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Where The Boys Aren't 16

Where The Boys Aren't 16

Studio: Vivid
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Narcolepsy's ratings for Where The Boys Aren't 16:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Where The Boys Aren't 16 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Where The Boys Aren't 16 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Where The Boys Aren't 16 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Where The Boys Aren't 16 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Where The Boys Aren't 16 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Where The Boys Aren't 16 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Where The Boys Aren't 16 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Narcolepsy  on  4/25/2004
Okay so, a little while ago, I bought this Vivid all-girl movie a little while ago called Whatever It Takes, starred Kelle Marie and had, among others, Alana Evans and Ariana Jollee in it as well. Whatever it Takes is pretty damn good and better than WTBA 16 on some points, but this series is all about star power and well damn, you find me a more overloaded all-girl series. (go ahead, I'll give you a minute)

First off, this one (like the previous two)is directed by a gay man, Chi Chi La Rue, and while certainly I don't have a problem with that, it is odd, that in this one, (just like in #14) there are half naked men in this one. (A movie called Where the Boys AREN'T- and they're half naked men in it, like if you made a list of what not to put in a flick called Where the Boys AREN'T what would be number one on the list?) There is a plot here, and kind of two stars, Jenna Jameson and Mercedez. Mercedez is apparently some sort of fallen angel who has now arrived in hell.

Giving her the initiation (and us our first scene) from the orders of queen Jenna, who tells them to "Prepare her" (while adorned by said half naked men)is Dasha and Kira Kener. Knowing Kira doesn't particularly like women is probably the only thing wrong with this one. This scene is damn hot! Watching something small here like Dasha taking off Mercedez' panties is even sexy as hell, and Dasha tasting her through a sheer sheet. Although Kira doesn't like women, she probably likes Dasha (or is just really really good at faking it) and one of the many highlights here is the two kissing briefly. Another highlight is watching the reflection of Mercedez' delicious ass on the mirror table where most of the action takes place. She also actually works a little, giving some serious oral attention to Kira, and then likewise to Dasha, really really nice closeups of wet pussy all around here reach their peak here when. . . (can you guess?) Dasha squirts all over the glass table and you see Mercedez' 'wet' reflection on the table. The scene ends with Mercedez being stripped of her white feathers in a big visual. . . (whats the right word here?) thingy (which is pretty cool).

Next up is right into another scene, the cut that connects the two is pretty damn cool as well, as one of the shedded white feathers from Mercedez' wings falls down and laying there to catch it is Jenna who notes that, "ITS DONE". (this is a super feather on the bts it hits the ground first and makes a *THUD* noise) Oh, joining Jenna here is Sunrise Adamns. Both are decked out in their big black wings and get cudos for running the length of the scene here. The hottest thing about this one is that Sunrise takes what amounts to a 'suprise dive' on Jenna's pussy and Jenna, who never looks better than when getting devoured is moaning from the start. This goes on for awhile before some heavy duty fingering begins including Jenna fingering her own ass (no pun intended) (if you caught that. . . I don't know 3rd grade joke). Jenna returns the oral favors to Sunrise and for a nice length then again its Jenna's turn, and watching Jenna suck her thumb while getting worked on is just fucking sexy. The absolutely hottest part of this one isnt actually in this scene, its on the BTS where Jenna admits during her second go around that "I CAME!" Very hot scene, and I HAVE YET TO SEE A TOY!

Okay, what I really wanted to see in this movie was a direct pairing between Jenna and Savanna, or I probably would have settled for Savanna and Briana as well. Just so happens that Savanna and Briana are up next. This one is pretty hot, and is highlighted by the fact that throughout the first half of it, a shadowed figure dances behind a curtain for while the action goes on (actually its a double shadow but its the same figure). Stepping from behind the curtain while Briana dives on Savanna is Taya, who I only remember as Tiffany Mason (I think) and thought she had disappeared before this one. She dives right in and the action isn't toned down. Briana takes a significant taste while being devoured from behind by Savanna. Bucking her ass in Savanna's face, very very hot, little rimming, Savanna sticks a Black feather up Briana's ass. The real action here is between Savanna and Briana who have excellent chemistry, but Taya doesn't disappoint. AND STILL NO TOYS?

Hey, its Dasha and its. . . Chloe (I think) and. . . thats Jenna and a black couch. The next scene begins with Sunrise (where the hell did she come from?) munching on Dasha. I think we can just about say that no Vivid girl (Jenna included) eats better pussy than Sunrise, this chick is amazing! Jenna adds a hand here and there, Jenna and Dasha look great together (never forget in #14 the look on Jenna's face when Dasha started squirting). Eventually toys show up and jump into the scene, also Chloe eventually shows up as well. (I think she had to run to the store or something) I've never seen Chloe before, but her southern accent is soooooooooooo heavy that you can hear it when she moans, and its cute. Dasha and Sunrise eventually fade of into the background as Jenna dp's Chloe with 2 toys. Not really into anal but this is way okay by me. This is a really hot scene as well, which ends in the most unusual of circumstances when Jenna declares "ITS TIME" and the foursome gets up and walks away. (I think they collectively, went to the store)

Last scene in a WTBA movie. Ummmm, hmmm is it a one on one between uhhhhh Taya and Mercedez? Is it 3 way of some sort? Nope. I wont keep you in suspense, its an orgy! Shocked? They always end this way and these girls could sit around and play cards naked and it'd be hot. The good part here is always seeing the pairs that team up (like in #13 when Janine literally attacked Devon) but this one actually has a real highlight. Sunrise joins into the bundle and brings a friend, a newly black-winged Mercedez. She becomes the center of attention for awhile (mostly the center of Briana's attention, and you get a nice shot of her side by side with Taya being devoured by Briana and Sunrise repectively (respectively to who?) Nice multi angles here you can pretty much play the field. The weird part here is that just like in WTBA 14, Jenna doesn't join the orgy. Instead she sits on her throne taking in all of the action with her half naked men, who in this scene play the role of. . . furniture! Probably the highlight of the actual sex here is when Mercedez fucks Dasha with a leather dildo. Dasha is visually trying to cum, she's trying to get herself off, very hot. Lot of double dildo stuff (Savanna and Taya at its best), little kissing in the mix, not too much guy action (you NEVER! see a guy on the screen without a girl) 3-4 girls actually cum, especially Dasha and WTBA 16 is done! (and I don't care if she doesn't like women, Kira is sexy as hell! And you can tell her I said that!)

Overall, this is my current favorite. . . new movie. I love this one. Shocked to find so little too action going on, very impressed, and not too much spitting either, kind of fetishy but I have a fetish for beautiful women, so I'm happy. And the DVD features are nice, including the orgy scenes from the las few WTBA! Oh and let me tell you about the behind the scenes! I've only seen Briana Banks in the 2 previous installments of WTBA aren't and in Briana Loves Jenna, and either she didn't or I just didn't notice it, but her voice is so damn weird like how does that noise come out of a face that looks like that. Mercedez is hot, during her makeup the artist comments that she "comes already made over". Briana and Jenna remember making BLJ and lube pouring out of Briana's ass and the absolute highlight of of the BTS is when Sunrise says that she'll be off to see her boyfriend to tell him to "Smell my face! Its Jenna's pussy!" Fun all around, excellence all around Where the Boys Aren't 16 is an excellent movie. If you love women and you love vagina go buy it.

(NEGATIVE! Can't skip the phone sex ads at the beginning of the DVD have to FF and after the orgy cut it, you can't skip Jenna's condom commercial at the end either!)

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