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Wasteland (Elegant Angel)
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Wasteland (Elegant Angel)

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for Wasteland (Elegant Angel):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Wasteland (Elegant Angel) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Wasteland (Elegant Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Wasteland (Elegant Angel) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Wasteland (Elegant Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Wasteland (Elegant Angel) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Wasteland (Elegant Angel) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Wasteland (Elegant Angel) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/13/2012
Greetings porn fans. I have the latest big feature from Elegant Angel studios and like their big award winning film last year this one was written and directed by Graham Travis. This story is presented in two discs though the main feature is all on the first disc. The second is the special features which for this release contains a lot. There is a visual graffic leading off which lets the viewer know the sex scenes on this first disc are shorter and that the reason was story related. If you prefer watching more of the fucking this second disc contains extended sex scenes from the ones you'll watch on the first. This movie is very much about connection which the director points out in his interview which was also an extra on the second disc. We learn the two main leads in this project, Lily Labeau and Lily Carter, first met as high school students while living in Tuscon. Lily L was popular while Lily C was shy and withdrawn. Each wasn't fully in those worlds though and as they started to hang out this connection was built. As the movie opens we learn this connection was broken when Lily L moved to LA leaving Lily Carter behind and she doesn't take it well. As the movie opens we also see in the present day Lily C heading off to LA for a visit with her friend that she hasn't seen in 5 years. The two run into each other on a pier, not even sure if Lily L knew her old friend was coming. The girls do the catching up and things were light here as they had fun on the beach and the tone here was helped along by the music being played. I have to say the musical selections for this show were excellent and greatly helped in the story telling.

We finally get to some sex when the girls head out to a club where Lily L sees her friend head off with Manuel leaving her behind. As we see later on in the film this wasn't the first time Lily does this though in this case the man she went off with wasn't really attached to Lily L as we see in another encounter later on that Lily L remembers. Try and follow along! Anyway Lily knows what is going on and follows Lily L into the bathroom and watches from the stall next to the two people who are oblivious to the fact they are being watched. As I mentioned in the first part of this review the sex scene here wasn't that long leading to a good facial for Lily. As we go back to the story the sex quotient is furthered in short order when Lily C gets the two girls a ride a in a big SUV. This vehicle stops after a time leading to a short bj with Lily L starting off and then encouraging her friend to get involved which Lily C does ending with the guy cumming in her mouth and she lets the jizz spill out over her lips down to the pavement. However this wasn't a fully satisfying encounter for Lily C and she finally gets Lily L to go back to her place where the girls have their first sexual hook up with just the two of them. I am not sure if they'd done anything in the past as high school students so perhaps this was some pent up attraction finally being realized between the girls. You'll definitely want to check out the extended version for this first scene I think.

Afterwards Lily L seems to want to have a heart to heart talking about always being Lily L's friend and being there for her, etc. However, Lily was blunt and at least early on in this movie wasn't prepared to be that open for Lily L who was clearly disappointed. Some great dialogue here between the two girls and the camera was in the right place to capture the exchanges. It wasn't really a fight but they do make up and have a little more sex with one another. After the two get back to Lily Labeaus place the movie very much becomes about the two of them interacting, fucking, conversing. It was powerful to watch and both Lily Carter and Lily Labeau perform beautifully in every way imaginable. The two girls really start to delve into their relationship and are brutally honest with one another. This leads back to a previous time in Tuscon where the girls were at a campfire with other folks among whom was Xander Corvus. He and Lily C were having fun but when Xander wanted to take it to the next level Lily C wasn't up for that. However, Xander being a horny guy and Lily L who was right there and giving him the let's do it eye look-- well you can guess what happened. Lily C comes back to find her best friend and Xander gone. She goes in search of them and you can surmise she finds them in a cabin fucking each other. Unlike the Manuel encounter which lead off this show this hook up was hurtful for Lily C and it wasn't until the two girls were in Lily L's apartment in LA that she let her friend know about watching them. This was the most powerful bit of dialogue in the film and you finally see emotion from Lily L as tears appear on her face. Kudos to both women here for bringing out such powerful performances. No doubt about it AVN will recognize these two for their excellent work in this. Back to the story which is ready to begin winding down and Lily L suggests the two heading off to a club and this is late in the night/ early in the morning. But the girls have been through a lot and deserve to blow off some steam. This is an exclusive club and earlier on Lily C had seen pictures of what girls look like at this place when she was looking through a photo album of Lily's she found.

The girls get all dolled up and head off in a nice ride. Arriving at the club they stride in with Lily L telling Lily C to wait 5 minutes and then go inside the club proper to find her. You see a couple ladies standing outside the main door and they start to make out-- this was another scene which gets the extended treatment on the extras disc. Once inside the club you have the club scene music playing and Lily C looking for her friend but she sports Liza Del Sierra instead. This leads to some sizzling hot g/g action-- we've had plenty with the two Lily's but bringing in the busty French woman was a big bonus. She does most of the work in the small bit of g/g action we get here bringing out a great climax for Lily C. They also see a couple quick bj's as they make their way through the club. Once Liza takes her leave we have Lily C finding Lily L and this brings back the first images of the film where we have Lily C going into a room which turns out to be in this sex club where she hears fucking going on but we don't know who it is yet. Of course it turns out to be Lily L fucking two guys. Lily C gets two of her own when Toni Ribas and David Perry show up taking up postions on each side of Lily C. As this last scene rolls on the view broadens showing there is a small crowd watching the festivities with the two Lily's the main stars. There is more sex shown here than perhaps in any of the other scenes on the main disc. You get a couple good double penetrations captured with Lily C and the two girls get facialized really well to close the scene.

The show is almost over and it closes out with the two girls in bed, daylight has arrived but it brings bad news for Lily C. She finds out her grandmother has passed that previous night when she was doing her thing and exploring her relationship with Lily L. You get some backstory too about her grandmother and just how important she is to Lily C and this leads to the ending of the movie which has her leaving Lily L who is still sleeping in bed not knowing her friend has left her. It is a bit of the tables being turned from when she left Tuscon those years back not realizing the emotional impact it had on Lily C. In the bonus disc you get an alternate ending which lets Lily L wake up and see her friend gone but there is no note left behind filling her in on what just happened and the girls don't have a phone conversation either. The last image is of Lily C in a cab heading off so she can attend to her grandmother's affairs. There is no final resolution between the girls or maybe not a tidy Hollywood ending so to speak. You do see that the two connected in a way they hadn't previously as you can hope that they would continue the dialogue between the two and see each other again. Those are ideas on what might happen that each viewer of this piece can have for themselves.

So there you have it. Graham Travis has come up with another superbly written and acted out show featuring two terrific women in the leading roles. Lily Carter and Lily Labeau give themselves over to the characters and as the viewing audience we get to tag along as they explore their reconnection to one another which with this second chance proves to be powerful, emotional, draining, but also sexually fulfilling in a way each needed. The second disc to this release offers the extended sex scenes as previously mentioned. It also offers up deleted scenes and here is where you'll find that alternate ending with Lily L waking up. You have a 40 minute plus Elegant Angel podcast featuring the two Lily's discussing this project and you also have the directors interview which I discussed a bit in this review. You get bonus sex scenes with each Lily as well. So your porn dollar will be well worth it when picking up this release. If you enjoyed the story told in Portrait of a Call Girl then certainly take a chance on this one which features two powerful roles and an engaging story carefully crafted and filmed by Graham Travis who I'm sure will also be recognized for his work in this by AVN come Jan.

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