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Whale Tail 5

Whale Tail 5

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Barely Legal , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Whale Tail 5:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Whale Tail 5 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Whale Tail 5 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Whale Tail 5 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Whale Tail 5 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Whale Tail 5 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Whale Tail 5 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Whale Tail 5 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/21/2009
Ok fans time to check out a new one from director Kevin Moore and we're back on the Whale Tail hunt which means five more hotties who have great asses and to accentuate this we get them in thongs and do various tease poses to entice interest before bringing it home with a touch of the good ole nasty sex! So keep going if you're into asses which get shown off a bit more than in a normal scene-- at least I hope so.

Ashlyn Rae:

So we start off with Ashlyn in a backyard, on her cell, and we see she's sportin a yellow thong which is visible just over the top of her shorts. Kevin does the perve shot from afar then a couple zoom in shots but nothing to naughty here to start. Mr. Pete is brought over to check it out and you know Pete will get involved in short order. So Pete gets over and has a little coversation with Ashlyn who is receptive to the advances leading to a little kissing and body exploration-- of hers! It takes a bit but we finally get her shorts off and some good ass shots start coming along with some boob kissing. Heading inside they hit the bed and we're off. Pete gets in some fingering to both holes before it's Ashlyn's turn for a bit of the knob polishing. Fuck wise the best shots do come in cowgirl, nice riding here and then in doggie where she's opened up so we get a solid shot of that jiggling ass as Pete nails her cookie. Ashlyn ends up taking a pretty good facial pop to close it out. Not as much ass footage as I would have liked but there were some good shots there.

Hannah West:

So next scene comes and we have Mark Ashley to start drinking heavily and reliving something which seems painful. We start seeing flashes of a young lady, that'd be Hannah I bet, and you see her in jeans with the strands of her thong peaking out. Not sure why Mark seems so depressed here, I would think he tapped that young lady, we'll see. Mark heads over to the couch, lies down and basically passes out-- but this leads to another vision and I assume it's the same girl but her thong is now blue instead of yellow so maybe a better memory for Mark! We get a couple nice shots of Hannah too looking down at us and Mark starts saying the word Whale Tail over and over as we get more shots of Hannah. Ok the vision then becomes reality as Hannah actually enters the shot where Mark's lying down and her ass starts getting closer and closer to Marks face. Ok so he finally wakes up and takes charge, spanking her jean covered ass a few times before lowering those pants so we can get our first glimpse at the booty-- floor shot here was used very nicely as the peel down commences. Mark's good with the ass kissing followed by a great shot of his face disappearing between those cheeks. Again not long enough but they move to another good shot of Hannah in mish with Mark eating that coochie. Mark does turn Hannah on her side, ass facing out to us for a bit of the ass licking, always a fun thing to do. Hannah repeating the please give it to me as she's losing her breath, the moaning was pretty cool. Some good shots in doggie but then it really gets good when she climbs on in cowgirl, going floor level we're treated to some Grade A booty shots. Hannah is good for some P2M too before jerking the load out and up into her mouth, some running down the shaft with cleanup immediately from Miss West. This was a solid scene and did a better job of showing off her ass.

Pepper Foxxx:

Ok the next scene opens with a video recorder view, a live one, of Pepper at the back of her open SUV. You can tell she's got a booty and jeez perhaps that's why we're enjoying the perve view here! It's a hot day so she turns, sees if anyone's watching and unbottons the top of her jeans-- this gives us a bit more of the whale tail, a pink thong and when she bends over in the back of the SUV you can see the back of her jeans are faded in the shape of her ass cheeks, it looked better than I'm describing it. Her purse then falls out, oops, we have to get out and bend over to pick it up, more whale tail footage. So Johnny Sins then comes in and we're still shooting as the two have a conversation, there is a little making out, fondling over her ass and over the buldge in his jeans and finally some nudity as she drops down to suck his dick. Well we get some good blowjob footage here but I didn't like the recording view to it so I was glad they headed inside where we get the normal picture, her top comes off and Johnny samples those nice big tits. But the view returns as we get some observing shots from outside, ok you've established the perve REC view but keep the picture normal please. There's better bj footage then where it's the regular picture and Pepper definitely enjoys the cock in her mouth. The jeans then come off but not a huge focus on her ass here, Johnny eats her out and this gives us more boob shots and I loved that but we're here to enjoy that Whale Tail and we've not seen it up close and good for a long sustained shot yet. Those start coming when the fucking commences, first some good boob jiggling mish but then it's cowgirl time and finally some booty shots of Pepper riding. They mix in a couple more REC perve shots from outside but those only interrputed the scene for me until they returned to the better shots back inside where they end with doggie leading to a pullout and pop on Pepper's ass.

Dani Jensen:

So it's the next scene and we begin with Dani in the bathroom washing up when Mark interrupts her. He's ready to go but not sure where they're going. Mark wants to inspect first and sees a bit of the whale tail peeking out and helps too pulling the jeans down and allowing the yellow thong to show off. Dani knows what he wants and she 'reluctantly' goes along with it. Mark then gets in no rush to leave and enjoys a few kisses on that ass which extends to his face burying itself in that ass, some fine ass jiggling by her and a few spanks from Mark. This is more like it! Dani reaching back and pulling him in tight, cutting off his breath was hot, his only way to breath is to eat her pussy! After some real work from Mark on that ass/ pussy from behind he briefly eats her in mish before turning the oral duties over to Dani who looks very nice from the side angle sucking his cock. Good eye contact, hand usage and she is able to do a good job of deep throating him too. After some good extended head, even some gack,gack, gack is attained and I don't like that kind of head but Dani gives it quite well. Sexwise the best shots do come in cowgirl, lots of good bouncing here, there's a fine open shot to the doggie captured and to top it off there's a fine reverse caught too. The pop to close is spread a bit, it's not a huge load, over her tits with some hitting her face. Dani's scene had the best ass tease so far with Mark opening up with the face burying.

Miley Ann:

One more whale tail to enjoy but we first get some manly time as the guys discuss the previous nights game but when the camera pans over to catch Miley walking the game talk goes away and we enjoy a nice sexy walk from Miley. Our sports fan then goes after her and catches Miley just before she heads upstairs. So we get a good shot of her, the shorts were to skimpy, gee really! So we follow behind Miley as she resumes the stairs walk, the whale tail not showing yet to much. Looks like lavender lingerie and Domenic Kane notices and the flirting starts to intensify. So we get Miley to come off, the two sit on a couch and one thing leads to another such as our guy sniffing her shorts before finally pulling them off and hello bubble ass!! More than a handful for each hand here. Shirt comes off and the titties are shown and then it's cock time as Miley sits next to him leaning down to engulf his rod. We're treated to a few more shots of that bubblicious ass, spanks too and she even comments that he's having way to much fun with her ass-- honey we're not even getting started, lol-- we hope anyway. I wish they'd pulled the thong off before she gets on in cowgirl, don't like the pull the lingerie aside shot, just gets in the way of me trying to see her pussy and we don't really see it to good with the thong in the way-- nice distraction for sure. The floor shot of the cowgirl was good, jiggling abounds here. The thong is finally pulled off as they turn over to mish and this gave us plenty of good titty flopping Miley's pounded but we need a return to cowgirl so that pussy/ ass can be shown off with no thong in the way. Not a return to cowgirl but after P2M we have a flip over to doggie-- a hint of her asshole sent chills up my spine, the jiggling ass cheeks were great and even the undulating tits were working it here. A great facial closes it out, one of the better pops for this title and Miley is good with some cleanup too.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So all in all this was good but I was hoping for a little better/ stonger emphasis on the asses here. You see the thongs and the ass crack but then we could really drive the point home with the great ass play and there signs in the scenes but only a couple really nailed it good for me, Dani Jensen and Hannah West's scenes. Pepper had a great combo from tits to ass and we ended with a fabulous bubble butt with Miley Ann. Now for extras, going from the main menu you have a couple areas you can hit. There's the positions menu which has a list of the usual with the addition of cumshot on the bottom so you can see those girls glazed. There is a bonus features section too and here you have a photo gallery consisting of these lovely girls shot for this, previews for other Smash flicks and yes some behind the scenes, lasting just over 10 minutes so have a look as it's not to long and maybe more ass gazing! Overall a good effort but I hope the next one will have more of an emphasis on the ass, of the guy licking her ass/ pussy from behind, maybe some face sitting where we can get a good shot from in back of the ass. Make this more of an ass movie, it's already leaning that way with the Whale Tail title, just give it a nudge more-- guys like Mark Wood and Mark Ashley are great for such scenes so use them and I have no doubts you'll get the newbies to do this scene as there is always good new girls coming in, just keep an eye out for ones with great asses-- bubble butts are a nice find too so good luck guys!

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