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Who Let the Whores Out?

Who Let the Whores Out?

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Who Let the Whores Out?:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Who Let the Whores Out? overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Who Let the Whores Out? Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Who Let the Whores Out? Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Who Let the Whores Out? Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Who Let the Whores Out? Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Who Let the Whores Out? DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Who Let the Whores Out? A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  9/28/2005
Prologue Kami Andrews is an ADT favorite, and the members were rightfully excited when it was announced that she was getting a legitimate opportunity at directing. She's enlisted some of her friends for the virgin volume and included herself, of course. Always play the strong hand. I've scrupulously avoided reading other reviews on this video so that I can keep it fresh for myself. By the looks of it, Kami might get as much critical attention as The Fashionistas before everything is said and done.
Some labored breathing off camera, which is focused on a couch and the door. A knock. "Water company!" from the other side. Mark Wood walks in and Sandra Romain pops up dressed in canary yellow bra and panties (a great color for her), and bound hand and foot. Mark cuts her loose and Sandra tears his clothes off. Her head bounces happily on his cock, even deep throating the rock hard appendage. Sandra's body seems to be on fire as she worships his pleasure maker. Chicken heading, face fucking and ball washing. Sandra tongues her way to the taint and gets skull fucked for her efforts. Mark sits and Sandra bends at the waist to suck him for a good low angle shot from behind. She sits on his cock in CG looking to put out the fire in her loins. Her pounding is furious. Hard, deep and swirling at times. Getting at every nerve available. Mark adds some choking and it only makes Sandra wilder. He picks her up for some flying, letting her down on the couch for mish and choke. This is one woman who has no problem letting the whore out. Sandra holding her legs open by the stiletto heels of her shoes and crying that she just wants to be fucked. Cut to standing doggy. Mark licks her sphincter and Sandra says "Take my ass now! Take my ass!". She fingers the bung while he pounds her pussy some more. Finally accommodating her, Mark buries the bone up the shit chute. He slides easier and fucks harder than most pussies could handle. Sandra has a sheen of perspiration over her body. So sexy, especially with her deep tan. A2M facefuck with Sandra begging for more. They move to RCA on the couch. Sandra's in rare form, her ass mayonnaise all over Mark's cock and her frothing hole. They do some flying from this position and the shot is from the floor. Laid back down, Sandra gets piledriven against the arm of the couch. She can't get enough, begging Mark not to tease her when he has to pull out to keep from cumming. It's all for naught because Mark's ready and Sandra takes the position for his facial. He makes a nice mess on her mouth and Sandra plays with the libation, running it down her chest. A great start.
Dirty Harry is doing some yard work, and inside the house Kami and Tyla Wynn are sitting around bored. Kami says she wants to watch people fuck and Tyla has a handful of DVD's. All from Elegant Angel I would presume. Kami's seen them all and Tyla offers to masturbate for her. Kami drags Harry inside to fuck Tyla so she can watch. Harry can't believe his good fortune. Tyla points her bare ass at him and pulls her top off. She runs her fingers through her meaty pussy lips, spits on Harry's cock and lets him in doggystyle. Harry digs out her succulent pussy while Tyla rubs her clit. He spots her invitind rosebud and gives it a lick. Tyla offers it to him and Harry wastes no time in taking her up on the invitation. Tyla keeps directing him to her spots and howling in delight when he hits them. A2M leading to CG anal. Tyla gets on her haunches for some great looking deep squats. Hard cut to anal piledriver. Tyla runs her hands through her pussy lips and orders Harry to stick his balls in her ass. She really wants it deep. He tries to get it done too. She stretches her asshole for an assisted gape and there's a cut to Harry popping his load over Tyla's expectant face. Most of the cum makes it into her mouth and Tyla shows, swallows and shovels in the wayward babies. Some slight PCH and Harry's ordered back to work.
Penny Flame is Kami's assistant and has to round up talent for an impending shoot as the expected performer flaked. As pushy as she gets on the phone she just can't seem to get anybody on such short notice. Kami confronts her, asking what solution she's come up with. Penny offers her own services to save the day. Cut to a tricked out Penny sitting on a couch with Chris Evans. She's in a light blue corset, laced in front. Chris just pulls it down to reveal a beautiful set of knockers. He licks them, then does her bare pussy. Cut to Penny sucking his hard dick and sitting right on it in CG. Another nice ass to peruse. The pace is more slow and sensual than the first two scenes and Penny rubs her sumptuous body on Chris. They move to doggy and nice deep strokes. A little too much pulling out, especially as Penny's on the verge of orgasm. She turns for mish, her gorgeous tits wobbling. Cut to doggy and more fits and starts. P2M and back to mish, legs pulled back and deep. Chris keeps teasing her and the tension is building in Penny's body. Cut to piledriver where Chris gets a good steady, hard stroke going. Penny goes into a reverie about being a good little porno girl. He gets her started toward orgasm again but there's another cut to Penny on the couch getting pronged in mish for Chris to launch his load. And a nice one it is, dousing her face and chest. Penny tells Kami she quits as PA. She found her calling.
Katrina Kraven and Rob Longshot are on a couch in the middle of debris consisting of drugs and alcohol. Rob's playing a video game and there's a knock on the door. It appears he owes money he doesn't have and willingly gives up the services of girlfriend Katrina. The scene cuts to Katrina dressed elegantly in white, sipping on an amber liquid. She really looks great. Sascha joins her and lets her know how beautiful she looks in the dress and how much he's always wanted her. His mouth roams over her clothed body. Katrina's tits are pulled out and the headlights are on. Her building arousal seems very real as Sascha starts to devour her with his tongue. Katrina's pussy is wide open for the licking and he two fingers the juicy hole. Cut to a 69, then RC. Sascha squeezes the tits of a very turned on Katrina, then sinks three fingers into her pussy before letting her back on for the ride. Katrina dismounts and sniffs the pussy coated cock before mouthing it again. She works to get it into her throat and Sascha rolls her over into spoon to get at her ass. Balls deep with Katrina giving a little extra push. Some neck play, but without much pressure. A2M and back to the anal spooning. Katrina keeps Sascha deep, just where she likes it. Cut to doggy anal in an up and over, moving quickly to a side entry. Mish anal and some choking that leaves Katrina breathless. A2M in a 69. Katrina works the cock with her hand and throat until Sascha explodes. Not much cum and it's scattered mostly over his body as she licks it up. Rob calls to have Katrina pick some food up on the way home. She tells him to fuck off, she is home.
Kris Slater in a darkened room lit only by a screen with Kami Andrews on it. She welcomes him to "Submissiveness 101". Cut to Kami live, naked, and filling her face with Van Damage's cock. Kami does the heel grab and pumps her face over his dick. Cut to doggy on a black recliner, her pussy clinging to the pistoning pole. Kami begs for more cock and sticks three fingers into her ass to feel the head stroking her. Cut to RC, Kami pounding and grinding to let the inner whore out. She raises up and the inner squirt cums out. Cut to mish, spit lubed and deep. Kami freaks when the cock gets pulled out and Van has to keep her happy. Up and over mish brings more squirt. Deep pounding has Kami cumming, then a cut to mish anal. Ass wide open and a hand wrapped on her neck, Kami has another wet orgasm. Van trains Kami into pushing her butthole over his cock with sphincter pulsing. Very hot! She pulls a leg back behind her head and four fingers her pussy for a technical DP. Cut to another slightly wet episode followed by some leisurely sodomy that brings deep moans from Kami. Van gives her feet some mouth attention. Kami gapes and Van does some insertion shots. A2M and a cut to them kissing as he dogs her ass. Lube is leaking down her leg as Van digs her out. The way Kami begs for dick, I know she's read "Oliver Twist". Van goes up and over on her big, hot ass. There's a river of lube running down her leg. More gaping and insertions. Cut to RCA, Van spanking the clit of the severely worked up Kami. She takes over the pussy manipulation and hoses down the area, a puddle visible under Van's balls. He puts her in a full nelson as he bounces her body up and down his dick. Kami takes over the stroke and lets Van know she wants his cum and takes it as a sign that he likes her. She rides him side saddle, then sucks the greasy dick. Cut to vag mish, priming the pump which ejaculates on Kami's tongue. She shows and plays with the thick goo, then swallows. Van kisses her and Kami waves goodbye. Someone comes to take Kris away, wanting to know if he learned how to fuck her right.

Bonus Scene from Semen Demons #1

In a move that makes perfect sense, the bonus scene is of Kami in a blowbang. She's in ghoulish makeup and the lighting is very red. Is this supposed to be hell? There are three dicks in her face and I recognize Tony T without seeing any faces because he's the one that thinks he's still fucking rubber dolls. Just your basic suck one, jerk two type scenario. There's a skull fuck train with Kami asking Tony if that's all he's got. Kami gets gagged, choked and face fucked with force without losing any of her energy or will. Tony decides he wants to pound her pussy and does so in standing doggy while Kami's trying to suck Arnold Schwarzenpecker's pecker. Now Kami's really turned on and Arnold gets a piece of that hot twat. P2M and back to the blowbang. She rides a cock in RC while servicing the other two. P2M and Tony gets a titty fuck. They do a standing doggy again and Kami blows the other two. Tony has to take an "almost came" break and Kami wants more cock for her pussy. The third guy (?) fills her and Kami takes care of everybody's needs, including her own. The pops start with the one fresh out of her pussy, then Tony fills her vacant hole and adds to the mess on her face. The third load follows on his heels and Kami has trouble letting go, playing with the splooge as the scene fades.
Epilogue It gives me great pleasure to report that Kami's brought home a winner. I don't think that any new ground was broken but there are nice little touches and Kami has a flair for theatrics and an attention to detail that enhanced the overall viewing experience. And we all know that god is in the details. The cast all responded with enthusiasm and professionalism. Leading off with Sandra Romain is a good start to any production, and this wild, sexy, intelligent woman gave an A+ performance that was devoid of most of the over the top histrionics that occasionally mar her scenes. I have to admit that I was less than enthused about the inclusion of Tyla Wynn in the second scene. I've just been Tyla'd out over the past year and didn't feel like she could hold my attention anymore. Her setup was cute, and Kami seems to have moved away from some of the static conventions that dictate sex act sequencing in gonzo productions. It helped keep things fresh for me and Tyla chipped in a good scene. The Penny Flame scenario was even better and featured some quick hitting dialogue and video that was reminiscent of the screwball comedies that Hollywood was churning out in the 40's. Penny probably has the finest body of all the women in this feature, which is something to say considering all the prime pulchritude on display. Another good scene. That brings us to Katrina Kraven. As unconventional a look as can be found in porn valley, Katrina always looks like a tough broad, biker chick type. Kami starts her out seedy, then glamourizes her. Katrina looked stunning in her white feathered gown but still fucked like a hungry whore. The final scene was with Kami herself and she even had a little surprise up her sleeve. It seems that Kami has joined the Elegant Angel squirters club. I don't remember her doing that before. Babbling away throughout her tryst with Van Damage, I really had the urge to show Kami how much I really, really like her. Great scene with non-stop action. This video qualifies Kami as "Rookie of the Year" and I'm looking forward to more of her efforts in the future.
The Disk There's the bonus scene, which couldn't have been a worse choice for my tastes. It has so many things I can't stand. Ghoulish makeup, dark, colored lighting, and Tony T. I guess Kami doesn't have that many Elegant appearances to choose from. There's also a cumshot recap, photo gallery, trailers, and a true BTS that shows how stoked Kami is about directing, and how seriously she's taking this opportunity.
Recommendation Show some solidarity. Get it. You won't be disappointed.

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