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bono-ONE Who's Your Daddy? 2 4 starsWho's Your Daddy? 2 4 starsWho's Your Daddy? 2 4 stars
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Who's Your Daddy? 2

Who's Your Daddy? 2

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Barely Legal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Who's Your Daddy? 2:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Who's Your Daddy? 2 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Who's Your Daddy? 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Who's Your Daddy? 2 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Who's Your Daddy? 2 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Who's Your Daddy? 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Who's Your Daddy? 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Who's Your Daddy? 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  9/1/2003
Who's Your Daddy? 2
Zero Tolerance
Greg Alves
Elizabeth Del Mar, Katsumi, Dani Woodward, Layla, Roxie, Jasmine Lynn, Taylor Lynn, Mark Wood, Mark Davis, Jon Dough, Alex Sanders, Anthony Hardwood
Bonus scene Kinzie Kenner
Running time:
2hrs 6mins
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0
Disc Features:
Photo gallery, bonus scene, behind the scenes, striptease, cumshot recap

It's somewhat ironic that porn company Zero Tolerance should choose that moniker when the term is already associated with the campaign to clean up New York, no-nonsense policing policies and the campaign on my side of the pond against domestic violence…I can imagine the PC brigade there would have a field day about this little movie, in which the youthful female stars call the men "daddy". Is it the end of civilization as we know it, or maybe just a tongue-in-cheek way to pass off another all-sex movie?

Elizabeth Del Mar
The other feature of this flick is that the interviewer (be it camera guy Mike Quasar or director Greg Alves) hits the girls as they arrive for their scenes with a bunch of ironic questions about tattoos, crack and living in trailers. Well, none of that can apply to fresh, healthy young California girl Elizabeth who is soon seen all made-up and looking pretty as she sucks "daddy's" cock, "daddy" being Mark Wood. Elizabeth plays along with this shtick, laying it on heavy as Wood jabs his cock into her throat. "Gargle on daddy's cock," he mutters.

I like Elizabeth, she has a good attitude and it's a simple pleasure to watch her lightly tanned body in action, especially her bum, but the generic sex feels even more staged because of the laboured "daddy" references. This act runs out of steam fast for me. Elizabeth does take it in the ass, for what it's worth, but this is all terribly put-on. She takes a come facial to finish, with Mark dimly ploughing on with the "daddy" routine.

This is a little bit more like it. Exceptionally cute French/Vietnamese doll Katsumi has a funny chat with our interviewing guy and we can be assured that she has no disfiguring marks, tattoos, boob jobs or any of that crap - she's 100% fresh and natural. The same cannot be said of the shaven headed, bearded duo of Dough and Davis, who really look like they are in the wrong movie. Anyway, off with her dainty pink undies and into the sex. Mark eats her and she's swiftly moved to a position where she's being fucked with her head over the edge of the bed and a cock lodged in her throat. Her ability to cope with the strong stuff is in marked contrast to her fragile beauty. She's so slim and sweet and has flawless skin.

And yet here she is, easily swallowing down the tools of these grizzled veterans. This may not be a very original concept for a scene, and indeed we'll see the formula being milked twice more in this very movie, but it is good, strong, sweaty and physical stuff all the way: plenty of deep oral, lots of fucking and bags of anal sex too. Naughty ass-to-mouth and a delightful position for doggy anal - she looks so sexy! Double penetration too - it's just amazing how open and into it she is. She even moves herself during the DP. All this heated action ends with facial come shots, of course, and generally the "daddy" act is left to an afterthought, though Mark seems greatly entertained by the way she says "daddy" in her French accent. Note to Brandon Iron: Katsumi would be ideal for the next Ten Little Piggies - check out those sweet little tootsies!

Dani and Layla
The livewire pairing of redhead Dani and skinny brunette Layla are hit by more sardonic questions about boob jobs in Tijuana as they arrive on the set. Our dear interviewer then tells them they have to call the guy (Ben English) "daddy" because, and I quote, "That's what the creepy, perverted, home viewer wants you to do!" Let's just take that as more satirical humour, shall we? We're laughing with our viewers, not at them. Right?

Okay, so you may not care about these details, you may be more interested to know that Dani and Layla pile on the bed with Ben and set about the poor chap with some vigour. Basically, the girls get out his dick and then take turns using it, as Ben attempts to keep their boundless energy in check. Everyone's in a pile on the bed, going after it with plenty of enthusiasm and if it is only the usual porno sex then at least they make the most of it, and the screen is filled with young ladies' parts at most times, so that can't be bad. Dani looks particularly foxy, I think, with her lovely long hair swishing around.

There's a certain sense of tragedy, I suppose, in seeing this pretty little English girl (dark hair, petite body, a tattoo on her back, a ring through one nipple), having travelled all the way to LA from London, being paired off with a gentleman called Anthony Hardwood, who looks like a reject from the Estonian hammer throwing squad. His staring eyes combine with an unhealthy enthusiasm for the "daddy" routine to create an unsettling mood, as he jabs his cock into the willing Roxie's mouth.

I suppose that if you judged a scene by the amount of noise created or the energy expended then you'd say this was hot stuff, but I am not so sure. It's a sweaty (mainly Anthony, I am afraid…) run-through of the usual positions, but perspiration wins over inspiration and other than Roxie's neat little bum, I find little to enthuse about.

Jasmine Lynn
Look, I like Jasmine but she's up there with the Long girls and Ashley Blue in terms of ubiquity - rough stuff, anal, interracial, teen theme, it matters not, here she is again. The Dough/Davis tag team recreate the earlier scene with dirty blonde Jasmine. Starting with deep oral, I find the moves have a certain sense of déjà vu about them as Jasmine has her head over the edge of the mattress and a cock in her throat. This time, though, it's straight to the A. Jasmine produces impressive sword swallowing feats as the demanding guys push her hard through more anal, deep throat, ass to mouth and gaping bottom shots galore. There's plenty of double penetration of course, and if we've seen this all before then at least Jasmine is due some bonus points for enthusiasm, effort and a game attitude to some pretty strong sex. Lots of come on her tongue and face.

Taylor Lynn
When blonde Taylor arrives for the shoot, our interviewer tells her that when they started Zero Tolerance they planned to only shoot girls with no tattoos. Then they realised there aren't any. So she'll do. I'd say so. Taylor has a nice, naturally curvy figure and firm boobs, plus a sunny disposition to go with it. She takes on Mark Davis, who has Alex Sanders to assist him in supplying Taylor with another similar selection of sex acts. They top and tail her over the bed; Mark gives her a lengthy session of cowgirl before they move to fill her ass. Alex fucks her rear; she hops off and blows him, then rides and grinds quite nicely on Mark's dick.

They begin double penetration but Taylor wants to take two cocks in her mouth at once. DP resumed, the action cracks along in similar vein. The most remarkable thing about this scene is the look in Taylor's eyes as she takes Mark's load on her tongue. She actually looks like she really wants it! This is solid, energetic fare but once more perspiration wins over inspiration.

Even in these litigious times for porn producers, would anyone find the cheeky premise for Whose Your Daddy? 2 shocking? I suppose they might, but really, the "daddy" gimmick is done in a lighthearted way for most of the time and there's little attempt to make any serious play around it. It's just a bit of a giggle, albeit one that I can scarcely believe is worthy of spinning out for one whole movie, never mind a second instalment. So, the problems for me are a) I don't find the concept interesting and b) it seems too flimsy to sustain a whole series. Even if we can laugh off the comments about the "creepy home viewers" or whatever as porn director's "gallows humour", it still seems Zero Tolerance are either dressing up a movie with a theme that they don't really care about or are actually, at best, sniggering up their sleeves at the audience. Just remember to laugh along with them.

Obviously the problem of product differentiation in such a crowded market is an issue but using tacky humour to grab attention only lasts as long as it takes for the viewer to realise there is really very little out of the ordinary in Who's Your Daddy? 2. It's easy to bolt on a mock-outrageous theme to some formulaic porn scenes. Genuine creativity, excitement, and passion may be harder to achieve but these are the kind of qualities that set the best porn apart. There are plenty of people shooting the same sort of sex with the same sort of girls and while this movie is perhaps better shot and produced than some, I would really be clutching at straws to make a serious case for it. Katsumi is worth seeing by any standards, but in the end the rest is just more of the usual porn valley smut.

DVD Comments
The movie might not set the world alight but Zero Tolerance do at least give you some value for money with good picture quality (24p camera, perhaps?), unblemished sound and a full set of extras. The best of these is a slightly truncated sex scene with the gorgeous little poppet Kinzie Kenner in action with Mark Davis. This actually has a touch more heat about it than some of the featured scenes. Anyway, there's also a behind the scenes that reveals that Roxie had some problems with "women's things" during her scene, thoughtfully edited out. A striptease short features the girls, striptease, music, soft-focus. That kind of thing. Add photo gallery and the handy come-shot recap and that's all, folks.

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