Jenna. When it passes the pillar we see the sex-scene again but this time with Tyffany. Great editing here! (complicated? Not at allÖbut you have to see it with your own eyes!) This scene is a masterpiece and one of its kind. Not only very surprising and original but most of all highly erotic.

Scene 3: Jenna doing a solo scene with silver-metal vibrator. After some soft playing with her clit and tits, using spit, she starts to plunge this vibe with force into her fresh shaved pussy. Really wicked! Youíll love the amazing end of this scene as well when she...

Scene 4: Jenna and Patricia in some average lesbian action. Average? What is this scene missing? A lot! This girl is no match for someone like Jenna. In this sex-scene I had liked a woman with a much stronger charisma, a woman that shows more power. Furthermore in this scene it is Jenna plays a secondary role. Where I expected her to be more present and calling the shots. Too much Patricia and too little Jenna. I had liked more oral between Jenna and Patricia. Also the lighting in this scene left much to be desired. Sex-wise this scene scores the lowest of all sex scenes in this movie. It misses something which should have caused this special feeling deep down my lower body. I mean this hot feeling you get when you look into Jennaís eyes when she looks at a (half) naked girl.

I love to watch Jenna in her lesbian scenes as I think we see her there at her very best. The sex in this scene is of an average quality and not exciting.

Scene 5: Ever tried to fuck on the stairs?

Want to know how it looks like? Watch the scene with Tom Byron, Jenna and Chanone (anal with condom) and you know it. The scene is hot as Jenna is teasing Tom and he...licks...Jennaís ass and she...

You thought I would tell you? Sorry I will not spoil the fun! You better watch it!

Scene 6: Super hot threesome with Jenna, Mark and Peter. How would you fuck her, eat her and how should Jenna suck your cock? Should she take it deep down her throat, lying on her back, with your cock wet of her spit? Or should she lick your nuts? Do you like to spear her from behind, banging your balls against that beautiful heart-shaped ass? Or maybe she likes a real hard missionary banging where your shaft completely disappears inside her pussy?

This is just a short summary of what to expect in this scene! Jenna takes two guys at the same time!

Scene 7: Our Wicked girl, shows Tyffany who is in charge. Two women, both nasty and hungry for pussy juice try to tear each other up. One of the best lesbian scenes I have seen in couples movie. Not because of the sex, as this could be hotter but because it is so fucking nasty! Jenna does some great acting in her part as a psycho! (um acting?)


When you rent or buy this DVD you make a perfect choice and one you will never regret!

Wickedly yours,


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