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Wall-to-Wall Skin 2

Wall-to-Wall Skin 2

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Compilation , Couples
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Wall-to-Wall Skin 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Wall-to-Wall Skin 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Wall-to-Wall Skin 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Wall-to-Wall Skin 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Wall-to-Wall Skin 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Wall-to-Wall Skin 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Wall-to-Wall Skin 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Wall-to-Wall Skin 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/17/2002

Running Time: 124 min.

Production Date: 7 / 30 / 2001

Director: Various

Cast: Nina Hartley, Vivian Valentine, Alexa Rae, Gina Ryder, Asia Carrera, Tera Patrick, Chloe, Lita Chase, Briana Banks, Alexandra Silk, Salena del Ray, Marie Silva, Lori Rivers, Linda Storm, Alicia, Heaven Leigh, Gauge, Dale DaBone, Evan Stone, Chris Cannon, John Decker, Nick East, Bo Dean, Mickey G., Lexington Steele, Mark Davis, Mojo, Blake Leigh, and Jack Bravo

Initial Expectations: The first Wall-to-Wall Skin wasnít too bad of a compilation, so Iím hoping for more of the same here.

Initial Reaction: Itís another very good compilation from Adam & Eve

Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for well done couples sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for more extreme sex

Audio /Video Quality: As one expects with a compilation, the technical aspects do vary a bit. For the most part, the audio is very well done and well balanced. The video is also fairly clear, but does suffer from a bit of graininess here and there. It isnít anything like a feature that was shot on film, but it is enough to notice.

Music: As usual with compilations, the music varies a bit, but normally fits the scenes very well. Thereís a lot of music from Saint, who has made some of my favorite adult movie scores and almost always brings things up a notch. Itís normally well balanced with the rest of the audio, but there are a few places where itís the only audio or almost completely drowns out the rest of the audio.

Menus: The main menu has some very nice animation thatís well done and gives the compilation a nicer feeling to start out with. The chapter menu is pretty standard, offering a small clip from the scene and a chapter number to help you choose.

The Feature: Adam & Eve has been expanding their compilation lines by leaps and bounds recently. Wall-to-Wall Skin is the latest of those series of compilations, and keeps things simple throughout the feature. It goes from scene to scene without bothering you with any of the things you might like to know, such as who the heck the people in the scene are or what movie the scene comes from. Iím familiar with most of the scenes, but there are a couple Iím not 100% certain on.

Dale DaBone and Nina Hartley start things off with a roll in the hay (of course thereís a blanket there since this is a porno) in a scene from Hard Bound. They start things off with quite a bit of kissing before Dale slowly undresses Nina and kisses his way across her chest while she playfully giggles. Nina follows suite before slowly sucking Daleís cock and looking like she enjoys every second of it. Luckily for Dale, Nina has a couple condoms handy, since she was going on a date, so he can fuck her. They only fuck missionary style, and Dale finishes things off by blowing his ball butter on Ninaís chest. Itís a very romantic and fun scene that isnít the type one is used to finding in porn movies any more.

Jessica Drake, Vivian Valentine, and Evan Stone get together for the next scene, taken from Fire & Ice. Jessica paints watercolors, and when her models, Evan Stone and Vivian Valentine, take a break she decides to join them. The girls start out teaming up to suck Evanís cock before he eats Vivian. Jessica gets the honor of being fucked first, but form them on itís almost all Vivian and Evan, so you donít get to see Jessica work that much. Sheís mostly there for support and gets her pussy eaten a little as Vivian takes it in each of her holes. Vivian does a good job here and takes it up the ass like a pro (which I guess she should, being a pro). Thankfully, sheís positioned so that most of the time you don't see her huge tattoo on her stomach. They end things with Evan popping on Vivianís back. Itís a nice scene, but isnít something thatís going to stay in your mind that long.

Evan Stone and Gina Ryder start out the next scene, which I think might come from Skintight as Salena Del Ray watches and masturbates. Evan starts out eating her pussy and then lets her work on his cock orally. As they get to know each other much better, Alicia and Linda Storm work each other over orally, and then share a strap on by the bar. The action moves back and forth between the two couples, while also giving Salena a bit of attention. Evan works Gina through a few of the standard positions, and starts to pull off the plastic outfit Gina had painted on while sheís in the missionary position. Ironically, almost as soon as Evanís done, he applies another coating, this one much whiter and runnier, across Ginaís stomach. The girls have a wet finish also, as the older blonde squirts all over the strap-on. Itís a good scene, but it concentrates a bit much on the close-up of Evan fucking Gina.

The next scene is kind of a medley of scenes from Wildflower as Asia Carrera takes on John Decker, Nick East, and Tylene. Itís a definite hodge-podge of scenes, and I canít say that it adds much of anything here. Itís so cut up, and originally was, that it doesnít add much unless you see it in the original context.

Mickey G. gets a little loving from the ever popular Tera Patrick in a scene from Caribbean Undercover next. He starts out working her great tits over before kneeling down to eat her pussy as she lies across the railing on their balcony. Tera reciprocates nicely, taking her time to suck and stroke Mickeyís cock as well as give his balls some attention. They move inside where Tera starts fucking Mickey in the cameraman favorite reverse cowgirl before letting him fuck her from behind. Tera finishes things up by jerking Mickey onto her chest, as well as sampling a drop or two. Itís a pretty hot scene that has some great heat. Mickey and Tera really build things up nicely, and it ends up making an all around great scene.

Lexington Steele returns for a scene with Chloe from Nick Orleansí Crystal Dreams. Chloe starts things out breaking out Lexington Steeleís cock to see just how much of it she can take. Surprisingly, she doesnít take much of it down her throat, but she does use her hand to make sure that all of it gets some attention. Unlike most scenes, they also change positions during the blowjob so Chloe can play with herself a little better. Also unlike most scenes, you actually get to see Lex put the condom on. It isnít anything fancy, like Chloe putting it on with her mouth, he just pulls it on. Itís something thatís almost unheard of in todayís porn but very nice to see. Not many people seem to like the magically appearing condom and itís a great way to get the safe sex message across. As usual, Chloeís extremely vocal, both trash talking as well as with sounds of passion, and she has some great, hard orgasms as they work through several positions, most of which look quite uncomfortable. Lex and Chloe have great chemistry here and it really pays off with Chloe finishing off by jacking him off with her hand as she straddles him to blow his load on her stomach. Itís a very hot scene and as I recall, one of the best in the feature it came from.

In what seems like an extremely boneheaded move to me, Mark Davis and Lita Chaseís scene from Sex Spell appears next. I have nothing against this scene, and really enjoyed it last time I watched it. The only problem is that the last time I watched it was in the first Wall-to-Wall Skin. To include the same scenes in both episodes of a compilation seems really dumb. Mark starts things off with Lita, a blonde who seems like she could be very attractive but has her hair done in braids, some large tattoos, and large implants, in a scene from Sex Spell. Heís conveniently in the buff when he finds her, which makes it all the easier for her to start sucking his cock. She moves herself around to turn it into a 69, and doesnít miss a beat working on Markís cock. Mark starts to fuck her missionary style, but then takes a break to sample her snatch a bit more with his tongue before fucking her from behind. Lita ends things by taking Markís guy goo on her tits and stroking it to make sure she gets every last drop. Itís a very well done scene that has great chemistry as well as a nice bit of intensity. Lita and Mark seem to be really into it, and the intensity seems to fit some of Litaís alternate look.

Next up is the orgy scene from Sex Across America: 1st Stop Las Vegas. It stars Heaven Leigh, a nicely natural and very cute strawberry blonde, Alexandra Silk, whoís natural and always enjoyable to watch for her enthusiasm alone, Anastasia Blue, a nasty and natural blonde, Gauge, a brunette with a nice natural body whoís never really impressed me as much as she has everybody else, Dale DaBone, one of the nicest looking guys in porn, Mojo, Gaugesís hideous suitcase pimp, Billy Glide, a guy whoís ego is somehow bigger than his huge cock, and Blake Leigh, Heavenís suitcase pimp. Heaven Leigh, who although extremely cute, looks much better with her clothes on to cover her encyclopedia of tattoos and piercings, starts off sucking off Dale DaBone while Anastasia gets some more of Billy. Alexandra takes on Blake Leigh while Gauge works Mojo over some more. Itís a very nice scene where everybody looks like theyíre enjoying themselves. Itís not at all uncommon to see somebody on the screen smiling, which can raise almost any scene that doesnít include Ed Powers or Randy West. Unlike most orgy scenes, every woman shows a lot of potential here and is nice to watch. Gauge stands out here as she gives Mojo an upside down blowjob. Heaven also does a great job, but I canít help but be slightly turned off with what sheís done to her body even though she seems to really get into the scene and does have a very cute face. Alexandra stands out by how much she seems to be enjoying herself and Anastasia stands out with a great sexual intensity. Iím surprised Anastasia hasnít fucked or sucked anybody to death yet. All of the girls finish off the scene by taking at least a little jizz in their mouth. Billy and Anastasia are the last to finish off, and we get a nice view of Heaven letting her fingers do the walking as she watches them finish up. Itís a decent orgy scene but suffers the normal problem of orgy scenes. You always want to see more of at least a couple of the couples and donít get to because you have to catch some of the other couples as well. This one is balanced pretty well, but I would have liked to have seen more of Anastasia and Heaven.

The penultimate scene comes from Sex Spell and stars Briana Banks and Dale DaBone. Dale and Briana kiss passionately before Dale pours milk over her body and laps at her pussy and fingers her ass. Briana returns the favor by aggressively trying to swallow Daleís boner with such ferocity that I thought it might pop through the back of her head. They only work through a little mish before Dale plows into her ass from behind. Surprisingly, they only work through the two positions before Dale unleashes a massive load across Brianaís tits. I have to admit that I havenít paid much attention to Briana before, just because sheís a Vivid girl and most of her talent is probably rotting right now, just like great talent such as Taylor Hayes and Cheyenne Silver. This scene really impressed me and really made me sad that sheís with such a lousy company right now, but really want to see what great stuff she did beforehand. Thereís some great chemistry and heat here.

Finishing things up is a scene from Sex Across America 5: Miami with Alexandra Silk and gal pals Marie Silva and Lori Rivers, as well as Jack Bravo . Although they start off paired up, Marie and Jack head off to leave Alexandra and Lori alone. Lori starts out licking Alexandraís pussy, but it isnít too long before Alexandraís on her back with her legs in the air while Lori fucks her with a strap on. Alexandraís a giver, so she isnít going to let Lori just fuck and run. They move over to a blanket by the pool and Alexandra dives into Loriís pussy with her face and fingers, giving her a vigorous workout. A large vibrator comes into play for Loriís clit, which appears to work magic as Lori squirts one heck of a gusher. For those who doubt squirting, this is a scene to watch. Lori lets go with several blasts of an amazing volume, and I donít think I saw the camera move away once. It was a great scene before Lori tried refilling the pool with she-spunk, but this put it way over the top.

Wall-to-Wall Skin 2 is a very good compilation with a couple minor problems. The sex is great, and has a nice variety to mix things up. This is enough to make a great compilation, but Adam & Eve screwed it up with a couple minor things. First, they included one scene that was in the first Wall-to-Wall Skin. Itís a good scene, so I can think of this as halfway forgivable. The bigger problem is that none of the scenes are labeled as to who stars in them or what the original feature was. Yes, thereís a cast listing, but there isnít a scene by scene breakdown. This is a must on compilations to me. A compilation can serve as a two hour commercial for other features a company puts out. I donít know how many times Iíve watched one scene in a compilation and it was good enough that I went out and bought the feature it came from. In order to do this, I have to know what that movie was, and if I have to search too hard Iím going to give up and buy something else. To me this seems like a no-brainer. It doesnít have to be during the movie, it can even be done like credits at the end of the feature, just as long as the viewer can easily find out where the scenes came from. I know not everybody thinks this way, but itís enough for me to hold Wall-to-Wall Sex 2 back from getting as high a mark as it would had the scenes been somehow labeled. Itís still a very good compilation, but it could have been great with just a little extra care.

Extras: As usual thereís web links, a photo gallery, and a cast listing. The cast listing is done a bit different here, and only lists the cast without any bios. The photo gallery is done in the standard style, and contains about two dozen nice looking snapshots.

The first scene comes from Design for Desire and stars Felecia and Isabella. Felecia and Isabella start off with some decent kissing before Isabella drops down to warm up Feleciaís strap on orally. Surprisingly, she doesnít get it as soon as sheís finished, as Felecia drops down to warm up Isabellaís pussy orally a bit before starting it in her from behind. Felecia gets her turn as she rides it reverse cowgirl. It slowly comes to an end, and they almost kiss a little, but thatís about it. Itís an okay at best scene, but has an annoying streak across the bottom of the screen thatís extremely noticeable. It also concentrates way too much on the close-up of the penetration. I donít think I ever saw Isabellaís face as Felecia was fucking her, and you rarely saw either girlsí face as she was being fucked.

The second scene comes from Forbidden Lust and stars Alexandra Silk as she teaches Mariesa, Joey Ray, Mia Smiles, Chris Cannon, Evan Stone, and Summer Storm about masturbation. Alexandra guides the couples, having them start out gently caressing each other using both their hands and mouths. After the couples get a good start she walks around with a box full of toys and allows them to pick out something special to continue working on each other with. Most everybody seems to take things nice and slow, but Evan and Summer quickly build up momentum and get a little vocal as well. The scene ends fairly abruptly, and doesnít seem done since thereís three guys and not a single drop of guy goo flying around. It also moves around between the couples and Alexandra moving around the room that it never really feels like anything more than a tease.

Finally, Kylie Ireland and Ian Daniels spend some quality time together in a scene from Once a Year. Ian starts off driving his tongue into and around Kylieís pussy as she lays back on a the kitchen counter. She doesnít give him any warmup, but goes directly from having her pussy licked to wrapping it around Ianís cock. Kylie starts with reverse cowgirl, but moves on to missionary where she also takes Ian into her ass. She slowly rolls around so Ianís fucking her ass from behind, and finishes things up with his nut butter on her ass. Itís a fairly hot scene, but something seemed like it was missing, and Iím not sure what that something is.

Themes: Straight, group, lesbian, toys, masturbation, squirting, anal, orgy, inter-racial, and rimming (male > female)

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Overall: Most Adam & Eve compilations can be found for between $8 and $25 online after a few months. If youíre looking for well done couples style sex with a bit of variety, this one is going to be well worth the money. The sex is hot and nicely varied, and the transfer is fairly consistently good. There isnít much for extras, but there are three bonus scenes that help make the DVD even better.

Note to Adam & Eve: In the future, please label the scenes in the compilation somehow.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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