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MLyons What's a Girl Gotta Do? 3.5 starsWhat's a Girl Gotta Do? 3.5 starsWhat's a Girl Gotta Do? 3.5 stars
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What's a Girl Gotta Do?

What's a Girl Gotta Do?

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MASAMUNE's ratings for What's a Girl Gotta Do?:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
What's a Girl Gotta Do? overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks What's a Girl Gotta Do? Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks What's a Girl Gotta Do? Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex What's a Girl Gotta Do? Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting What's a Girl Gotta Do? Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras What's a Girl Gotta Do? DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality What's a Girl Gotta Do? A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  8/17/2005

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Director: Jonathan Morgan
Camera: Francois Clouset and Travis Pits
Genre: Feature Film, Comedy
Release: 7/05
Notes: Widescreen non-anomorphic
Shot and mastered in High Def
5.1 Dolby Surround Sound
Audio option: German Soundtrack (dubbing)
2 hrs 30 min + 56 min Extras (BTS, bloopers, bonus scene)


What's a girl gotta do?

That's what Stormy wants to know. Up for a big promotion at work, she digs deep into her bag of tricks in order to impress her boss. This includes throwing a grand ol' party for him where just about anything can happen, and just about everything does. In the end, Stormy will learn just exactly "what's a girl gotta do" to get ahead.        

 act 1:

Kelli Tyler
vs. Rita Faltoyano

A very slow and sensual ride with amazing chemistry to start off with...


Stormy's invited all the right people to the party; she tells us so. Among the "right people" is Kelli, the "token lesbian" who doesn't even consider herself friends with Stormy. Stormy begs to differ, claiming Kelli as one of her best friends, only she's not too sure about her new girlfriend, the dumb-as-a-rock foreigner, Rita. 

But Kelli doesn't discriminate against the intellectually challenged, especially considering Rita's a vision of perfection. Kelli's captivated by her, this artist who paints with her nude body. She gives in to Rita's charm during a sensual painting session:

Rita slowly gets worked up over her painting and starts applying the paint to herself. Kelli joins her and soon, Rita is painting her body as well. The pair embrace, tangling themselves in their soft game of seduction. They make love in their gentle and sensual ways, worshipping each other's bodies with the tender touch that only women can deliver.      

 act 2:

Stormy Daniels
vs. Steven St. Croix

More superb chemistry where that came from, as Stormy and Steven make sparks fly in this honest love tango....  

Vaginal, Bodyshot (tummy) 

Hoping to impress, Stormy's also invited "a very important man," the Assistant Ambassador to Madrid; dashing, suave Steven who's much too smooth for his own good. As fortune would have it, the pair also had a bit of a complicated history together. "She was of age, she was legal," Steven tells us. "We both knew what we were doing, and we both liked it":  

As Steven's intern, Stormy is just doing her job as she brings him the book he requested.  But soon enough the two become all hot and bothered for each other. Steven tosses the book aside and melds his lips into Stormy's. Unveiling her plump boobs, Steven's as giddy as a schoolboy as the pair delve deeper into their intimate dance. Years of pent-up passion is released in that moment, they're so utterly into each other and enjoying one another's body.... Sex electric in the air.    

 act 3:

Stormy Daniels
vs. Evan Stone

It's all business here with fantasy lovers Stormy and Evan simply screwing to get their rocks off.... 

Vaginal, Bodyshot (boobs) 

Stormy takes a moment to lose herself in a fiery daydream, gratuitously sex-related of course:

She conjures up Evan, the long-haired stud who calmly waits for her on a couch in his shirt and tie. She slowly approaches him, decked out in her slutty fishnet and thigh-high boot ensemble. It's full on fantasy fucking from there, some elements of romance fleeting here and there but mostly just stripped down fucking. After all, Evan is the item of her desire, fashioned in her mind for the purpose of bringing her to ecstasy.   

 act 4:

Nicole Sheridan
vs. Voodoo

Nicole and Voodoo burn up the screen in this very passionate scene with flawless chemistry and comic antics....  

Vaginal, Bodyshot (pussy) 

Nicole's boyfriend Voodoo comes to pick her up for their date- yup, two awesome tickets to roller derby! But alas, Nicole forgot about this and already promised Stormy she'd be there for her party. How can Nicole make up for her mistake? hmmmmmmm....

Nicole drags her boyfriend upstairs into the bathroom, their lips locked in heat. Off come their clothes and they go at it, energy thundering through them, passion engulfing their bodies. "We're not going to roller derby...You're gonna fuck me," Nicole tells her beau. Heat, energy, affection, and that intangible magic that binds two star-crossed lovers, you name it this pair's got it, including a flare for some comedic moments that won't be revealed here. In the end, Nicole does ease the pain of two wasted roller derby tickets, but it is not without its consequence.    

 act 5:

Kelli Tyler & Rita Faltoyano  
vs. Randy Spears

Kelli and Rita viciously fuck to prove a point, with poor Randy caught in the middle....  

Vaginal, Facial 

Lover's are always feuding. Just ask Kelli and Rita. When Kelli accuses Rita of being a little slut, Rita counters with the ever popular "your just jealous" card. What's more, Rita thinks that the jealousy stems from the fact that she fucks guys better than Kelli can. Kelli is up for challenge. What better way to settle the argument than a lil' demo of their love skills?

The pair grab the first guy they can find and Randy just so happens to be the lucky schmuck to fuck. They attack him like ravenous wolves on steak and Randy is more than happy to succumb to their hunger. Tough call, but this round goes to Kelli by a red hair. Redheads are dynamite.        

 act 6:

Alexis Malone 
vs. A Guy I Won't Name

A perfect way to finish with this cute and fun scene that showcases genuine heat....  

Vaginal, Facial 

I don't want to spoil the ending so I'll just leave it at this. Let's just say that the movie ends on a very positive note and a happy ending is had for all.  




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I'll be short and sweet and to the point. This is a great feature film. Top notch acting -everyone is good, not a weak link in the bunch- and a well-written and funny script.  It's so damn charming and the sex has an abundance of chemistry, the Nicole/Voodoo pairing shooting off the charts.  A must have for any couple. One of the best couples movies out there.

Highly recommended 









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