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MisterNoGood Where's the Cum? 4 starsWhere's the Cum? 4 starsWhere's the Cum? 4 stars
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Where's the Cum?

Where's the Cum?

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Cumshots , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Where's the Cum?:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Where's the Cum? overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Where's the Cum? Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Where's the Cum? Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Where's the Cum? Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Where's the Cum? Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Where's the Cum? DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Where's the Cum? A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/2/2005
Well this is a fun review to write for me as I join the 700 club with it,lol. This is a pretty good premise as the girls are on a holy quest to find the elusive elixir known as CUM. Tim Von Swine has brought together a fine group of ladies and I think all their searches will end succesfully, what do you think,lol. So let's get to it.


Leading off we have a very hot newcummer with some absolutely huge tata's. She's got some meat on her bones but everything balances out nicely creating a very appealing young lady. Bailey has fun answering all of Swine's queries and we learn this is only going to be a bj scene so no pussy/ ass work for our young girl. Swine does a nice job roaming the camera over this young ladies frame but when she whips out those funbags all my focus shifts right to them. Man those are some fine looking titties and yes she does lick her nipples for us. Moving on we soon get a cock for young Bailey and she shows herself to be very good at sucking cock. A nice balance of no hands head, gagging, ball/shaft licking, and her eye contact was good. The shot stays pretty much on her face the whole bj which ends with a swallowed pop but our girl isn't done yet, she wants more jizz so off she goes crawling until she arrives to cock #2. Swine has fun talking to Bailey who keeps on with the fine cock sucking. I would have liked some more tit play by her but perhaps a different dvd will see those juggs get their due. We see Bailey service two more dicks in the scene though not at the same time and each ends with loads finding their way down her throat. A fine looking girl who I definitely want to see more from.


Up next we have the sexy little fireplug known as Kat! This scene starts with several men surrounding her and Swine comments on how the scene will unfold, these guys will be sucked off one at a time. Swine then has Kat sit down with the guys spreading out and Mr. Swine will let this young lady have her pick of which prick to suck on during the scene. Like the scene before good close shots for the bj's and Kat does a fine job gagging and the loads are on the mark for the most part with the young lady scooping in the spunk that didn't go right in. I also like how she waited until sucking them all off before letting them fire away.

Jaime Elle:

Our covergirl is up next and we see her resting comfortably as Swine interviews her. This is a relative newbie too only in the biz for about a month when this was shot. Jaime is here today to suck cock, surprise, and it will be a smaller number of loads for her, 3. Unlike the first two scenes we get to see this young lady take on two cocks at the same time and the slow style of bj really works for me so I was glad to see it here. There is some faster sucking but for the most part Jaime takes her time with some gagging mixed in. There is some double sucking but for the most part it's just one cock sliding in her mouth at one time. Our third cock finally gets in on the action with Jaime not missing a beat with the added meatstick. You also get some good throat fucking and Swine even worked in a pretty good overhead view of the proceedings. We see some titty fucking even with all 3 cocks sliding in between her breasts before the loads get launched. Jaime takes all the jizz with ease ending a fine scene for her.


Up next we have a girl who I had the pleasure to watch in person on my last trip out. As luck would have it the scene I got to see was a blowbang so I get to see how it might look in this scene providing she takes them all on at once. The scene starts out with Swine showing off this young ladies body and wee se she's joined by three dudes and Swine conducts an interview with Alektra. We learn she sucked her first dick at 14 and she swallowed right off too so she's a natural for porn! Well the guys play a little game of cards to see who gets her first so no sucking of them all at the same time. Still watching Alektra do a bj with just one cock was a very hot site. The slow sucking was done very well by this young lady and Swine mixed in some good shots of her body during the bj. She shows off the first load before downing it and our girl moves right on to the next schlong. I think you'll like how she handles all the manmeat in this scene and we also get some skull fucking when she's taking on the third cock. Definitely a fun young girl to watch out for. As it turns out our young lady wasn't quite done as she remains behind with our director and you can guess what happens, she takes on his piglet and gets one last jolt of jizz to fill her tummy!

Veronica Jett:

Our next girl is a cutie who is sporting a pair of glasses on her face to go along with the lingerie outfit. Swine has talk with her while we check her body out and the scene will be a POV merry go round to start so let's see how that unfolds. Our first cock then slides in and Veronica goes right to it with some nice POV head and she keeps the glasses on too. You get no pop instead one dick moves out with the second seemlessly moving right in, very nice dick exchange,lol. The scene then moves on and we see our girl in a full on cock circle and she has several pieces of meat to trade off. You see some double sucking as well as some good gagging done by her all with the glasses still nestled safely on her nose. Well they do eventually get taken off and the good blowjob just keeps on going. She doesn't let each load stay in her mouth long once the guys start firing and I saw some uncomfortable looks cross her face so I wonder if she fully enjoyed it.

Tia Sweets:

Our next scene starts with the girl resting comfortable on a couch and we see a fun loving attitude from her as Swine has a few words with her. Tia starts playing with her pussy a little while talking with Swine. Our director even gets in there for a taste of those boobs when she pulls them out, you notice one nipple is pierced but it hurt so much she left the other alone. Tia then gets in the prime bj position and our first cock is brought in. She does a fine job taking this dick on and we get most of this bj shot from the side until the load is sprayed on her face/ mouth. Tia then gets on the couch and tilting her head back off the couch she is going to let two cocks tea bag her throat. Meaning her head is lying backwards off the couch while the cocks pound her throat, not at the same time mind you but still some hard dick play gets shot with young Miss Sweets. The balls don't escape being sucked on let me tell you. Tia is then allowed to get back on her knees and she does a fine job kneeling in between the cocks. You get some double sucking too from this young lady and the scene closes with two loads finding their way into her open mouth. Swine really enjoyed shooting her and I suspect he wants to shoot this young lady again with his cock getting some love this time.

Hillary Scott:

Oh my!!! Just look at how hot this young girl is looking when the scene opens. You want to see a girl oozing sex appeal just watch the opener to this scene. Hillary is flat out sinful in her demeanor. The hair looks great, the face is made up beautifully, and the outfit suitably shows off her sexy young body. You add in that Hillary has a great attitude and can handle herself talkin dirty you have a very hot package definitely worth unwrapping. I bet it took all of Swine's self control to not whip out his cock right then and there Hillary is so fucking hot here. You get young Miss Scott in the prime position and the cocks are brought in. This young lady definitely knows her way around a cock as she so expertly demonstrates here. The gaggin isnt' something I necessarily enjoy a lot of but Hillary does an awesome job doing this particular skill. Her once pretty face starts to see the makeup start to run down it she sucks the cocks so hard. This girl begs for the men to thrust their cocks deep down her throat, easily the most energy I've seen from any girl in this dvd. At one point you have Hillary being hung upside down so one lucky guy gets to eat her pussy/ ass while she gets to suck on his cock. Hillary then does the tea bag pose we see in the last scene and Miss Scott even mixes in some rimming furthering her nasty reputation,lol!!! I sure wouldn't kiss her after this much man ass licking but I have to applaud her energy and passion, damn this girl loves her job! Hillary then gets in a cock circle and demands the guys give her their best shot and I mean she demands it!! The gaggin really picks up as Hillary devours cock after cock. She might even be crying a little as the dicks are pounding her throat, again not my cup of tea but I have to respect her passion for what she's doing, it's so genuine. Before she lets the guys shoot their loads she makes the rounds once more to lick their asses and you get one last cock circle suck off before the jizz starts to coat her face and land in her mouth. Fucking A this girl is awesome and if you aren't fan of hers after watching this bit of dick play you never will be.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was a fun blowjob flick to write about. Not a straight ahead bj dvd by any means. You had some variety in how the girls got their loads to swallow so kudos to Swine for giving us that. All the girls were fun to watch but Hillary Scott is on another planet when compared to the other 6 girls we watched on this dvd. She brought so much energy and passion to her scene that I sat almost glued to the screen watching her do her thing. Other girls who really stood out to me were Bailey and her amazing set of tits, Kat for her fun attitude and I think the remaining girls all do fine jobs servicing a variety of dicks. As for extras you are offered a cumshot recap, a photo gallery, some behind the scenes-- yay, and finally a bonus scene. We see Jaime Elle has stayed on and Swine was so impressed with her scene he chose her for the bonus scene. Jaime was nicely naked as the scene opens so we get to check her nice body out with Swine getting to caress her ass. Getting on her knees we see Jaime say hello to Swines Little Friend and it will take a bit of work from her before he starts to fire his volley of bullets. This was a nice looking POV bj with young Jaime and we close with Tim working a good load out into her mouth. This one is definitely worth getting especially if you are into Hillary Scott, she was fabulous in her scene.

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