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White Girls Suck & Swallow

White Girls Suck & Swallow

Studio: Evasive Angles
Category:  Interracial , Oral
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for White Girls Suck & Swallow:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
White Girls Suck & Swallow overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks White Girls Suck & Swallow Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks White Girls Suck & Swallow Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex White Girls Suck & Swallow Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting White Girls Suck & Swallow Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras White Girls Suck & Swallow DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality White Girls Suck & Swallow A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  3/23/2005
Mark Anthony Presents: White Girls Suck and Swallow


Initial Thoughts I read some good about this disc and some bad, but I just wanted to check it out for myself before I made a call on it, and I guess after seeing it for myself, I'm about as mixed as other reviews on it, the premise is as simple as the title, white girls getting down and sucking off big black cocks, and swallowing thier cum, there is no sex in this one, it's blowjob only. There are a really nice mix of girls in this one, and some of my recent favs are present, Jennifer Dark, Amber Simpson, Mercedes, Pamela, and Delilah Strong, just to name some of them. The oral in the movie is actual reasonably decent, most scenes start out with a little tease or interview, and the girls handling some big black dick is pretty hot. The down side though, is that the swallowing is pretty sad, as out of all the loads in the film, only a couple are even close to decent. The energy also lacks from time to time, and with 15 scenes rammed into 2 hours, the scenes tend to be on the shorter side. Extras are less than great, but overall this disc really depends on what your looking for whether it is passable or not. It's not a great disc, but if the BJ is more important than the popshot, some may find this disc a reasonable effort.

Technical Considerations: My main areas of contention in the technical aspects, mainly fall under the picture and sound area, picture quality is pretty clear, but the lighting is pretty lackluster at times, and the colors are quite drab looking. Sound is sort of unbalanced, but still not bad. Camera work is acceptable. Menus are simple and work just fine.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Anna Nikova, Mark Anthony and guy

Anna is a cute and sweet looking dishwater blonde, and she has some monster, natural gozongas, she gets interviewed and smiles and teases a bit while Mark plays with her tits. Before long she gets on her knees, and gets her mouth packed with dick. She isn't really the most energetic girl, but does a commendable job getting her throat worked over by Mark and another big black cock, plenty of spit, but not much cum from either guy. A decent start. Duration: 8:56 mins

Scene 2: Britney Madison and Mark Anthony

Britney has some big new mellons since the last time I saw her, and the perky blond shows them off while she answers a few questions for the camera on the couch. She attacks cock pretty nicely, and goes all out with some nice sloppy deep head and plenty of nutsack sucking before her stretched out mouth gets a load of ball grease for her troubles. Duration: 9:35 mins

Scene 3: Delilah Strong and guy

Delilah has been one of my upcoming favs with some great performances in Brandon Iron's "A Good Source of Iron 3" and Jules Jordan's "Feeding Frenzy 6" being real highlights. Here she teases us a little bit before going right to work on a fat cock, she plays more to the camera than her stud here, but does a nice energetic job of getting him hard, and getting him to spurt right into her mouth. Duration: 6:50 mins

Scene 4: Patricia and Mark Anthony

Patricia has a sexy red and black waive treatment in her hair here, and she lets Mark suck on her pretty titties a little before she strips for him and gets on to sucking his cock. She goes for the slow and steady routine but looks hot getting her pretty lips stretched out, and does some nutsack love too. He shoots his load right into her mouth and really only paints her tongue, but she displays it and downs it. Duration: 8:09 mins

Scene 5: Alexia Knight and Mark Anthony

Alexia really lights up a room with her smile, and her smoking body and nice firm breasts don't hurt the atmosphere either. She has on a black see through getup and chats with Mark for a minute before he plays with her tits and miraculously gets her to suck on his dick after only a few minutes. Not a lot of energy here, and the scene is a bit out of rhythm, but not too bad, and he fires his wad into her mouth for her to swallow. Duration 7:45 mins

Scene 6: Ocean and guy

Ocean is another dark haired real breasted nice looking girl, and she gets a little fingering and teasing before she gets down to business sucking some rod. Nice hand action and a good energetic sloppy BJ effort here, she keeps his cock in her mouth without a lot of breaks, and keeps it deep. She gets a decent glop of gonad gravy and swallows it down. Scene duration 6:41 mins

Scene 7: Meadow and guy

Meadow would probably fall into the girl at the office that might just suprise you if you got her naked. She's blonde, and has a nice body and good breasts, she gives a fiesty interview and shows off her assets before getting down to business. She gives some pretty nice looking head, and keeps up a good rhythm until her stud just fires off a load into her sucking mouth. She swirls it about and swallows it down. Duration: 8:01 mins

Scene 8: Sophie and Mark Anthony

Sophie has some long frizzy golden brownish curls, and she has this cute kind of wild child aura around her. Marc plays with her a bit and has her suck some fingers before she moves on to bigger and fatter things. There are again some wood issues here as there have been occasionally both before and after this scene, but this one they persist, despite a good effort from our lady of the hair. He pops right on her tongue and she chugs it on down. Duration: 7:16 mins

Scene 9: Mercedes and Guy

Mercedes is just a knockout, her red, brown and blonde hair due and her sexy piercings and tats just give her this kind of biker supermodel thing, and man does it work for her. She pretty everywhere, and I mean everywhere, and shows off that fantastic rack before she gets a suprise monster black cock to suck off. She plays cute and suprised, but does a nice energetic job of trying to inhale some monster peckerage. The load is another unimpressive one, but she takes her spuzz with a smile. Duration: 9:11 mins

Scene 10: Jennifer Dark and Mark Anthony

This flick has no shortage of super hot babes, and Black haired already nude and super firm natural knockered (say that 5 times fast) Jennifer Dark, only enhances that portfolio. She has a big smile on her face and answers some questions for the camera while her tits and pussy get played with. She soon gets a face full of flacid phalus, and sets out to turn it into a mighty black oak in no time. She looks so good and does a nice job of sexily sucking out his semen from the tip of his dick and gives a cum covered smile for the camera to close. Duration: 7:54 mins

Scene 11: Pamela and Mark Anthony

Another sweetheart is up next in big natural tittied, blond hued black haired tat and pierced up Pamela. I really like this girl, and she is sweet and cute as she teases the camera with Mark in the nude before he goes down on her briefly. She gets her turn in short order though, and puts on a nice energetic round of cocksucking before getting a little wierded out by a load to her mouth. She takes it well though for the most part. Duration: 10:33 mins

Scene 12: D'amore Vega and guy

Black haired D'amore, I would say might fall into the girl next door catagory, she is cute and plenty perky as she smiles nice and bright as she talks to us and the camera to start things out before she gets a big black dick all to herself to play with. She seems to get nearly lost in the moment and makes out almost with his cock really getting into sucking and caressing it, a nice blowjob, but unfortunetly another very meager popshot. Duration: 6:07 mins

Scene 13: Amber Simpson and Darren James

Amber Simpson is one of those girls that I think is really under hyped, you don't hear a whole lot about her, but she has some really hot work out there, and she always is super sweet and perky as she is here, she displays her sweet little ass and her perky tits for us, but it isn't long before she has a every hardening dick between her sweet smiling lips, and she does a nice sexy blowjob here looking up into her partner's eyes, and spending some time sucking his balls. it's only a few minutes and she has him emptying those nuts right into her mouth and getting one of the best loads of the disc into her mouth for an energetic swallow. Duration: 6:07 mins

Scene 14: Francesca Sins, Lara Roxx and Mark Anthony

These two work pretty well together, Francesca is kind of the old pro here, and Lara takes on the energetic newcommer bit, they team up on Mark and give a pretty spirited double blowjob and before long Lara is on the recieving end up his popshot which is near non existent. Duration: 9:38 mins

Scene 15: Bianca Biaggi, Yasmine, and Mark Anthony

Personally this scene was just too many girls for one cock, they really didn't work that well together, and it was kind of a line up and suck my cock bit, the girls were really not all that enthusiastic, and only one got a weak pop at the end, this scene just felt tacked on. Duration: 12:50 mins

Extra Stuff

Photo Gallery: 20 shots or so of the oral sex from the film.

Bonus Scene: A pretty decent 2 girls on 2 guys scene, nearly 20 minutes long, and plenty of sex with some anal and holes to other girls mouth action. The girls are not credited but are two familiar looking hot blondes. The only sex of the disc, and a nice bonus with some good interracial sex. Pretty decent chemistry and energy.

Other Extras: Trailer reel, and website info.

In The End

In porn, probably more than in most other things, what you have seen in the past greatly influences what you wish to see in the future and how you judge what you see in the present. I like blowjob movies, and if you have read any of my reviews you will likely already know that I am a fan of oral and facial or swallowing movies. That said, I find this one to be decent in some regards, but I also find it to fall woefully short in others. Now some things like the wood issues and really weak popshots are universal to take the overall down a notch, but some of it is that I really like many of the girls in this feature and I just think they didn't get used to thier potential here. Any way you shake this one out though, it's just average at best, if your in the mood just to see one or all of these babes wrap thier lips around a big black dick, then hey this one might be worth a rental, but I have to put this one in the buy or rent at your own risk catagory. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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