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We Swallow 7

We Swallow 7

Studio: Exquisite
Category:  Cumshots , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for We Swallow 7:
Overall Rating 4 stars
We Swallow 7 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks We Swallow 7 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks We Swallow 7 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex We Swallow 7 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting We Swallow 7 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras We Swallow 7 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality We Swallow 7 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  4/24/2005
We Swallow #7


Initial Thoughts I really liked "We Swallow 5", so that was enough to make me want to check out another volume in the series, Shayna, Ariana, Daphne and a few other cuties gave me only further reason to pick this one. It's pretty much the same format, and that being Rodney going around getting into some skitted out situations, and ending up with the girl swallowing his load of man milk in some way shape or form. I enjoyed some of the story setups, and again a nice job was done to keep the girls in thier given character for many of the scenes, that's a bit rare these days even in features, so it was nice to see. As a swallowing movie, the creativity helps, but when you have only 6 loads of cum for 8 girls throughout the movie, there just isn't a lot of hoopla to get overly excited about in the swallowing department, but the sex is pretty hot most of the time, and the fantasy of the skits is really worth the price of a view. A pretty good volume in the series.

Technical Considerations: Picture quality is pretty clear, but there are some periods of a little bit heavy fuzzing, and sound was not always well balanced but generally OK, camera work is Rodney usual, all over the place, but it adds to the feel and is fine, lighting is pretty decent, and the menus are easy to read and get the job done.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: "Spinning and Spitting" Shayna Knight and Rodney

We find Shayna right in the middle of a phone call on her cell phone out on a patio. She actually has a few different calls going on about her career and how much she charges for anal sex, and some other things, she rubs her pussy over her panties, and struts around and goes to take a leak and has a few chats about how much fucking her will cost, and she has several phone calls and some of them are pretty entertaining. We cut away and Rodney comes into the room with the camera in POV, Shayna gives him the "shhh" and calls him over, he throws down some money on the table, and Shayna keeps yacking away on the phone as she fishes his cock out and goes right to work sucking him while she continues her conversation, passing off the noises as her eating an orange. She does an excellent job of keeping up the ploy and sucking on his tool, and after a pretty long while she ends her conversation and takes off her top and gives Rodney the attention a paying customer deserves. She gives him an unbeliably sloppy blowjob with some great energy and some cute looks up at him, she has drool literally caked on from the top of her slit, all the way up her body, covering her tits and half of her face as she slobbers the hell out of his prick. He gets to fuck her slime covered pussy in missionary as she sits on a chair, and she licks his ass extensively before he has another go at her pussy in doggy. She gives him some more enthusiastic head, and jerks him off on a glass table before she gets down and licks and sucks up all the cum and swallows it down. Only to get right back on the phone and back to career building as Rodney leaves. Very hot scene. Duration: 26:30 mins

Scene 2: "Sleep Sucking" Cynthia Pendragon, Ariana Jollee and Rodney

Cynthia is the hottest damn copy repair person I ever saw, and she comes to Rodney's house to fix his copy machine, and she has on this sexy black dress, and the bottom barely covers her sexy ass, and Rodney keeps peeking at her. His girlfriend "Ariana", works nights, and she is a deep sleeper that dreams vividly, but Cynthia has to be quiet while she fixes his broken copy machine, which is actually broken. Ariana has a dog petting dream, and looks sexy all sleeping under the covers. She later starts calling out in her sleep that she wants to suck his cock and to please give it to her, and Rodney explains that she works in a strip club and has sex dreams, but Cynthia is getting distracted by it, so Rodney explains the only way to get her to stop is for him to deal with it, and deal with it he does, by giving her what she wants and sticking his cock in her mouth, she is of course still asleep during all this with her eyes shut, well most of the time, but goes about giving some great looking head with some nice enthusiasm. Cynthia meanwhile seems a little offended and heads off to the bathroom, while Ariana wakes up and flaunts those pretty eyes of hers and has a chat with Rodney while she blows him. They decide he better go check on Cynthia, and he finds her in the bathroom to his shock masturbating on the can, and after her suprise wears off, she wants to suck Rodney's cock too, and he promptly presents it to her.

Rodney gets a brief teaser hummer before leading Cynthia out towards the bedroom on all fours, she crawls in and Ariana is ready willing and able to make this a threesome, and the girls strip down and show off thier fantastic bodies, Ariana looks to little and cute next to the more athletic and taller bombshell of Cynthia's being. The girls get down and have a bit of a dicksucking contest sharing Rodney and teasing his dick. Ariana really shines with some sloppy sucking and face fucking, but Cynthia does a nice job too while Ariana masturbates in the background. The girls team up and really work over his shaft and nuts pretty well, and he eventually rewards them by coating Cynthia's left tit with a hot load of sperm soup, and hungry little Ariana doesn't let a drop go to waste, licking up and swallowing it all off her new buddie's tit. The girls lay there naked and Rodney fades out. Another nicely done scene. Duration: 20:34 mins

Scene 3: "Lust for the Limo Girl" Daphne Rosen and Rodney

Rodney gets a call to go down to his waiting limo, and makes up the bed so it appears someone is in it. So he doesn't get burgled. Daphne shows off her great chest in a skimpy near see through top and jean jacket as she picks up Rodney and takes him to his limo, he comes back one week later back to his room, and goes to take a nap, and once he opens the covers, he finds a completely naked Daphne lying asleep on the bed, Rodney takes off his clothes, and starts beating his dick off on Daphne's big tits, and puts his cock to her lips, and she wakes up and reveals she wanted to see him again and although due to business regulations she can't go out to dinner with him, but they can fuck instead, so she goes right to work sucking his cock. She gives him some great noisy, sloppy head, and they chat a bit while she sucks him. She gives him a titjob for a while masturbates on the couch while he watches before Rodney slips his dick into her mouth again before sliding into her tight pussy in missionary, he fucks her in doggy for a while and Daphne is quite vocal and cheers him on while he bats her tits around. She strokes him and he fires a wad of creamatoza right into her waiting mouth while she looks up into his eyes. She swallows it down and they talk a little to close. Good effort. Duration: 27:03 mins

Scene 4: "Chained Up" Kinky Kerry and Rodney

Kerry is a cute, sort of goth looking British girl and is suposedly 6 foot 2, and 6 foot 6 with her heels on, unless Rodney is about 6 foot 10, and played power forward for the LA Clippers, she's not that tall, since Rodney is still a couple inches taller than her, but anyway, she is tall and lanky, and she is here to model a chain dress for Rodney who works for a company that makes them. She acts like she is all up tight about being nude under the dress, and puts on a good act. Rodney takes some pictures of her in the gear and gets hit by a fascination with her and pulls out his dick and literally kisses her ass and legs, she is a bit aggrevated at first but lets him proceed and actually likes it a bit. His dick got all hard doing this and he needs her to take care of it, she drops down and sucks his cock, she's a little bit all business about it, but warms up a little and does a decent job on the oral. She sucks him and licks his ass and gets in the position for him to fire off a messy load of ball snot onto her glasses and her face, she licks his cock and gets a taste of cum, but not much of a swallow, although she does clean up her glasses some with her tongue. this one was only so so in my mind. Duration: 15:05 mins

Scene 5: "Follow the Money" Paige Turner and Rodney

Paige is simply the definition of cuteness, dusty blonde hair, and sexy tight body, and the sweetest face around. She has on sunglasses a pick top and pink mini skirt and is walking down the street when she sees a trail of money, she starts picking up the bills, and suspects it may be a trap, but she keeps going regardless and makes a pretty penny as she gets to a house and decides to go in and continue the trail. Suprise Suprise, the trail leads to a naked Rodney and the last bill is wrapped around his half hard dick, She sits there and figures out the best way to get it off is to suck it off, and once she has the money, she looks at his hardening dick, and gives one of the "Oh, what the hell" looks and goes right back to innocently sucking his prick. She's a bit hesitant to really get into sucking, but looks very cute and slobbers him up good, and gives a nice naked tease show with some masturbation for the camera before sucking and stroking Rodney's dick some more. Paige gets a little more enthusiastic as time goes on, and soon has the Rod rod spurting a big gooey load of juice into her mouth, which she swallows down and waves goodbye. Duration 16:06 mins

Scene 6: "Torn Between Two" Asia, Kemmy and Rodney

Rodney goes to check on how his new asian recruits are doing as they get ready for a scene with him, and as he goes to check on his equipment, he hears them start to fight and bitch at one another because one of the girls ripped the other's shirt. My apologies, but I'm not sure which girl is which since I'm unfamiliar with both of these two cuties. Rodney has to settle the fight, and the girls won't work with one another, so he has to go tell the shirt ripper to leave, and she seems to struggle with english, although it seems to be an act since she nearly busts out laughing when Rodney comments on her English not being good, she says she can suck better than the other girl and whips out Rod's cock to prove it, she puts on a fine deep display, and goes back to the other girl, which I believe may be Asia, and she has this kind of hip hop street vibe going with repeated use of the word bitch to describe Kemmy, she sets out to suck Rodney and does a fine job and he then makes up some excuse and goes back to girl number one, this ploy keeps up and he keeps getting a reason to go back and forth, and the girls seem to step up thier dick slobbering game each time he returns, and both put in some fine sloppy energetic sucking sessions, and it's also very entertaining to see the girl's reactions as they play to the skit with him pulling out of thier spit covered mouths and leaving them hanging and a bit downtrodden while he goes to get some from the other. Finally the whole damn thing comes crashing down as Asia? comes in and sees Kemmy sucking his cock, but Rodney gets things settled and the girls reluctantly team up to power suck and slobber Rodney's cock until he spurts his goo all over Asia's? face, and the two girls get to lick and suck some cum and play with each other, there is some swapping and some cum covered kisses and in the end, all is good. Duration 23:26 mins

Extra Stuff

Rodney clip 3:39 of past decorations of faces and some cum play.

All the Swallows: All the loads run together in a clip.

Story Lines: A picture and some text setup from each of the scenes, sort of interesting.

Cynthia's Butt: A few minute clip of Cynthia shaking her fine ass for the camera and playing around.

In The End

To me, the main draw to these discs from Rodney, is the simple, yet fun and sexy setups and plots that the scenes use, I don't quite know why, but I'll forgive a lot for some cool setups and performers that keep the character going throughout the sex, and in this disc, they do that very well, the girls keep up the charade very well and stay into thier bit all the way through. Some of the sex is pretty hot, and some of it is a bit average, but as a genre, I like the way it comes together. The biggest thing this series is missing, is improved technical quality, and the extras could use a lot of work, for a disc that only runs a bit over 2 hours, there could and should be a lot more effort put into the extra content. If you like this style of porn, you should really enjoy this one, and it's probably worth a purchase, if not or if your unfamiliar, give it a rent and take a look for yourself. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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