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barrettman Whores In Heat 3.5 starsWhores In Heat 3.5 starsWhores In Heat 3.5 stars
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Whores In Heat

Whores In Heat

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  All Sex
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Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Whores In Heat overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Whores In Heat Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Whores In Heat Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Whores In Heat Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Whores In Heat Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Whores In Heat DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Whores In Heat A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by LSBReviews  on  9/19/2006
Whores in Heat
Produced 06/06 Red Light District (
161 minutes

Directed by: **John Strong

Starring: Riley Mason, Lorena Sanchez, Alexa Von Tess, Denise K (Denice K), Aliana Love, Mark Wood, Tony T and John Strong.

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Whores in Heat features five girls performing in five sex scenes. Each scene begins with some solo action from the girl. Aliana is the only girl who has anal sex. She (Aliana) also is double penetrated and she sucks cock "ass to mouth". There are seven cumshots in this film and all are swallowed. Alexa, Aliana and Riley taste John's asshole during their scenes. Tony gets a little physical in his scene with Lorena (pulling hair, swatting face, etc.). The cast includes a couple of white girls (Riley and Alexa), a couple of Latinas (Lorena and Aliana) and a very hot Danish babe (Denise). All five girls are young, sexy and very pretty, especially Riley, the girl on the films box cover. A minor note, I wish we heard more from Riley than the few words she moans during her sex scene (Riley is the only girl who doesn't chat with John during the BTS footage. The DVD Extras include the BTS footage, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery and Web Access information. *No Condoms were used in this film.

**No director is credited, but John chats with the girls during the BTS footage so I'm assuming he directed the film.

Scene One: Alexa Von Tess, John Strong and Mark Wood.
Alexa (she turned 20 on 06/17/06) is a very pretty and sexy brunette with straight shoulder length hair. She's wearing a white belly shirt and tight pink mini shorts as the scene opens with her swinging outdoors and sucking on a lollipop. Alexa loses the shorts as she touches her pussy with her hand and uses the lollipop to fuck herself vaginally. Alexa and John are out in the back yard as she takes his cock out of his pants to blow him (she also continues sucking on the lollipop which has caused her tongue to turn purple). John fucks her mouth. The blowjob continues on a couch inside a house (she briefly takes his cock deep in her mouth). John eats some pussy before fucking her in the missionary position. They fuck in a few positions with Alexa sucking John's cock from her pussy. Alexa rubs her pussy and caresses one of her tits while John gets Mark. She gives each guy some head before the men take turns fucking her in different positions while she sometimes sucks on the other guys cock (her butt is spanked a few times during the scene). Alexa tongues John's asshole. Alexa sucks on both cocks before the men jerk off and cum into her open mouth (some cum lands on her lower lip, chin and cheek). Alexa quickly swallows both loads of cum together before thanking the guys.

Scene Two: Aliana Love, John Strong and Tony T.
Aliana (18) is a very pretty and sexy brunette with long hair and a nice set of large natural breasts (I'm guessing she Latin). She's wearing a white shirt with white shorts as she plays with herself on a couch. Aliana pulls out a large "cock shaped" dildo that she uses to suck on and fuck her pussy with (the toy goes from her pussy to her mouth). She sucks and strokes both cocks (both men fuck her mouth). She does some ball sucking and deep throat. Aliana licks John's asshole. Her butt is spanked several times during the scene. Each guy fucks Aliana's pussy doggie style as she sucks on the other guys cock (she sucks cock from her pussy). Tony moves his cock "pussy to ass" while fucking Aliana doggie style (she asks to be fucked in the ass). She sucks on Tony's cock "ass to mouth". Tony receives a handjob from Aliana as she rides John's cock in her ass reverse cowgirl. Aliana briefly masturbates before Tony slides his cock in her pussy to double penetrated her. She sucks on Tony's cock from her pussy and John's cock from her ass. The scene continues with more anal sex, gape shots, ATM, vaginal sex and double penetration. The men take turns jerking off and cumming into Aliana's open mouth and on her face (most of the cum lands inside of her mouth). Aliana swallows both loads as the scene comes to a quick ending.

Scene Three: Denice K and John Strong.
Denise (20) is a very pretty and sexy sandy blonde with long straight hair from Denmark (she has a very nice figure with natural breasts). She's wearing a black corset that zippers in front, a pink skirt, black panties and heels. The scene opens with her undressing before John joins her. She strokes his cock in her hand and caresses his balls before squatting down to suck on it (some deep throat). John licks her pussy. She sucks on his cock, plus she licks and sucks on his balls. They move things to an upstairs couch where she continues performing more oral sex on John's balls and cock. They screw in a few positions with Denise sucking John's cock from her pussy. Denise sucks on his cock and deep throats him before he jerks off and cums into her open mouth. Denise shows the camera the cum on her tongue before swallowing.

Scene Four: Lorena Sanchez and Tony T.
Lorena (either 19 or 20) is a very pretty and sexy Latina with a nice pair of natural breasts and long sandy blonde hair (she starts off with her hair in pig tails). She's wearing a white shirt, plaid skirt, white bra and white panties as she jumps rope outdoors. Lorena walks inside to a couch where she undresses and plays with herself. Tony enters with his cock already hard and gets blown by Lorena (some deep throat). He removes her skirt and panties before fucking her pussy from behind (he puts her panties into her mouth). Tony spanks her butt a few times while fucking her. She still has the panties in her mouth as she gives Tony a handjob while he swats her tits. The panties are removed before she takes his cock deep in her mouth. He try's swatting her face with his cock. Tony gets a little physical with Lorena, at times swatting her tits, swatting her face, covering her face with his hand, pulling her hair and holding her nose. They fuck in a few positions with Lorena sucking his cock and licking his balls from her pussy. Lorena gets off of Tony's cock as he jerks off and fills her mouth with his cum. Lorena briefly plays with the cum in her mouth before swallowing it (some cum lands on her chin). Tony stuffs his cock down her throat one last time before the scene ends.

Scene Five: Riley Mason and John Strong.
Riley is a very pretty and sexy brunette with long dark hair and a very nice body with what looks like natural breasts (she's on the films box cover). Riley is wearing a red mesh belly shirt, tight black leather mini shorts and heels as she caresses her tits and fingers her pussy while alone in a kitchen. John enters and spanks her butt and fingers her pussy. Riley sucks on his cock (she spits on his cock a few times). Riley briefly licks John's balls while her hand strokes his cock. John fucks her mouth. They start fucking after moving to a couch in another room. She sucks cock from her pussy. They screw in a few positions with more spanking and her sucking cock "pussy to mouth". John swats her tits a few times as she rides him cowgirl. Riley licks John's asshole. John fucks Riley's mouth deep as he stands over her face. Riley sucks on John's cock before he jerks off and cums into her open mouth. She shows the camera the cum in her mouth before swallowing it. Riley uses her finger to feed herself some cum off her face (though I didn't see any).

DVD Extras
Behind The Scenes - John chatting with Denise. Denise posing for stills. Denise talking to John after her scene. Riley posing for stills. Alexa posing for stills and chatting with John. Alexa talking to John after her scene. Aliana posing for stills. Aliana talking to John after her scene. Lorena posing for stills. Lorena chatting with John after her scene (23:35).

Cumshot Recap - Replays the cumshot(s) from any one scene, or from all five scenes one after the other.

Photo Gallery - Still photos of the girls posing alone and during their sex scenes.

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