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Who's Your Daddy? 6

Who's Your Daddy? 6

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Who's Your Daddy? 6:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Who's Your Daddy? 6 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Who's Your Daddy? 6 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Who's Your Daddy? 6 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Who's Your Daddy? 6 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Who's Your Daddy? 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Who's Your Daddy? 6 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Who's Your Daddy? 6 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  4/24/2005
Who's Your Daddy 6


Initial Thoughts: The idea behind this series, is a bit of a mixed bag, They don't go straight out and attack the incest inclination in the title, although in the first volume of the series, they made the scenes appear so with constant "Daddy" calls and then made it OK by having each girl say she was not fucking her father or anyone related to her, just to snub the idea. They are still doing that here today, 5 volumes later, but now the intent is more clear that it's like some young girls just being dirty behind thier real daddy's back or some crap. To be completely honest, that's all bullshit, we just have hot young babes, having sex with guys, and calling them daddy in the process. But a little history for anybody that gives a rat's fat end. On to the disc, this one is good, really good, one of the best young girls themed casts one could ask for, and they all put on a great show, a little tease, a little interview, and a lot of hot sex. We stay with the one on one pairing routine, and it's just one of those let the hotties do thier thing discs. The Daddy talk has really been well developed since I last checked out the series, and Solid extras add some nice tease footage to the disc, and I just say behold the beauties in this one.

Technical Considerations: Not bad, not bad at all really, The sound is occasionally not that well balanced, sounding a little distant especially at times, but overall not much else is too askew. Picture quality is generally good, camera work is pretty stable and mostly well chosen shots, Lighting worked out alright, and the menu's are nicely done with motion backgrounds and a user friendly layout.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Hillary Scott

Duration: 26:01 mins

Position Chronology: ZT interview, she teases her guy, she strips for him, he kisses her body, she masturbates, he licks and fingers her pussy, she sucks his cock, sixty nine, he fingers her ass, cowgirl vag, missionary vag, he sucks her toes, missionary anal, ATM, doggy anal, ATM, reverse cowgirl anal, ATM, sideways vag, he shoots a big wad of cum on her face and splatters her tits, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Hillary Scott is just a little fucking doll, and a perfect one at that, she exudes sweetness in everything she does here, she goes through the ZT clause interview, and we learn she has not one tat, and she looks stunning in her natural glory, and plays the daddy thing up to the max with great enthusiasm. This is a really hot scene, Hillary and her man play with one another with the "Daddy" tag, and are quite passionate and fun with one another, Hillary just does nasty things and makes them look like basics, she does repeated ATM like she is sucking on candy, and it just makes the scene hot with her great attitude, nice shot of ball snot to her face and tits too and she says "Your cum tastes good daddy". Hot stuff.


Scene 2: Kinzie Kenner and Mark Wood

Duration: 23:36 mins

Position Chronology: ZT interview, Kissing, he sucks her tits, he rubs her pussy, she sucks his cock, he spanks her like a naughty 4 year old, cowgirl vag, she slaps her ass, reverse cowgirl vag, PTM, missionary vag while she sucks her thumb, sideways vag, doggy vag, PTM, she strokes him off onto her face, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: I have seen the light, and it is powered by a 6 million megawatt Kinzie Kenner bulb. I had heard quite a bit about Kinzie and how hot she is, and I finally got the chance here to see for myself, and wow, the hype was right. Kinzie had a tough act to follow, but this girl is up to the task, and is another super sweetheart of a girl. She has a sexy as hell voice, and she uses it well with a bunch of her own "Daddy" calls as she rides and gets drilled by Mark Wood, good interaction between the two again, and there is really something to be said for a young cute girl screaming out Daddy to her unrelated partner during sex. Kinzie has a knockout body and she is also proclaimed to be tat free. Her enthusiasm is fantastic in this scene, and she gets a nice load of nut butter she cranks out of Mark's dick onto her sweet face to finish things off.


Scene 3: Keri Sable

Duration: 20:47 mins

Position Chronology: ZT interview, sexy blue lingerie, she rubs her pussy, kissing, he licks her muff, BJ, face fucking, he spreads her pussy lips and fingers her, reverse cowgirl vag, spoon vag, he fingers her pussy, finger PTM, spoon vag, cowgirl vag, PTM, doggy vag, PTM, missionary vag, he cums on her face and in her mouth, she swallows.

Scene Thoughts: The gods are smiling on us today, after those first two scenes, we get 18 year old Keri Sable to fill in the 3 hole. The cuteness factor is again pegged with her superb natural body just glowing in radiant beauty. Keri gets her interview and some of the questions are rather funny this time round, and after passing she gets whisked away to her scene in the bedroom, Keri is slightly more business like in her approach, and the Daddy stuff is toned down a fair bit from the first two scenes. Keri brings her A game as far as energy goes, but the chemistry doesn't quite show through in this scene like it did in the earlier scenes, and they never quite click on the same level, her sexual vocals are hot, but the chatter between them is at a minimum. The spuzz shot is a bit weak but sexy Keri swallows down the offering and smiles. Very good scene, but after the first two, just a half notch down.


Scene 4: Kirsten Price and Barrett Blade

Duration: 18:49 mins

Position Chronology: ZT interview, kissing, he plays with her tits, he kisses her ass, kissing, he licks and fingers her pussy, kissing, she sucks him, cowgirl vag, PTM, reverse cowgirl vag, spoon vag, PTM, sideways vag, doggy vag, he blasts her face with a big load of cream. BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Next up is our cover girl Kirsten, and while I have not heard much buzz about her, she deserves some, and damned fast too, this girl is incredible. She has a killer body super cute face and nice natural breasts, and the perky little attitude that makes a fantastic porn star. She is bubbly and cute through this whole scene, and the daddy chat is amped up to peak performance as her and Barrett have some very hot interaction with one another as she chats up and shows off some great dirty talker skills, nice chemistry and very good energy from Kirsten in this scene, she really seems suited to the theme, the doggy action in this one was great and she gets a massive facial, just splatters her pretty little face and she loves it. Great scene.


Scene 5: Jenna Brooks

Duration: 23:34 mins

Position Chronology: ZT interview, she rubs her pussy, guy enters and watches her, he licks her pussy and ass, she sucks his cock and nuts, doggy vag, reverse cowgirl vag, cowgirl vag, missionary vag, he nuts in her mouth and across her chin, BJ cleanup, swallow.

Scene Thoughts: Damn what an ass, Jenna is a new entry into the "promising ebony ladies to keep an eye on" journal. She has some fantastic natural assets on both her back and her front, and she shows em both off with vigor. Her line of the day is "hell yeah" which is repeated, repeatedly. Another very cute girl and another very willing one too, she doesn't spark with her guy as well as some of the other girls, but she again brings the enthusiasm and keeps up atleast a little of the daddy chat throughout the scene, her reverse cowgirl is a nice sight to see, and that ass shake of hers will get the butt fans a buzzin. She is quite passionate looking to be getting off for real a time or two, and she handles the so so popshot well with some cum play and a swallow.


Scene 6: Haley Paige

Duration: 23:39 mins

Position Chronology: ZT interview, teasing and stripping for her guy, he slaps her ass, she sucks his cock, face fucking, she sucks his nuts, she teases him shows her ass, ass in the air, she licks her tits, she fingers her pussy, finger PTM, footjob, missionary vag, spoon vag, reverse cowgirl vag, PTM, cowgirl vag, he fingers her ass, cowgirl anal, spoon anal, reverse cowgirl anal, she fingers her pussy, he spurts in her mouth and on her face, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: If I have not made it crystal clear in any of the other large number of Haley movies I have reviewed in the past, I will say it again, I love this woman. She has a great body, unbelievable breasts, a pretty face, a great ass, and the most important, she has a wonderfully cute and sweet personality, If I were 20 years younger and not married for about all of those, I would have to go to a convention and ask her out, just to get shot down by her. Anyway on to the scene, she has a bit of a different technique to answering the comical interview questions, instead of answering and then being asked to show off her various parts, she just pulls off the clothing without saying a word and proves her point. This is yet another great scene to finish this disc off, Haley is perfect and sweet and innocent in her Daddy chat, really pulling it off nicely with some nice vocals. The two interact well, and Haley teases him and gets nice and nasty, watching her hotly ride his cock up her ass, breasts swaying wonderfully, she calls out to him "I want some cum on my tongue, can you do that daddy?" and then thanks him after a nice wad plasts her lips and tongue. Great finish.


Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: Flipped off, Keri Sable interview, and posing with some extra sex, Hillary post cum cleanup and some extra sex. 8:53 mins.

Photo Gallery: Around 25 pics or so of posing and hardcore from the feature.

Strip Tease: Each girl does about a 3 minute striptease and some naked dancing, very hot stuff, great stripping. I couldn't pick a best performance in the group. 18:28 mins.

Hot Shots: All the cumshots from the feature played on a clip.

Other Extras: Trailer reel.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

This was just a dream cast as far as I am concerned, 4 of my current favs, one moving up on the all time standings, and 2 newbies to me that are definately gonna get some more attention. I'm just very pleased with this disc, the daddy thing is not really something I ever payed any mind too, but I found it very hot here when well executed by most of these girls in the throws of on screen passion. All six scenes are keepers, with a few real standouts, I even found the pre sceen interview tests to be entertaining as they threw in some variety in the way they were asked, and some of the girls had some funny answers and some cool ways of responding. The extras are solid, and it's just a nice disc all around. Anybody liking any of these girls or wanting to check them out, is gonna want to own this disc, and same goes for daddy fetish fans, or just anybody looking for hot sex with young women. Unless you really are looking for harder sex, I see no reason why not to own this one. Check it out. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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