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White Water Shafting

White Water Shafting

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Compilation
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wraithlead's ratings for White Water Shafting:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
White Water Shafting overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks White Water Shafting Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks White Water Shafting Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex White Water Shafting Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting White Water Shafting Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras White Water Shafting DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality White Water Shafting A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by wraithlead  on  7/28/2009
White Water Shafting

I'm not usually a fan of squirting movies. The squirting won't hurt a movie to me, if done right, but I haven't seen many done right. Plus, a lot of them know they have a gimmick, so they seem not to care about quality of the scenes. But this movie had a lot of girls I like, so I wanted to check it out, and I'm always looking for new things I like. Not knowing much about how these movies go, I don't know what to expect. Also, when I try to figure out how much I liked something, I only compare it to other scenes of it's type. They have to have something in common. Either an actress/actor, or some other common part, like both being MMF, or a gangbang, etc.

Another thing i'm finding out is that I don't know the names for all the sexual positions, you'll have to bear with me and my crappy descriptions. Maybe I didn't grade this one higher than most people, like I usually do, because I was never into the whole 'squirting' thing...but if I say I liked it, then I really liked it.

I'm walking into this one a little blind, not knowing what to expect, but here goes...


This movie was a LOT hotter than I expected. I might seem like a cheerleader, but I didn't expect much, and was surprised. Sometimes my reviews feel too subjective, like I'm not a fair judge, but I try to compensate...This movie seemed not to focus on the squirting. They never did what I've seen elsewhere: stop the sex, and have the girl rubbing herself for a few minutes while fake moaning and squirting. I saw the squirting when it happened, but it was always in the flow of the scene, never derailing it. If it happens as part of the sex, like it did here mostly, then I can enjoy it a lot I guess. And since it was in the flow of the action, I might not even comment about it much, but know that when it happened, I generally enjoyed it as it came...or as she came...or they came...whatever...I will admit too, for her scenes, that some of the Lily Thai gonzo and BTS stuff I've seen makes me think she's adorable. That helped. Also, this movie had a lot more really hot makeout stuff than most, perhaps because a squirting flick is centered around the chick getting so much pleasure...With the scenes and the girls being so hot, and the length of the movie, I have to give it high rankings for anyone who isn't turned off by squirting scenes. Definitely one of the best I've seen in a while, for a 4.5/5...


Scene 1 - "Hook Ups 12" with Daisy Marie and Chris Cannon

I love both versions, since I don't mind implants, but for those that care, this is the pre-implant Daisy. I think she looks good either way, and this scene is no exception. She's smokin' hot. The scene takes place on a balcony, and for fans of girls getting licked down under, this is a good start, with her leaning on the railing, and him on his kneeseating/licking from behind. There's actually a LOT of attention and time paid to him using his fingers and tongues, and you don't get that a lot, so it must be related to this being a squirting movie. The blowjob comes next, with her on her knees. They both have tattoos, but I don't mind. I've seen some that ruined the seen, but these didn't. There's a good facefuck, then he sits down on a patio chair, and daisy sucks him more. Then she rides him, RCG vaginal...some variation of doggie, with her leg up on the railing and on patio furniture. she squirts a little, then a lot, then a lot more, as he keeps working her pussy...more pounding, them standing with him holding one of her legs in the air...a cumshot to the mouth, with her on her knees to take it, and I really did enjoy this scene. More than I have other squirting scenes. 4/5, for a very good scene.

Scene 2 - "Beautiful Nasty 3" with Jessica Drake, Keeani Lei, and Lily Thai

I'm a HUGE fan of Lily Thai, and I like the other two as well, but maybe a little less, so seeing their names on the screen was a treat. They start out playing with each other. Jessica is in a black...umm...corset or leather, very sexy. The other girls are in lingerie too, and jessica plays with both girls' hard, erect nipples. Some slight paddle work, while Jessica is wearing a strap-on but not using it. The usual teases and slight conversation, then a blowjob strap-on, some very sexy stuff with the three of them using the strap-on all while playing with each other...The squirting was thrown in too...and the strap-on play goes anal for a good bit, too, and another toy near the end...I was REALLY turned on by this scene...If you like strap-ons and lesbian 3-ways, this is close to the perfect scene. We even get them all sucking the dildo clean and kissing. Girls kissing is always an AMAZING thing to me...4.5/5, but only if you like lesbian 3-somes...

Scene 3 - "Minority Rules" with Jada Fire and Kelly Wells

I know Jada Fire, but Kelly Wells is another girl where I know the name but can't put a face with it. They're both in lingerie getting some good makeout/fondling time, and I approve. Nipple sucking, pussy licking, etc., make a good start. Unfortunately, this scene...just didn't do much for me. I'm not the biggest fan of either, but I do like the way they look and all...Just the intangibles, I guess. There is a lot of anal dildo play too, but it just wasn't as hot as the other scenes for me. 3/5...

Scene 4 - "Hook Ups 6" with Lily Thai and Randy Spears

I was in the mood for a Lily Thai B/G scene ever since that lesbian threesome, and it looks like I get my wish. They are making out near a waterfall, him topless in cargo shorts and her in a denim miniskirt and pink halter top. The way she strokes him while they kiss is a big turn on, and him sucking her breasts and licking his tongue over them just ads to it...Soon the scene picks up steam. She gets on her knees to suck him, and suck him good. He fucks her mish, then doggie, RCG, and a cumshot to the mouth and lips. The cum on/in her mouth looked good too. I don't always like cumshots, but this one worked for me. 4/5...

Scene 5 - "The Predator" with Jenna Haze, Justine Joli and Leah Love

There are no words for how sexy Jenna Haze is to me, so I'm hoping I'll really enjoy this. As the scene continues, there's licking, kissing, toys and all...Jenna uses the dildo anally, and I got really aroused by that...But something was missing. They went through the motions, but this wasn't a scene I'd waste my time with again. A shame really, given how attractive the girls were. 2/5, but maybe because I know they could have done better.

Scene 6 - "Veronica's Game" with Aria and Dale DaBone

Makeout session, a little stripping while they kiss. Aria is a bit of a mystery to me. She's not the most beautiful girl in porn, but her eyes are seductive and the way she carries herself is irresistable. She gives a blowjob, good and slow, which is the best kind to me...he licks her...Vag sex on a stool, RCH, then a mouth cumshot. Hot to me, and above average for a 3/5...

Scene 7 - "Hook Ups 7" with Lily Thai and Teanna Kai

Bikinis, sun, two girls kissing tenderly...what's not to like?...Nipple play, sucking and licking...fingering, eating each other's pussies, dildos, etc...A good scene. Don't let the shortness of my comments fool you. They were both hot, and I liked it a lot. 3.5/5

Scene 8 - "Beautiful Nasty 3" with Ariana Jollee, Lauren Phoenix and Monica Sweetheart

The energy and raw lust Ariana brings to her scenes is irresistable to me, so I'm hoping this scene won't let me down...As it plays out, the scene didn't let me down, but wasn't as hot as it could be. I'm a huge fan of girls making out, so that helped, but there were things that could have been better. They did most of the things you'd expect from a 3-girl lesbian scene, but it just seemed like they could have done more. Of course, with the licking, fingering, sucking, and kissing, I still found plenty of hot stuff. There were no toys, but I didn't mind that. 3/5...

Scene 9 - "A Lighter Side of Heather" with Aria and Randy Spears

Just like for her other scene, Aria being in this one gave it a good start for me. Maybe not a supermodel, but she definitely oozes sexuality, so I'm looking forward to this scene. A little chatter and making out, which was good for fans of kissing, etc. like I am. Randy gets her out of her light green lingerie, and the scene moves from there. He licks/eats/fingers her from behind, and she sucks him good, stroking good too...then there's cowgirl, hot sex with her on her back, then RCG anal, and a cumshot to her mouth that makes me think about how sexy she is with the creamy stuff on her lips, chin, and in her mouth.3.5/5...

Scene 10 - "Hook Ups 9" with Flower Tucci and Manuel Ferrara

Swimming clothes and a waterfall start this scene out. Blonde, natural and slim with curves, Flower is all kinds of hot to me. He puts his hand down her bikini bottoms, then eats her from behind in a way I found irresistable. When he's on his knees, face buried between her legs from behind her, as she stands in front of him, jiggling and moving with pleasure and moans, just wow...He makes her squirt with his hands, before they even have sex. Soon, she sucks him good, fucks him in standing doggie, a few other positions including RCG anal, squirting more as they go, and lets him cum in her mouth. A very hot scene to me. 4/5...

Scene 11 - "Hook Ups 8" with Aria and Lee Stone

She's still hot to me like in the two previous scenes. Her hair is curly this time, and along with the kissing, Lee is warming her up licking and doing all the usual stuff, you know, the stuff that works, lol, with her pressed up against a body height mirror. His mouth and hands working her over turned me on, and you'd like it too, if you're a fan of the warmups in porn. He uses his hands, she squirts, then he uses his hands and mouth. On her knees, she sucks him, and sucks him good, ball licking, stroking, and everything else. Standing doggiestyle in front of the mirror was really sexy, and the squirting that came added to the sex appeal. She licks some off the mirror, and watching her lick her reflection while getting it from behind was a standout moment for me. More positions follow, including RCG on a bed later on, and a cumshot to her mouth and face, and more licking cum off the mirror ended a VERY sexy scene. 4.5/5

Scene 12 - "Hook Ups 12" with Davia Ardell and Felony

Bikinis by the pool, and both girls look so sexy. Felony is a brunette with big-ish breasts, maybe fake but I can't tell and don't really care so I didn't check, and Davia has nice fake boobs too. They bring in the oil and fingers, lips, tongues, and toys. The scene was hot, and both girls did a good job. The squirting and kissing ending the scene was pleasurable too...3/5...

Scene 13 - "Beautiful Nasty Too" with Aria, Becca Bratt and Kristal Summers

All in lingerie, and odd mittens and knit hats, in front of a fireplace like it's shot at a ski lodge. All three girls do good work on each other, and they go through all the expected positions. The squirting comes and goes, as do the toys, etc. A very good scene. 3.5/5...


Bonus Material:

A group of photos entitled, "Wicked DVD Catalog," and it's more of a camera collection than anything else, from the few seconds I tried to live through - Organized by Year from 1999 to 2006...

DVD ROM Materials, with wallpapers and website stuff for when you put the disc into your computer...

"More Adult Fun" which is basically a bunch of phone sex and website ads...

Bonus Cumshot Recap...

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