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We Swallow 10

We Swallow 10

Studio: Rodnievision
Category:  Oral
Directed by:
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Walter's ratings for We Swallow 10:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
We Swallow 10 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks We Swallow 10 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks We Swallow 10 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex We Swallow 10 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting We Swallow 10 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras We Swallow 10 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality We Swallow 10 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Walter  on  11/17/2005
We Swallow 10
Distributor: Rodnievision
Production Date: 06/07/2005
Director: Rodney Moore

Scene 1: Ali Kat & Mysti (Blowjob only)
Scene 2: Sandy Simmers (Blowjob only)
Scene 3: Stephanie Wylde
Scene 4: Taylor Rain (Blowjob Only)
Scene 5: Vanilla Skye
Scene 6: Alex (Blowjob Only)

Rodney Moore (all scenes)

Picture: Excellent (As good as one can reasonably expect, considering that it is not shot in a big studio).

Sound: Excellent. No music during the sex scenes.

DVD Aspects: Each scene is on a separate title, and is split into many subchapters. Unfortunately, these subchapters are not numbered. Some of the subchapters are logically placed, and some are not. There is a scene menu from which you can select the scene of your choice.

Total Time: 119 minutes (feature) + 3 minutes (ads)

Scene 1: Ali Kat, Mysti, & Rodney (20:07) (4.5 Stars)
“Swallowin’ Groupies”

Note: Mysti is credited in other movies (Squirt For Me POV 3, Cocksmokers 54) as Mysti May.

Scene Description:
Rodney is strumming his guitar and singing for Ali and Mysti on his back porch. Ali & Mysti are smoking and bobbing their heads along to Rodney’s songs. They are looking very pretty, dressed in white thigh highs, short pleated skirts, and white tops. Rodney plays a couple of originals: “Don’t Say That You Will If You Won’t” and “The Swallow Song”. He finishes up and heads inside to take a leak.

When he emerges from the bathroom he is surprised to find that his two groupies did not leave, but are instead sitting on his couch. They both pull out “I Swallow” t-shirts and show them to Rodney. Then they put their shirts down and show Rodney what they mean.

After a minute or two they take their tops off and lick each other’s nipples for a bit, which is always nice to watch. Their skirts come off next and they resume blowing Rodney, who is now lying on the ground.

After a few more minutes of nice POV blowjob footage, they sit on the couch and masturbate. Rodney comes over to get a taste of their yummy stuff. After Rodney gets a nice taste from each of them, Rodney stands up and they finish the blowjob. When Rodney comes, Ali and Mysti trade the cum back and forth a few times before swallowing.

This is an excellent scene. Ali & Mysti worked really well together and give a Rodney a nice sensual blowjob, without the rough stuff that seems to be so common these days. The scene has a really fun feel and all three seem to be having a great time. The majority of the scene is shot in a point of view manner, which I think is the best way to capture blowjobs on video.

I only have one minor criticism with this scene. During the cunnilingus section of this scene, Rodney seems to be trying to get a point of view camera angle of the action that incorporates some shots of their pussy. This is pretty much impossible to do. As a result, you can see Ali and Mysti moaning as if he is licking them when he is clearly not licking them. This seems fake to me. I think Rodney should leave the shots of their pussies out of this section and stick to showing how their upper bodies and faces react while he is licking them. This is hotter in my opinion and reflects what you would see if you were the one licking them.

Scene 2: Sandy Simmers & Rodney (26:29) (2.5 stars)
“Voyeur Plant”

Rodney is a plant doctor that comes to Sandy’s home to heal her sick plant. He explains that her plant is a voyeur plant and needs to see something sexy in order for it to get healthy. He takes a skimpy nightgown out of his bag and tells her to put it on and shake her hot stuff in front of the plant. Of course, this means that she will be shaking her stuff in front of Rodney, too. Rodney continues with this premise, embellishing it and modifying it as necessary until she blows him.

This is a fun premise for a scene. I like it better than some of his other premises because it is just too cheesy to be sleazy. Unfortunately, this scene just doesn’t work quite as well as it should because Sandy remains too serious for the entire scene. In scenes like this, the woman usually keeps up the serious act for a few seconds, but then figures out Rodney’s scheme and plays along anyway because she loves giving blowjobs. But in this scene, Sandy is only acquiescing to save her dying plant and is not enthusiastic in her fellatio.

Rodney uses a variety of camera angles to capture the action. The action consists of mild to moderately rough face fucking, a few moments of masturbation, and a lot of drooling. At one point, Rodney stops her from blowing him and instructs her to drool all over herself. Drooling during a blowjob can be hot, but drooling for the sake of drooling isn’t that appealing to me.

Scene 3: Stephanie Wylde and Rodney (24:14) (4.5 stars)
“Wireless Whore”

Stephanie is walking through the park and talking to one of her clients on her telephone headset. Since she is a phone sex operator, her conversation is an unusual one to be having in public! Rodney strikes up a conversation with her after she finishes talking to her client. She asks him to help her by spanking her while she talks to her next client. He agrees and they go to her office where Rodney can spank her. When the client asks for a blowjob, Rodney helps her out by offering her his cock; the blowjob will sound more realistic if she is actually sucking cock. The client hangs up the phone and Rodney is literally left hanging. Since Rodney has been such a big help, she blows him some more and then they screw.

While they are screwing, Rodney starts playing a game with her. When he says “Yes”, she moans “Yes, Yes, Yes . . .”. When he says “No”, she moans “No, No, No. . . .”. Then Rodney asks her to pretend that she is a married woman having an affair with her husband and to tell him about how she should remain faithful to her husband but she just can’t resist screwing Rodney.

This is a game that Rodney has used in scenes in other movies. It doesn’t enhance my enjoyment of the scene, but other viewers might like it. In my opinion, it often disrupts the intensity of the sex.

However, this is another excellent scene overall.

Scene 4: Taylor Rain & Rodney (17:33) (3 stars)
“Tongue Tied”

This scene is a bit unusual for a Rodney Moore scene because it has no introductory skit. The title refers to Taylor messing up a few introductory lines that Rodney asks her to deliver. The blow job is shot from a variety of angles. It is fairly rough with a lot of gagging. The gagging causes Taylor to make “Quack, Quack” sounds. I prefer “”Slurp, Slurp” to “Quack, Quack”, so this scene didn’t really capture my attention. Taylor seems to like giving these sorts of blowjobs and she is a pretty woman, but there is nothing here to distinguish this from all the other rough blowjobs that are so popular in porn these days. Taylor also rims Rodney, which I did not find very exciting either.

Scene 5: Vanilla Skye & Rodney (20:40) (4.5 stars)
“Pillow Fluffer”

Vanilla Skye comes to Rodney’s house to fluff his pillows. Of course she has to wear a fluffing outfit to fluff pillows, so she changes into a bikini top and micro-mini skirt and starts fluffing. As she’s fluffing Rodney’s pillows, she tells him about the other type of fluffing she does and how she hasn’t been getting as much work ever since Viagra became available. Since Rodney is such a helpful guy, he offers to help her keep her fluffing skills sharp. She happily accepts his help.

Rodney and Vanilla work really well with each other. They had a natural chemistry which made this quite an enjoyable scene and one that I am likely to watch again.

Rodney brings out the “Joyrider” in this scene. The “Joyrider” is a cool device that appears in many of Rodney Moore’s movies. It looks like a toilet seat on springs. The woman can sit on it and bounce up and down on the guy with very little effort. It also has the advantage of providing great eye candy since the viewer gets a clear view of the female as she is on the Joyrider. It is great for cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and face sitting. If it works as well as it appears to work, I want one!

Vanilla Skye rims Rodney in this scene, which this viewer doesn’t find all that thrilling to watch. I enjoyed the pussy licking much more, but different strokes for different folks!

Scene 6: Alex & Rodney (10:18) (3 stars)
“Hot Air”

Rodney is disappointed to discover that the jacuzzi in his hotel room does not blow hot air. He calls the front desk and they send up Alex. Alex arrives in a zebra print dress to hear Rodney’s complaint. Since the jacuzzi won’t blow hot air, she offers to blow Rodney instead.

This is a relatively brief scene that started out promising but was a bit anticlimactic for me. Alex is a cute “girl next door” type of woman but not a very demonstrative performer. She looks slightly nervous or shy, as if this is her first time on film. This can be good or bad depending on your point of view.

I like the soft seductive style of blowjob that Alex gives, but this scene was too short and had a few too many side angles in my opinion.

A few minutes of DVD covers for DVDs in Rodney Moore’s other series and website ads. The extras are weak. Rodney should consider showing trailers for some of his other series instead of just showing the DVD covers.

This was another good Rodney Moore movie for me, with a few scenes that I will be watching again in the future. If you have seen other films from Rodney’s Goo Girls, We Swallow, I Swallow, or Bada Bimbos series, you should know what to expect here. This isn’t my favorite Rodney movie, but it is a good example of a movie from one of the series mentioned above, and I liked it a little bit more than Bada Bimbos 2, which I also reviewed.

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