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What Girls Like (Wicked)

What Girls Like (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for What Girls Like (Wicked):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
What Girls Like (Wicked) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks What Girls Like (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks What Girls Like (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex What Girls Like (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting What Girls Like (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras What Girls Like (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality What Girls Like (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/7/2009
Greetings fellow porn fans thought I'd share a few thoughts on this first directorial effort for the lovely and award winning jessica drake-- she also wrote and stars in this one so all three hats being worn by jessica. She's been in the biz now for a few years, seen a lot so it should be no surprise she wants to spread her wings and try some new challenges and directing is an obvious choice. The jist for this one seems to be seven very different girls having sex for equally different reasons with us the viewing public the winners as we're treated to each scenario.

Brooke Belle:

Each girl does a little sit down telling us a few details about what's going on which leads nicely to their scene. Brooke's deal is that first encounter with a possible hookup, the newness of it all and this leads rather nicely to her and Barrett Blade falling into one of theirs apt. and the kissing and caressing is ongoing even as the duo enter the room. The lighting is a bit dark but seems pretty accurate for coming into an apt and not caring so much about how much light there is, just wanting to get that lustful first fuck out of the way. The music playing along as Brooke works over Barrett's cock is a nice frenetic pace too. Some good views moving in and out as the two get their freak on. Mr. Blade eats some pussy too before laying pipe, condom is visible but hey this is a first hookup so safe sex is a good thing! The pop's pretty good and he sprays it everywhere around her face but enough does land so she has a taste with some cleanup after. This gets to Brooke talking alittle more and there's a final sentence where she starts it and Alektra finishes it, leading right into the next scene. It's a cool trick which is used throughout, the girl coming on telling you about her scene coming up, they fuck and then she returns with a little postscript where a phrase is left hanging for the next girl to pick up on.

Alektra with Sammie Rhodes:

This one takes us to Alektra who is an artiste and seems one day she was interrupted by the lovely Miss Rhodes who was out selling magazines-- you know helping her out gets her and classmates on a trip to Hawaii or some shit like that! Well Alektra's not interested but what she is interested in are those gorgeous boobs Sammie's been blessed with and so she brings Miss Rhodes in on the premise she's gonna help Alektra paint puppies and that these can be sold to help Sammie win her trip. Well that premise is gone about as fast as it took me to type these words because Alektra is kissing Sammie who is more than ready to get down'n'dirty. The early part of the scene here was much better for me as the kissing, breast play and then oral was all pretty good. Not lovey dovey sensual g/g but still these girls were hot for one another and that seemed very genuine in what they did. Toys do appear and dominate the remainder of the scene, each taking devices in their holes, hell there's a paint brush end used to fuck Alektra so whatever was handy I suppose! The highlight for me would have to be each girl standing up as the other was below licking pussy, don't often see g/g oral shot this way. Well Alektra comes back on after to talk and this leads into our director jessica drake coming on and telling us about hot wax, leather, rope-- things designed to help you release the tension and I guess she needed that due to her job.

jessica drake:

The first image is of jessica bound and you have Randy Spears and Hershel Savage having their way with this lovely young lady, hands caressing over her frame and jessica can't move for the moment. Those first few images are also in black'n'what as the guys have their way with jessica. Her coworkers would be shocked to see her releasing the tension in this fashion but doesn't that make this even more enticing! The color comes in as we find the trio now on a big bed, a cool brick interior surrounding them. jessica is very good working from cock to cock, her pussy also receiving some attention. The close in shots weren't to bad either, this lady knows her way around dicks! Seeing her pussy lips spread wide as she rides cock was the shot of the scene. Seemed a bit short on the sex but we get two decent facial pops mostly to jessica's mouth with cleanup after. She comes back on for a few more words leading right to Jada Fire talking about how bad her exboytoy is and how good looking his best friend is-- you know where this is heading!

Jada Fire:

So we transition smoothly to Jada giving head to Derrick Pierce and we get a few good shots at her big juicy ass! Derrick can't resist those titties and who wouldn't want to bury their face in those jiggly juggs but early on this mostly was the Jada sucking cock show! Derrick does get a few licks in on her pussy and Jada was purring quickly due to those licks. Sexwise it was pounding right from the start, reverse had those titties flopping and they capture a real good upclose pop as Derrick coats her tongue, Jada making that disappear as she offers up some cleanup. Jada thinks after it might've been a mistake but then again revenge sex is pretty good, a dish best served.... on a bed of roses, lol. This was the transition to Daisy Marie talkin about her romantic evening in bed!

Daisy Marie:

Daisy is all starry eyed as she recalls her lover coming to worship her and we're taken to a romantic setting, the candle light flickering and slowly Daisy comes into focus, laying on a bed strewn with rose petals and leaning in her man presents Daisy with a freshly plucked rose along with some bubbly! This is going good for her man I'd say and the two kiss a little, her breasts receive some lovin and we get some decent pussy licking too, love seeing the legs spread and the dude face deep in wet pussy! There is a little fingering done too before turning things over to Daisy who is all over that cock, taking him balls deep at one point. Reverse was good and they close with a long session in spoon/ mish until he's ready to drop his load across those titties. Daisy returns to reminisce about the sex, the stupidest pick up lines-- now we're on to Michelle McLaren who still decides it's worth a fuck anyway.

Michelle McLaren:

Even though the pick up line might not be that creative Michelle is still horny enough that she hooks up with Brad Armstrong for a one night stand. Nice vintage truck they use for their base of operations. Michelle's got on a cool black biker jacket and she's already hard at in working on Brad's cock as we hit the scene. Short bj though, leading to some stand up fucking including some anal from behind. There's a good frontal shot for reverse anal and we end up with a pretty good facial for Michelle who then procedes directly into the truck and drives off, Brad's jacket still hanging off the side, that's telling him! She further tells us that she didn't think she could be the love'em and leave'em type but sometimes-- a good fight and we're right into McKayla who's talking about make up sex!

McKayla Mendez:

Yeah the good ole lover's quarrel and the always hot makeup sex is our finale here. All that adrenalin has to go somewhere she accurately points out. Ahh we get some spanish commentary as she and Marco Banderas fight with subtitles!! Love sexy talk in any language and you see them talking regular words too but it sure sounded hot. Well after some silence helps calm them down it was time to make up and after some kisses we get Marco losing his shirt and McKayla kissing him and rubbing over his jean bulge. Marco works her breasts out for some kisses too, then it's onto her back with Marco burying his face in her pussy-- this is really good makeup sex! He has her purring in short order and this of course leads to some hot cock sucking from McKayla and I liked the glasses too she was wearing. Alright, 69 time with Miss Mendez on top. Cowgirl, spoon and doggie lead the sex here ending with Marco standing above McKayla raining his load down on her face with cleanup from our girl. McKayla returns and lets us know it was great but she doesn't want it to be The END which flashes on the screen closing this one out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was pretty good sex entertainment and the way one scene would lead to the next with the sentence of one girl leading us to the next girl finishing it and getting us into her scene was a cool choice on jessica's part. As for the scenes themselves, you had a little bit of everything, some good g/g with Alektra/ Sammie early on, jessica doing a 2 on 1, Daisy Marie's romantic romp was very nice as well. Extras here included jessica's first ever scene for Wicked from the movie Dreamquest with Anthony Crane. You also get a bonus masturbation scene with Miss drake who also offers up a wrap up interview for her first directing project. There's a blooper reel and that is a must view, porno bloopers are hilarious!! You also get some pics to check out too. Not bad for a first time and I'll be curious as to what project jessica will take on next, stay tuned.

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