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Wasteland (Elegant Angel)
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Wasteland (Elegant Angel)

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Feature film
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astroknight's ratings for Wasteland (Elegant Angel):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Wasteland (Elegant Angel) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Wasteland (Elegant Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Wasteland (Elegant Angel) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Wasteland (Elegant Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Wasteland (Elegant Angel) Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Wasteland (Elegant Angel) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Wasteland (Elegant Angel) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/26/2013

Running Time: 117 min.

Production Date: 7 / 23 / 2012

Director: Graham Travis

Cast: Lily Carter, Lily LaBeau, Liza Del Sierra, Proxy Paige, Sarah Shevon, Sparky Sin Clair (aka Daisy Sparks), Tiffany Doll, Brian Street Team, David Perry, Eric John, Karlo Karrera, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, Toni Ribas, and Xander Corvus in sexual roles with Alec Knight and many more in non-sex roles

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are amazing. The audio is clear and well balanced, and every bit as solid as what one expects out of mainstream entertainment. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and is every bit as good as the audio is not better. The camera work is very solid, the picture is clear, and the lighting is phenomenal with excellent care put into both the shadows as well as the light. This presentation on Wasteland is nothing short of fantastic.

The Movie: It's been five years since Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau have seen each other. Lily Carter has now left Tuscon to visit Lily LaBeau in LA. They have one night together, and it's bound to be a night to remember for better or for worse.

Scene 1 Lily LaBeau and Manuel Ferrara

When Lily LaBeau and Manuel hook up at a club, they head to the bathroom to get busy not knowing that Lily Carter followed them in. Lily Carter slides her pumps off and heads to an adjoining stall to peep over the wall as Lily sucks and strokes Manuel and then lets him take her both from behind and facing her. Lily continues to pop over the stall to peep on them, with Lily LaBeau finally dropping down to take Manuel in her mouth and on her face.

Scene 2 Lily Carter, Lily LaBeau, and Karlo Karrera

After Lily LaBeau gets them a ride from Karlo, they stop so she can suck him in a back alley. Lily Carter wants to go home, but comes out to watch before helping to stroke him. Lily LaBeau moves behind her to guide and play with Lily Carter as she strokes Karlo, with Lily Carter finally taking Karlo's cock cream in her mouth and then spitting it between them.

Scene 3 Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau

Upon returning to LaBeau's bad, Lily Carter kisses her passionately. They make their way to a couch where Lily LaBeau eats Lily Carter and gives her some vigorous pussy play. Finally they close things with a bit of passionate kissing. Later they do a few body shots, smoke, and dance in Lily's apartment.

Scene 4 Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau

After a fight and a bit of wrestling around, the Lily's end up on a bed kissing. Lily LaBeau lays back as Lily Carter runs her hands all around her with a few kisses mixes in for her nipples and mouth. Carter reaches down to play with her pussy and tribs her slightly before laying next to her on the bed as they look into each others eyes.

Scene 5 Lily LaBeau and Xander Corvus

The girls flash back to years ago when Lily LaBeau makes off with Xander for a little fun as Lily Carter heads into the woods to pee. Carter heads after them to see what's happening and watches as they kiss and help each other strip down in the cabin. Xander quickly rolls her onto all fours and starts fucking her doggie style before ripping her shirt open and letting her swallow his cock. They spoon on the bed and Xander pounds Lily hard missionary style before cumming on her face with neither of them knowing that Lily Carter watched it all through the window.

Scene 6 Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau

After discussing why Lily came to visit, the girls hook up again. Lily LaBeau strips off her shirt in front of Lily Carter, who sits back in a chair, lets Lily kiss her, and then move down to eat her bald pussy while giving her great eye contact. Lily LaBeau mixes in plenty of finger play for her and gives her a very strong orgasm before they close with a kiss.

Scene 7 Proxy Paige and Sparky Sin Claire

As Lily Carter waits for Lily LaBeau to come back for her at the club, Proxy and Sparky start to kiss at the front door. Later, Lily passes the heavily tattooed and pierced alt-couple as they make their way for a little more fun.

Scene 8 Lily Carter, Liza Del Sierra, Sarah Shevon, Tiffany Doll, Brian Street Team, and Eric John

Inside the club, Lily, dressed in a smoking hot red rubber dress, hooks up with hot busty brunette Liza, in a sexy black dress. They head to a back room and to play with each other and watch Tiffany as she sucks and strokes Eric to a pop on her face. They move to the next room where Liza continues to play with Lily as they watch Sarah work on Brian orally until he nuts on her face. They continue to move to a room with a bit more privacy where Liza chokes Lily as Lily plays with her pussy, and then lays back on a bench for Liza to play with her pussy and make it squirt. Lily continues to play with her holes as Liza chokes and dominates her before Liza finally sends her back out of the club.

Scene 9 Lily Carter, Lily LaBeau, David Perry, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, and Toni Ribas

Finally Lily finds her way to where Lily LaBeau is taking on Mick and Toni with plenty of other guys watching. As Mick and Toni take Lily at both ends, David and Ramon come around Lily Carter to start kissing and groping her. Soon after, the four guys are working their way between both girls, fucking them hard and even making Lily Carter airtight. The girls share a few kisses as they take on the guys, and finally get down to share the loads between their faces along with a few kisses.

I am in awe at Wasteland and everything about it. There is so much talk out there about adult entertainment and porn being a completely disposable bunch of crap that's slapped out to make a quick buck, and even as someone who tries to be an optimist I can't help but think that at least 97% of the time they're right. Wasteland, however, is one of those releases that shows just how much potential adult entertainment can have. The story here is very strong, and made all the better due to an amazing pair of performances by Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau. They both play their characters to perfection, and each turn out a performance every bit as good (and often better) than a lot of what I see in mainstream entertainment. This is a feature that's driven by story, and the sex works into that story very well. The scenes are often short, but work well in that it never gets in the way of the story. To show just how much care Graham Travis and Elegant Angel have for this project, they even give the full, expanded sex scenes on the second DVD in the extras. I can't say that the action is geared towards couples, as its mostly lesbian and group sex, but with how story and character driven Wasteland is I can also see this movie working very well for couples. It's hard to find the words to describe how well done this release is, and even giving away the entire story I don't think one could grasp how well done this movie is sexually, visually, emotionally, and intellectually. Wasteland is a movie that deserves to be experienced, and is without a doubt one of the best adult releases of 2012.

The Extras: A second DVD is packed with extras. As usual, you get a few trailers, cumshot recaps, and commercials. There's also a behind the scenes featurette, bonus scenes, deleted scenes, extended scenes, and interviews.

Interviews are included featuring the Lilys as well as director Graham Travis. The interview with Lily and Lily is a forty two minute podcast (which you can also download from Elegant Angel's website), while the audio interview with Graham Travis lasts a little under sixteen minutes. Graham talks with Roy and Potter about the movie's characters and movie, as well as his process making the movie from casting to shooting, and a few comparisons with Portrait of a Call Girl. He also talks about his favorite moments in the movie and some of his inspirations making it. This is a very nice and low key interview that gives a nice look into the making of the movie.

Seven deleted scenes are included, most of which are under a minute although one does last over six minutes. The segments here range from minor cuts that don't really seem to add anything to the movie to the diner scene, which actually did seem to add a bit more to the movie and which seemed like a more trivial cut. This is a nice collection of scenes.

Extended versions are included for eight of the sex scenes, with most of the scenes lasting around fifteen minutes. Sparky and Proxy's is the biggest and most notable addition here, as you get just over fourteen minutes between them rather than just the few moments in the main movie. There's plenty more action between the Lilys, with one scene lasting over fifteen minutes and the other lasting nearly twenty. You also get nearly fifteen minutes of Lily and Liza, and over a half hour for the final orgy scene

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about seven minutes. After starting with a bit of water fun, there's a few bloopers with the girls in bed and then more of them having fun on the rooftops. You get a bit of fun with the girls on the boardwalk and a nature moment with Lily Carter before Lily, Sierra, and Sparky chat during some down time. Finally there's a nice little candid moment with Lily LaBeau to close things out. This is a decent little behind the scenes featurette. There's some very nice personality from the girls, and it moves fast enough to use its sparse running time very nicely. This is a good addition to the overall release.

Bonus Scene 1 Lily Carter and Lizz Tayler

The first bonus scene comes from Lesbian Workout. As hot brunette Lily works out on an arc trainer, brunette Lizz comes in to work out and can't help checking her out. She does a bit of weight work while eying Lily before moving over to turn off Lily's machine. They kiss before taking to a mat on the floor to trib, help each other strip down, and kiss. Lizz slides down to eat and finger Lily before Lily lays her back to eat and play with her in return. They continue to work back and forth with Lizz giving Lilly plenty of finger attention as well as returning Lizz's attention with some eager tongue and finger action. Finally the girls close things with a kiss.

Bonus Scene 2 Andy San Dimas and Lily LaBeau

The second scene comes from Girl Crush 2. Andy and Lily start out on a couch running their hands around each other while fully dressed and talking with the camera about how much they're each looking forward to the scene. They also talk about what they love about women and their hopes for the scene before the action cuts to the floor where the girls site facing each other to kiss and start exploring each other wearing what seems like completely natural street clothes. Andy moves down to play around Lily's crotch before stripping off her short shorts and pulling open her top to suck her tits as they trib. She continues to help Lily strip down and mixes in a few slaps around her body as she moves down to eat her pussy. Lily also lets Andy eat her from behind before getting her stripped all the way down and eating Andy as she lays back on the couch. They take to the floor for more pussy eating, tribbing, and kissing with the girls looking as eager to give as they are to receive. Finally Andy eats Lily back up on the couch before climbing up to join her with a few more passionate kisses.

Condom Usage: None

Final Thoughts: It's easily one of the best releases to come out of 2012, and once again shows why any time Graham Travis makes a movie you should be more than excited.

Note to Elegant Angel: Thank you for believing in the potential of adult entertainment.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me.

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