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Where is Rico?

Where is Rico?

Studio: Man's Art
Category:  Gay

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Joe Shaver's ratings for Where is Rico?:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Where is Rico? overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Where is Rico? Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Where is Rico? Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Where is Rico? Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Where is Rico? Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Where is Rico? DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Where is Rico? A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  8/28/2005
Before the film we get a preview of all the action. I don’t think this is a good idea as it gives away everything that we are about to see leaving us with few surprises. After all, why show a preview to someone who has already bought or rented the film?

The film proper begins with Rico Hoffman, a chunky attractive kid with a short ponytail, reading a note from his parents telling him they have gone away for a while. IT doesn’t take long for his pal Christophe, a cutie with longish hair, to drop around. After a quick hello, they lock lips. Christophe fishes out Rico’s cock and starts sucking. There’s no danger of Christophe getting any hair in his mouth because Rico doesn’t have any down there. Christophe is anxious to get some head himself so he starts undoing his belt. Rico is not loath to oblige and is soon swinging on Christophe’s cock. (Christophe does have hair down there.) Rico also zeroes in on Christophe’s ass where there is nary a hair. Rico licks the pouting anus and inserts a couple of fingers. His cock soon follows. With a little helping hand from Rico, Christophe soon cums, inundating his belly and chest with rich boy cream.

Just as they are finishing up a cute blond neighbor walks in. Showing no surprise whatsoever, he waits until Christophe leaves—the sperm glistening on his torso—and then the newcomer starts kissing Rico. Before long he leans over to engulf Rico’s big hairless cock. The kid chews softly on the head. It’s a unique technique but it drives Rico wild. As they are thus engaged a stocky dark haired youngster enters. He too shows no surprise at these goings-on. He simply walks up behind the kid sucking Rico’s cock, pulls down the kid’s pants, and plants his face between those cute sugar buns. His tongue and fingers poke at the cherry hole. Rico masturbates while kissing his former cocksucker. He cums and leaves.

The next thing we see is the cocksucking kid getting a sidesaddle fuck on the sofa. This cuts to him on the floor, resting on his shoulders, his butt in the air, and the stocky kid’s cock plowing into the upturned ass. After the kid getting fucked is bathed in his own and his fucker’s cum, the scene ends.

We next find two well-built (at least they appear well-built, they never remove their shirts) sitting side by side on a settee. A shirtless longhaired guy (whom I thought at first was Christophe) enters. He asks what they are doing and they say they are waiting for Rico. He tells them not to touch anything and leaves. Obviously this order does not to apply to “anyone” so these two start making out. He who shall be fucked not only has a pierced tongue but a piercing under his cock where it meets the scrotum and another in the balls themselves. I suppose the reason they didn’t remove their shirts was so the white sperm would show up against the black background.

We next see them once again sitting docilely on the settee when Shirtless Longhair enters and gets the one who topped to follow him. They go to a room where a cutie is looking at something on a laptop computer. Shirtless Longhair asks the kid if he wants to see some porn, and he finds what he wants on the computer. What they—and we—see is a threesome already in progress. A very cute young thing is being double-fucked by his buddies. This cuts to him on his hands and knees being fucked by just one. The other’s cock is now filling the other end. This is a delightful threesome and they play rough. The sweetie getting all the action is taking it all. The other two pups look like twins except that the one feeding the sweet one cock has no pubic hair and the one fucking him does. Both unload on the sweet young thing’s face.

Back in reality we find the cute twink there going down on Shirtless Longhair.

The guy who was brought into the room is now asleep, but he dreams a young copper-skinned kid is sucking him off. Gone is the black shirt, and the young stud has as nice a build as I thought he had. Knees on the floor, he leans over the seat of the chair so the kid can eat ass. Fingers follow tongue. Cock follows fingers. Although he fucked his pierced friend in the earlier scene, our stud bottoms here. I’m surprised the little one is fucking him. Sort of like a terrier fucking a collie. The big one has his turn though and the little one gets a fine fucking. He pulls out to ejaculate; the little one doesn’t cum. The young stud’s now dreamless sleep continues.

Meanwhile over at the desk, the young blond is still going down on Shirtless Longhair. And Shirtless not only has long hair he has a long cock. The young sucker is pubeless—that’s three youngsters so far who have no pubic hair. He sits down on the long dick and rides, his own cock slapping up against his hairless belly. Later lying over the desk he’s fucked hard and deep. This blond kid makes more noise than the women do in straight porn. It’s a wonder help doesn’t come from miles around. Shirtless then picks up a huge black dildo (it’s the size of Shirtless’ wrist.) and screws it into the squealing kid’s rectum. Shirtless cums on the dildo as it’s reaming the kid’s ass.

The guy who was left on the settee now goes in search of Rico. He enters an elegant room where he finds a handsome young man. As he sits down behind the handsome youth. The handsome one leans over to kiss him. “I’m with my boyfriend,” he tells the beauty. “Who cares”? is the response. And obviously the pierced pal doesn’t. They remove their shirts; the pierced guy’s pants come down; the handsome youth starts sucking cock. He inserts several fingers in the anus as he sucks. Both end up on the floor and into a sixty-nine. Both eat the other’s ass in this position. (What do you call it when they both go beyond a 69 to eat ass? 71?) Tongues and fingers fill anxious holes. The handsome one gets in the doggy position and the pierced guy fills his ass with a hard cock. With the cock still inserted, he pivots the handsome one around onto his back so the fuck can continue in the missionary position. The handsome one shoots his sperm on his belly while being fucked. After they kiss passionately and the pierced guy says, “I love you,” he withdraws his cock from the pummeled ass, tears off the condom and adds his own spending to the cum pool. Shirtless Longhair enters and tells the pierced guy to follow him. We see the words: to be continued. I can hard-ly wait.

There aren’t extras really; and I couldn’t get the scene selection on the menu to work; and when you click the “next” button it doesn’t always take you to the beginning of a scene, which is a further annoyance.

This film from Man’s Art is being released under the Titan logo. I was not enthusiastic about Titan’s earlier foreign release in their expanded venture, but I quite like this one. I don’t like the fact that we never see anal penetration. (The copulating kids are always discovered in medias fuck.) And not everyone in the scene shoots a load. But my ole peter meter stayed high throughout. The boys are pretty, the sex is fun, and I love uncut cocks. Sort of strange that Titan, a studio that specializes in prime beef, is offering chicken. Still, it provides variety to the standard menu. Chicken and beef are OK. I just hope Titan doesn’t start dishing out fish.

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