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Where the Boys Aren't 19

Where the Boys Aren't 19

Studio: Vivid
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Where the Boys Aren't 19:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Where the Boys Aren't 19 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Where the Boys Aren't 19 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Where the Boys Aren't 19 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Where the Boys Aren't 19 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Where the Boys Aren't 19 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Where the Boys Aren't 19 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Where the Boys Aren't 19 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/25/2008
OK fans time to check out a Vivid movie, yep I'm checking out a Vivid movie, lol. It's an all girl movie and has some serious hottie magnets to draw me in. It's been awhile since I've seen Brianna Banks, Tera Patrick, Lanny Barbie and Monique Alexander so I thought what the heck plus I like g/g so let's see if there's anything worth watching here. Chi Chi Larue is directing so let's hit few highlights.

Brianna Banks, Lanny Barbie, & The Love Twins:

This one also has a bit of story too though not a lot of hard dialogue, the ladies are all part of a legendary harem of the Shiek of Arabia and men want to bed them and women want to become one of them so we get a glimpse at how everyday life goes here, ok in porno it's a glimpse, lol. The foursome start off seemingly bored sitting in one of the palatial palace rooms, the shiek only wants to get drunk so no nookie for the girls. This won't do so they take matters in their own hands literally cupping tits and starting the making out process. The main draw for me here was Lanny and Brianna but seeing twins in the mix wasn't a bad site at all. The girls pair off with Lanny and Brianna respectively, you didn't expect twin on twin action did you, hehe. The costumes were pretty good too but easy enough to take off so we see all the naughty bits and Chi Chi gets us in there close when the times right for boobie kissing and kittie licking. The girls make use of their fingers too and I was surprised to see no toys in the mix, guess back in the olden days there weren't any Doc Johnson object to make use of. Oops take that back, hehe, there are toys brought in so the Shiek wasn't totally broke. The ladies do a good job of thrusting the devices in causing even louder moans. Some good eye candy here and it was nice to see Brianna and Lanny again.

Tera Patrick & Mercedez:

This scene opens with Mercedez alone in one of the many palace rooms checking out a bottle which turns out to house a genie, the top's opened and out pops Tera Patrick!! She's here to grant anything Mercedez desrires and well she's not getting any either from the shiek so she desires to fuck Tera!! It wasn't to long ago that Tera wasn't doing ladies, sure she'd let one go down on her but not reciprocation, those days are long gone! Mercedez does good boob sampling to those ample bosoms and there's soft kissing but not real long kisses like I'd want to see. Tera looks mighty fine with her lips circling Mercedez's nipples and the oral wasn't to bad either, Mercedez going first. There is a bit more kissing which was good then we get Tera hoisting that coochie over Mercedez who looks awesome from the ground arching up to get at that moist pussy. I have to say Tera's looking better at munching on pussy these days, I think she's been practicing and it shows. Some sexy eye glances up to Mercedez were very nice here. The final part of the scene brings in the glass toys so enjoy that if you're a toy fan, I'm moving on, it looks good though.

Savanna Samson, Lexi Marie, & Stefani Morgan:

We have another trio of hotties here and the two more experienced girls are ready to show Stefani just how things go around here, she must be a newbie! Stefani is helped into a small tub but she doesn't sit down, no the girls caress and wash her pretty body as appropriate harem music is piped in. The water glistening on Miss Morgan's frame was a cool site in a couple ways, visually and I'm sure it felt good to her as well. The ladies add in the suds too, they want to clean this young lady up so they can ravish her!! Stefani does well too slowly giving in to the unspoken desires that are swirling around, we even get some suds/ cleaning for the other girls too as they get more naked as the scene goes. The tongues start to intertwine and the moans get gradually louder and sound sexier. The fingers also start to do a little dancing too and oral sex time as well, oh yeah!! The close in shot of those wet pink lips being licked by Savannah was spot on and appreciated. Lexi gets in a few licks too with the water cascading down, both girls trade off licking Stefani's honeypot, I think having two girls share your pleasure palace would be a pretty good feeling don't you. We get all three girls in this tub at one point, Lexi using her arms to prop herself up as Savannah does more awesome pussy eating. The girls then move to a bigger, more comfortable location but the sizzling action keeps going. Easily this was the best scene so far, the best oral, best tease, best kissing, best camerawork. We get some face sitting too and I absolutely love seeing pussy licked like this and major kudos to Savannah who's done the lions share of the kittie tickling this scene. There was some toy usage too towards the end but I saw more than enough to get me to where I wanted to go, thanks ladies.

Monique Alexander & Tawny Roberts:

We have more interesting music to open a scene, if you've seen the Rome series on HBO this reminded me of that. Monique is looking awesome as she lies alone pleasuring her body, the hands caressing over her enticing frame, the camera doing its job too moving in close and then pulling out, moving about doing a great job showcasing Miss Alexander. Monique's got that coochie all primed for action when Tawny enters the scene, not saying a word, she lowers herself down and begins pleasuring that moist pussy. After some fine oral we get the reciprocation from Monique and I do believe she let her tongue linger on that asshole too as she bent over to get at the pussy, thanks!! The girls don't forget to kiss a little too as well as sample the boobies, Tawny's got a bigger rack but I think Monique's got a fine rack in her own right. I have greatly enjoyed that the scenes so far have had far more non toy action in them, that means more pussy eating and I'm a big fan of that. In fact this was the lone scene so far not to have any toys.

Big Orgy!!:

We open the finale with the shiek being entertained by some of the girls, Mercedez and Lanny were belly dancing while one of the Love Twins used a palm leaf or whatever you call it to fan this monarch. Ok he's out now, lol, leaving the entire cast it seems to enjoy one last sapphic explosion. There's kissing, boob kissing, caressing, pussy eating, it's the whole enchilada!! The ladies do pair off so the camera can move around and the shots do a good job of capturing the pussy eating and other carnal delights. I even saw some ass eating too, awesome ladies. Of course we get toy play too and this time it's coming with about 16 minutes to go so there's more of it. A beautiful mass of female flesh doing all the naughty things we as porn fans love, some more than others. I'm partial to smaller groups but I've been to a live orgy similar to this, not participating unfortunately, lol and it does look most impressive so a good way to cap a solid g/g title.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This wasn't to bad at all fans. Good costumes, sexy ladies and I was pleasantly surprised to see the non toy action outweigh the toy play even in the final scene which was like 40 minutes long I think. This left more oral and as a pussy eating fan I was very happy with that. The middle scene with Savanna, Lexi and Stefani took top honors I think and I wouldn't be surprised to see some recognition come AVN time. Now for extras you have a good group of choices. There's a positions room where you get finger play, toys and my fave Oral sex!! There is a Vivid Girls extra and that is the big one fans, you get five other Where The Boys Aren't scenes to enjoy and I'm sure you will after recharging those batteries, lol. We also get some BTS here too which clocks in at precisely 15 minutes on the dot. If you're a g/g fan who can tolerate some toy play but that doesn't dominate the scene plus you like a little dress up too this title just might be something you'd enjoy. I saw a lot of good pussy eating here so that alone has me recommending this for rental.

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