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Wicked Divas: Julia Ann

Wicked Divas: Julia Ann

Studio: Wicked
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astroknight's ratings for Wicked Divas: Julia Ann:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Wicked Divas: Julia Ann overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Wicked Divas: Julia Ann Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Wicked Divas: Julia Ann Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Wicked Divas: Julia Ann Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Wicked Divas: Julia Ann Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Wicked Divas: Julia Ann DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Wicked Divas: Julia Ann A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  6/20/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: 137 min.

Production Date: 8 / 16 / 2004

Director: Jonathan Morgan

Cast: Julia Ann, Devinn Lane, Stormy, Charlie, Nakita Ka$h, Renee La Rue, Kristal Summers, Brad Armstrong, Randy Spears, Joel Lawrence, and Eric Masterson in sexual roles and Janine, Andrew Blake, Christy Canyon, Randy West, F. J. Lincoln,Michael Raven, and Jonathan Morgan in interviews only

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Julia Ann seems very proud of this one. It gives me a lot of hope and makes me think that maybe Wicked figured out how to get compilations of their stars right...

Initial Reaction: It’s a compilation worthy of Julia Ann.

Who Should Watch It : Every fan of Julia Ann or anybody who’s even curious about her

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a compilation to be all sex and no character

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very nicely done. It’s kept at an even level and the interviews are nicely balanced without any background noises. The video leaves me a bit torn. It does a nice job of mixing black and white footage in for the interviews, but there’s also some artistic color footage. It frequently has a lot of motion and comes off pretty blurry. Yes, it’s artistic, but artistic looks don’t matter that much when you have to look away because your eyes hurt. There’s also different pieces of footage and black and white footage and full screen and non-anamorphic widescreen edited together than comes off very well and does artistic in the right way.

Music: As usual with compilations, the music balance and style varies a little. Since all of the scenes here are from Wicked there isn’t a lot of variation to the music, but there is a little bit. Most of the time it’s very nicely balanced with the rest of the audio and has a soft feel to it.

False Advertising: The cover claims there’s 3 Bonus Sex Scenes with Julia Ann, yet there’s only one scene listed in the extra features. It’s also listed as a Director’s Cut, so I’m not sure if two of the scenes are in the movie or not. Perhaps it’s partially referring to the two new scenes that were shot for the DVD, but if so it still comes off as deceptive because it’s done in the same way that Wicked normally lists the bonus scenes on their DVDs that are in the extras portion of the DVD. Whatever the heck happened or was meant by it, I didn’t feel like the DVD matched up with what was advertised on the cover and I’m deducting a half point from the overall score because of it.

Menus: The main menu has some nice care, and works together a nice still from the cover with a few clips of Julia in action and a little animation. You get two sub-menus, one which lets you choose a sex scene based on a small clip of each sex scene with a scene number and one that lets you choose an interview based on a topic. My biggest problem here is the sex scene menu, just because it looks slapped together. I really wish Wicked would dump the numbering system for scenes in their chapter menu and go with listing the talent as much of their competition does.

The Feature

After talking with directors such as Fred Lincoln, Andrew Black, and Michael Raven as well as performers such as Randy Spears and Janine about Julia’s legendary status, Julia talks about her earlier beginnings as a mud wrestler. She moves on to chat with Janine about the start of Blondage, their dance team as well as with interviews with Andrew Blake about her porn debut in Hidden Obsessions. They Julia, Andrew Blake, and Randy West give a few words about Julia’s moving into boy - girl sex in Les Femmes Erotique followed by a few words by Fred Lincoln as she moves past Andrew Blake. One can’t ignore the Vivid years when looking back at Julia’s career. She and Christy Canyon talk about their mutual admiration as well as their scenes in the sixth and seventh installments of Where the Boys Aren’t before things cut forward several years to Julia’s award winning scene with Janine in Seven Deadly Sins. She also talks about wandering around a little and working with Michael Raven in Paradise Lost before making her natural move into Wicked Pictures. From then on, Julia, Fred Lincoln, Jonathan Morgan, Michael Raven, and Julia talk about her Wicked projects.

Scene 1 - Julia Ann and Randy Spears

After talking about how she and Randy always have the best of intentions but things like freezing locations, costumes, and the female body always interfere with their scene, Julia and Randy get the dream location of a bed. They start out kissing passionately before Randy strips down and lets Julia mouth his manhood. Julia enjoys the double pleasure of Randy working on her pussy with his tongue and finger as well as being able to do so on a real bed (with pillows and everything) rather than a pile of broken glass (because, you know, it looks pretty). Randy lets Julia continue to lay back and rub her pussy as he fucks it missionary style before she lies over the side of the bed and lets him fuck her from behind. Finally, Julia gets down to take a nice wide-eyed facial from Randy and strokes out every last drop.

This is a very nice scene. I love the kissing and chit chat at the start of the scene, and it moves along nicely through the oral and fucking. Julia and Randy come off having great chemistry and keep the energy level at a very believable level. This is supposed to be a special scene for Julia, and that’s just how it comes off.

Scene 2 - Julia Ann, Devinn Lane, Charlie, Renee La Rue, and Nakita Ka$h

Julia Ann, Devinn Lane, Nakita Ka$h, Renee La Rue, and Charlie get together for an orgy in front of a fireplace in a scene from Beautiful/nasty. It has a natural feeling, almost like a slumber party for the girls. Devinn starts out with her face buried between Julia’s legs while the other girls get in a line with Charlie in the middle getting a taste of some Ka$h gash. Of course, the toys come out as well, and Charlie eagerly fucks Julia with a strap on. There’s plenty of other toys as well, including vibes, double dildos, and the girls move around to get a little taste of everybody.

This is a great scene. There’s plenty of realistic feeling sex where all the girls seem to be into each other very well. With how the girls worked around and the variety in the scene, the only thing that really surprised me was I didn’t notice any anal sex, which is something most of these ladies have shown themselves to be very proficient at. This is a very hot all girl scene.

Scene 3 - Julia Ann and Eric Masterson

Things move into Fred Lincoln’s Wicked Whispers next, and the first time that Julia worked with Eric Masterson. Julia, looking absolutely amazing in a black leather outfit, lets Eric Masterson know who’s really in control. She commands him to get his ass on the bed and makes him eat her pussy before riding him cowgirl style. They also get a little missionary work in, complete with Eric sucking Julia’s toes, before Julia gives Eric a very energetic blowjob with some impressive eyes. She finishes things up some great intensity and a decent facial that she doesn’t shy away from in the least.

This is a great scene. Julia does a great job dominating Eric, and they move things along nicely. I love how hot she looks in her black outfit at the start and the intensity of the scene. Scenes like this make it easy to see why Wicked wanted Julia as a contract girl.

Scene 4 - Julia Ann and Brad Armstrong

The next stop is Jonathan Morgan’s Turning Point. As usual with Brad, the sex is a bit more intense here, and as usual with Julia, she rolls with it and gets into it every bit as well as she does with slower, romantic couples scenes. Surprisingly, there’s no blow job to start off this scene, although Brad does a great job of warming Julia up as he works her up to four fingers. They work through most of the standard positions, and Julia even gets her sphincter spread a little with Brad’s finger as he fucks her from behind. Julia finishes Brad off with a blowjob leading to an okay pop on her face.

This is a very hot scene that has great chemistry. The most amazing thing, and I know this isn’t what I should have noticed in the scene, was Brad maintaining his Irish accent throughout his boning Julia. I’m sure she’d reduce me to a quivering pile of jelly in no time at all, but Brad’s enough of a professional that he even maintains character throughout the sex.

Scene 5 - Julia Ann, Kristal Summers, and Joel Lawrence

Julia (as Hera), Kristal (as Aphrodite), and Joel (as Hades) see how much makeup and wigs they can wear next in a scene from Jonathan Morgan’s Hercules. They don’t waste much time warming each other up, since apparently Hell has everybody hot enough already. After the ladies team up on Joel orally, he fucks Julia missionary and Kristal a little reverse cowgirl time. Julia takes another go with Joel’s joystick in doggie before he lets them team up on him orally to make him pop. As usual, Joel gives a great load, and there’s more than enough for the both ladies.

Julia and Kristal work great here with Joel, and make this, yes, another winner from Julia Ann. There’s a nice balance between the girls, and it comes off as a hot scene in a location that looks like it was hell on the performers. As usual, with Jonathan behind the camera and Julia in front of it, this ends up being a great scene.

Scene 6 - Julia Ann and Randy Spears

Jonanthan’s The Assignment is next with Julia and Randy having a romantic picnic on the roof. After admiring the night, Randy kisses his way across Julia’s chest and down to her pussy. She reciprocates with a bit of knob gobbling before hopping up to ride Randy reverse cowgirl style with both of them still half dressed. They also get in a little doggie before Randy strokes himself onto Julia’s nicely augmented rack.

This is a very nice scene. It has plenty of chemistry throughout the scene, and makes it easy why Randy is at the top of Julia’s list. They keep things moving nicely and there’s a nice balance of camera angles throughout the scene. This is a very hot scene that shows that couples sex doesn’t have to be boring.

Scene 7 - Julia Ann and Stormy

The final scene comes from Michael Raven’s Beautiful where Stormy dreams about Julia Ann, who looks fantastic in black fetishwear, having her way with her. Julia has Stormy, who looks pretty darn hot herself in some blue fetishwear, tongue her twat before she puts on a strap-on. She has Stormy suck it before letting Stormy have it in both reverse cowgirl and doggie. Finally, things come to a close with the girls kissing a little.

This is an okay scene. The girls seem to be into each other very well, but the artistic feel just didn’t work for me. Things never get clear enough that you can see either girl well at any point in the scene, and I couldn’t help but think that the scene might be best viewed with a heavy pair of beer goggles. I know that it’s a dream sequence, but it just didn’t quite work for me.

Wicked Divas: Julia Ann is a fantastic compilation that shows just how great a performer Julia is. Just the people and studios involved should let you know the respect Julia has earned. There’s clips here from Metro, Sin City, Vivid, and Studio A as well as performers like Randy West, who don’t work for other companies any more, Christy Canyon, who was retired and a long time Vivid contract girl, and Janine, who always seems to be under contract with somebody. Andrew Blake showing up here was also fantastic, since he’s never worked for Wicked (unlike Fred Lincoln who showed up a few times here) yet had a big hand in the early days of Julia’s career. The early video and photos of her dancing and mud wrestling really added a lot of depth to the project as well. My only complaint with Wicked Divas: Julia Ann is some of the people who are missing. Where was Brad Armstrong, Stormy, or Devinn Lane for this? They’re all a part of Wicked, yet Jonathan Morgan and Michael Raven were the only Wicked people to show up here. I know that it’s a pretty minor complaint, but it’s something that stands out to me because Julia Ann is truly an adult icon. According to the IAFD, Julia’s been making movies since 1992 yet she doesn’t even have a hundred films under her belt at the time I’m writing this. There’s not many other performers who have the kind of recognition that Julia has while averaging roughly six movies a year. She’s a star that should be an inspiration to many women in the adult industry for her perseverance and class, and Wicked Divas: Julia Ann does a great job of capturing it.

It’s hard not to respect a woman that does that in an industry that chews up and spits out most women who enter it, and I think that’s part of why I picked this movie to review for today. To me, today is a milestone day as this is my 1700th consumer review, as well as five years from the day that I submitted my first adult review. For something like that I wanted to review a top notch or special DVD, and this one called out to me because there are very few adult stars with the level of class and longevity as Julia Ann. Looking back at how long most adult consumer reviewers last there’s a part of me that feels like a dinosaur, yet it’s something I definitely enjoy. Thank you Julia for putting yourself out there doing something you enjoy and for opening yourself up as you did here. It is noticed by your fans as well as those in the industry (as this release definitely shows). Wicked Divas: Julia Ann definitely does things right, and is a must have for anybody who’s a fan of Julia Ann.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Beautiful, Killer Sex & Suicide Blondes, Eye of the Beholder, Fluff & Fold, and Space Nuts. The photo gallery lasts nearly three minutes with roughly seven seconds per very good looking snapshot or full screen photo. Julia Ann also gets a star gallery that lasts a little over two minutes and star stats including a Wicked filmography. There’s also a box cover shoot, a bonus scene, and the usual Wicked promotional extras.

The box cover shoot lasts just over three minutes. After getting her makeup done and putting on a shiny spiderwebby bikini, Julia talks about the great support she had for this project. She also talks about the two scenes shot just for this release before looking beautiful for the camera. It’s a nice little featurette that shows Julia as gracious and beautiful.

Bonus Scene - Julia Ann and Jessica Drake

Julia and Jessica start things out kissing passionately in a tub full of bubbles next to a window with a great view. Julia moves up so Jessica can kiss her nipples before letting Jessica lie back so she can kiss her way around Jessica’s stomach, legs, and pussy. Julia slides a finger into Jessica’s honey hole as she works her over down below, and then hops up onto the side of the tub as the bubbles seem to disappear or drop back a bit. Jessica works on Julia’s coochie with her tongue and finger, and adds a bit of spit as well. They head back into the tub, where they caress each other a bit before Julia has Jessica bend over so she can tongue her chocolate starfish while playing with her pussy. Jessica sucks Julia’s fingers and shares another kiss with her to finally finish things up before the camera fades out.

This is a nice little scene. Julia and Jessica look like they’re having a nice time together and work back and forth nicely. I’m glad that they left the toys out of the scene, as they’re definitely not needed, and I also really enjoyed the bit of rimming at the end of the scene. This is an enjoyable scene with nice chemistry.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, lesbian, group, toys, B&D (light), and anal (finger)

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Condom Usage: 100%

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Wicked’s DVDs can be found online for between $15 and $30 with many stores offering them for around $21. If you’re a fan of Julia Ann, this one is even worth the top end. It gives a great look back at Julia’s career with plenty of clips from her movies and several full sex scenes. The technical aspects fell slightly short for me due to some of the artistic effects, but there is a little effort put into the extras. This is a very well done compilation DVD, and one that both Wicked and Julia Ann should be proud of.

Note to Wicked Pictures: Please watch your cover claims better. Also, please keep putting out compilations for your stars like this. You have a long standing reputation for quality, and this is the type of project I think Wicked fans expect from you.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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