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Wasteland (Elegant Angel)
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Wasteland (Elegant Angel)

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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fu_q's ratings for Wasteland (Elegant Angel):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Wasteland (Elegant Angel) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Wasteland (Elegant Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Wasteland (Elegant Angel) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Wasteland (Elegant Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Wasteland (Elegant Angel) Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Wasteland (Elegant Angel) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Wasteland (Elegant Angel) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by fu_q  on  2/18/2013
**Note – This review is based upon the web version of the film released on Elegant Angel's official website. As such, the bonuses haven’t been given a rating here, and there could be some discrepancies between this version and the DVD release.**

It’s been five long years since she’s seen her high school best friend (Lily Labeau), when Lily Carter’s ragtag bus pulls into Los Angeles. Polar opposites from the onset, Carter arrives to find her one-time bestie now a hollow shadow of her former self. Consumed with the harsh L.A. reality and all of its materialistic trappings, Labeau’s jaded existence is characterized by dashed dreams, anonymous and meaningless sex, and her work in an area sex club. As the dramatic offerings play out, it turns out that Carter herself is also suffering from her own serious issues—namely the imminent loss of her grandmother and an overwhelming fear of being alone. Indeed, this film from Elegant Angel and director Graham Travis—“Wasteland”—is aptly titled, as it’s a metaphor for not only the city itself but for both Carter and Labeau, as well...each in her own distinct way. Featuring extraordinary character development and interactions, a heartrending plot to which almost anyone can relate, and a mix of steamy sex, this one reaches levels to which few adult films could ever hope to aspire. It is exceptional, and it uniquely occupies a class almost exclusively its own.

In terms of the sex, Scene One couples Lily Labeau and Manuel Ferrara in a stall in the women’s bathroom of a trendy L.A. bar. Lily Carter’s in the next stall, at times peering over the top at them, after having followed the pair into the restroom. Manuel’s a total stranger to them both, yet Labeau’s taking him like it’s nothing. While there are only a couple of positions here—and much of the action isn’t hard—this segment still ends up being a sexy little quickie. The impromptu romp closes out with Labeau jerking him to completion on her face and in her mouth—hot!

Scene Two involves Lily Labeau, Lily Carter, and Carlo Carrera. At Labeau’s whim, the two women have taken a ride with him in his SUV, and the trio has ended up in a dark alley. Within moments, Labeau has Carrera up against a wall and is working him over…his pants down and his engorged cock out and in her hands. Despite her hesitations, Carter is drawn into the whole scenario, and ends up jerking and sucking him to a gooey orgasm in her mouth. Immediately, of course, she has reservations and is unhappy with it all…but the damage is done.

Scene Three takes place in Labeau’s apartment, after the two girls have returned from their impromptu oral session with Carlo. With Labeau having just apologized to her, Carter’s overwhelmed with emotion and a flood of past memories, and she succumbs to her urges. What follows is a soft and sensual lesbian tryst, in which Labeau pleasures Carter with both fingers and tongues. While being another quickie, this one certainly delivers the passion.

In Scene Four, the two Lilys continue to get reacquainted over games of cards, drinking, and deep (and sometimes painful) conversation. Still at Labeau’s apartment, the night’s activities ultimately transition into make-up sex on her bed. This time around, Carter takes care of Labeau with her fingers, bringing her to an erotic orgasm. Sensual cuddling and further conversation follow until Labeau notes that she’s “antsy” and wishes to do something more.

This ushers in Scene Five, of course, with Lily and Lily frolicking up on the rooftop in the pool…still during the evening. Some heavy insights into their former relationship come out, and things get ugly. A bit later—after Carter has discovered some nude photos that Labeau has done and then has subsequently gone to bed—she’s awoken from her slumber by her friend. More reminiscing brings the pair back to the old days when they were out camping and drinking around a fire with friends. Recounted in the form of a flashback, Xander Corvus—one of the guys who was there—took a liking to Carter and tried to get into her pants. She opted not to, and after returning from using the bathroom, she found that Labeau and Xander were getting it on in the cabin atop the hill. With Carter watching through an outside window, Xander took Labeau from behind, ripped her shirt open, and proceeded to fuck her. After a quick pounding, he unloaded on her face and in her mouth…which she followed up with a touch of oral cock clean-off. Needless to say, Carter was unhappy about the whole thing and, in a current context, she still is. (Apparently, Labeau taking Carter’s guys-of-interest was a common theme in their relationship).

After some deep revelations about Carter’s past—and some heartfelt moments—Labeau tells her about her job in a sex club in which she gets guys off. A very quick and spontaneous girl-on-girl encounter between the two ensues...with Labeau taking care of Carter both digitally and orally (Scene Six). A cut brings forth the two women as they prepare to head out to Labeau’s club…with Carter in a red latex miniskirt and Labeau in a black one. Following a short limo ride, they arrive at the club and Labeau has Carter hold off on entering for a few minutes while she heads in. Once Carter makes her way in, she attracts the attention of Liza Del Sierra, who leads her into the back hallways of the establishment. There, Liza fingers Carter (her hand covering her mouth for part of the time), as Tiffany Doll? blows and jerks a lucky gentleman to orgasm right around the corner (Scene Seven). Continuing her tour, around another corner, Carter and Liza encounter Sarah Shevon? blowing another gentleman. Similar to the last, Lily’s fingered by Liza as Shevon finishes the guy with her hand and mouth (Scene Eight). Winding up in another room—this time with a table—Del Sierra brings Carter to a squirt with her fingers and then chokes her and spits on her as she forces her to masturbate (Scene Nine). All of this is both hot and dark.

Scene Ten brings Lily Carter—discombobulated after her run-in with Del Sierra—bumbling down a dark hallway in the catacombs of the club. She happens upon an austere room with a huge black-and-white movie screen as its backdrop. There, grunting and moaning softly, she finds Lily Labeau…already being taken by two men. Surrounding them is a crowd of black-clad strangers—all male. Within moments, some of the men descend upon Carter, and she’s swept up into the mix. A gritty and intense group scene unfolds with Carter and Labeau taking on a handful of sweaty gentlemen, as the remainder look on from the background. By the time that all is said and done, Carter’s been taken anally, vaginally, and done air-tight. She’s also fingered to a squirt, which showers down upon Labeau who’s positioned below. Carter does a standing double-penetration (with a bit of anal trade-off between the gentlemen), and Labeau puts forth some scorching oral and vaginal work as this all transpires. Four loads are delivered to the two ladies’ faces to close out this amazing sequence. Of course, they follow this all up with some cummy kissing—WOW!

After all of this, Labeau confides in Carter that only she “can understand”, and there’s a cut to Carter waking up in her arms in bed. What transpires next will be left unsaid here, but—suffice it to say—it provides for an excellent and emotional cap to this fine feature.

It should be noted that the production values here are exceptional and that the settings, acting, and storyline—as discussed above—are beyond compare. Rarely does an adult film feature such attention to detail and extraordinary development. It should further be added that extended versions of many of the scenes are available, including a Proxy Paige / Daisy Sparks alt-girl romp in the club. This one features heavy anal fingering, latex gloves, a wand vibrator and the use of a few impressively-large butt-plugs. It's sexy.

In all, this is an amazing feature from Graham Travis and Elegant Angel that’s definitely something unique to the world of adult films. Bringing together two excellent actresses and sexual performers—Lily Labeau and Lily Carter—in a production featuring a realistic storyline and plenty of character development, this flick is a distinct winner and most certainly worth checking out. It’s stupendous...another fine endeavor from both Lily Labeau and Lily Carter.

Note: This review originally appeared on my blog, where I write as Marv Montag.

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