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fu_q Voracious (Evil Angel) 5 starsVoracious (Evil Angel) 5 starsVoracious (Evil Angel) 5 stars
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Voracious (Evil Angel)

Voracious (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Voracious (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Voracious (Evil Angel) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Voracious (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Voracious (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Voracious (Evil Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Voracious (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Voracious (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Voracious (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/23/2012
Greetings porn fans. I spent the better part of two days watching the massive project from Evil Angel that starred two rocking ladies as Vampires. I'm referring of course to Voracious and its two leading ladies Brooklyn Lee and Lea Lexis.There is already an excellent and extensive review for this on the site so mine will be much shorter. I will state up front this is not the typical style of porn I enjoy watching but the interest in this starting at last years AVN show in Las Vegas had me curious. I was more familiar then with Brooklyn than with Lea but after watching this I came away impressed with both immensely. Basically Brooklyn is a new vampire who has already begun to question her new life and the loss of being human. Lea is already a vampire and has been for some time. As the movie unfolds we learn of her dissatisfaction with Rocco Siffredi for not allowing many male vampires and this leads her to try a major move as the movie closes. I want to give Brooklyn big props for being so open and willing in this role as Amira to give herself to the moment and there is one scene in particular, the third episode which stirred up in me several reactions. This is easily the rawest and most disturbing segment in this entire production. Watching Brooklyn giving herself over to Sandra Romain who is among the best porn has ever seen in negotiating such a rough style of scene as is presented here. I lost count on the amount of facial slaps delivered. Ian Scott and David Perry were also great additions to this four way. Brooklyn also impresses in her big scene with Rocco Siffredi who plays the head of the clan. In this episode the fifth we are halfway through the movie and the action has moved from the US over to Berlin. I was a little surprised too that Rocco wasn't in the movie more but back to this scene we get another strong performance from Miss Lee as she lets Rocco have his way placing pink clips all over her lips, nose, tits, pussy, arms. You name it and he probably had a clip over it. This wasn't as disturbing to me as that previous scene but it was hard to watch for awhile until those clips were gone.

This movie is also lit differently than most porn shows I'm used to watching. A lot darker during the scenes but this does make sense due to most of the characters being vampires. You get some great locations in this too, outdoor shots like one in Berlin where Manuel Ferrara who is the main male lead in this has traveled over in hopes of finding Amira (Brooklyn) who he had fucked in the first scene for this movie and had taken an instant attraction to. He had enlisted the help of what he thought was a reputable priest played by Steve Holmes who seems to have experience in dealing with vampires which Manuel is convinced he's seen with Brooklyn and Lea after having sex with both leading the movie off. Well the scene I'm referring to takes place next to a major thoroughfare in Berlin and before Manuel has arrived Steve has spoken to Brooklyn about her desire to become human again and how difficult it would be and we know also from an earlier scene that Steve while a man of the cloth is also a vampire sympathizer and helps to protect the clan. So this scene has him enticing Brooklyn to give him head and eventually to lick his ass-- this is taking place as Manuel walks up looking for her. Traffic is going by and the two men talk briefly before Steve reveals Brooklyn from his ass and he even goes on to nut on her face. This doesn't scare Manuel off and he vows to help before leaving. It was a good scene.

Another scene or episode of note takes place in a sex club and you hear the club music playing while a trio of girls, Lea, Sandra and Ivana Sugar are dancing seductively and begin to play with one another. What helped make this one of the unforgettable scenes from this show is that the girls clothing was fluorescent so we get a few colors plus their makeup glowed in the dark-- lips especially. The girls have some fun with each other before Omar Galanti shows up with another girl in tow that he wants to make a vampire. This doesn't sit well with the girls, Lea in particular who I think has begun to formulate her plan to take out Rocco and bring in more cock! This episode then turns over to Omar and the girl he has brought in- Alice Romain and yes she is the sister to Sandra. I have to say Alice has some rocking tits which get covered in the glowing paint, her lips, Omars lips-- paint everywhere!! Some good anal is seen in this scene as well. Every scene in this movie featured some awesome anal action but that should go without saying.

Moving towards the endgame for this first season of Voracious and after watching I fully expect to see this continued in another volume. Will that one be six hours as well, hopefully! But back to the endgame for this show we see Lea bringing in the priest, Steve Holmes, and the two discuss how they can be mutually beneficial to the others desires. Lea wanting to get rid of Rocco and Steve who desires to join the ranks of the undead. Their plan also incorporates Brooklyns wish to try a risky ritual designed to free her from the vampiric curse and in turn this will transfer her powers to Lea who can then go after the powerful Rocco. Lea Lexis in this movie and it can't be stated enough shows time and time again a strength and command of her role as the leading vampire woman and this scene where she seals the deal with Steve Holmes features some of her best work and of course the two fuck to cement their partnership.

Another episode takes Manuel into the lair where the clan sleeps and fucks their victims and he is given over to Sandra and Ivana who have their way with him in yet another hard core fuck fest featuring anal for both girls. An intriguing addition to the scene has Brooklyn coming in as an observer but not interrupting matters. She does touch Manuel at one point towards the end and the images portray in his mind what she wishes for and when Sandra seems like she wants to bite him after he has climaxed Brooklyn saves him and they leave together.

The final episode gives us the big ritual where Steve leads the proceedings and it involves Holy Water being poured down into both Brooklyn's ass and her pussy. Steve also uses his red dildo cross to make sure it gets in there. We also get some pussy fingering that jettisons some of the water and Brooklyn's powers I suppose with Lea hovering right over to drink it in. Pretty good imagery here. Is Brooklyn cured? Well the next shot takes us to daylight and inside a room we find Manuel and then Brooklyn who does get to see the sunlight again and she doesn't turn to ash so we can surmise the ritual worked. This leads to easily the best lit scene of the movie as the two lovers consummate their relationship without the involvement of anyone else. It was a fitting ending to their story but we aren't quite done with the movie as we head back to the clans lair where Rocco, Lea and Steve come together and nothing is settled right then but Rocco senses something is up. There is another reveal which I think is best discovered as you view the movie but it closes this chapter but leaves open the possibility of what might come next when this story is continued which I sincerely hope it is.

So after 6 hours plus of watching this movie I came away impressed on many fronts with the production. The music is very good, the story is a good one though I wouldn't have minded a little more between Manuel and Brooklyn to help establish their connection beyond the physical. Lea Lexis was flat out balls to the wall the physical force in this production with Brooklyn also strong but in a different way. She opened up and gave herself over to some really strong sex and at times for me it was disturbing to watch, especially the scene with Sandra. I lost count on how many times Brooklyn had her face slapped and these weren't soft love taps either. This movie also comes with a bonus disc featuring an hour plus long BTS commentary which was informative and funny at the same time. Big take away, don't let Steve Holmes be your driver in any city! You also get two extended clips of bonus sex that clocks in at nearly an hour all told. Ultimately this movie moves along side the classic Fashionistas as great works by the man who has been responsible so many great moments in gonzo, fetish. You name it and John Stagliano has done it and this movie joins the upper tier of what he's presented to the world and that's to be commended.

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