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When Dick and Tongue Work In Harmony 3

When Dick and Tongue Work In Harmony 3

Studio: Black Dog XXX
Category:  All Sex , Foreign
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Aaryanna's ratings for When Dick and Tongue Work In Harmony 3:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
When Dick and Tongue Work In Harmony 3 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks When Dick and Tongue Work In Harmony 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks When Dick and Tongue Work In Harmony 3 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex When Dick and Tongue Work In Harmony 3 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting When Dick and Tongue Work In Harmony 3 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras When Dick and Tongue Work In Harmony 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality When Dick and Tongue Work In Harmony 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  3/1/2013
A Nice Two-Girl Threesome Video. Lots of Ass-To-Mouth and Ass Fucking Sixty-Nines. And a Killer Cum-Coated A2M in the Finale. Wow.

I just love to watch two-girl threesomes. In fact, it’s one of my favorite genres.

I’m therefore always on the lookout for new two-girl threesome videos to explore. They’re not typically easy to find. But this is a release that definitely caught my eye. Why?

The title of the movie – is very descriptive. (Dick and tongue, I get it.) The picture on the box – is even more so.

Furthermore, the #3 means that there were probably – two other previous episodes in this series. Hey, they must be doing something right – no?

What this movie doesn’t tell you – is that there’s anal fucking in every scene. Hooray.

There’s also a generous amount of ass-to-mouth. And the pretty wenches usually swallow – and sometimes swap or share – their man’s delicious semen at the end of every vignette.

The women are all pleasingly attractive. And there’s even a lush amount of girl-girl kissing – pussy eating, face sitting – and clit licking sixty-nines scattered throughout the film. Gee, what’s not to like?

The following is a sampling of the two-whore revelry you can expect to enjoy.

Scene 1 – Kristal & Lis

Kristal and Lis are a pair of tall and lean blondes. Lis is the broader framed of the two. They start off kissing and eating each other’s twats. Their dude soon joins in – by getting his fingers wet. The girls quickly switch their attention to sucking on his dick and balls. Both babes are stylish cock suckers. One is able to throat him about half-way down his rod.

Being blondes, both women have pussies that are pretty and pink. They get their mouths and slits working together in harmony very quickly – as one babe rides his dick cowgirl – as the other sucks it when it pops out. Then they switch places. The camera gets in close – to show us each vaginal point of entry from the rear. The girls smooch a little in between suckings.

They then take turns riding him reverse cowgirl – with their legs spread wide, and then dismounting – to taste their own juices upon his dick. One babe, who looks like a younger and prettier version of Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress (Sex and the City) keeps her lovely face nearby. So the juxtaposition of her cute countenance – next to the other babe’s cunt – is very pleasant indeed.

The lazy bastard has the girls tongue each other’s ass holes – to get them wet for anal sex. He fucks the girl doing the tonguing – from behind in her pussy while he’s waiting. The girls also have pretty pink anuses. But one can see the lubricant leaking out of one of ‘em, so the anal licking is just for show, right?

He fucks them both doggy in their pussies – and each babe takes a turn sucking him when his dick pops out for air. The broader blonde has nice tits – which dangle enchantingly from her chest as she’s pounded from behind.

Their dude is fairly young and muscular. At one point I noticed that he doesn’t have much hair on his legs, so his flesh tone looked almost as attractive as the babes themselves. Cool.

A little while later he screws them while lying on his side in the spoons position. The girl getting fucked – eats her girlfriend’s pussy nearby.

At some time unbeknownst to us – he switches to fucking the thinner blonde -- in her ass hole, instead. He goes slower after he’s done so. The other babe does a nice job of fulfilling the movie’s mission – by sucking him heartily when he emerges from her friend’s anus. The girls have pretty derrieres and tight sphincters – so the view of him fucking their backdoors – is definitely the height of their action.

The broader babe then gets on all fours – and her partner licks her snatch from behind. The guy joins in to fuck her doggy in her ass – as the friend continues to munch happily underneath on her partner’s blossoming petals. I just love it – when a girl is eaten by her friend -- and fucked anally by her dude, simultaneously.

He goes to-and-fro from the broader babe’s ass, pussy – and mouth.

As the action heats up – he fucks one of the sluts cowgirl in her anus – and then switches to screwing her gal pal reverse cowgirl in her pussy, which looked like a lot of fun. The guy then traverses effortlessly into latter girl’s rectum – while her BFF strums her twat.

The dude appears to really fancy – fucking each girl – in every hole. And if I had a dick – I’m sure I would really like that, too. Guys are so lucky, aren’t they?

One girl kneels to accept his gift – as he climaxes mainly in her mouth – with a few droplets coming to rest underneath one eye. She spits out a lot of it, the bitch – but her friend romantically tongue kisses her – and licks up all that’s on her face to provide us with a very satisfying finish. See, she shouldn’t have spit it out – since her girlfriend obviously wanted it.

The cute blondeness of the babes in this first scene made it highly entertaining to watch. I also found the pussy and ass-to-mouth action to be quite pleasing. And the switching back-and-forth between twat and anal fucking was also quite good. The only change I would suggest – would be to increase both babes’ deep throating abilities. After all, I wouldn’t want the guy’s dick to get cold. Otherwise, a very nice opening vignette.

Scene 2 – Petty & Veronica.

A couple in dark evening attire retire to their sumptuous hotel bedroom – only to discover a beautiful brunette in an elegant gold bikini – waiting for them to arrive. She dances for them seductively – like a belly dancer. Her gold bathing suit is nearly the same tone as her tanned skin – which makes her look almost better than naked. The strutting babe has a pretty, diamond shaped face – like Diana Rigg, the actress (Emma Peel in the British adventure series, The Avengers).

The dancer beckons the girlfriend over – and the two women cavort, caress and kiss each other – as their dude watches appreciatively from the bed. The girls’ amorousness – and the obvious attraction they have for one another – really set the mood for the rest of their enticing scene.

The dancer has a very nice tan – while the girlfriend’s skin is much fairer. Each babe also has nice tits and a very shapely ass.

Both women start off by sucking the dude’s cock hungrily before they are even naked. The guy’s dick curves up and to the left, so the babe on his right – has to go much further with her face in order to get a taste.

While the dancer is sucking him, his girlfriend manages to get herself topless in order to show off her gorgeous breasts. The dancer then rides him reverse cowgirl -- with legs open -- to give us a very tantalizing view. The babe’s boobs bounce nicely as they fuck. I bet her tight pussy felt really good. His girlfriend, of course – sucks his dick eagerly when he pops out – but mainly to enjoy the brunette’s delicious flavor upon his penis.

When we look, the dancer has one of the tiniest vaginas you’ve ever seen – like a little girl’s – and the girlfriend likes flicking her tongue all about the other babe’s swollen clit when she eats her.

The guy then plugs himself into the brunette’s twat – by fucking her doggy from the rear. Because of his upward curvature, the dude really has to fuck downward into the dancer’s cunt in order to get deeply inside.

He emerges periodically to let his own babe have a taste. His girlfriend, though – has a tongue like a snake – as she flicks her friend’s button at nearly supersonic speed which brings the other wench very close to orgasm.

The brunette offers up her pussy for screwing in the spoons position – as the girlfriend licks and sucks his balls. The dancer has a really wondrous face so it’s fun to watch her get fucked. Having his nuts sucked upon must’ve gotten too distracting – so he has his mate go over -- to kiss their newfound fuck buddy on her glorious lips instead.

What I really liked about the first portion of this scene – was how attentive the girlfriend was – to the other babe’s needs by always licking her snatch or kissing her. She was also an extremely gracious hostess – by letting her dude fuck the dancer almost exclusively -- before getting some fornicating of her own. How sweet.

The girlfriend, finally feeling a little neglected – goes over to sit atop the brunette’s inviting face. I would. It gets even better moments later – when she stretches herself out – and lies completely over the dancer’s naked body in a luxurious sixty-nine. She then takes turns – sucking on her boyfriend’s dick when he’s not fucking – and licking the brunette’s pussy when he is. It’s obvious that the girlfriend had a mouth – that just wouldn’t quit.

The camera then moves around – to give us a nice view of the brunette nibbling upwards – on the girlfriend’s pretty cunt.

While the babes stay in their sixty-nine, the guy repositions himself – to fuck down into his girlfriend’s asshole – doggy from the rear, while the dancer’s face is licking up on the girlfriend’s twat from below. There’s that harmony thing working again. The lady friend quickly climaxes from her lover’s anal fucking. Nice.

The girlfriend, wanting more – is soon screwing him reverse cowgirl up her ass – and she orgasms once again. What a slut. The dancer does her share – by sucking his dick -- and lovingly licking his girlfriend’s clit. The babe is obviously an equal opportunity employee. Sweet.

When the dude starts pounding his babe with more fervor from below, the dancer comes by to comfort the girlfriend – by embracing her – and holding her close to her sumptuous and evenly tanned tits.

In an interesting balancing act – both the guy and his girlfriend stand on the bed, the girlfriend on one leg – as he continues to screw her ass hole from the rear. She looks like a teenager – playing Twister – and being bonked at the very same time. Hey, I always wanted to do that.

For their finish, the girls kneel on the bed – and take turns sucking his dick – and he soon ejaculates his thick cream all over their mouths and tongues. The dancer gets most of his load -- and both babes suck affectionately on his cock – and tongue kiss afterwards to enjoy the flavor of his sperm.

I liked how the girlfriend – dedicated herself to using her mouth and tongue – to provide enjoyment to both the dancer and her boyfriend during the entire first half of their scene. My favorite part, of course – was when the two women were in a sixty-nine, licking each other’s clits – while their dude scooted around to take turns fucking both of ‘em in their asses. The brunette’s beauty made this scene truly worthwhile.

Scene 3 – Virginee & Judith.

Two babes in black lingerie make out with each other – by sprawling across a very deep sofa. One girls feels up on the other babe’s breasts – and licks ‘em. A little girl-girl loving always goes a long way – towards making a two-girl threesome more exciting, eh?

One girl sits on the other babe’s face. The woman below orally yanks on her partner’s love button so strongly – that I thought it was about to pop clean off. These Hungarian girls certainly have a unique way of eating pussy, don’t they. It gets better.

The harlot on top then gets on all fours – and the babe below once again positions her face underneath her girlfriend’s twat. It’s almost as though the bottom hussy will assume any position -- in order to keep her face firmly planted against her scene-mate’s snatch. The term “pussy stalker” comes quickly to mind.

But wait – we’re still not done.

One slut then dons a strap on – which she uses to fuck the other bitch doggy in her cunt. The babe fucking – has a really hard time finding the opening – since she has only her eyes to guide her.

When their dude arrives – the floozy with the fake phallus immediately begins to suck him. The other babe, though – then starts to fuck the girl’s strap-on reverse cowgirl – with the appendage up her ass. I don’t get it. Why would any babe ride an imitation penis – when the real one is right nearby? For him – I wonder which one feels better.

It gets sillier still – when the dude wears the strap-on himself – and each babe chooses a different dick to suck. Hooray. One babe mouths the real one – while the other whore sucks the falsie. Is this truly happening?

The guy then uses the strap-on – above his real dick – so that he can then DP (double penetrate) one girl missionary from the front. The false cock fucks her pussy – while his true tool screws her ass. He likes to withdraw his real member frequently – so that the other filly can then suck upon it.

He finally tosses the faux cock aside to truly get down to business. He then goes bar-hopping from his babe’s tight pussy and her ass – to the other wench’s mouth. If you think the strap-on thing is done, however – I’m afraid you’re badly mistaken.

The players then assume what starts out as a nice mini-daisy chain – where the babe in the middle eats her girlfriend’s cunt from the front. But the dude out back – then fucks the middle babe with, you guessed it – a dick in every hole. This time the toy tool is underneath – so he impales the girl doggy in her rectum with his real penis – while the fake one screws her twat.

But wait – we’re still not done.

In one of the most bizarre demonstrations I’ve ever seen – the guy uses his true pecker to pole one babe from the rear in her derriere. That seems pretty normal, right?

Unfortunately, he’s now wearing the fake dick – on his tail bone – so that it looks like it’s coming out of his butt. The other babe is now behind him – and sucking on his translucent appendage. It goes in-and-out of her mouth – in time with his authentic thrusts – into the other whore’s anus before him. Let’s get real, shall we?

For some reason – the girl with the real dick up her ass – has been the only babe moaning or showing any kind of emotion – throughout this entire vignette. No, duh.

I’m guessing -- that her silent partner must be biting her tongue – in order to keep from howling out with laughter. Can you blame her?

In one of the few sane portions of this match-up – both women get into a passionate sixty-nine. The one below licks hungrily on her partner’s snatch, and yanks again orally on her clit – while the dude uses his real dick (only) to fuck the girl-on-top vigorously in her ass. Now we’re talking.

The guy withdraws several times from the top girl’s anus – to throat fuck down into the bottom girl’s face. Gee, has order been finally restored to the universe? Just in time.

For their ending, the ladies lie seductively on the bed – underneath the guy’s swollen penis -- as they jerk him off and he ejaculates into their mouths. The noisy girl gets most of it, as she should. The women suck passionately on his still-rigid member afterwards – to get every last drop. They tongue kiss warmly as the camera cuts away.

The ass fucking sixty-nine in this scene was nice. But the sections with the strap-on – were just plain dumb.

Fortunately, the ending in the upcoming finale – is just plain nasty (i.e. superb).

Scene 4 – Dasha & Priscilla

When the finale opens – we find a really beautiful blonde and brunette, both with broad cheekbones – teething nicely on each other’s breasts. The blonde’s tits are bigger and pokier – while the brunette’s boobs have smoother skin. Both sets of mammaries are immensely suckable – and the women show us how.

The brunette immediately reminds me of the irresistible actress, Marion Cotillard (Midnight in Paris) especially when she mouths her girlfriend’s nipples. So if you ever wanted to see Marion kiss another babe, eat her pussy – and get fucked gloriously in her ass – now’s your chance. Her blonde friend has big eyes and a delicate chin – which makes her appear to be extremely young.

The women share an elegant nipple-touching peck right before their dude arrives. Both babes are really fine kissers – as they suck and bite on each other’s full lips -- without a lot of tongue. I don’t know which I liked better – watching the two women licking on each other’s titties – or savoring the two of ‘em smooching. Both were very nice.

The blonde really appeared to appreciate her girlfriend’s mouthful ministrations. It was as though having this exquisite babe kissing her – was one of the finest things she’s ever experienced in life – and she never wanted it to stop. Ditto for the brunette who was reaching with her face. The guy also liked to spectate – and squeeze on the blonde girl’s tits earnestly from behind. Perv.

The action starts off with the blonde lass sitting on the edge of the bed – and sucking their dude’s enlarged cock – while the brunette wastes no time by stripping off the blonde’s panties, and spreading her beautiful legs to eat her.

There’s some nice super close-ups – where the blonde takes the head of his penis into her mouth – and swirls her tongue around its tip.

The girls go back to smooching, which I liked – when their dude screws the blonde doggy from the rear in her cunt. The brunette then sucks his rod vigorously when it pops out of her partner’s snatch. She makes an audible “thwocking” sound each time the cock releases from her lips.

In an early visual treat, the brunette crawls underneath the blonde – to get into a delectable sixty-nine – to suck his dick from another direction when it emerges from the blonde’s tight pussy. When she does so, I don’t know which was prettier getting impaled – the blonde’s moist cunt – or the brunette’s luscious mouth.

There’s a point in one of his transitions – where the blonde’s vagina is briefly gaping – which caused me to be momentarily confused as to whether he was fucking her pussy or her ass.

The brunette also likes to use a fair amount of suction – as it’s easy to perceive her cheeks visibly sucking in – when the dude’s cock is in her mouth. Cool.

The girls change positions a little while later – when the blonde lies back on the bed with her legs wide open – to suck on her dude’s tool, while the brunette sneaks between her thighs to lick her.

The brunette must be a really sloppy eater. There’s a nice close-up of the blonde’s delicately undulating labia. But her entire pussy region is completely drenched and glistening – as the brunette expectorates to apply additional spit – before plunging her tongue back in. I love it.

There’s an abrupt scene cut – and the blonde is suddenly in the top-half of a sixty-nine – licking down on the brunette’s slit. The brunette’s pussy lips are darker towards the ends – but her warm center is both pink and wet.

The guy inserts his dick repeatedly into the brunette’s juicy cunt – and the blonde sucks his dick every time, in between.

In one of my favorite images – the blonde rises up from the sixty-nine and sits back on the brunette’s face – which is barely visible underneath the blonde’s shapely ass. But it’s the blonde’s tits which draw my eye – for they appear to have grown immensely – and they now resemble a pair of pink torpedoes jutting forcefully out of the sexy blonde’s chest. Neat.

The guy must’ve really enjoyed fucking the women’s pussies – because it takes him seemingly forever to make the jump – to screwing them in their asses.

The brunette is the first to do so – by riding him reverse cowgirl – with his special purpose firmly up her rectum. This legs open position affords us a beautiful view of the brunette’s elegant pussy with its attractive purple labia.

The brunette grimaces from the pleasure of her anal fucking – which, for me – greatly increased her resemblance to Ms. Cotillard. Marion, do you make a similar expression – when you likewise take a cock up your ass? Nice.

The brunette then lies back against her guy – with his dick still up her anus – as the blonde leans in to lick her. By comparison, the blonde is a much neater pussy eater – as she applies her tongue precisely to the brunette’s clit – without making a sloppy mess about her cunt.

What’s untidy about the brunette, though – is the area around her asshole – that is saturated in either anal lubricant or spit. At this point, it was hard to tell which. How nasty.

The blonde’s pretty bangs veil her face mysteriously – as she sucks hungrily on their dude’s dick, unseen – when he withdraws it from the brunette’s ass.

As an aside, the above position is also one of my favorites. I too love to lie back against my beau – as he screws my anus – while my girlfriend licks my clit to orgasm. Fucking anally, of course – gives my gal pal easier access to my snatch -- to tongue me. Try doing that – without a threesome.

Not to be outdone, the blonde takes a turn – riding his cock reverse cowgirl—but she takes it instead inside her pussy. Her pretty labia flare nicely over his tool – so it looks like he’s fucking up into – a giant human orchid. Wow. The brunette strums her friend’s clitoris gently – while the blonde humps up-and-down on his pole.

When the dude’s dick pops out – the brunette lubes it up with her spit – before guiding it lovingly into the blonde’s pink anus. Once completed, the brunette leans forward – to lick the blonde’s swollen love button – located at the far end of her pretty twat. The blonde has very luscious lower orifices – so the view of the brunette munching and the guy’s dick fucking the blonde anally -- was absolutely mesmerizing to watch.

The camera goes up-and-back – to give us multiple tantalizing perspectives. At one point, it even caused me – to imagine myself as the blonde – so that the twat and clit the beautiful brunette was servicing seemed almost like my own. Sigh.

I even masturbated later that evening – while visualizing Marion’s gorgeous eyes looking up at me -- from between my own thighs while she was mewing. Hey, isn’t that what porn is all about?

In one of the nastiest portions of the vignette – the girls kneel doggy on the bed, with one babe’s body right above the other – so that their gent can pleasure himself by fucking successively into all of the women’s pussies and ass holes, one right after the other, the bastard.

What made this portion extra nice to watch – was the blonde’s pink derriere and genitals – which contrasted nicely with the brunette’s darker skin and purple labia. Sweet.

The guy starts out poling inside the brunette’s ass – and then he moves over to her pussy. The he switches over the blonde’s tight anus – and then inside her twat. He goes back to the brunette’s rectum and her cunt – and back to her ass once more – before doing the same again to the blonde. I love it.

He makes the complete circuit multiple times – and I put the entire sequence in a continuous loop – as I watched and played with myself to climax. By this time, my pussy was getting to be quite sore. But the view of the women’s wet openings being fucked – was just too beautiful for words.

Strangely, the girls appear to get happier – the longer their orifices are impaled. I got happier too. After all, what could be nicer – than sharing your succulent ass and pussy juices with your BFF – by having it transferred along by your man’s hard dick?

At one point, the girls got even more playful – by taking turns spitting at each other’s cute faces. What fun.

The guy then spends his last few thrusts – going from the blonde’s delectable anus – to the brunette’s beautiful mouth. Gee, I would.

For their longingly anticipated ending – the guy fucks down doggy into the brunette’s eager ass hole – and the blonde positions her face nearby, just above the cleavage of the brunette’s cute butt cheeks. He steals a final ass-to-mouth and withdraws to show off the brunette’s funnel-like gape.

In what starts out as a seemingly wasteful finish – the guy climaxes with a really healthy load – which he shoots at the blonde’s open mouth. Some goes in – but most of it ends up on the side of her lips – where it then flows down into the brunette’s sphincter and further along her twat.

There appears to be an unending river of semen – running from the blonde’s pretty face – and then pooling below in the brunette’s anus – before tumbling past the brunette’s cunt. Dripping cum never looked so good.

Since the blonde doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to lick it all up – the guy plunges his cock into the brunette’s asshole like a dipstick – to candy-coat his penis in his own semen – which he then feeds nastily to the blonde. She takes it straight away – and her cheeks suck-in nicely to show us how much she’s enjoying the delicious flavor of his seed.

This was one of the most appetizing – cum-coated ass-to-mouth finishes – I’ve ever witnessed. There was still plenty of sperm left scattered about – on the blonde’s gorgeous face – and in the brunette’s gaping ass hole and along her pretty cunt, as the camera slowly fades away. Wow.


There appears to be an abundant mix – of beautiful blondes and brunettes in Hungary – where this satisfying flick was made.

As technical nits – the sound in the first two interludes had some fraying – and the lighting in the ending encounter was a little contrasty. The scene transitions in the finale were also a bit abrupt and disconnected.

But the delightful beauty of the actresses – and their unending amorousness towards each other while fucking – more than made up for these minor glitches. That’s what makes two-girl threesome videos – truly so much fun to watch.

The amount of anal sex in this video was also surprisingly satisfying. Maybe they should change the name of this series to, “When Dick, Tongue and Ass – Work in Harmony.” What do you think?

Overall, I liked this release a lot. I hope the directors and producers come out with an episode #4. I wonder if the studio’s name, Black Dog, causes others to believe that its movies are inter-racial, but they’re not. I was initially confused, myself.

This movie definitely picked up steam -- as it went along – and it culminated in a truly juicy finale. The third vignette with the strap-on was kind of a waste – but entertaining if you didn’t take it too seriously.

If you like two-girl threesomes, like I do -- “When Dick and Tongue Work in Harmony 3” -- is a title you’ll definitely want to check out. I’m glad I did. Enjoy.

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