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Watcher 14, The

Watcher 14, The

Studio: Vivid Raw
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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oreb's ratings for Watcher 14, The:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Watcher 14, The overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Watcher 14, The Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Watcher 14, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Watcher 14, The Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Watcher 14, The Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Watcher 14, The DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Watcher 14, The A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by oreb  on  6/12/2003


Vivid Raw

All Sex, Straight

Starring: Bridgette Kerkove, Kiri, Adriana, Illona, Jewel Marceau, Vanity Irons, Isabella, Dale Dabone, Pat Myne, Bobby Vitale, Chris Cannon.

Directed By: Robby D.

Running Time
Feature: 90 minutes
a Total: 187 minutes



This film is another of the first pornos I bought, along with I.D. Please, and Budapest Diaries 1&2. I bought these before I knew about the awesome resource that is ADULT DVD TALK. I also bought them because they were all under $15. I must be extremely lucky because two have turned out to be relatively good to watch. This is one of them.

Don't get me wrong, it could have been a lot better. This film is an all sex genre movie masquerading as a feature. The "plot" focuses on Isabella, who plays a voyeur with a camera. All dialogue belongs to her. Most scenes include shots of her masterbating rather tamely. So tamely that I would barely label these shots teases, they look more like filler to me. Filler that subtracts from the scenes as it appears the director actually cut action out of the sex in order to fit it in. This gives most scenes a fragmented feel that I don't appreciate, it seems every time you start really getting into the sex you are subjected to another shot of Isabella laying around.

Most of the scenes also include shots from Isabella's camera. These are made to look like shots from a little handheld video camera, complete with black border and flashing red light. They are meant to make us feel more like a voyeur and are successful to a certain extent. The only problem is that most of these shots appear to have actually been taken by an amateur camera man, the angles are bad or unimaginative and the movements leave much to be desired.

All in all I think this movie is successful soley because most of the women are hot. It could have been much better than merely successful, however, if they had just let the sex do the work instead of chopping it up with gimmicks.

SCENE 1: Vanity Irons: The first scene opens with Vanity making out with a guy. She is dark haired with several tattoos a pierced tongue and upper lip and nice real tits. I think she is possibly the most attractive woman in the film, Isabella being a close second or tie. This scene shows way too much of Isabella playing with herself on the couch. STAY WITH THE SEX! Overall the lighting is good.

BJ: He stands while she kneels on the floor and delivers a good blowjob. She gives him tons of eye contact and she has beautiful eyes so I like this though it was a little short.

Reverse Cowgirl: Now he is sitting on the couch while Vanity rides him with her feet on the floor. Now we can see that her clit is pierced as well as her belly button. Her natural breasts really get moving and she seems to enjoy herself.

Cowgirl: He is laying on the couch, Vanity is practically standing with one foot on the floor. Not as much penetration showing here as her legs get in the way but there are several angles so its O.K.

Missionary: Now it is her turn to lay on the couch as he fucks her from the floor. This part of the scene is a little less hot as it seems she is waiting for him to finish. But she does put in some nice moaning. It has taken this long for Isabella to actually touch her vagina. The scene ends with Vanity kneeling on the floor and waiting for a cumshot onto her chin.



SCENE 2: KIRI: This scene starts with Bobby Vitale going down on Kiri. She is a dyed blond with massive fake breasts an O.K. face and otherwise nice body. She looks a little older than Vanity but who's to say. They are in what looks like an open air dining room with natural light. The lighting in this scene is not as soft as the last scene but still decent. Every time things get hot Isabella appears to fragment the action.

Cunnilingus: She is atop a table and Bobby goes into action immediately. She is a little loud for the beginning of a scene. The pussy eating is extremely short lived.

BJ: Now he leans against the table as she kneels down to give him head. The lighting gets a little low here. The use of the "voyeur cam" is nice. She delivers a noisy and fast blowjob while standing with her pussy exposed behind her. Again the BJ was a little short despite a good performance.

Standing Doggie: One leg on the ground, one leg on the table, face and tits pressing against the tabletop, now thats a nice visual. Her pussy looks great in this position. Not enough full body shots. She rubs her clit a little too.

Reverse Cowgirl: They are both on top of the table now. The scene opens with Kiri lying back over Bobby, legs spread wide while he pumps away at an incredible pace. Her huge tits look good here but they don't move enough. She puts her feet on his legs and begins to fuck him herself. Then he pulls her legs up and goes to town on her. All of these segments are way too short, they should have been explored in depth. Instead we are treated to flashes of good sex separated by shots of Isabella standing around with a camera.

Cowgirl: Kiri kneels over him and he fucks her hard. Her fake boobs have those weird tension lines. She takes over which looks very nice. The scene ends with Bobby jacking off onto fer face, she looks a little afraid. Every time I see this guy in a scene he has to get himself off franticly like he's afraid he won't be able to cum. His giz' are usually small as well. She sucks him a little after which is nice.



SCENE 3: Bridgette Kerkove: I thought Kiri had big fake titties, her boobs are midgets compared to Bridgette here. Bridgette has dyed blond hair, huge mams, and a face that leaves much to be desired. As facial features go I think she is the least attractive woman in this film. The scene is outdoors mostly on a wicker lawn chair. It begins with a little dry humping. With both participants already topless. This scene seemed to have less, or at least shorter, cuts to Isabella which adds to it's overall rating. Bridgette seemed to be more into the sex than the other two women as well, I think this is a direct result of allowing the sex to speak for itself however, since in the other scenes every time things got interesting we were submitted to another shot of Isabella. Don't get me wrong, Isabella is extremely attractive, but this is a porn, if she ain't fuckin' she has no reason to be there. Dude is Pat Myne.

Cunnilingus: She spreads her legs while lying back on the chair. He gives her a healthy dose of fingering. There is way too much cutting between Isabella and the pussy eating, you can hardly tell what is going on. The scene is extremely short and the lighting is bad.

BJ: He stands while she kneels and sucks. She is good at sucking cock. This scene seems to go a little longer than the previous BJ's. The sight of her face giving head may not be as nice as the other two scenes but the length of the BJ is much better here although I would like it to go a little longer.

Reverse Cowgirl: Her tits are way too big. She straddles him and he lays back on the chair. She really goes to work on his cock and seems to really want to fuck him. Too short again.

Doggie & Doggie Anal: She kneels on the chair while he stands and delivers. More focus on her vagina here which is probably a good thing. They quickly switch to anal. She is pretty loud. The picture of her fingering her pussy and getting ass reamed is actually pretty hot, I don't usually dig anal but her ass looks nice and clean and wet.

Missionary Anal: Now he really starts to fuck her ass. I don't really like this scene because you see too much of his ass, none of her pussy, and her butt looks kind of fat when it's all pressed down on the chair. There is a reinsertion. The scene ends much like the others except for the addition of a few lines of dirty talk, a great post facial sucking, and the fact that she looks like she really wants his cum on her face.



SCENE 4: Illona: Illona walks into a nice living room wearing lingerie and immediately starts going down. While she is decent looking she looks too old and she has skinny facial features I associate with drug use. Her boobs are natural and on the smaller side, they are also beginning to sag. She looks like an european starlet who has gotten a little long in the tooth. The lighting in this scene is good and the location is nice too. Instead of Isabella being the primary cut scene they are using more of the "voyeur cam" which is outside the house, this is O.K. but I would like to be able to hear the sex throughout the scene. This scene sticks with the action a little more as well. Why don't they do this with the hotter women?

BJ: She goes directly to work and does a nice job. This blowjob is almost half handjob but she does a good job with both mouth and hands. He is relaxed on the couch while she is on the floor.

Cunnilingus: She lays back and wriggles around nicely. He licks her perineum then her clit, adding some finger action as well. This segment is the longest pussy eating so far but still very short.

Missionary: Illona massages her clit in rhythm with his cock. Her tits get nice and jiggly and she gets extremely excited. Then the shot changes, taking much of the heat with it. Now the view is from below so you see her asshole while he pounds her pussy.

Missionary Anal: This is really a continuation of the previous scene, he just takes it out of her snatch and loads it into her ass. Things start slow here, here ass doesn't look as inviting as Bridgettes in the last scene but it does look like it's creaming. The shot is pretty close up and it is not flattering, though you can see her play with her pussy a bit.

Doggie & Doggie Anal: Back to the vagina, Illona is on her hands and knees on the couch, he hits it from above. Then switches back to the ass. This anal segment is much more appealing because she starts really stroking her clit with her pussy in the air and appears to get close to cumming. This is ruined when he slows everything down in order to perform several reinsertions.

Reverse Cowgirl Anal: He sits on the couch and has Illona straddle his cock with her ass. She fucks him fairly hard and he switches between fucking her and rubbing her pussy. This scene is a little short and cuts directly into the next.

Cowgirl Anal: Close up of her ass riding up and down on his manhood. His D starts to bend a little which can be damn painful. She grinds a little too which I love. The scene ends with another chin shot. She strokes his cock and flicks it with her tongue a bit.



SCENE 5: Adiana: Adriana is pretty fucking hot. Bobby Vitale is in this scene as well. Adriana is a latina looking woman with dark hair and features, small natural breasts, and the "Jenifer Lopez" style ass. The scene is set in a sunroom or patio and takes place mostly on a day bed. The lighting is similar to the other outdoorsy scenes in this movie in that it is a little contrasty but generally allright. There is the sound of water in the background.

BJ: Bobby lies back and enjoys her deep throating. This is a very nice blowjob, she takes the whole thing and isn't afraid to use her tongue. Best BJ of the movie. The only lame part was when Bobby opted to jack it himself and relegate her to the balls. Ball licking is cool but I'm not down with watching dude spank his monkey when he has a perfectly hot chick there willing to use her mouth. He Fingers her a little but the lighting gets too contrasty to really see it.

Cowgirl: She fucks him like mad, nice tattoo on her ass. He falls out a couple times but this is some nice deep dicking action. Isabella is back again to take up space.

Doggie: Adriana is folded into a tiny package and fucked hard. Her ass is up in the air and her face is down on the bed.

Doggie Anal: As a continuation of the last scene he pops it out of her muff and starts in on her ass. Her screams get more high pitched. The fucking continues to be hard and fast.

Missionary Anal: Adrianas legs are brought up to her chest. Too much Isabella here. This section is pretty short and ends with Bobby franticly trying to make himself cum and forcing her head into his nuts before achieving a cumshot consisting of a single drop of giz. Kind of pathetic to see a man try that hard to make himself cum. A dissapointing end to a very hot scene.



SCENE 6: Isabella & Jewel Marceau: This is an indoor scene but there is plenty of window lighting. Both women are sexily clad in bra and panties. Isabella is an extremely sexy hispanic or spanish looking woman with great boobs (Real?) and an incredible face and body. The lighting is very good in this scene. Jewel is a pale skinned dark haired girl. She is a little thicker around the middle than Isabella but in no way over weight, her body frame is just bigger. Jewel has an attractive face and large natural looking boobs. The women undress each other and kiss very sexily. Nice foreplay for a few minutes. This scene seemed a little hurried, there wasn't enough clitoral stimulation for me to believe either one of them came.

Cunnilingus: Isabella goes down on Jewel, licking her clit while she pinches her own nipples. Jewel has an appetizing looking pussy. This doesn't last long enough however.

Dildo: Jewel uses a glass dildo on a standing Isabella. Isabella fingers her clit. She is wicked hot.

Dildo: Now it's Jewels turn, she gets done with a similar metal dildo, holding her pussy open, then arching her back. Isabella tongues her a little as well.





Adds: Vivid website add.

Previews: Action Sports Sex 10, Action Sports Sex 12, Watcher 13, and Watcher 15. The Watcher 15 was the only one that looked decent.

Scenes: The disc has seven extra scenes from Bad Girls 9, Bad Girls 7, Action Sports Sex 10, Bonnie and Clyde 2, Escape to Pleasure Island, Hotel Lovejoy, and John Friendly Big and Small 3. I will only do full reviews of the decent ones in order to save a little time.

Bad Girls 9: LAME. Fat woman + butt sex = no watch.

Bad Girls 7: This one is a prison sex scene between a lady inmate and a guard. She has a great body and nice fake tits, long brown hair and a few tattoos. The lighting is nice quality too. She is attractive and looks like she is in her early thirties. This scene is good but the anal doesn't really add anything.

BJ: She sits on the bed and he stands in front of her as she goes down on him. His penis looks funny. Then she lays on her back and sucks his cock while he stands above her and plays with her pussy.

Standing 69: Hot. Her ass is in the air and he eats her pussy, this lasts for a few seconds.

Cunnilingus: He puts her down on the bed and fingers her for a few seconds.

Doggie: Her ass and puss look great here. He pulls her hair a little and she rubs her clit. This goes on for some time which is good.

Scissors Anal: No condom, she fingers herself while he does her ass. Her neck gets all tensed up.

Missionary Anal: He flips her over while also taking over the clit fingering duties. Then we are magically back to scissors before the scene ends with a cumshot on her tongue.



Action Sports Sex 10: This is a 2guy 1girl scene. The chick is O.K., she is pretty but a little fat for my tastes. The sex is a bit too dirty as well, or maybe not too dirty but somehow lacking. Anyways no review here.

Bonnie & Clyde 2: O.K. but nothing more.

Escape to Pleasure Island: Heather Hunter, O.K. sex but scene is very short.

Hotel Lovejoy: Not a good scene.

John Friendly Big and Small 3: Horrible, Terrible, her tits sag past her knees. EWE!

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