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Wet Sweaty Boobs

Wet Sweaty Boobs

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Busty , Gonzo
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fu_q's ratings for Wet Sweaty Boobs:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Wet Sweaty Boobs overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Wet Sweaty Boobs Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Wet Sweaty Boobs Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Wet Sweaty Boobs Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Wet Sweaty Boobs Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Wet Sweaty Boobs DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Wet Sweaty Boobs A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  8/4/2010
“Wet Sweaty Boobs” is an excellent production from B. Skow and Vivid that features former contract girl, Lia, in three scenes, along with Carla Cox, Briana Blair, and Carmen McCarthy in one scene apiece. Noteworthy here is the fact that this film puts forth two boy-girl sequences from Lia, of which there are only a handful now on DVD. While these are typically very good, the real show-stealers here are the first segment—between Carla Cox and Mr. Marcus—and the final segment—which pairs Carmen McCarthy with Anthony Rosano. Indeed, until Carmen’s spectacular romp at the end of the disc, I was leaning more toward a four-star review than the four-and-a-half stars that I ultimately gave this production. It’s that good. Also worthy of a mention is the high-quality, tease-and-glimpse camerawork that’s employed here—from wet tee-shirts to up-skirts—these softcore elements really work to get the viewer ready for the upcoming segments.

In terms of the plot, there is one…and—while not horribly intricate—it is reasonably clever. Further, it not only holds the sex scenes together well but also provides for something of a full-circle, chuckle-worthy ending. In essence, the storyline here focuses on Lia, her house that’s falling apart (particularly in terms of air-conditioning on such a hot day), and her threats of walking out on her boyfriend because of the whole situation. Of course, this is all secondary to the fucking, but it is still fun enough.

In terms of the sex, Scene One brings together Carla Cox and Mr. Marcus in a fun and frenzied interracial romp that takes place back at his apartment after he has picked up Carla off of the side of the road. Apparently, she was out there because she couldn’t stand the fact that her boyfriend wouldn’t get them air-conditioning—so she walked out on him. Regardless, Carla starts out in a white tee-shirt and cut-off short-shorts, as well as some stiletto boots—which remain on for the sex. The strip-tease here is scorching, as is the finger-work that Marcus does on her both vaginally (four fingers) and, later, anally (two fingers). Other highlights include an enthusiastic reverse-cowgirl riding by Carla, as well as some sexy missionary-like and doggie-style action. One thing about this scene is that there is plenty of chemistry between the two participants, and this adds a lot to the goings-on. Mr. Marcus actually pops twice in this segment, as well. First, Carla gives him a very light touch / jerk to bring on a dribbling cum-shot on her tummy. Then, after a good deal more fucking, Marcus drops a bigger load on her face, mouth, and the top of her chest. The former is followed up by Marcus feeding the cum to Carla, while the latter is postceded by some solid oral cock clean-off. Overall, this is an excellent encounter that is certainly worthy of a watch.

In Scene Two, it’s Marcus London and relative newcomer, Lia, getting it on in one of Lia’s few boy-girl sequences that are available. Here, Lia is already overheating prior to the action—even though she is wearing only a long, white tee-shirt and nothing else (tease!)—but Marcus still sees fit to push her limits even further. Fortunately, what Marcus and Lia generate is the good kind of heat. Lia—whose looks really drive this scene—doesn’t appear to be 100% used to the cock, but she still gets into the action and does some steamy work here. In some respects, it’s a turn-on to know that she isn’t as—shall we say—“experienced” as some of the other actresses out there. Either way, though, this sequence is a very good one, and it counts amongst its highlights the doggie-style and missionary-like action in which the pair partakes. The first part of the pop-shot here appears to be missed, though more than enough of it is caught on film. It’s delivered predominantly to Lia’s pussy and pelvis—hot stuff!

Scene Three involves some solo-girl activities by Lia on a chair in her living room. This time, she is in a white tee-shirt and white, cut-off short-shorts with no panties underneath. Before long, the shorts are off, and she’s taking care of business—and herself, of course. This one—which involves only the use of fingers—is hot, quick, and partially interspersed between cuts in the next scene, which is Lia’s masturbatory fantasy. For what it is, it’s good—again, Lia’s looks really bring this one home.

In Scene Four, we have Briana Blair sitting out by the pool in nothing but a white spaghetti-strap tank-top with multi-colored stripes—quite the spectacle! Pool-boy, Johnny Sins, is also out there. And while the segment begins with Briana dipping her toes in the pool, it isn’t long before she has seduced Johnny and he’s dipping his dick in her. The sex takes place back inside the house and also inside of Lia’s mind—as was noted previously, this sequence is set up to be her wanking fantasy. The sucking and jerking by Briana here (part-POV) is quite sexy, as are the missionary-like, cowgirl, and belly-down reary-entry positions. This segment closes out with Briana jerking and sucking Johnny to a pop in / on her mouth and face, followed up by Briana smearing the cum on her breasts and giving it a taste—messy and very-good-to-excellent stuff!

Scene Five couples Lia with her plumber, Jerry. After a mishap with a sink repair results in Lia’s tank-top getting wet, Jerry has no choice but to try to help her dry it off and…of course…one thing then leads to another, and they’re off. The highlights in this sequence include the missionary-like, seated-reverse-cowgirl (for lack of a better descriptor), and the doggie-style action. It’s from this last position that Jerry pulls out and deposits quite a load all over Lia’s ass, ass-crack, inner-thighs, and pussy—in fact, it looks like this one might have started out internally—giving just a bit of an unintentional cream-pie (?). Overall, the action in this segment is of the very good variety and definitely worth checking out. Lia has a unique look and is an excellent new addition to the world of adult films. I hope to see more of her in the future.

Scene Six has Carmen McCarthy paired up with Anthony Rosano in a pale-green shower stall. The premise behind this sequence is that Lia is watching—and getting off to—a “Vivid-Alt” scene on her television. Things start off with some seductive posing, stripping, and showerhead masturbation by Carmen—complete with shower noises but no running water until a good deal of the way into the sequence (lol)—and then move on to the full-on boy-girl action with Anthony entering and immediately feeding Carmen a dick. The ensuing blowjob work and titty-fucking by Ms. McCarthy are quite sexy and enthusiastic, as are the reary-entry, cowgirl, and side-entry positionings in this varied romp. Further adding to the intensity of this scorcher is Carmen’s apparent penchant for licking her own juices off of Anthony’s schlong—too hot! The load is deposited on Carmen’s pussy and pelvis, and she quickly plays with it and then provides some oral cock clean-off for Anthony. With stellar performances such as this one, Carmen McCarthy will definitely be one to keep an eye out for in the future.

Some other items should also be mentioned. Advertisements play when the disc is inserted, but these can be skipped by hitting the “Menu” button on the remote. The Vivid website watermark is also still present in this production at the bottom of the screen. As always, this doesn’t make much of a difference due to its tiny size, though it would be better if it were absent. As a note, the film clocks in at right around the three hour mark—which is typically a bit long, but it doesn’t feel drawn out here. Finally, it should be noted that the settings for the action are generally good, and the camerawork and production values are excellent.

In terms of bonus materials and other options, there is some nice extra material presented here. One finds a “Photo Gallery”—which puts forth a slideshow of “pretty-girl” shots and stills from the production—as well as a “Previews” section—which gives a choice of four Vivid trailers. Also present are a “Vivid Extras” option—which plays through various Vivid-related advertisements and an anti-piracy public service announcement—and a “Behind the Scenes” featurette that is about 14 minutes long and is fun and interesting. Finally, there is a “Bonus Scene”—a girl-girl sequence featuring Lia and Sadie West (from “Lia’s First Time”). This is a nice bonus—it’s one of the better scenes from that film.

Overall, this production contains some presumably rare footage for fans of Lia and also some scorching sex—especially Carla Cox’ and Carmen McCarthy’s scenes. Further, the camerawork is excellent, and the plot is fun—albeit on the light side. The glimpse-and-tease, softcore elements that are employed also serve to set up the ensuing sex quite well. For those who are fans of Vivid, Lia, or any of the actresses presented here, this one is highly recommended.

Be sure to check out the FSC anti-piracy PSA, too.

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