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Wicked One, The

Wicked One, The

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film , Straight
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Wicked One, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Wicked One, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Wicked One, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Wicked One, The Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Wicked One, The Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Wicked One, The Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Wicked One, The DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Wicked One, The A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  1/4/2002

Running Time: 85 min.

Production Date: 7 / 15 / 1995

Director: Brad Armstrong and Greg Steele

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Tiffany Million, Jill Kelly, Channone, Patrica Kennedy, Jon Dough, Mark Davis, Peter North, Tom Byron, and Tony Tedeschi

Initial Expectations: For some reason Iím not expecting too much out of this one and I donít really know why.

Initial Reaction: Itís very well done and a good reason why Jenna started getting so much attention.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of Jenna or anybody else curious about her, anybody who likes a psychological thriller and porn

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for extremely hardcore sex

Audio /Video Quality: The audio sounds very good and is normally very nicely balanced. There is a time or two when it sounds like theyíre some obvious backstage noise, such as things clanging, but Iím honestly not sure if theyíre noise, part of the music, or part of the feature. The video shows some age, and has a little grain to it. Thereís also a few flashes of remnants here and there through the movie, but they thankfully donít happen often enough to cause any real problems viewing the feature. The biggest problem with the video is low lighting. Many of the scenes are very dark, and although there are places where it does add to the scenes, it normally makes them feel shoddily done.

Music: The music starts right away with Jenna on vocals through the opening title sequence. Itís also included a little later in the feature, as well as a little choral music that really added to its scene. Most of the rest of the music is just a touch loud and the stereotypical style.

Menus: The menus have some nice animation that adds to the mood of the feature. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a scene number and a small clip of the scene.

The Feature: Long before Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla came along with Love Lines, there was sexual help radio talk show host Tiffany Million, who had a much better body than either of the aforementioned guys. Unlike Dr. Drew and Adam, at least as far as we know unlike either of them, Tiffany is being stalked by Jenna Jameson, who thinks Tiffany ruined her life by taking Jennaís boyfriend. Jenna is determined to pay back Tiffany, and she wonít take no for an answer.

Jenna Jameson starts things off with Jon Dough in a room lit only by candles. This gives most of the scene a very dark feel where you often canít see everything. Jon caresses Jennaís body before she drops down to suck his cock. As she sucks, and the camera angles change, her image is sometimes replaced by Tiffany Millionsí, which gives things an eerie feel. Jon skips eating pussy and goes right to pounding some pussy from behind. The girls also get spooned before Tiffany takes Jonís pop on her face. The sceneís heat borders on hot, and it nicely sets up some of the story.

DJ Tony Tedeschi starts out the next scene getting some oral love from producer Jill Kelly, who still has a great natural body and looks amazing, while the songs play. Jill takes her time sucking and stroking Tonyís tool before bending over and letting him tongue each of her holes. Tony bangs her twat from behind next, as well as letting her lay back and get fucked on the table. They finish it off with a fair pop on Jillís tits. Itís another very warm scene that goes on just a little long in some parts.

Jenna Jameson sneaks into the radio station to masturbate in Tiffanyís chair next. She rubs a silver vibe across her implants before working over her snatch. Jenna does a great job appearing like a psycho, stabbing her pussy with the dildo almost like it was a knife. She also rubs the microphone across her pussy. Itís a fairly short scene, but has some nice heat and adds nicely to the overall feature.

Jenna returns for the next scene, this time telling Tiffany about her time with Patricia Kennedy. Patricia starts off with Jennaís feet and legs before moving up to help undress Jenna and get at the goodies inside. She fingers and laps at Jennaís pussy while playing with her pussy before straddling Jennaís face. She lets Jenna lick her slit a bit and then lays back for her to fuck her ass with a pink dildo. Although it ends very abruptly, itís still a very hot scene that builds nicely and has great chemistry.

Jenna hires prostitute Channone to take care of station manager Tom Byron. They make their way to a stairway where Jenna has Tom suck her spiked heel while Channone sucks Tomís nipples and cock. Channone takes safety to hand, sheathing Tomís sword, and then climbs up to fuck Tom as Jenna watches and diddles herself. Jenna lets Channone eat her pussy and then teases Tom with her ass, never even giving him a taste that we all know he really wanted. Jenna lets Channone eat her pussy, and possibly even her ass, a little more before having Tom fuck Channoneís ass. Finally, Jenna has Tom decorate Channoneís ass with a nice pop. Itís a very hot scene that has great chemistry. Jenna drives the scene extremely well, even without taking part in it much.

Peter North and Mark Davis team up to take on Jenna next. Itís an extremely hot and fairly intense scene right from the start. Jenna sucks on Markís cock while Peter eats her pussy and ass before the guys switch places. Since Markís already down there he takes the first turn fucking Jenna. He moves around, eating her pussy and also moving up to jerk off above Jennaís tits while playing with her pussy. Peter also takes a nice turn with Jenna, leaving Mark to enjoy her oral pleasures. They finish things up by covering Jenna with jizz from head to toe. Mark takes care of the head, popping in her mouth which she partially swallows down, while Peter decorates the rest of her body.

Finally, Jenna takes on Tiffany Millions after she comes out of the shower. Jenna forces herself on Tiffany while appearing completely crazy. Both women do an amazing job in this scene. Jenna comes across very insane while Tiffanyís fear of Jenna oozes from her despite Jenna working on her in an obviously pleasurable way. Jenna works on Tiffanyís bald beaver until she gives in, and then Jenna has her go down to eat her pussy. Tiffany even sweetens Jennaís pie by adding a little of her motherís milk to it and then licking it up. Jenna takes another turn, getting slightly nasty spanking Tiffany and spitting on her before abandoning her. Itís an extremely hot scene that has great chemistry. Itís also a near perfect end to the feature.

The Wicked One is surprisingly good. Although its an older title, from back when nobody really seemed to care much about seeing how good a feature is, itís obvious that Armstrong and Steele put a lot of care into it. The plot develops nicely, and the cast does a great job with it. Jenna really shines here, and itís not too hard to see why she quickly gained such a following with performances like this. Anybody whoís a fan of Jenna, or even just wanting to find out if sheís worth her hype, needs to check out The Wicked One.

For another perspective on this DVD, please check out Principal Skinnerís review.

Extras: Two photo galleries start off the list of extras on The Wicked One. In each case the photos look very nice, especially for the age of the feature, and last for about five seconds. The behind the scenes gallery lasts just under a minute while the production gallery lasts almost three minutes. Audio bios are included for Jenna Jameson, Patricia Kennedy, Mark Davis, Tony Tedeschi, Brad Armstrong, Jill Kelly, Peter North, and Tiffany Million. The bios are nicely tailored to fit the feature, and includes some nice personal information, photos, and a link to each starís scene. Trailers are included for Crazed, Hell on Heels , Sex Safari, The Bride of Double Feature, Flashpoint, and Satyr

. Thereís also the Wicked Casino, a company profile, the Wicked Web, and a list of Wickedís AVN noms and winners.

Most notable among the extras, however, is the commentary with Brad Armstrong, which he handles by himself. Almost right away you find out that this was one of Bradís very first movies behind the camera, and the first non-vignette style that he directed. At first he tries not to talk during the sex scenes, but he has enough to add that later in the feature he starts talking almost constantly. Brad adds quite a bit throughout the feature, commenting on the stars, the sets, and what happened off screen. Although the dead spots are a little annoying, itís still pretty good.

Themes: Straight, rimming (male > female and female > female), masturbation, toys, lesbian, toe-ing, anal, shoe-worhship, group, swallowing, spanking, and lactation

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Overall: Currently, The Wicked One can be found online for between $24 and $32 with several stores offering it for under $25. The low end seems pretty fair here. The feature is very well done, and has both very nice sex and a very well done plot. The transfer is pretty good, and the extras are nice.

Note to Wicked: Since this was kind of a turning point for Jenna, it would have been nice to include a few extras supporting this such as perhaps interviews of people reflecting on working with Jenna back then.

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

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