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Who Fucked Rocco?

Who Fucked Rocco?

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex
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Overall Rating 5 stars
Who Fucked Rocco? overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Who Fucked Rocco? Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Who Fucked Rocco? Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Who Fucked Rocco? Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Who Fucked Rocco? Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Who Fucked Rocco? DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Who Fucked Rocco? A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  8/22/2010
Who Fucked Rocco? (a.k.a. Rocco vs. Katsumi) (Summer, 2005)
THEMES: Feature Film, Roleplay, Rough Sex, Anal, Domination,
Ass Obsession, BDSM, Interracial, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Foreign
Starring: Katsumi, Katja Kassin, Venus, Alicia Rhodes, Angelika Wild,
Kelly Love, Liza Angel, Natasha Kiss, Dunia Montenegro, Andrea Moranti,
Rocco Siffredi, Michael Chapman, Holly One, Ron Jeremy (cameo), Nacho Vidal
(cameo), Max Cortes, Omar Galanti, Roberto Chivaz & Roberto Malone
Written, Produced & Directed by: Rocco Siffredi

A dramatic comedy, epic, anal, action, romance, porno mystery from Rocco Siffredi!

I’ve been dealing with porn for too long now and got rid of half of my collection. Browsing through my small, yet almost perfect collection of only six DVDs, I asked myself “How can I have a porn collection without a Rocco Siffredi video in it?” So, I purchased Furious Fuckers: Final Race. I’ve been curious about Who Fucked Rocco? for years and I’ve recently found out this video won an AVN award for best director for a foreign release. No one has reviewed this movie, with the exception of one person at - I wondered why no one else bothered to review this video. So, I’ve decided to check this out, even though I assumed it may have been in the same league as Rocco’s Fuckin’ Funny (which looks bizarre). Back in 2008 and 2009, I’ve been in search of probably the perfect Rocco Siffredi video and came to the conclusion that my favorite Rocco videos are Furious Fuckers: Final Race, Rocco: Top of the World, Rocco Ravishes Prague and even the Rocco’s Hardest Scenes compilation and only one of the I proudly own now.

I’ve heard from one reviewer that Who Fucked Rocco? is a feature film that “tries too hard” to be everything and contain everything. But let me say that Rocco Siffredi is probably the only porn director who could have ever pulled this off. Evil Angel has very few directors who’s sexuality and style of directing can become versatile and deviant at the same time. Most porn directors could never do what Rocco Siffredi does. Basically because not only as a director, but his sexual appetite is versatile. I don’t believe any director aside from John Leslie could ever pull this off (Drop Sex happened to be my favorite John Leslie video). Rocco doesn’t make movies for one genre only, repeating the same mannerisms and action over and over, like John “Buttman” Stagliano, Mike Adriano, Pumper or Slayer. Rocco made many videos containing everything from soft core-friendly-romantic sex, hard-core, sexual violence, BDSM, interracial, transgendered sex, degrading sex, tourist-attraction-like sex and videos with delicate views of scattered poon and booty all over the place.

The movie begins with Rocco, Nacho, Ron Jeremy, Holly One (the ridiculous funny midget who had me cracking up in When Rocco Meats Kelly 2) and Katsumi together at a birthday dinner party/porn convention in Barcelona, with Katsumi making it obvious she has malice in her soul. Roberto Malone gets a phone call from Max Cortes, who’s on his own private boat, checking out Katja Kassin’s big-ass booty (who recently retired from the industry and will truly be missed by many). Katja shakes her big booty, driving a group of men crazy, with Alicia Rhodes being in the picture. Roberto is at the convention, playing in some stripper’s ass in front of hundreds of fans. Backstage, Katsumi gives the midget Holly One a nice time by jacking him off as he squeezes her tits. Katsumi (the Eurasian beauty who Belladonna admitted to eating out amid her “cycle” in the audio commentary of Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4) and Venus (Belladonna: No Warning) are dressed as ancient sword-carrying heroines who have Rocco chained to a basement pole with Katsumi pulling out a sword on him. This scene is interjected by a flashback of when Rocco and Katsumi were happy together, before she turned into a total bitch.

Katsumi makes Rocco chase her into an empty house, wearing nothing but a wedding veil and matching lingerie as Rocco sports a suit (both looking as if it was their wedding day). Rocco loses himself with her and she bends over a kitchen counter, drops her drawers and wedding veil as Rocco tastes her pussy and rectum. She gives him a blowjob and he fucks her throat, slapping her face with his dick vigorously. Before they have intercourse, he’s already rough on her, slapping her ass red. Mr. Siffredi’s suit isn’t even off and she hops on him, riding him in cowgirl on the kitchen sink, going from her vagina to asshole. Rocco pops open a bottle of wine, shoving it in Katsumi’s pussy making it squirt before he takes her rectum more roughly. She bends over, wiggles her ass in circles as I’ve never seen before before Rocco sodomizes her almost as hard as he did Kelly Stafford in Rocco’s Way to Love. There’s some ass-to-mouth and he comes in her mouth before he kisses her.

We see more of Rocco at the porn convention, signing autographs and taking pictures with various female fans before he is knocked out by a few brutes, kidnapped and put in a trunk. Back at Katsumi’s dungeon where Rocco is held captive, he notices Katsumi being a dominatrix bitch to Venus, leaving the scene to let Venus have her way with him. Venus pours hot wax all over him, grinding him, throwing off his trousers and sucking his big dick before tying a blindfold to his face and beating him. At first, Rocco seems burnt out and at her mercy. Venus plays in her ass and I’m reminded of how juicy she was in Belladonna: No Warning (her scene with Lauren Phoenix and Belladonna was so poisonously delicious and remarkable). She rides Rocco in cowgirl with her heated rectum as he’s temporarily disabled by her and Katsumi (who’s nowhere to be found). Venus pulls this off successfully as there’s not many women who can take charge and ride a dick like her, be it in porn or not. Rocco toughens up, does away with the blondfold, takes charge and wraps the end of his leash onto her neck so she cannot get far and remain attached to him for as long as he wants. Things only get violent for Venus and she has a brutal good time. Rocco chokes her with the chain, making her face turn red as she gasps for air and he slaps the shit out of her face. He force-fucks her face as it it’ll be her last supper, slapping her face super hard and merciless with his dick and palms, slapping her ass. And he’s slapping her as if he’s trying to break her face as he did Kelly Stafford in Rocco’s Way to Love, only he doesn’t break her nose! He digs in her ass with his fingers so filthy and feeds it to her. He sodomizes her butt even more brutally from the back as if he’s trying to disable her by having her wear diapers for the next years to come, kinda how he tore Bobbi Starr in Rocco Ravishes L.A.. Venus gets very loud until he pulls out and comes in her face. Powerful shit!

Back at the porn convention, Ron Jeremy is backstage with some hottie sucking his dick and Roberto Malone goes off on him, pulling him away from the girl, only to reduce Ron Jeremy to grabbing a blow-up doll, going on stage greeting fans and tossing the doll in the crowd with some loser catching it, giving the doll mouth-to-mouth, not knowing Ron Jeremy put his dick in there.

Everyone’s wondering where the hell Rocco is. In the meantime, Michael Chapman and Holly One meet up with some European businesswoman while Roberto meet up with a Brazilian beauty Liza Angel and one of the sexiest black women I’ve seen, Dunia Montenegro (who apparently isn’t African-American and can blow Beyonce out of the water). Both women are equally curvy and built. Dunia and Liza both have the same curvy asses, but Dunia’s sexual appetite is stronger than Liza’s, surprisingly. Roberto tosses hundred-dollar bills at them and they both suck his dick, fighting over it with their mouths. Dunia drops Liza’s drawers and Dunia drips ice chips in Liza’s pussy, squeezing an orange in her orifices. Liza sits her big Brazilian booty on Roberto’s face and squats over him as Dunia plays in her ass, squeezing more oranges on her and Roberto. Liza rides with her anus on Roberto’s dick in cowgirl, then in a nasty doggystyle anal before coming in Dunia’s mouth before swapping it in Liza’s mouth. Dunia gets no dick at all and Liza gets it all.

Max dials up Roberto, looking for Rocco and in the meantime, back at his boat, Katja Kassin and Alicia Rhodes are getting fucked hard by three guys, with a banana being involved. At an airport (and I don’t think I should have seen this), Holly One (the midget) and Michael Chapman are cross dressing with wigs and skirts on (Michael Chapman looks like Esther from Sanford & Son), looking for Rocco before they hit up the convention, checking out some strippers. Holly One is brought onstage by a stripper, lifting up is skirt and giving him head. Back at the airport, Omar Galanti makes a sexual pass at Katsumi, who’s appalled by him. The next day, Michael Chapman is dressed in some vulgar outfit that looks like a big dick wrapped in a baggy condom and Holly One is dressed up as the balls. They both perform a song onstage called “Who Let the Dick Out?” (a remake of “Who Let the Dogs Out?”) and Holly One strips out of high anger. Could this shit get any weirder?! Omar Galanti approaches the two guys, looking for Katsumi. Whether they know if she had something to do with Rocco’s disappearance is unknown, but the implication is there.

Michael Chapman, Holly One and Angelika Wild are alone in a hotel room. Holly checks out Angelika’s pantied ass, which has anal beads stuck in there and Holly smells them, stuffs them in his mouth as Angelika bends over, giving Michael Chapman a blowjob. Holly tastes her ass and Michael acts a fool the same way he did in The Dark Side of Rocco and Rocco: Top of the World. He gets very loud and aggressive with her and apparently, her endurance level can handle his hardass cockiness as he gets bossy and fucks with her head. He orders her big time to “Suck it!” and to slap his dick hard with her hands. Michael takes her outside on the balcony of the hotel and lights up a cigarette for her. Despite how hard he is on her, he can prove he’s a gentleman when need be. It looks as if they’re in Florida, judging from the scenery and Michael stuffs his four fingers in her mouth, telling her “If you don’t suck my dick right next time, it’s going up your ass!” and makes her say “I understand” while his fingers are stuck in her mouth! This is one of the reasons why Michael Chapman is my favorite male performer of all time, as he can ravish a woman, treat her bad, fuck with her head and be a gentleman at the same time. She stuffs her mouth with both men’s dicks, doing some serious double-dick sucking. Michael also manhandles Holly One, picking him up and putting him on the television, ordering him to “shut up” and pointing the TV remote at him, acting as if he’s trying to silence him. Angelika’s clothes finally comes off and she plays in her booty directly in front of Michael’s face as Holly still talks shit. Before they fuck, Michael obsesses over the sight of her slightly open vagina and booty meat. They fuck on a couch before he orders her in the bedroom, smells her ass, spits in it before going in, dogging her ass. He rams her as vigorously almost to the point to where it’s violent like he did Trinity in Rocco: Top of the World. He teases her a lot, making her beg for more, calling her a “nasty bitch”. He finally gets in her rectal hole (missionary) and he just gets harder and harder, telling her to say “Rape me!”, they both get louder and we hear Holly One crying like a bitch in the background out of sexual jealousy like a fucking cuckold who can’t watch the action and Michael yells at Holly One, telling him to “shut up!” as loud as he can. And I’m literally laughing my ass off until my stomach hurts and aches!!! This is too damn classic!!! Holly One keeps crying like a bitch while Angelika bends over, taking it up the butt in doggystyle until she decides to see what’s wrong with her pseudo-cuckold. Michael is upset and Holly is jeered as she sucks him and brings him to the bed with both Holly and Angelika rubbing it in his face and sucking Angelika’s titty as if she’s nursing him. Then, the unthinkable happens. She lets Holly fuck her missionary (which is kind of unsexy) while Michael stands in a corner watching. Holly comes very fast and on his stomach before Michael comes and taps her pussy again as if nothing just happened. Angelika gets louder saying “I’m your nasty bitch” and he covers her mouth as she gets more orgasmic. He then comes in her mouth, snatching up Holly One, ordering him to find Katsumi. I never thought I would see anything like this and it turns out to be one of the funniest, most wicked and insane sex scenes I’ve ever seen in pornography.

Michael Chapman knows Katsumi fucked Rocco, not just physically. Remember in Pulp Fiction when Samuel L. Jackson’s character Jules said to a punk about his bossman, “Marcellus Wallace doesn’t like to be fucked by anybody except Mrs. Wallace.” Imagine if Mrs. Wallace fucked Marcellus over instead of just fucking him and Jules got revenge on Uma Thurman, who turned into the revenge-bent sword-wielding woman she was in Kill Bill, but the two fictional characters somehow collided… It would be insane, wouldn’t it? Michael confronts Katsumi, dressed like Xena and doing swordplay-dances in her pool yard and Holly One approaches her, Katsumi takes a butt plug out her ass and stuffs it in Holly One’s waiting mouth and runs off (funny shit). Katsumi kicks Michael Chapman in the pool and in his nuts a few times after he demands she take him to see Rocco. I thought he was just waiting for him to act like Rudy Ray Moore and go “Dolemite” on her ass, but no, no! He picks her up, puts her over his knee and spanks her ass red with her hating the face that she just lost her power over him. She becomes submissive, receptive to his demands and Michael Chapman brutalizes her so bad, it just has to be seen! He gets a grip on her face, talks big shit to her, fucks her face, pinching her nose closed and -- didn’t I say she becomes receptive to him? -- sucks his dick like it’s the last one she’s ever suck! Her makeup smears, he beats her face with his dick and he makes her look him in the eye amid the blowjob, saying “If you look away one more time, I’m gonna beat your fuckin’ ass!” And he really fucks with her head, ordering her like a slave bitch. At one point, he even covers her eyes and telling her to look at him at the same exact time. I’m like “What the fuck, man?!” She even lays on her back while he stands over her, working her head as if she was in one of those Gag Factor videos. He tastes her ass before they both fuck so nasty and hard on a wooden bench that later gets knocked over. He gets some more blowjob action before he bends her over the bench, blasting the hell out of her doo-doo hole almost as hard as he can while slapping her face, pulling her hair, covering her eyes and telling her what to say. When I say he fucks the Tweety-Birds out of her soul, he does exactly that. He comes in her mouth and the both tongue kiss, making her say “thank you” before he abandons her and attempts to find Rocco. Fortunately, the scene has a rough mixture of sexual energy and sexual heat!

Rocco finally appears at the porn convention to accept an award.

The a/v quality is spectacular and there’s absolutely no flaw in this entire DVD package, except maybe after the end credits roll, it ended abruptly before showing a dark picture and heading to the DVD technical credits. The film lasts for 139 minutes while the extra footage altogether ran for 52 minutes. Altogether, there’s 3 hours and 11 minutes worth of film. There’s a photo gallery and filmographies. No trailers (I doubt if there would be room for any).

Although Katja Kassin is in the movie, her entire scene with three dudes and Alicia Rhodes was chopped out of the film. Why this happened, I’m unsure. I suppose Rocco thought the scene didn’t quite fit the move of the movie, cutting it out and leaving it aside for the extra footage. …which can make you appreciate it more of feel as if it should have been in the actual movie as a replacement for the scene with Liza Angel and Dunia Montenegro… Or it could be traced back to the point when VHS tapes were still available and relevant and Rocco wasn’t interested in turning this into a double-VHS tape and saved this for DVD only. The scene with Katja and Alicia lasts for 33 minutes. One of the dudes who get to fuck is actually wearing a neck brace. Katja shakes her ass, sits on a guys face and moves her ass with rhythm and nastiness. I cannot recall a bad scene that I’ve seen her in, but this is one hot-ass scene with her before she has retired and lost some weight. This is one of the many reasons why she’s always struck me as one of the best from 2003 to 2006. The guys stick a number of toys up her ass, rubbing oil all over her. Alicia appears eating a banana while sucking dick at the same time. One guy attempts to fuck her from the back and she curses at him and they stuff both women’s mouths with bananas. Alicia knows she can curse like crazy when she gets orgasmic. The girl is dick-crazy and she gets choked up and slapped a lot. It all turns into an all-around rough fuck party and both women get it hard in the ass from all three men and so does Katja, believe it or not. There’s also lots of orgasms, butt shots, sloppy blowjobs, ass slaps and anal grudge-fucking. More bananas come to the picture, going inside of different orifices, including Alicia and Katja choking on one together. No one gets bored and Katja even takes a nasty DP. And so does Alicia! It’s actually a very entertaining party of five and I wasn’t bored with it at all. But in all honesty, it didn’t quite fit the mode of the rest of the movie, although Katja and Alicia only appeared in the final cut for not even three minutes. The men come on their angelic faces and the women wipe it all over their lips and swap with their mouths.

In more extra footage, Rocco actually takes a wine bottle, shoving it up Katsumi’s ass, giving her a wine enema and pouring it all over her buns. More relentless blowjob action from Angelika Wild to Michael Chapman with some laughter mixed in, along with some interviews and Angelika needing a cigarette break and becoming more intimate and personal with Michael Chapman. She even licks his ass before Michael puts her ass in debris and tongue-fucks it. Michael and Holly One are backstage at the porn convention, messing around with the ladies and Michael gets his dick sucked by a European beauty, recording the action with his own personal camcorder. Max Cortes checks her booty out, recording her moving buttocks. Lots more footage of Michael and Holly One acting like fools, cracking us all up!

I need my ass kicked for not seeing this a lot sooner (like many more people), but maybe it was done at the right time in order me to appreciate it more so much so to where I now own a copy and decided to part with my copy of Belladonna’s Dark Meat for it. And I’ve decided to have 8 DVDs in my small collection, adding Who Fucked Rocco? and Furious Fuckers: Final Race to the collection. Who Fucked Rocco? probably was trying to be everything all at once, but it actually worked. It made me horny, laugh-til-it-hurt, shocked, appalled and even more hornier. This isn’t a typical Rocco video, but it was a mixture of a lot of his videos, from Rocco’s Way to Love, Rocco: Top of the World, When Rocco Meats Kelly 2, Rocco Meats Suzie and even Rocco’s Fuckin’ Funny. It turned out to be one of the ten best adult videos I’ve ever seen or owned (I’m damn happy to own it now and will not part with this one for jack shit) and not only is the sex very nasty and extremely rough in many areas (like Furious Fuckers: Final Race), it comes with a suspenseful storyline in the same fashion as Buda, The Fashionistas, Rocco’s Way to Love and Drop Sex.

I never though I’d see Rocco do a scene with Venus and they both are some nasty, rough and freaky motherfuckers who barely knows any limits. This was a mixed bag, but fortunately, there were no senior citizens involved (like Rocco does sometimes). Plus, it’s not often that you see black or Asian women in Rocco’s movies. This is only my third time ever seeing Katsumi and truthfully, she did nothing for me as I thought she had a bony ass when I saw her in Ass Worship 7 a long time ago. But then I see her in Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4 and in this feature and she’s one of the few baddest Asian women in the industry alongside Mika Tan, Annie Cruz and old-schoolers Jade Marcella and Leanni Lei. Michael Chapman does it all the time for me and I wanna say that he is indeed my favorite male performer. I wished that before I stop watching porn that he could someday direct his own movies for Evil Angel. Aside from mixing up his own style of storytelling and directing, he may have been influenced by Quentin Tarrantino and the makers of Xena, Original Sin and futuristic martial arts video games like Heavenly Swords (watch the fight sequence between Katsumi & Michael Chapman). I don’t think I’d say this is Rocco Siffredi’s best video (though it’s one of the five best I’ve seen from him), because he’s made so many videos and probably made more than any other director at Evil Angel. The man has a twisted vision of deviant sexual preferences that I have come to enjoy from time to time.

REPLAY VALUE: 98% - Extreme!
OVERALL RATING: 100% - Buy it this minute!

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