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We Go Deep 2

We Go Deep 2

Studio: Pleasure
Category:  All Sex , Interracial , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for We Go Deep 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
We Go Deep 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks We Go Deep 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks We Go Deep 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex We Go Deep 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting We Go Deep 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras We Go Deep 2 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality We Go Deep 2 A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/24/2001

Running Time: 131 min.

Production Date: 7 / 23 / 1999 (cover) 6 / 23 / 1999 (feature)

Director: Sean Michaels

Cast: Monique, Envy, Anastasia Blue, Salena Del Ray, Cherry Mirage, Tasha Hunter, Jade Marcella, Bobbi Bliss, Deja Blew, Porsha, Anastasia Romanov, Renee LaRue, Vivian Valentine, Danielle Rogers, Tony Eveready, Guy DeSilva, Santino Lee, Norman Bates, Leo, John Strong, and Sean Michaels

Initial Expectations: I wasn’t too impressed with We Go Deep 3, so I’m not expecting much here either.

Initial Reaction: The sex is surprisingly good while the technical aspects aren’t.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of inter- racial oral sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who likes sex scenes with intercourse or who doesn’t like inter-racial sex

Audio /Video Quality: The audio leaves a little to be desired right from the opening hot tub scene. The audio is so poorly balanced that the bubbles in the hot tub almost completely obscure the rest of the audio, including the music. There’s also quite a bit of background noise that interferes with the rest of the audio. The video also leaves a bit to be desired, and is a little jerky and grainy and has quite a few soft focus problems. On the plus side, it’s done in a matted widescreen format.

Music: The music has a R&B or hip hop feel to it and stays fairly nicely in the background.

Menus: Although the menus are very simple, I can’t complain too much when the first thing I see is the lovely Renee LaRue. There isn’t any animation to the menus except for the short clip which you get to use to pick which scene to go to in the chapter menu.

The Feature: Sean Michael’s We Go Deep series is one of the few inter-racial oral sex series I know of. The scenes don’t really follow any formula, which normally gives the feature kind of a thrown together feel. Sometimes there’s a small setup, sometimes it cuts directly to the sex after the girl introduces herself, and sometimes there’s even a full scene.

Envy and Cherry Mirage start out beckoning a couple of black guys (neither of whom I get a good enough look at to recognize) over to the side of the pool they’re in. Although I’ve seen Envy in quite a few performances, almost all of them which were worthwhile, this is the first I’ve watched Cherry, who’s looks remind me a little of Tricia Devereaux. While Cherry works her guy over with her mouth, hand, tits, and a little fun talk, Envy stays quiet and works her guy over with her mouth and a little hand action. Both girls get right in there for the facial finish, although neither guy provides much of a pop. It’s a hot scene to start things off with and really makes me want to see more of Cherry Mirage.

Anastasia Romanov, an average looking European blonde with a nice rack, works over a white cock that I think belongs to John Strong next. She gives the camera a lot of eye contact and takes a pretty poor pop in the mouth to finish it off. It’s a pretty average scene with the only memorable part being her swallowing the couple drops down.

Tasha Hunter, a very nice looking brunette, hunts down Sean Michaels to go over their next project, namely Sean’s cock. Tasha seems very into Sean, and gives his cock and balls some intense and tender attention. They play with themselves a little bit before Sean goes muff diving, with Tasha so concentrated on it that it almost looks like she’s sleeping. Tasha goes back to sucking Sean’s cock and letting him spray a slightly below average blast of spooge on her face. It’s a very good scene that benefits a lot from the great chemistry between Sean and Tasha.

Monique, a fairly attractive black woman, and Salena Del Ray, a big breasted bleached blonde, lure a couple of guys over from across the pool with their obvious assets to suck their cocks. They each work their partner over primarily with their mouth, but give them a little hand job as well. Monique takes her shot in the mouth and Salena takes hers on her tits, with neither pop being average at best.

Bobbi Bliss starts things out by playing with herself while giving the camera a naughty little smile. The smile gets even bigger when she finally finds a big black cock to suck on and take down her throat. As usual, Bobbi’s spit glands go into overdrive, and she takes it as deep as possible, which for her means all the way down. Throughout it all you can tell that Bobbi loves to suck cock, right down to the blast of cum that mixes right in with her spit and gets at least partially swallowed down.

Vivian Valentine, another attractive brunette, also starts off her scene masturbating with a smile on her face. She soon puts her mouth, pierced tongue, and hands to work on Sean Michael’s cock. She backs away for a little bit so they can play with themselves for each other, and later Vivian takes a break so Sean can eat her pussy. Finally, Vivian takes Sean’s cock juice on her face, shying away slightly. It’s another very hot scene that’s going to make quite a few fans for Vivian Valentine.

Renee LaRue starts things out showing off her very nice body in a hot tub before freeing Sean’s cock from the oppression of pants. Renee looks pretty good here, having a blonde streak or two in her red hair, but doesn’t look nearly as good as she does now, in my opinion. She aggressively goes after the cock with both her mouth and hands and teases it with her tits. Once again, Sean gives the girl a break and eats her pussy, which sends waves through Renee. Renee finishes it off by taking a decent pop on her face that she goes after rather than shying away from it. It’s a hot scene that’s driven very nicely by Renee’s aggressiveness.

Jade Marcella, an attractive part Oriental with nice real tits, gives Norman Bates, an annoying white boy with an average sized cock, an “interview”. She has him eat her bald beaver while she plays a little with her tits before sucking his cock and putting a lot of spit into it. She puts some nice effort into her cocksucking and finishes it off with a nice facial that she stays right in place and open eyed for. It’s a pretty average scene, and a bit of a letdown after the last few.

Danielle Rogers, who should be well known to those who have seen a lot of porn from the late eighties and early nineties and is still looking quite good, starts out getting her muff massaged by Sean’s tongue. She reciprocates by tenderly working over Sean’s cock and balls with her mouth and hands and working up to some great energy. Sean starts playing with her pussy as she works, and soon after Danielle is riding his cock. He doesn’t give her a long ride, and soon after she’s down taking his guy goo on her chin and chest. It’s a pretty average scene, most of which is due to Danielle being a little restrained in her performance.

Porsha, an average looking black lady, sucks on Tony Eveready while Guy DeSilva gets some head from Deja Blew, an average looking older white woman with a tongue stud. Deja does a pretty good job working on Guy, but Porsha seems very forgettable. Another black guy interrupts their work, so Porsha and Deja go over and team up on his cock. When he talks about cumming, the girls rush back to their original guys. The third guy makes his way over for the pop shots, and the girls join together to take his and Guy’s pop together. They make their way back to Tony and share his pop on their faces as well, which isn’t too difficult since there isn’t much that comes out. This scene didn’t really impress me from the beginning and struck me as very forgettable.

Anastasia Blue, a very cute and natural blonde, dresses up as a French Maid to clean Sean Michaels’ room. Like almost any mortal man, Sean can’t resist when he sees her and slides his cock into her bald beaver. After getting stretched out down below, Anastasia puts her spit glands into overdrive and starts sucking Sean’s cock. After coming close to filling a 55 gallon drum with spit, Anastasia’s pussy goes for a ride on the Sean Michaels’ Express, reverse cowgirl style. She takes him all the way into her pussy and rides him aggressively before letting him drop down to eat her pussy. Sean fucks her in a couple more positions before Anastasia sucks him to a finish all over her upper body. This is a great scene to finish with. It has great chemistry, energy, and heat and makes me wonder why Anastasia Blue doesn’t have more of a following.

We Go Deep 2 is a diverse feature in more ways than one. It’s racially diverse, with people from many ethnicities represented. It’s normally a white woman with a black guy, but that isn’t really set in stone, as there are black chicks and also a few white guys. It’s also diverse in its styles, which ends up being more of a liability than an asset. Since some scenes go directly to the sex, some have a setup, and some are full scenes, it makes the feature feel kind of like it’s just thrown together to get a feature. Sean also has the annoying habit of repeating the pop shots, which I don’t care for, and I think the video style hurts the feature’s presentation also. There are a few good thing about it also, such as each girl normally introducing herself nicely before her scene. The best thing, however, is that most of the scenes are above average sexually, and quality sex can make people forget quite a few shortcomings.

Extras: Bios are included for Renee LaRue, Bobbi Bliss, Anastasia Romanov, and Sean Michaels. There isn’t much in any of them outside of a nice photo to recognize them by. Trailers are included for features from Sean Michaels Productions including We Go Deep and a few episodes of Sean Michaels Rocks That Ass. The photo gallery contains about twenty nice looking snapshots and full screen photos. Finally, there’s website information and phone sex commercials.

Themes: Straight, oral, interracial, group, tit-fuck, masturbation,

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Overall: Currently, We Go Deep 2 can be found online for between $13 and $25 with most stores offering it for under $20. At the low end, despite the technical problems, I can’t help but recommend it due to the surprisingly hot sex. It’s a well done oral feature with some other stuff thrown in. The extras stay nicely in the middle of the road, and sadly don’t add much to the DVD.

Note to Sean Michaels Productions: It’s great to see you supporting the widescreen format, but in the future, please take your support all the way to anamorphic widescreen. Your fans with widescreen TVs will greatly appreciate it. Also, please work on your technical quality. The jerky video and poor audio don’t help this out at all.

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

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