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Watcher, The (Vivid)

Watcher, The (Vivid)

Studio: Vivid Raw
Category:  Straight
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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sonic's ratings for Watcher, The (Vivid):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Watcher, The (Vivid) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Watcher, The (Vivid) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Watcher, The (Vivid) Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Watcher, The (Vivid) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Watcher, The (Vivid) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Watcher, The (Vivid) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Watcher, The (Vivid) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by sonic  on  3/30/2000

"Are you watching me!?!"

Studio: Raw

Video creator: Robby D.

Performers: Devon, Melanie Stone, Lola, Renee La Rue, Obsession, Harley Rain, Bobby Vitale, Mark Davis, Vince Vouyer, Dave Hardman, Chris Cannon, Mr. Marcus, Jake Street

Extras and Worth mentioning:
  • Double sided single layered disc
  • Chapter selection-in motion, not stills
  • "Dark Room" which is a photo gallery, great pictures
  • Side B contents: 5 great previews of Action Sport Sex 1, 2 and 3. Sin-A-Matic 1, 2 and 3. An interactive room loaded with great scenes!
  • Protect-O-Disc keepcase, in other words, a bitch to remove the disc!
  • Stereo sound
  • Actual time on disc is 1hr 23min 30sec
  • No inserts

Quality of dvd picture and audio:

Video quality was very good image quality, in some scenes it got a bit blurred but the image on this dvd stood consistent throughout the end. The audio portion on this dvd is stereo and it sounds great. The musical score on this title was very good also.

This is the way this adventure begins on this dvd:

This discs starts off with this cute chic and her brand new camcorder that she just bought in a store. Hmm..I wonder what she would use it for? Perhaps, Voyerism? That’s what her male friend has in mind. She heads off to take a shower and he enters her room picks up the camcorder and starts filming her naked in the shower. She is playing with herself and showing us that hot wet body. Cool. Wish I was her soap. I wonder what it’s like to be a soap? Think about it, it chills there all day in the bathroom, and it’s smoother than words. Anyways, this sequence is an introduction for the beginning of the great hardcore scenes, the credits roll in, and so our adventure begins.

Chapter 1:

Well, it looks like he stole her camcorder because he is out in the street and is filming this couple. A hot babe (Renee La Rue) and this stud. This couple goes up to this place that looks like a studio, and they play with each other in the hallway. The guy finger pops her cherry and boy what a hot body this chic has. Her titties are fakies though but her body is really hot! If I was the guy with the camera it would have been broken by now because I would have dropped it on the floor once I saw that chic’s ass! They then enter the studio and another dude is sitting there on a chair. Two studs and a chic. The image for this scene is of great quality..and it’s done very well to the point of rising your sword stiffly immediately and being all you can be in the Raw-me! Okay that was corny.

She sucks both of the dude’s swords, they suck her beefy patty (yummy!) and they head for the sofa. We get this amazing footage not thanks to Raw, but thanks to homeboy with the camera. They lye her down on the sofa, they continue sucking her beefy twank, and penetration is around the corner. Being that the image looks so crisp, her pussy looks crazy good on screen. The guy then jams his sword into her pie and she gets boned blasted to oblivion. She gets it gooood! One guy has a small sword but she’s not complaining. Condoms are used for this scene by the way. They bang her in so many different positions on the sofa and I truly enjoyed this scene. No anal sex, but hardcore well done sex with the dudes, and in one moment in doggystyle position the guy had his two fingers deep into her ass. He did a fine job showing her who’s the man! Both dudes at the end cums on her ass and a bit inside her twank tunnel. Well done beginning!

Chapter 2:

This guy is doing a great voyeuristic adventure for us gang, with his camcorder, because at a different location he spots a group of people through a window chillin and getting ready to do something. Perhaps group exercise? Our cameraguy is behind that window not wanting to be seen..ooh shit, the chics start going down on the guys! Now that’s great exercise for the lips! In this scene there are two chics (Lola and Harley Raine) and three dudes one of them is Mark Davis. One guy is not attractive and his penis it very small. With the condom on it looks short-and-shriveled to the left-and-not-going-back, whatever that means. I don’t know what the heck I meant by that. The other dude, not Mark Davis has a hard straight up full penis. He uses it very well. Harley Raine, now this chic sports huge cannons. Her breasts in a way are really exaggerated looking, too huge. She is very attractive though with those beautiful eyes and massy thighs and ass, (my favorite features) and she gets it in the ass by the small carrier if you know what I mean. They all take turns, switching around banging these chics. Mark Davis bangs her lovely in the rear as well. The two guys blast her in the face with cum. The other chic Lola, got blasted in the face by the carrier with the small package. He delivers promptly a load of vitamins and minerals on Lola’s face. All in all a wonderfully made scene, hot. By the way condoms were used throughout this whole scene.

Chapter 3:

Time flies when we the viewers are having fun, are we already on chapter 3? Hey..we are back to that chic’s place, you know, the beginning, when I was describing on how I wanted to be her soap? Her name actually is Melanie Stone. She comes up from the stairs with two dudes and tells her friend "hello", our friend with the camera. This chic is with Vince Vouyer and another guy (the guy with the full dick in scene two) and they race to this room, yeah, they run! Damn, they must be very horny. Vince sits on the chair immediately and the chic sports a ridiculous short red gown or something cause her cheeks are in full exposed glory. Our cameraman, her so-called friend, goes out to the back porch and finds a way to take footage of her, for us the viewers. We see her giving wonderful blowjobs. Vince shoves his good sword in her twank while sitting down on that chair and bangs that juicy-nectar-fruit like no tomorrow. As the scene goes on, the other guy shoves his big sword in her ass and he goes for very deep and slow strokes. She really loves getting it in the rear, I could tell. Condoms are used in this scene by the way. Later on she is in cowgirl style and Vince from down under penetrates that booty very hard and fast! I like this guy, he has such a style. Ending this scene she gets blasted in the face by both dudes. One word to sum up this scene? Perfect.

Chapter 4:

OOOOOOH MAN! OOOOOOOOOOO MAN! This guy with the camera is some idiot! How the heck can you film Devon looking like a little delicious meal going up the stairs..(she is about to enter this home, booty call?)..and not grabbing her and head for the bushes and bang that juicy ass? No no no, I am not talking about rape (sheesh)..but cannibalism. Yes, with some of my special emollients and ingredients I can heat her up and swallow that juicy meat and not be hungry for a year! OKAY, I am kidding here! Just a test to see if you’re following me. Devon is a masterpiece in this scene, which she fucks with Mark Davis! YES! Another dude that I enjoy his style also! This guy is a bad boy..and he does his patented move in this scene! The people’s most electrifying move! The take-the-chic in the air and bend-her over backward move, and stuff my face in that pie for eternity done by who than other? The people’s champion, Mark Davis! IF YOU SMELL LA LA LA....WHAT MARK DAVIS’S TONGUE...IS...cookin! Man, this is one scene that inspired me to love twank forever. Okay that’s not true..I loved it since the moment the doctor removed me of my mom’s stomach and he did Mark Davis jammy on me..yeah, had me backwards in the air..and spanked my booty and made me cry! I remember I told him screaming "YOU WANNA SEE SPANKING!?!" and I took his nurse and I spanked the shit out of her and I shagged her rotten!

Sorry about that guys, it’s an ego thing. Let’s get back to this scene. She enters the room because the lion Davis is awaiting..and she starts making out with Davis. He is sitting on a chair, yeah like a king, and she has on these navy tight long spandex pants on. Man..what a beauty!!!!! PEELAGE! ASS pants peelage!!! That’s right she wanted to put her pants down immediately, but thanks to Mark Davis, he stopped her in her tracks and like the true champion that he is he slowly puts them down with ease and style. AAAHHHH MAN!!!! Look at that white petite gorgeous little body of hers! Look at that beefy twank from behind! What a sharp image! By the way, I rewinded this peelage moment at least 20X! She is bent over and Mark Davis while sitting down inserts his jaw in her ass and sucks her patty from behind. She moans a bit. Yeah baby.

On the bed he lies her down and continues licking her like a mad dog. Devon has such a beefy twat for a petite girl. I mean she is small in stature but proportionally done well, her breasts while fake look pretty good. What’s this? She is in this position lying down with her butt way up in the air for Mark Davis’s mouth to enjoy? Hot. Let the banging comenth (begin?). He bangs the daylights out of Devon and this is not a joke. She rides him lovely too and you see those twank lips tighted on that sword. He takes control and does it hard and fast. He then picks her up in the air, turns her over and lies her down on the bed again but this time you guessed it..doggystle position. She is so bent over that to date, I am still figuring out where the heck my left eyeball flew from my socket. No anal, great, I don’t even know if she does anal in porn, but I was so glad that this scene focused more on the positions and hard pounding, and let us not forget, beauty. Mark Davis blasted her in the face with a huge load. A condom was used throughout the entire scene by the way. Hot hot and hot is what I describe this amazingly well done scene.

Chapter 5:

We see our voyeuristic "peeping tom" cameraman inside this place filming this hot chic (Obsession). She bends over touching the two stud's thighs (Mr. Marcus and Jake Steed) as they are sitting there on her sofa and having themselves a drink. Our cameraman is right up in there with a great closeup footage of her, bended over for our camera and showing her black panties! Nice. Oh snap, our camera man is playing with himself!

Me too.

We see her posing for these two guys and next thing you know as the scene continues taking place, and me jumping ahead, their swords are out in the open for her to pleasure. She sucks both dudes..and then one guy (Jake) jams his full sword full speed ahead in her twank from behind while she is sucking off Mr. Marcus. The guys switch off and now it’s Mr. Marcus’s turn. He does her lovely and gives it to her good. Jumping ahead, on the sofa she is riding Jake facing forward, with her legs wide open, and that big full sword of his is jamming that twank and causing havoc. He then lifts both of her legs from under and continues banging her and we get an amazingingly close camera footage of Jake’s amazing entry to the realm of nectar. OH MAN..we now then see her on the floor with those gorgeous long boots of hers, in doggystyle position while her chest and head are almost touching the floor. Mr. Marcus is in control and he takes it smooth and slow, taking his time.

We see more great close-up footage of the penetration. Mr. Marcus has such a style. I mean he has both of his arms on the floor, his feet tipsy-toed and he bangs her, and at the same time it’s like he is doing push-ups. Cool. The moment stops, and it’s time for Jake to ram that butt while she is still in the same position. He jams his sword all the way in there deep in her ass! From behind you see her hand placed on his sword to prevent him from being a loony and not going further by jamming his balls in her ass. This scene ends with Mr. Marcus and Jake Steed bathing her face with so much cum. This is kind of funny; Jake came strongly on her face and jammed her in the eye. Obsession looked pissed in a sort of way..I think in her mind she was saying to herself "you bastard!". She remains sucking both guys off while she keeps her left eye closed thoughout the ending of this scene. I rate this scene a "10." Great job, great footage.



Overall opinion:

Boy, I was amazed on how such a cheaply price movie like this was so hot! It was done so well and the sex was at a all time heat-high! Also we have here a great and cool plot! This is the type of voyeurism that I like, plotted and used voyeurism elements as an idea to make this great movie with hot footage. I highly recommend this disc if you like great sex and no talking, and no story, etc. Just hot sex with some great looking woman (Devon is hot! Obsession too!) and a great cast of pornstar champions. It’s amazing that a cheap disc like this ends up blowing away discs that sell over $25 bucks! The sound was great, and the extras were in large quantity and quality! Please pick it up, you won’t be disappointed, and make sure you put down the drapes, otherwise people are gonna be thinking that you are buffing your windows with Windex, when in all actuality, it’s your hose going all crazy and letting go of rivers of joy, if you know what I mean. I will leave now so I can watch this disc all over again for a good relaxation for my bones. I mean, bone. Umm..bye now.

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