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Who Needs Boys

Who Needs Boys

Studio: Forbidden Fruits Films
Category:  All Girl
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astroknight's ratings for Who Needs Boys:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Who Needs Boys overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Who Needs Boys Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Who Needs Boys Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Who Needs Boys Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Who Needs Boys Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Who Needs Boys DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Who Needs Boys A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/25/2012

Running Time: 80 min. (cover states “Over 2 Hours plus bonus scene” which is severely overstating things. I'm deducting a half point from the overall score because of this.)

Production Date: 5 / 21 / 2012

Director: Jay West

Cast: Bunny Love, Jodi West, and Savannah Steele

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are okay. The audio is pretty clear and well balanced. There are a few areas which seem a little quiet, but no background noises to interfere with it. The video is nicely presented in anamorphic widescreen and a touch more problematic. The camera work is steady and the picture is clear, but there's some very obvious lighting imbalances with the color changing very noticeably between shots and editing cuts. One level looks very nice and bright while another looks slightly washed.

Watermark Warning: Although I don't know of anybody who likes watermarks, I can understand and support companies who want to do what they can to protect themselves from piracy. This release has a loud and rather obnoxious watermark about two thirds of the way across the bottom edge that's brightly colored. Thankfully it's a static watermark, which should make it a little easier to put out of one's mind, but the bright colors and location definitely interfered with my viewing and repeatedly drew my attention away from the action. Watermarks like this are a very good reason why some people abhor watermarks.

The Movie: When Savannah gets disappointed in the guys available for online dating, her friend Jodi suggests she tries girls instead. Savannah quickly takes to girls, and sets her sights on young Bunny while still getting a little help and guidance from Jodi.

Scene 1 – Jodi West and Savannah Steele

Bottle blonde Savannah is none too happy with the online dating site she's checking out, and Jodi's none too happy that it's not a nice sunny day outside where she can lay out. She shows Savannah her sexy pink and black bra and panties and Savannah shows her the website so they can share a laugh before Jodi questions her about if there's any girls seeking girls on the site. Savannah admits she hasn't checked out that angle, and soon after is kissing Jodi softly. Jodi slides Savannah's top down to check out her tits and gives them a little sucking and lets Savannah reciprocate on her tits. She helps Savannah strip all the way down so she can eat and finger Savannah's bald beaver while giving her some great eyes before stripping off her panties to let Savannah eat her in return. Finally the ladies hold each other close and kiss as the camera fades out.

Scene 2 – Bunny Love and Savannah Steele

Bottle blonde Bunny lets bottle blonde Savannah know she just got back from shopping and picked up some cute clothes. Savannah encourages her to try them on for her right away in front of her, and although Bunny is a little unsure quickly gives in. Savannah talks her out of her bra and panties as she changes, and and soon after talks her into trying girls. They kiss and check out each other's tits while stripping down, and then sit back on the bed to check out each other's pussy. Savannah lays back for Bunny to lick and finger her shaved snatch as she urges Bunny on before letting Bunny lay back so she can tongue and finger her to a great squirt in return. Savannah moves up to give Bunny a few more kisses before the camera fades out.

Scene 3 – Jodi West and Savannah Steele

Savannah and Jodi flop back on the bed talking about how hot Bunny looked before Savannah confesses to having a little fun with Bunny after Jodi introduced her to lesbian fun. She thinks Bunny enjoyed it, but thinks that Bunny was looking for a little more. Jodi thinks she has a solution and reaches for the bedstand to bring out a strap on and lets Savannah know that it can take a little practice but since Savannah's such a good friend she'll let Savannah practice on her. They kiss softly and warm each other up with a bit of pussy eating before Jodi helps Savannah put on the strap-on and gets on all fours for Savannah to fuck her from behind. Jodi lays back for Savannah to fuck her missionary style and gives her some solid orgasms before pulling Savannah in to kiss her and suggest they bring Bunny over to share her.

Scene 4 – Bunny Love, Jodi West, and Savannah Steele

When Bunny arrives she finds Jodi and Savannah out back in the hot tub enjoying a couple drinks and quickly strips down to join them. Savannah can't help but check out Bunny's tits right away, and soon after Jodi and Savannah's tops are flying off with Bunny a little surprised as they start kissing. The ladies move over to free Bunny's big pierced titties, and they start kissing their way among each other as their bikini bottoms fly off as well. They get a little nervous when they spot the neighbors out, and towel up to head inside for a little more fun. Bunny's ready for more when they get to the bedroom and lays back so Savannah can dive between her thighs while Jodi sucks her tits and kisses her. They get in a bit of kissing and tribbing as Jodi and Savannah trade places working on Bunny. The ladies continue to work their way around Bunny before having Savannah lay back so Bunny and Jodi can team up on her pussy with their tongues and fingers. Jodi breaks away to slide on her strap-on and moves in to fuck Bunny doggie style while Bunny continues to suck Savannah's tits and eat her pussy. Bunny breaks free and lets Savannah suck the toy clean before Savannah lets Jodi know that Bunny can squirt and has her lay back so Jodi and Savannah can tongue and finger her to a great squirt in Jodi's face. Jodi moves back down to eat her pussy clean before the three of them head out of the room.

Who Needs Boys is a pretty good all girl release. It's fairly obvious that Forbidden Fruits Films is a new studio while watching it, and I don't mean that completely in a bad way. Yes, the scope of the movie is limited and the camera work can use a bit of improvement, but neither of these things holds the movie back that much. More importantly, Who Needs Boys has a great vibe about it that gives me a lot of hope for Forbidden Fruits Films. There's no doubt that Jodi's really enjoying herself from start to finish, and Savannah and Bunny look to be having just as much fun. All three of them have great bodies, and I like how the three of them pretty much cover all the bases with their styles. Jodi embodies the MILF next door extremely well while bottle blonde Savannah has a somewhat porny, slutty vibe about her. Bunny comes in as the current generation well with her partially blue dyed hair, tattoos, and pierced titties, and there's great chemistry around the three of them. I love the reactions from the three of them as they notice the neighbors while in the hot tub and Jodi plays up the fun aspect of girl on girl play with Savannah very well in each of their scenes together. Bunny also has a great eagerness that compliments Savannah's urge for young pussy and big tits very well. Squirting fans should be especially taken with Bunny as she lets out a couple of massive squirt blasts with the last being made all the better by Jodi's eagerness to take the blast right in the face. Who Needs Boys is a little rough around the edges in places, which isn't a surprise for an early release from a new studio, but shows some very nice potential for Forbidden Fruits Films and has me looking forward to seeing more from them in the future. If you're looking for a little more chemistry and playfulness in your all girl smut Who Needs Boys is well worth a look.

The Extras: The only extra is a bonus scene.

Bonus Scene – Deauxma and Jodi West

Brunette MILF Deauxma and dirty blonde MILF Jodi kiss softly on a bed wearing only their bra and panties. They let their hands wander around each other a bit and roll around as they happily kiss, strip off each other's bra, and play with each other's tits. The get in a bit of tribbing as well as they roll around, and after a bit of titty play Deauxma moves down to pull Jodi's panties aside to tongue her twat. They kiss and strip off their panties as Jodi lays Deauxma back to eat and play with her box in return. Jodi's rewarded with a few good squirts from Deauxma's pussy, and after kissing her moves down to lick and rub her pussy before coming up for a few last kisses.

This is a pretty good scene with some definite room for improvement. On the plus side, Jodi and Deauxma have great chemistry through the scene and really look to be enjoying themselves. The action is never rushed, and they look like they're really savoring each other with the camera capturing most of the action nicely. The big problem for me is the audio. The only audio here is music, and with how much the ladies smile I couldn't help but want to hear their moans of pleasure and comments back and forth. I know some would rather have the music, but it really held the scene back for me and left it as a solid bonus scene rather than something I'd put in the core of a main feature.

Final Thoughts: If you want a fresh face or two with your all girl action along with chemistry and a playful feeling, this one's worth a look.

Note to Forbidden Fruits Films: You show some very nice potential with this release. I'm looking forward to seeing you try to reach that potential.

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