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When Ginger Met Nina
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When Ginger Met Nina

Studio: Triangle Films
Category:  All Girl
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bono-ONE's ratings for When Ginger Met Nina :
Overall Rating 4 stars
When Ginger Met Nina  overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks When Ginger Met Nina  Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks When Ginger Met Nina  Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex When Ginger Met Nina  Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting When Ginger Met Nina  Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras When Ginger Met Nina  DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality When Ginger Met Nina  A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/29/2009
Greetings fellow porn fans. Here's a treat for you if you're into g/g action and are a fan of a couple of legends still working in this business. I'm referring here to Ginger Lynn and Nina Hartley who if you can believe it have never hooked up onscreen in all the years they've been in the smut biz. Sure they've been in the same movie but so far as they know and I'm deferring to their knowledge here they've never done the nasty on camera so here's a long delayed hook up. You add in Dana DeArmond and Melissa Monet as well we get three scenes of the type of lesbian action Triangle Films is known for. If you're at all a fan of any of these women I'd urge you to pick this one up, you'll get longer scenes of action and a little dialogue to help set up these scenes. So let's hit a few highlights for each scene.

Ginger Lynn & Nina Hartley:

Well we don't have to wait long to see these two legends hook up, Kathryn lets these too get at it right off. The two ladies have a seat and do some catching up and it seemed so effortless the way the two women chatted like they've been friends for years and I guess in reality that's the case so it was very believable to watch them interact. Nina seemed a bit more calmer here than Ginger who had this cute nervous energy/ vibe working that I really loved seeing from her, see even the most experienced performers can get all giggly. So the ladies chat for a few minutes until finally the action moves to the bedroom-- oh yeah!! The ladies get in various degrees of undress and we get to the main event of the evening!

They don't rush into it, there is some sexy pillow talk as they start kissing/ caressing and there's even some nervous laughing energy expelled in the air, it all lended to the authentic aspect of this hook up. Knowing Kathryn a little I know she likes to give just a little direction before basically leaving the women to their own devices, just turn the cameras on and let the two participants direct the action themselves, what a novel approach eh! I suspect this would be pretty much what these two ladies would do if left alone with no camera documenting their activities, loved it and I think you will too. Kathryn gives you the good views/ angles and lets them stay there for a nice time as the ladies each have their go at pleasuring the other. We even get some booty licking too which I love in g/g scenes. You get a little strap on action here too towards the end. Well was this worth the wait, I think if you're a fan of these two girls and always wanted to see them in some hot g/g action then yes I think it was. A whole lot of pussy eating here which is way ok with me.

Nina Harley & Dana DeArmond:

This second scene opens with a very sexy and business like looking Dana sitting at a desk doing some sort of work. I loved the white shirt she was wearing, it was opened at the top showing just a hint of the goodies underneath and yeah it was very very nice! Dana then eases the chair out and we get a little leg showing action, very good shots here. Ok we get Nina called in and I guess she's throwing some sort of party at the hotel and had requested a couple open bars for the occasion. Seems the hotel is ready to have them but not at the budget submitted by Nina so I'm thinking some sexy negotiations are in order!! Ok it's a 25 year reunion party that's being planned and Dana's concerned about all the extra bartenders that will be needed to accomodate all this extra catching up that seems to go on at such events, 5 year reunions are so much neater, less catching up to do, lol.

Ok Nina starts to weave her web here, she wants to see one of the guest rooms and wants Dana to show her one-- ah ha, I see the wheels turning!! Nina is so attentive as Dana takes her on the tour listing all the benefits to the room. The bed looked a little of a mess so Dana goes over to needle out those krinks-- honey you should just have saved the effort because I think those sheets will be seeing some hot sapphic action here directly! Alright there is a decided turn in the scene as you hear a noise-- like a needle scratching across a record and Dana gets an amazed look on her face as she's looking at something or should I say someone, wonder if Nina's changed into something a little more comfortable! She sure has and walks right up to Dana wearing not very much and I'm used to seeing Dana being such a dominant performer seeing her in a more submissive role was a change and a welcome one. No rush to seduction here, just Nina kissing around the neck and Dana slowly getting more and more into it. As the scene before the ladies seemed so comfortable with one another, every action seeming so easy and free flowing. Ok then you have Nina sitting on Dana's face while Miss DeArmond diddles her pussy-- talk about getting right to it, that's my kind of action. A little latex glove pussy fingerbanging from Nina who then brings in another strap on to take on that juicy wet pussy belonging to Dana who first warms that up sucking it. This was good action for fans of toys in a scene but also the passion's there with the pussy play both with fingers and licking too. So now about that extra open bar, haha, I think Dana will reconsider that request, don't you!

Ginger Lynn & Melissa Monet:

Alright we have one more scene here to check out and we have Ginger dropping by to visit Melissa, she'd been given directions by Nina just after they finished their coupling. Well these two will do a little catching up too it seems and I see the same nervous giggly energy here from Ginger I saw in the first scene and again I find it appealing coming from her. These two have the same ease in their dialogue as we had in that first scene, was it all made up, probably not they learned lines I'm sure but it wasn't like they were reading them, it felt very real to me listening to them relive their past experiences from years ago-- now I think our interest here is more in the experience they're about to have- with each other! Ok seems Melissa did very well for herself in the .com era so she's got a real nice place which she offers to show to Ginger who readily agrees to the grand tour. The flirting intensifies as they head up the stairs.

Well guess the rest of the tour is off as they reach Melissa's bedroom and she pushes Ginger over onto her stomach, ready to check out her longtime friends ass! The ladies then turn to face each other, those eyes hooking up in the longing look and they ease in close for that first kiss and they stay pretty close there for awhile letting those lips lock together. Enjoy then as Ginger eases those jeans off Melissa and snifs around her pussy, enjoying her scent! The ladies then get more nekkid and there's more kissing and Ginger goes back down to finish what she started, licking that coochie. Of the three scenes shot for this title this one was by far the most sensual, not featuring any toy play at all, just tongues, lips, soft touches, some spanks for good measure but all in all a fine concluding scene to a well done lesbian title. One final image to leave you with as Melissa rises up and straddles Ginger's face, love seeing pussy eaten like this and Melissa sure seemed to enjoy it judging by her repeated moans and how she pushed down a few times giving Ginger no breath other than breathing in her pussy juices!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well for fans of more experienced women hooking up together this is a title I'd urge you to check out. There is a lot of good kissing here, some very nice oral sex and yes some strap on play too in a couple of the scenes. You had some lengthy setups here too which may put off some who just want to get right to the action but from watching it gave the scenes to me a more stronger sense of believability. The performers here were all so good from Ginger & Nina to start it and then you add in the lovely Dana DeArmond being dominated by Nina then the soft sensual hook up to close between Ginger and Melissa. A good solid purchase recommendation here for this one. Extras included two very good interviews with Nina and Ginger which I'd urge you to check out. You also get a couple minutes of BTS from this one which was nice to see. Well done ladies.

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