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Wealth & Deception

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Wealth & Deception

Studio: Josh Stone Productions
Category:  Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Wealth & Deception:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Wealth & Deception overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Wealth & Deception Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Wealth & Deception Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Wealth & Deception Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Wealth & Deception Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Wealth & Deception DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Wealth & Deception A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  4/10/2011

Josh Stone has been les enfant terrible of Justin Slayer International. He has produced sterling gonzo with his South Beach Cruisin' series, well done vignettes for Confessions Over Cocktales, and nice feature work with The Companion. In this new feature, Wealth & Deception, he breaks new ground in terms of his delivery system, making this an exclusive release for FyreTV, a service that streams porn through a box connected to your television.

Since this is my first experience with this technology, and made possible by the people at Fyre, I think it's only fair that I go through the procedures and critique the service itself. Hooking it up is a cinch. Only a Luddite would be incapable of following the simple instructions of connecting a power block, networking option, and type of connection to the TV (HDMI or RCA connectors, both supplied). I opted to use the wi-fi function, as opposed to running another cable to my router, which is in another room, and HDMI to the set. In my case, the networking was pristine, but because of the circumstances surrounding how I got the box, I couldn't connect to the server right away. That shouldn't be a problem through normal channels. Once on, enter the PIN, and voila, you're onsite with a plethora of menu options. There appears to be a significant sized library to choose from, but I'm only looking for the title in question, and that's where I have my first gripe. Doing a search entails using an online keyboard that can only be used with the little remote supplied, and can only be navigated one letter at a time. I know they're aware that the remote needs some work, and I'd start by making it longer and with a corresponding keyboard. The box determines the video quality you're capable of receiving. For some reason, although my TV is a 720P (don't laugh), the HDMI is indicating 480P. That's still DVD quality, and good enough. I kept my computers quiet, one off and the other not downloading or uploading anything, so as to give the service full access to my bandwidth. The streaming was very good, with just one short freeze during the running of the feature and a couple of quick instances of motion artifacting. What I did find slightly annoying was that, at the start of every scene, there were a few moments of buffering. In gonzo and vignette, which are often watched in individual segments, this is hardly a problem. In a feature, not so great. Maybe an option for a one scene feature should be employed for watching straight through.

So, now let's deal with the feature itself. Nice cast, including Shawna Lenee, Shyla Stylez, Rachel Starr, Sadie West, Holly Halston, Lisa Ann, Kara Tai, Franziska Facella, and Misty Stone. The male leads include Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Nick Manning, and CJ Wright. Not too shabby. Also advertised are not one, but two first anals. Shawna and Sadie.

The video opens with a bachelor party for Evan, as he's tying the knot with Shawna. He asked that adult entertainment not be employed, but his best friend, Nick overruled and hired two strippers, Rachel and Shyla. This is basically an introductory throw away scene, and a terrible waste of Rachel and Shyla. It does have a few moments of really hard pounding in doggy by Nick to Rachel, which was pretty stirring, but this was it for her, Shyla, and Tommy Gunn, so far as the rest of the story was concerned.

Fast forward a few months to Shawna already questioning her marriage to Evan, a union pushed by her gold digging mother Holly. Shawna introduces her friends and family in flashback to the wedding. A little bit of softcore from their honeymoon follows, then a hint at the source of Shawna's frustration in a morning encounter with Evan. She arranges a pool party with all the women of the video, save Franziska, and vents about her misgivings. She's counseled by mommy to bide her time, then take Evan in a huge divorce settlement.

During their first year anniversary, held at CJ's restaurant, Evan and Holly hook up in the kitchen. They get pretty wild as he bangs the hell out of her, and kind of strange that nobody goes looking for them, nor any kitchen workers happen by. Holly looks like an aging Barbie doll who has definitely moved on from Ken. Both performers do an admirable job of talking nasty, staying in character, and fucking with some relish. She had her ass moving all over the stove, and cum on her face to end it.

Shawna sees a therapist, Misty, who apparently makes housecalls, and discusses the things bothering her. Shawna breeches her professionalism by offering CJ's number for a hookup, and Misty leaves, calling Evan from her car, making her a double agent who's apparently also screwing Evan.

Franziska and Kara show up as Misty is leaving and set out for the pool. No idea where Shawna goes off to, but these hot women make themselves at home in the obligatory lipstick lez scene. Eye candy factor is very high, and the camerawork is tighter than the previous scene, with extreme closeups of very wet pussy.
Misty takes Shawna up on her offer and goes to meet CJ at his restaurant. Everything on Misty seems to be sparkling. Her dress. Her skin. The look in her eyes when she gets a load of CJ. She gives a nasty bj that belies her exquisite look, then hops on the bullet train. Just a couple of positions and they're done. Way too quick.
Lisa Ann plays a real estate agent closing the deal with Mikey Butders by giving him added value. Her body, of course. She's perfect as the businesswoman with no boundaries, and he looks like the kind of simp who would throw away thousands of dollars on a piece of ass. But what a piece she is. The pace is slow and erotic, shot against the stark white background of the house for sale. Lisa really takes one for the team, letting Mikey plant his bone in her ass in a pretty hot RC penetration shot. Lisa gives it a nice ride, slow and sensual. When Mikey is ready, the ball batter goes flying from her mouth down to her breasts.
Nick and CJ show up at Evan's house to watch football, only he's not home. They decide to stay and hang with Shawna, and good friend that Nick is, he decides to plow the lonely bride. Nick, as most people know has some kind of porn tourette's syndrome. The stuff coming out of his mouth, meant to project intensity and dominance, I guess, sounds totally ridiculous. But he is pretty studly looking, and capable of delivering a very physical scene. He starts out by eating and finger fucking the hotty with the chipmunk cheeks. Shawna reciprocates with some active chicken head and Nick informs her he's going to fuck her ass "And you're going to like it." They actually start the fucking in RCA, which gets to be too much after about a minute, a quick edit neatly putting the cock in her pussy in the same position, and the pace picking up considerably. She's gonna get all the pussy pleasure she can before they go back to invading her ass, and Shawna's looking mighty juicy as she rides. CG, with some self anal fingering, testing the waters again. Missionary, balls deep with clit strumming. After a maybe orgasm and more mish, P2M, then back to the grand opening, Shawna on her side. She's clearly in discomfort, tears rolling out and Shawna sounding like she's hyperventilating. Nick is insistent, but not savage, yet offers no verbal comfort at all. Shawna finds her clit and things get a little better. Her mouth says she loves it and her eyes are imploring him to finish up. Cut to doggy anal, and from the look on her face, the only thing that'll ever pierce her sphincter again will be a tongue. She's in pain and she's starting to look angry. Nick actually gets Shawna to fuck back at him, and I have to admit, that looked pretty hot. I think she was trying to pull the cum out of him. They move to spoon, keeping the anal going, then a vag mish finish to open mouth facial.
Shots of Evan and Holly cavorting on the beach in Jamaica, then Shawna trying to track her down and getting the idea that there's something going on behind her back. But Evan has more tricks up his sleeve, meeting Sadie in a motel for another family tryst. He surprises her in the bathroom, fresh out of a shower, professing his fealty and promising to leave Shawna for her. Sadie can't wait to get at Mr. Happy, scarfing it all the way down and sucking on Evan's low hanging balls. They get rough and nasty, choking and slapping, then start fucking in CG. Sadie's a bitchy little piece of work from the outset, and clearly something of a drama queen. But she does have a hot little ass that the camera seems to love. Evan eats Sadie's ass, which she's willing to give him to seal their love. He spoons her, pumping her little body on his cock, then going up and over her prone form. She rolls him back and juggles his nuts, threatening to ruin his life if he betrays her. RC, P2M, and bam, the backdoor opens in CG. If Shawna's anal scene was difficult, this one gets ridiculous. Good at first, but it isn't long before Sadie goes completely out of character and starts screaming at Evan to go slow. He's really not a big abuser, but Sadie acts like he's Jack the Ripper, constantly telling him to slow down. There's a short vag respite in spoon that looks really nice, but they came to do anal, and Evan slides back in Sadie's rectum. Prone doggy has her praying for his orgasm, and Sadie sucks the ass covered cock like a madwoman in an attempt to finish this difficult scene. Two handing and shoving it into the back of her throat doesn't get the job done, and they're back to spoon anal, Sadie looking to be in mortal pain. Evan really digs in here and Sadie tries to keep up by abusing her clit. Finally, she orders him to cum, Evan digging her out in response and cumming all over Sadie's sweet body. Now the little psycho is happy and trying to get Evan to indulge in a little cumplay. He has to go back to work and she's pissed.

Confrontation time with Shawna after Kara informs her of his liason with Sadie. Evan doesn't even know who he's being accused of fucking and lets on he's been fucking Misty. Shawna demands her divorce and threatens to go public. Funny how she forgot she'd fucked his best friend. Evan pleads for reconciliation as Shawna walks.


The Wrap: In an industry that automatically equates features with couples, I think director Josh Stone was on the right track to begin this video. Even though I felt the first scene was a waste of "A" talent, the emphasis on short, erotically charged couplings as opposed to marathon sex straight out of Barnum and Bailey plays well to viewers looking for inspiration in their own bedroom. Unfortunately, the biggest selling point here was the virgin asses that were sacrificed. The scenes were long and painful. No small wonder these two women are one and done, both reportedly leaving the industry. Any guy trying to get his partner to do that particular dirty deed after seeing this is barking up the wrong tree. Just watch it up till Lisa Ann and count your blessings. Her scene and Holly Halston's were the high points for me. The feature was a little thin on plot, but what there was of it naturally led to the sex. The acting was passable, Evan Stone slipping into Jonathon Morgan farce mode in his confrontation with Shawna Lenee at the end, evoking Fat Albert when he got excited. Nick Manning playing a cad is a no brainer. Misty Stone as a pretty little viper worked as well. A lot of things right here, just a little over ambitious. Like the Dalton Brothers trying to rob two banks at once.


Extras: There's a short BTS feature with more anal from Sadie, and she verifies that it's her first dick up the ass ever. She even has coaching from Holly. Much better than the scene, and shot with the gonzo flair Josh Stone is most noted for.


Recommendation: If you want VOD's streamed to your TV, this would seem to be a good service with a strong lineup for a startup. The video, Wealth & Deception has some flaws, but overall is better than average. And if Mr. Josh Stone is reading this: Please, please, please, get Kara Tai to fuck men on video again.

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