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Zero White Guy Black Pie 4 starsWhite Guy Black Pie 4 starsWhite Guy Black Pie 4 stars
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White Guy Black Pie

White Guy Black Pie

Studio: 3rd Degree
Category:  Black , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for White Guy Black Pie:
Overall Rating 4 stars
White Guy Black Pie overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks White Guy Black Pie Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks White Guy Black Pie Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex White Guy Black Pie Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting White Guy Black Pie Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras White Guy Black Pie DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality White Guy Black Pie A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  7/12/2005
Prologue This genre seems to draw me in more than most. I'm very appreciative of the dusky ladies of porn and mostly like to see them with Caucasian men. Nothing exclusive or absolute. Just a mild preference. The fact that this edition includes Sydnee Capri, Jada Fire and Marie Luv makes me very happy. It also appears that Mike Quasar is on camera and maybe is the director. I say maybe because the credits go to a T. Woogie which sounds a little made up if you ask me. I could be wrong but Quaze seemed to be in charge during the BTS and his steady hand is a good omen for this video.
The video opens on a sepia tinted Sydnee Capri rotating her stupendous assets. This girl's got back to spare. She's wearing a hot, pink fishnet top and white bikini. Sydnee pulls out her puffy nipples to play with and tease us. She's got a delightfully thick body and beautiful face. Quaze gives us lots of nice tease before sending Sydnee inside to rub her little nubbin in a leather chair. Her fingernails match the blouse exactly. A nice touch. Sascha is soon on her and reaching for her little tits. Sydnee goes straight to her knees and opens wide for his stiff dick. She's turned into quite the cocksucker and bats her tonsils repeatedly. He pulls her bottoms off and turns Sydnee onto the chair for an up and over doggy. A little spanking on those gorgeous globes of hers and a P2M face fuck. She sits on him in CG. Sascha helps her off with her shoes so she can perch herself better on him. She's doing a nice job of sliming his cock with her juices. He lays Sydnee back into the easy chair and fucks her in mish. Sascha gives it to her deep and hard, feeding Sydnee her juices in a deep throat P2M. She mounts him in RC. Sydnee works his pole hard and her body looks like it's thrilling with every deep dive into her sweet spot. She rolls off and Sascha mounts her in an up and over doggy. Nothing but pure pleasure for Sydnee as Sascha continues on in doggy and rolls her into spoon. Her nipples are at attention and face is rapturous. Sascha pulls out and Sydnee gets into the position to receive his tribute in her mouth. She pushes it out, dribbling the mess off of her chin and onto her chest.
I only saw Vida Valentine for the first time in Slayer's Li'l QTs. I was impressed and thought that I would like to see her without another woman in the scene. My wish has been granted. She appears in a dress with her tits hanging out. They may be man made, but they're awfully impressive and suit the rest of her slammin' body. Vida laps at her nipples and waves her solid ass in our faces. Her legs are shapely and strong. This woman is a killer. She crawls onto a bed that has Mark Davis laying in wait. He's got jeans on and Vida pulls them right off so she can get down to the nitty gritty. First Davis requests a little show, so Vida laps at her tits for him before doing some sword swallowing. Coach Davis has Vida taking deep draws and slobbering all over his dick. She shows some impressive skills and depth, her pussy looking like it's getting wet from the excitement. Wet or not, Davis is going to taste that muffin and has Vida sit on his face. She licks her nipples again and sends some spit down to Davis to help him lube her up. He pushes her onto her back and mounts Vida in mish. Mark indulges another of his fetishes by pulling off her shoes and mouthing her feet. She's visibly turned on by this turn of events. Some serious stroking ensues and Vida is loving it. Mark's jammed in balls deep and Vida's juices are running down the crack of her ass. She jumps at the chance to taste the flayva from his cock and Mark does some face fucking deep into her throat. Vida mounts him in RC and shows some fine hip action that would drive any man crazy. Mark gets crazy enough to shove his cock into her hot ass. He gives her a reach around and Vida cums hard. That gets her riding harder and taking him deep into her ass while she continues to strum her clit. A2M with a lot of slobber. Vida sits her ass on his cock in CG. Nice view of that gorgeous butt filled with cock. She goes for the flayva again and jumps back on the cock in CG again, this time in her pussy. Vida jams him in hard and deep, then does a dance of lust in his lap. She has another nice orgasm and is feeling pretty good about herself at the moment. Mark lays her back for mish. That's just the launching pad for his seed delivery as he pulls out and gets to her face in time to douse Vida with a major nut. She's all smiles as this fine scene ends.
Leggy Jemini puts on a nice little show in a lime green passageway wearing red lingerie. She's very pretty and has perfectly shaped tits. Jemini walks into a room to be greeted by Sascha. He's all over her hot body, inspecting the goods and checking the booty for rebound. She kneels and frees his cock. providing valuable oral service. Sascha gives her a slow face fuck, then sits down for Jemini to mount in RC. She bounces and squirms on his cock, then cleans it off before a doggy insertion. Sascha goes up and over to spear Jemini deeply. They turn over for mish and she rubs light circles on her clit. He picks her up for a turn at CG and she does some quality squatting on his cock. We also get a quality shot of a premium booty from underneath. Jemini spreads her cheeks as her poon gets pounded from underneath, then P2M leading to an up and over doggy with Jemini bent over a leather setee. She gets turned around again for mish and Sascha is making sure to bottom out occasionally. He feels nature's call and Jemini gets to the floor in time to have her open mouth sprayed with his jizz. A low impact scene that didn't have much interaction or chemistry going for it.
Jada Fire and Lori Alexia are descending some stairs and stopping every few to lap at each other. Both of these women have bodies that can put a hurting on some unsuspecting guy. I never realized how tall Jada is, or is it that Lori is so short? Anyway, she towers over her less experienced friend. They play with each other's amazing ass and end up walking hand in hand to meet Mark Wood. He and Jada have some history and they like each other. The girls fondle and lick at him. Mark frees his willy and Lori addresses his stiff proposition orally. Jada helps from behind before coming around front and center to lend her estimable oral talents while Lori toys with her body. Mark enters Jada in mish and Lori lends a hand and tongue to increase her buddy's pleasure. He has Jada endorsing his cock and Lori strips her panties off so she can get licked while Mark is pounding Ms. Fire in doggy. Mark sits back for Jada to ride in CG and Lori licks at her ass and his cock after looking like she was setting up to ride his face. Lori does P2OGM and reseats the cock in Jada's pussy. More P2OGM and Lori gets a chance to ride in RC. Her body is tight as a drum and Lori gets into her ride with some beautiful hip swirling and hard pounding from her superior position. Jada's right there to lend a hand, tongue and encouragement. She also does P2OGM. Of course when Jada gets meat in her mouth she doesn't give it up quickly. Lori hops off and turns for an up and over doggy. Jada's behind Mark, flicking her tongue at his ass. Lori and Jada create a stack with Jada on the bottom. Jada looks like she pissed on herself, her pussy and legs are so wet. Mark strokes Lori first then slides into Jada's hot pussy. He does Lori again, then fucks Jada's ass in mish with Lori tending to her friend with pussy fingering and tit licking. Lori tongues Jada's clit to add to the sensation that has the combustible Ms. Fire testifying. After Mark gives Jada all she wants there's a cut to a cumshot into Lori's open mouth. Jada's laying underneath getting the spillage on her own mouth and Lori delivers the rest in a sweet kiss with some cumplay.
Marie Luv is resplendent in whit lingerie trimmed in black and black stockings. She gives us all the angles and moves on a staircase and she's as beautiful and sexy as I've ever seen her. She walks over to Mark Davis who's sitting on a couch, and releases her garters to facilitate the removal of her top. The panties have to go also but the stockings remain and Marie is good to go. Mark finds her fat pussy with his fingers and makes it his personal project to make Marie cum. Her g-spot gets a workout and he takes a taste to see how he's doing. He squeezes Marie's fat lips and they're juicy as hell. She lays back and puts her legs behind her ears as Mark continues to finger her and buries his head in the wet spot. He has Marie take over the fingering while he removes his pants and she's very happy to reciprocate when his cock is in her face. She takes him right down to the balls on her first dive and plays with her slobber and his cock in a way that only a great cocksucker can. The tears are running down her eyes immediately and her spittle covers her chest and abs. Mark climbs up to skull fuck Marie and buries himself all the way down her throat as her tongue snakes out to lick his balls. She's so into this and keeps her pussy warm while putting on this great oral show. Mark sits her on his cock in RC. She actually holds her lips open and slides all the way down the pole on the drop and buries him right to the hilt. Great shot. Extremely erotic. Marie puts on a great show of her body as she rides his cock. Twirling her hips as she bobs up and down, giving us a great view of her front assets bathed in spit with everything in motion. She turns to CG without disengaging the cock in her pussy and does more showing off of her rear end. Marie is combining her love of cock with some showmanship and taking her performance to another level. Mark turns her for mish and Marie's flexibility is leaving her wide open for a pounding. Mark takes some time to eat at the "Y" again and slap at her clit before he probes her anus with his cock. It starts off slow but gets faster and deeper quickly. He goes up and over to go balls deep. Marie does A2M, swallowing his sword all the way again. She turns her ass to him for an up and over side saddle doggy anal. Mark never finds Marie's bottom as he repeatedly jams his balls to her anus. More A2M as Marie continues to show off her deep swallowing skills. She mounts him in RCA and sits her feet on his haunches as she lowers herself onto his cock. More deep throat A2M and back to the RCA. She rides Mark side saddle, then polishes the knob some more. CG anal and Marie grinds the cock into her ass as deep as it'll go. When he's ready to blow, Mark gives Marie a short face fuck before he fills her mouth with a nice load of his errant babies. Marie swallows like the good little cumslut she is to end a great scene.
Epilogue This was a very good video with three outstanding performances. I was surprised that Sydnee Capri didn't do anal because it seems that it's SOP in all of her scenes. She still had a good scene, just not what I expected. Vida Valentine was tremendous. She was totally into her scene and paired with a guy who was into her. Jemini was, unfortunately, the runt of the litter. Not a lot of action, and no interaction to compensate. Pretty much just filler by a very good looking woman. I'm sure I'll be giving her more opportunities to impress me in the future. Maybe a different partner will do the trick. Jada never ceases to impress and she proves to be something of a cock hog here, monopolizing Mark's dick and leaving poor Lori out in the cold for much of their scene. In a way it's too bad because Lori looks great and she's built like the proverbial brick shithouse. I definitely want to see her as the center of attention somewhere. It just didn't happen here and I can't really complain because it meant more Jada. The piece de resistance was Marie Luv. Her face, tightly toned body, enthusiasm, and growing skill at delivering great performances that don't cheat her of her pleasure, or the camera of it's shot, leaves me completely in awe. Again, there was great chemistry and lots of smiling throughout. Good long stretches of unbroken action, too, which I appreciate. It ended this video with a bang. The videography and lighting were top notch.
The Disk There are trailers, a cumshot loop and BTS. It's good to see that I'm not the only one that finds Marie Luv to be spectacular. Quasarman is left to just shaking his head in her presence, apparently stunned by her incredible looks. Jada tells Quaze that white men eat pussy the best and Mark Wood's dick made her cry.
Recommendation No less than a rental is called for, and a good buy for the discerning viewer.

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