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Wicked Games

Wicked Games

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Wicked Games:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Wicked Games overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Wicked Games Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Wicked Games Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Wicked Games Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Wicked Games Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Wicked Games DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Wicked Games A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/28/2010

The Little Details

Running Time: 113 min.

Production Date: None given

Director: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Angelina Ash, Courtney Cummz, Jenna Presley, jessica drake, Nikki Benz, Tory Lane, Alan Stafford, Barrett Blade, Brad Armstrong, Eric Masterson, Kris Slater, Marcus London, Mr. Pete, Rocco Reed, and Tommy Gunn

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Brad Armstrong normally makes a good strong feature and jessica drake has been on a nice roll as a Wicked girl. I'm looking forward to this one.

Initial Reaction: There may not be much for story here, but as a whole this is a very well done feature that left me nicely impressed even with a few minor complaints.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting porn with plenty of variety but not a lot of plot

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft and cuddly porn

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks pretty good. There's a couple moments with a touch of digital breakdown as well as a bit of grain through the movie, but the grain almost gives the movie a film-like characteristic that in this case worked well for me. The lighting is also handled very well with the lower lighting situations working for the scenes rather than against them like in many of the other Wicked movies I've watched.

Music: The music is very well done. It varies in style and balance a bit through the movie, and seems to help out each of the scenes.

Menus: The main menu nicely works a clip from the movie together with the title design for a pretty good first impression. The chapter menu is sadly generic, and just gives a clip of each scene along with a scene number rather than giving something viewers might care about like the names of the performers in each scene.

The Feature

For some, sex is just a game, and jessica drake has gotten very good at playing that game. She's used to playing with very wealthy men who know just what they want, and makes sure to leave them hungry for more. Here she shares a little wisdom on what she's learned in her time playing that game.

Scene 1 – jessica drake and Marcus London

After walking into an upstairs room, jessica shows a few outfits out the window and changes into one chosen by an unseen watcher. She touches herself at his command, and soon after Marcus arrives to kiss her and play with her as he texts her a surprise and that she's to fuck him. Marcus eats jessica as she lays back on top of a couch before she sucks and strokes his cock in reciprocation. She lets him start fucking her missionary style before he spoons her shaved slit, and jessica even eagerly sucks her juices off Marcus' condom covered cock before taking it doggie style while fingering her ass. Finally, jessica gets down and lets Marcus let go with a pop right in front of her face that almost completely misses it before she takes a few drops on her tongue.

This is a pretty hot scene. jessica looks as great as always, and turns out some very nice sucking and fucking. I really liked the technological aspect of the scene, and there was decent chemistry between Marcus and jessica. The only real complaint I can have about the scene is that Marcus looked to let go with a great pop yet barely any of it landed on jessica's pretty face. This is a good scene, but the ending could have been much better.

Scene 2 – Angelina Ash, jessica drake, Alan Stafford, Barrett Blade, and Mr. Pete

jessica meets up with client Alan on a public bus, as he can't get hard without the risk of getting caught, as Angelina, Barrett, and Mr. Pete sit around them. She strokes his cock through his jeans while kissing him before pulling it out and sucking it with the others watching. Mr. Pete quickly moves in to get a better look and strokes himself while watching before jessica strokes them both and sucks her way between them. Behind them Angelina and Barrett get in the act as well before jessica and her guys move back by them so that the two girls can suck and stroke their way around the three guys. Finally the girls take all three loads between their faces, and even get in a bit of cum swapping.

This is a hot oral scene. I'm not a big fan of oral scenes or blow bangs, but the public aspect of this one makes a big difference and really helps. The cum swapping was also a nice touch at the end, and the camera work captured it all very nicely for the tight confines of a public bus. This was a hot and nicely done scene.

Scene 3 – jessica drake and Tommy Gunn; Tory Lane and Tommy Gunn

After cleaning a little for Tommy dressed as a french main, jessica gets on the bed to give him a little show with the help of her feather duster. She sucks it, works it around her pussy, and even fingers her ass for him before sucking her finger clean and working her duster up her derriere. jessica turns around to suck and stroke Tommy's tool with the duster still in her ass, and teases his cock with her duster. When Tory comes home unexpectedly, Tommy has jessica hide under the bed and convinces her he was trying to create the right mood to jerk off but now that she's there she can take care of him herself. Tory thinks something's up, but can't resist sucking his cock and having him eat her pussy before he spoons her. Tommy rubs Tory's turdcutter as she rides him cowgirl style before they each finger it a bit, and then keep things moving with an anal reverse cowgirl ride. Tommy also fucks Tory's ass bow and arrow and missionary style before popping on her tits and letting her suck out the last bit.

This is a darn hot scene. jessica starts the scene out on a high note with her french maid tease, and her feather duster masturbation and blowjob keep things going nicely. The break in the scene for Tory to take over is nicely handled, and there's even a bit of humor as jessica hides under the bed. The anal is nicely handled as well, and the scene works very well from start to finish. This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

Scene 4 – jessica drake

When Tommy calls jessica while she rides home in a dirty cab, she goes from pissed to happy when he suggests they continue their time together. He has her play with herself in the back of the cab as they talk on the phone. jessica makes sure to give him plenty of dirty talk mixed in with her moans as she works herself over, and also takes a few tastes of her fingers.

This is a short but sweet scene. It works almost like a tag on the previous scene, or perhaps better as a second bookend to Tory and Tommy's scene. Regardless, it's short and nicely done. The tight confines of the cab are captured well, and neither it nor the dark lighting hold back the sexuality of the scene like has been happening all too often with Wicked's releases. This is a hot little solo scene.

Scene 5 – jessica drake, Nikki Benz, and Brad Armstrong

Blonde Nikki joins jessica to please a subdued Brad, starting with a bit of flogging from behind as Nikki hanks on the chain attached to his mask. They tease Brad with Nikki eating jessica from behind and give him a few tastes of her pussy from the handle of her flogger as jessica also fingers her ass. Nikki eats jessica as jessica stands in front of Brad teasing him, and they even share a kiss before removing Brad's mask so he can kiss each of them. He plays with Nikki and eats her from behind while she eats jessica before joining Nikki in pleasuring jessica orally. Nikki rewards Brad with a little oral attention while jessica watches and plays with herself before joining in to help Nikki warm him up. Nikki lays back to take the first fuck missionary style and then eagerly offers up her oral assistance for both Brad and jessica as he fucks her missionary style. She even climbs on top of jessica so Brad can work his way back and forth fucking her doggie style and jessica missionary style. Finally, Brad lets go with a nice pop that jessica and Nikki share between their faces and with a small kiss.

This is a hot scene. The bondage aspect works great to set the scene apart from the others, and there's a pretty good balance between the girls as they take Brad on. That said, I think Nikki edged out jessica a little for the focus in the scene and that worked really well for me just in making this scene stand out against the others. Brad never seems to have a preference between them and jessica seems in control of the scene, but it's Nikki that seems to be the main focus through it and that gives it a great feeling all around. This is another winner of a scene.

Scene 6 – Jenna Presley and Kris Slater

Realizing she can't be everywhere, jessica uses her webcam to help please guys like Kris. From the webcam jessica talks dirty to him and his big tittied brunette girlfriend Jenna, encouraging him to suck his cock and telling them the things she'd do if she was there with them. She urges Jenna on to throat his cock before Jenna lays back to let Kris fuck her bow and arrow style. jessica urges Kris on to spank Jenna's ass as he fucks her doggie style and keeps urging them on as she rides him reverse cowgirl style. Jenna finally takes a great facial finish to close things out before sucking out the last bit.

This is a darn hot scene. Jenna looks great, and I love the use of technology bringing jessica into the scene while also letting her stay apart from it. There's great chemistry between Jenna and Kris, and the scene moves at a nice pace. Having jessica on the computer watching using webcams also let the scene break apart positions decently without giving the scene a choppy feeling. This is a hot and very well done scene.

Scene 7 – Courtney Cummz, jessica drake, Eric Masterson, and Rocco Reed

Eric loves to use jessica as a “long time girlfriend” so he can hook up with swinging couples like Courtney and Rocco. After a drink or two outside the four of them head inside where Rocco and Courtney start kissing on one couch while jessica and Eric kiss on a couch across from them. jessica crawls over to share a kiss with Courtney and Rocco, and soon after Courtney wanders over to kiss and grope Eric. The girls eagerly work over their new partners orally with Courtney working in plenty of throat action, a little cockslapping, and even a bit more kissing with Courtney in the middle before they go back to their original partners and continue the oral pleasure. They swap back and forth a little more before jessica rides Eric cowgirl style while playing with her own ass and Courtney rides Rocco reverse cowgirl style. Courtney moves over to let Eric fuck her doggie style as Rocco spoons jessica, and then lets their new man pop a nice dose of dick droppings over their face. Finally, jessica swaps all of her cum down to Courtney's mouth and shares a nice kiss with her.

This is a hot scene that left me wanting more. There's great chemistry around the group, and needless to say the girls look fantastic. I really like how Courtney came off a bit more aggressive while jessica was more subdued, but the balance between them was very good from start to finish. I would have liked another position, Rocco taking on both girls while Eric watched, or the guys watching as the girls got it on nicely as jessica mentioned in the opening for the scene, but what's here is still very nice. I also loved the cumswapping ending for the scene, as it fit in perfectly with the rest of the action in the scene. This is a hot scene that closed the movie very well, but it still left me wanting just a little more.

Wicked Games is a very nicely done lighter feature. It doesn't have a full on plot, but at the same time jessica's stories work very well to connect the entire movie and leave it feeling like more than just an all sex romp. There's a very nice variety to the action here, which is also very consistent and hot, and I especially liked how modern this release was with the use of technology like texting and webcams in the scenes. There's also some very nice variety to the sex, and I really liked how although jessica is a part of every sex scene, she's not the main focus of every scene. This is nothing against jessica, as I think she's a fantastically talented performer, and instead should be taken as anything but criticism towards her as I think there's a lot of performers who don't have the brains to go with their beauty enough to realize that sometimes stepping back a little can make the entire movie a better product. With that, they also stand out a little more due to not overexposing themselves, which is just what happened here. Wicked Games is a very well done and very strong movie that's definitely worth checking out.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Wicked Games, 2040, Never Say Never, Spin the Bottle, Educating Alli, Kaylani Lei's Fornic-Asian, and Mobster's Ball 2. The photo gallery lasts about three minutes with about six seconds per nice looking snapshot. There's also a bonus scene and commercials.

Bonus Scene – jessica drake, Kaylani Lei, and Brad Armstrong

The bonus scene comes from 2040. As Kaylani and Brad kiss, jessica watches while leaning against a pillar until Kaylani extends an offer to join them. Brad and jessica kiss Kaylani while Brad fingers her pussy and jessica goes after her tits. Kaylani leans against the pillar for jessica to eat her from behind and suck Brad's cock before turning around to help jessica suck him and to eat and finger jessica. Brad fucks jessica first against the pillar from behind as Kaylani watches, plays with herself, and sucks his cock when he pulls it out. Kaylani also gets a turn, and rides Brad reverse cowgirl style with jessica offering a bit of oral assistance. jessica goes back for another fuck, and bounces on Brad's bone cowgirl style while letting him play with her chocolate starfish with Kaylani offering a bit more oral help for Brad. Finally Brad sprays his seed between the girls and jessica shares a bit more cum with Kaylani's tongue.

This is a hot scene. The girls both look great, and the opening is sexy as heck. There's a dirty feeling about the scene that worked very well for me despite the scene never getting nasty at all. It's also helped out by great chemistry around the entire threesome, and although the location is a darker one it's all captured very nicely and never lets the darkness encroach on the sexuality of the scene. This is a well done scene that worked very well for me.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, group, oral, cum swapping, anal, ass to mouth, masturbation, lesbian, rimming (male > female), and cum swapping

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: 100%

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many Wicked DVDs can be found online for between about $19 and $25 with most stores offering them somewhere in the middle. This one's worth the money. Yes, the extras are a bit generic with nothing unique to this movie about them, but the movie itself is very well done with a very light story to tie the scenes together along with plenty of well done and varied sex. The technical aspects are also very well done and nicely helps out the overall DVD. This is a movie worth checking out and one that makes it easy to remember how good of movies Wicked used to consistently turn out.

Note to Wicked Pictures: You did a great job on this movie, but a little effort towards the extras would have been very nice as well.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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